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Eversmoke are a US brand that I had the pleasure of trying recently, they have been around for a couple of years now and have a lot of experience in the e cig industry through their involvement with other brands.

The Eversmoke starter kit I am reviewing today is the Premium kit. *Just to note, Eversmoke deliver to the UK but are based in the USA*

Onto the review…

Packaging / Presentation

Very professional and tidy packaging that contains the following:

2 Automatic Batteries
5 Cartomisers
Chargers and instruction manual.


The Eversmoke Premium kit gives you a number of options for your battery, I opted for one long and one short automatic battery in white. There is also an option to choose black or stainless steel and the choice of a manual battery that requires a button to be pressed in order for it to activate.

Eversmoke Batteries

The white batteries are very much based on a cigarette with the raised rings and this with the overall quality gives them a great feel in the hand. In addition, they have gone for crystal tip that is pretty much flush flat with the battery which again is a nice touch as opposed to the raised plastic end on the majority of e cigs nowadays.

So onto the actual performance… I found both the short and the large battery gave a nice smooth draw and heated up the e-liquid in the cartomiser without the need for any ‘primer drags’. As for the length of vaping time from the batteries, as a moderate vaper I was getting pretty much a full day (from 9am-7pm) from the large battery with the smaller one getting me upto around 2/3pm before needing to re-charge. To replace batteries the price is between £13 – £15 depending on the size, this is just about right compared to other brands and taking into account the quality.

The only real downside for me is that if you want a portable charging case (PCC) to keep your batteries charged when you are on the move you either need to go for the most expensive kit that is over £100 or buy it separately at just over £30, both options are on the expensive side.

Overall – 4/5 – Both the large and short Eversmoke batteries respond well when taking a drag, have a decent life for a cig-a-like e cigarette and have a quality feel in the hand. Only downside is that it is quite an expensive option to add a PCC.


The Eversmoke Premium starter kit comes complete with 5 cartomisers. There is a choice of 10 flavours overall, four of them being tobacco flavours (including menthol) and six others including Coffee, Vanilla, Peppermint, Cherry, Pina Colada and Peach.

Eversmoke CartomisersI received the Classic Tobacco, Menthol and Cherry Crush. Eversmoke have something called Vapormax Technology that is supposed to ensure “a clean smooth draw that produces maximum vapor”. Whether or not this is a bit of marketing hype or not I’m quite liking the ‘Vapormax’ cartomisers!

The first I tried was the Classic tobacco, this for me was a good flavour, like many e-liquids it does have a slightly sweet kick to it but this is something I have become accustomed to with electronic cigarettes over the last few years.

The draw was indeed smooth with only a hint of throat hit. My personal taste is for a smooth hit on the throat as long as I still have the sensation of inhaling something. The vapour volume is also very good being amongst the best I have tried.

The Cool Menthol again provided excellent vapour volume but whilst the flavour was nice, providing a smooth minty vape, it wasn’t my favourite in terms of menthol flavours. Still a good effort though and very ‘vapeable’.

Eversmoke Cartomiser

The Cherry Crush flavour for me was good, this is more of a sweet cherry and while I couldn’t see this being my all day vape it was certainly nice to have every now and again to change things up a little.

Again the vapour volume was excellent but the throat hit was minimal on the 12mg, something that isn’t such a bad thing with fruit flavours.

When looking to buy refills Eversmoke cartomisers are sold in a minimum of 15 which is 3 packs of 5. These cost around the £26 mark or £8.66 per pack. This is pretty much on a level with most competing brands and cheaper than the likes of E-Lites. They do also offer discounts for buying larger quantities, the price can be as low as £7.22 (approx) per pack of 5 if buying 9 packs together.

Overall 4.5/5 – I found the Eversmoke Classic Tobacco flavour was very good and the Cool Menthol and Cherry Crush to be decent. All provided excellent vapour volume and a very smooth draw. The prices are also on a par with competing brands.

Starter Kits

Eversmoke have 5 kit options:

Eversmoke Reusable Express Kit – $29.99
This come with 1 battery, 1 cartomiser and one USB charger

Eversmoke Basic Starter Kit – $59.99
This kit comes complete with one battery, 5 cartomisers, wall & USB charger.

Eversmoke Premium Starter Kit – $79.99 (Kit Reviewed Here)
This kit comes with 2 batteries, 5 cartomisers plus chargers.

Eversmoke Ultimate Starter Kit – $109.99
This kit comes complete with two batteries, 15 cartomisers, carry case, wall, car & USB charger.

Eversmoke Ultimate Plus  Starter Kit – $154.99
This kit comes complete with two batteries, 15 cartomisers, Portable Charging Case, Carry Case, Car/wall & USB charger.

Eversmoke Guarantee/Warranty

Eversmoke offer a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee even if the product has been used. They also offer a 1 year warranty on all products and a lifetime warranty for customers in their membership program.

Customer Service

Eversmoke can be contacted via email, phone and are active on Twitter & Facebook. If contacting by email they aim to respond within 24 hours.

Discount Coupons

There is an Eversmoke discount code that will give 10% off. Click the link or scroll back to the top of this page.

Overall – For Those That Skipped

l have to say I was very impressed by the Eversmoke Premium starter kit. It had a great overall quality feel to it, both the large and short batteries performed very well. The cartomiser flavours were overall good but the stand out for me was the Classic Tobacco which I thought was very good. All three I tried gave off excellent vapour volume and provided a smooth vaping experience.

Of course there is one big downside with Eversmoke, there would be wouldn’t there! While they DO deliver to the UK they are USA based so it’s not ideal for us guys in Europe to be ordering as not only will shipping set you back around £19 there is also a possibility that customs will add an extra charge.

Now this doesn’t always happen but it is a possibility. Therefore although I think the product is very good I wouldn’t recommend going out and buying from the US right now as there are plenty of top products available in the UK that don’t have the shipping headaches and prices.

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