Up for review is the Exvape Expromizer V5 RTA.


I have made sure not to watch any reviews or forums about it, this is going to be my new style of reviewing. I will be writing this review as I experience the product. My views may change throughout the review but I will come to a decision during the final thoughts section at the end of my review.

What to Expect from the Exvape Expromizer V5 RTA?

Exvape state that the V5 is a fusion of the V3 and V4 with improvements and a more compact size.expromizer v3 v4 v5

This device is a MTL RTA which has many little features. This will give you a variety of airflow and juice flow options to be able to dial in your RTA, to produce your ‘perfect’ vape.

We tell you what the term MTL (Mouth To Lung) means in our Guide To Vape Styles.

expromizer v5 banner

The RTA is made from Stainless Steel which means the device is going to be very tough and durable. This is great for someone looking for an everyday device to take to work or out on the town.

A metal tank shield should also protect the tank from damage.expromizer v5 views

The Exvape Expromizer V5 comes in at 23mm in diameter, so there will be no issues with 90% of Box Mods not having an overhang issue which will look great on most devices.expromizer v5 components

Capacity wise it comes in at 2ml however you can buy additional kits to up the capacity to 4ml. A PEI Ultem kit is also available to add an Ultem drip tip and tank glass.

Before I give away too much let’s get cracking and take a deep dive into the Exvape Expromizer V5 and see what it’s all about.

What’s In The Box?


  • Exvape Expromizer V5 MTL Tank
  • Spare Glass
  • User Manual
  • Spare O-rings
  • Small Screwdriver
  • Pair Of Spare Phillips Screws for the deck
  • One round Wire Coil
  • Piece of Cotton

Specs & Features

  • Size: 23x54mm
  • Capacity: 2ml (standard)
  • Expansion kit available to take capacity up to 4ml
  • Single coil deck
  • Slide top fill cap
  • Pyrex tank glass with tank shield
  • E-liquid flow control
  • Adjustable 510 pin
  • Top adjustable airflow with hole and slot inlets
  • 3 airflow outlets below coil
  • Ultem kit available with Ultem tank and Ultem drip tip

Build & Design of the Exvape Expromizer V5

There are 5 colours to choose from: Brushed, Gunmetal, Sandblast, Black and Polished.

I received the brushed Stainless-Steel version so all my views are purely based on the device I received, yours may differ.


Build Deck

The build deck is an extremely small single coil MTL deck which uses a Philips head screw to capture your leads within the post holes. It has 3 tiny airflow holes located directly underneath where the coil will be placed. This should technically improve the flavour of your liquid.


On the side of the juice well there are 3 different sized liquid ports, this is so you can control the amount of liquid that you will let pass from the tank to your wicks.


This is also a great feature because it makes the device more versatile when it comes to choosing the liquid you want to run. Fully open you can happily run a 70/30 VG/PG ratio liquid and then close it down when you would like to run a 50/50 ratio liquid.

We tell you what the terms VG and PG mean in our Guide To E-liquid.


The airflow for this device is an interesting one at that. The air comes in at the top of the tank, it then runs down the side of the device and then goes under the build deck and through the three holes under the coil. This in theory will produce a MTL style of draw.

Exvpae-Expromizer-V5- Honeycomb-Airflow

The adjustable airflow ring on the top of the device gives you two options, a full open slit which you can adjust down as well as a series of holes which can also be closed down.

This, at face value, means that the options to dial in your preferred airflow is perfect. At the time of writing this I have yet to vape it so I will give you my opinion of how it works further into this review.

Juice Flow Function

The Exvape Expromizer V5 has a juice flow adjuster located on the chamber of the chimney which is located within the tank. This can be adjusted via twisting the metal outer casing of the glass tank.

Exvape=Expromizer-V5- Liquid-PORTS1

Exvape-Expromizer-V5-Liquid Ports2

This is great for ultimate control on the amount of liquid your wicks will receive. You can use all different ratios of VG/PG and still be able to get a consistent and efficient wicking of your cotton to stop the dreaded dry hit.

Design & Build Quality

I am extremely disappointed in the build quality of this device, let’s start with removing the build deck.

When unscrewing the build deck the threads are extremely ‘crunchy’ which means the threads were machined to such a bad standard that after unscrewing it there were flakes of metal on the build deck by the screws.

This is horrendously bad for many reasons. First of all if I did not clean these off there is a potential for this to then get on the wicks and could have inhaled metal particles. Plus these flakes are a risk for shorting out the deck – this is highly unacceptable and dangerous to the user. I have unscrewed and screwed the deck back in quite a lot over the past couple weeks and it is still really bad.

The peak insulator and the airflow holes are not lined up with the post of the deck which I know does not affect the performance of the deck, but it shows that the company has not taken the extra steps to make sure everything is perfect before sending out the device.

The machining on the actual deck is of a good standard but I did have to wash it quite a few times, due to there being machine oil on the build deck which was just another annoyance to overcome when getting the device ready to build and vape.

Top Cap and taking the device apart…

Same as above, the threading is awful, the top cap got stuck when trying to unscrew it and was again very ‘crunchy’.

Once you finally unscrew it to then slide the top cap open, it is hard to fill due to the top cap being in the way.

I had to decant my liquid into a 50ml thin unicorn bottle just so I could fill the tank properly. The first-time filling the tank using a normal 100ml shortfill bottle liquid, squirted all over the tank and over my hands.

When screwing back down the top cap it is really easy to cross thread and can get stuck. If you turn it too much it will unscrew the actual tank or will pop the airflow adjuster out and then it’s a real pain to get back into place.

Taking this tank apart brought on more issues than I was prepared for. The O-ring that holds the glass to the top cap was split and when I pulled the glass off it broke. Thankfully, there was a spare one within the baggy provided.

The Overall Look

I really wasn’t impressed with the look of the Exvape Expromizer V5. The Stainless Steel housing in my opinion did not look appealing at all, I would have just kept the clear glass. I found it made the tank look extremely cheap and think it was over designed to the point that it looks very tacky.

Even though I love a long dorky drip tip, it does not go with the design of the tank and looks extremely out of place. I personally feel that it looks like Exvape just found a drip tip that was the same material and fit and thought “That will do”.

How Does the Exvape Expromizer V5 Perform?

As a MTL RTA it vapes really well but the airflow adjuster is pointless so close it completely off because even with it closed it’s designed so poorly that air still comes through. And surprisingly to my shock it created an exceptional MTL vape.

I have found it extremely hard to put down. I am very picky when it comes to MTL tanks and I only use the Suicide Mods Ether with the MTL pin in the deck, but I have found myself repeatedly picking up the Exvape Expromizer V5 more than the Ether which is a surprise.

The flavour is not outstanding but still much better than a lot of MTL tanks out there but the vape experience is on point. A really nice amount of vapour as well

The tank does not leak at all, I have left the tank full of liquid with the liquid ports wide open and placed it on its side for a week and I have had no leakage whatsoever. I picked it up and vaped it with no flooding either.


  • Vapes really well in MTL.


  • Build Quality is below average.
  • Horrible threading
  • Bad Design choices (subjective)
  • Airflow is horrendous.

Final Verdict

I really had trouble in the beginning to get over the many flaws of the device from bad threading to bad design choices. I had to really push myself to look past it to even get to the point of building it.

Every step I took I found something else wrong with it or had to adapt or take extra steps like spending 20 minutes taking off the machine oil from the deck to cleaning of flakes of metal from the threads. I felt if I paid for it, I would have asked for my money back or put it straight in the bin.

But I must say once it was built and put back together it was a great vape, all my rage sweats from having all these issues disappeared and I was a happy bunny. This bliss only lasted as long as there was liquid in the tank, refilling the tank was a mission in itself.

As explained before I had to invest in a specific bottle so I could fill the tank with ease and not have to clean my tank, mod and hands every time I filled the tank up.

After the 5th refill, I have put the tank away and will not be using it again. This has got nothing to do with the vape itself, it is all down to the poor quality and poor design choices that put more hurdles in your way to be able to vape a device which is designed to make your vape experience easier not harder.

Personally I feel that if Exvape spent a lot more time and effort on perfecting the quality and design of this tank it would have knocked nearly all the other MTL tanks on the market out of the ballpark.

I do hope that the Exvape Expromizer V5 that I received for Batch 1 has been improved and all issues rectified. If so I would be queuing up with you guys to get my grubby mitts on one, but if this is the batch they have released I would suggest you look elsewhere for a MTL tank.

Let us know your experience with the Exvape Expromizer V5 in the comments below!

Adam Sloane - reviewer
Adam Sloane

I started vaping in 2017, the first year was hard and I was still smoking on an off until I found the right set up for me. As I am a very nosey person, I started wanting to know how these ‘vaping things’ worked. This took me into rebuildable RDA’s and mechanical mods, this spiralled into learning how to build my own coils. My aim is to educate and inform people about the right products and the lessons I have learnt during my journey, also to help keep you “the vapers” off combustible cigarettes.

Build Quality
Ease Of Use
How It Vapes
Replace Is Lost
I started vaping in 2017, the first year was hard and I was still smoking on an off until I found the right set up for me. As I am a very nosey person, I started wanting to know how these ‘vaping things’ worked. This took me into rebuildable RDA’s and mechanical mods, this spiralled into learning how to build my own coils. My aim is to educate and inform people about the right products and the lessons I have learnt during my journey, also to help keep you “the vapers” off combustible cigarettes.
exvape-expromizer-v5-reviewIf you don't mind the issues above outlined and looking for a good MTL this is the tank for you. Despite various issues the vape quality was a happy surprise!



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