The Footoon Aqua Reboot RTA is a new release carrying on from the existing Aqua Range.

aqua reboot rta marketing shotsThis is for sale over at Naturevape who kindly sent this to me for review.

The Reboot is a 24mm diameter RTA with a 4.3ml capacity.

There is a very new style of airflow in this which I will show and tell you about further down in the review!

You get an 810 ultem drip tip and spare glass, O-rings, screws and a screwdriver in the kit.

The colours I have seen so far are Silver, Black and Blue.

So is this one of the best RTA’s we have tried this year?

What’s In The Box

  • Footoon Aqua Reboot RTA
  • Spare glass
  • Spare screws
  • O-rings
  • Screwdriver

footoon aqua reboot rta kit contents


  • Big 24mm build deck
  • Revolutionary new airflow design – provides smoother airflow and increased taste
  • Capacity: 4.3ml
  • Easy to build coils
  • Height 41mm (not including drip tip)
  • 810 Ultem drip tip

Build Quality & Design

This is just a joy to hold and operate.

I received the silver version for review and there are beautiful lilac contrasting O-rings which bring a lovely bit of colour to the tank. If you dislike them there are some black O-rings you can replace them with in the kit.

reboot side viewI dislike Ultem/PEI and for me that is the only thing which would detract from an otherwise lovely looking tank.

It just looks so neat and well put together, all the threads and airflow adjustment are super smooth.

The only branding visible is on the chimney of the tank and the rest of the branding is confined to the tank base.

reboot bottom viewI did try some other 810 drip tips in this – but the socket in the tank isn’t very deep so it left a big gap. The supplied drip tip also has a slight flange which sits over the top of the tank so with another drip tip you will have a slight ledge.

reboot drip tipThere is an oddity about this tank – which is the crazy airflow system – it is so unusual!

Basically it uses a radial disc below the build deck to adjust the airflow. The disc has cut outs and by using the little lever on the side you rotate the disc to open and close the airflow ducts in the deck.

footoon aqua reboot rta close up viewThe airflow is fully adjustable with the tank assembled. Some tanks which sit really flush with a mod I often find it hard to turn the airflow ring if it snags against the top of the mod. This design means you won’t have that problem.

You can see below the different settings – airflow fully closed, airflow fully open and airflow partially open.

Aqua reboot RTA airflow

How Does the Footoon Aqua Reboot RTA Perform?

I used the Footoon Aqua Reboot RTA on my Wismec Sinuous Ravage 230 mod and also on my Wismec Sinuous P80 Mod.

reboot on modI tried a few different coil builds in this too.

How To Fill The Footoon Aqua Reboot RTA

  • Unscrew the top cap of the tank.
  • Add liquid to the smile shaped slots either side of the centre hole – please don’t put E-liquid into the centre hole – it hurts!
  • Replace the top cap.

aqua reboot filling

One slight downside is the top cap of the tank, there isn’t much to grip on to remove the cap for refilling. Make sure not to tighten this up too much as you will struggle. The first time I did this I had to use a rubber gripper mat to remove it. I learned my lesson!

Coil Installation

The lovely Mark over at Naturevape often creates video guides to aid people in building and obtaining the best they can from their products. So I have included the video below to give you (and me) some tips for the build.

The build deck is unusual to me – but it is for dual coils and the coils go into the holes on the side of the posts.

At either side of the airflow ducts are little wells for you to fill with cotton.

footoon aqua reboot rta build deckI did find it a bit difficult to hold both coils in position as I tightened the screws – one of the coils would always move as they both share the same post.

The coil clamp screws are hexagon socket screws and the right allen key head is included in the kit. The screws are quite deep set in the posts but I found no difficulty and you can tighten them up well without the allen key slipping.

Other than that this is pretty easy to build on!

We have some guides to help you build on this:

Flavour & Cloud Production

I used my usual E-liquid in this which is a 6mg nicotine 80%VG liquid.

If you are not sure what VG and PG are read our guide here.

Coil – Ni80 Flat 

Mark at Naturevape sent me a couple of coils which he liked for me to try on the Footoon Aqua Reboot.

The coils are Ni80 Staggered Fused Clapton coils.

Aqua reboot and Ni80 coilsSo with the dual coils installed the resistance on my checker was 0.12 ohms and 0.13ohms on my mod.

aqua reboot Ni80 coils installedI added plenty of cotton as shown on Marks tutorial video and away I went!

aqua reboot wickingAt 40W some vapour but not much else.

At 60W things were starting to liven up!

65-75W seems to be where this runs really happily, lots of flavour and vapour at this power.

At 80W still wonderful however a slight bit of spitting now.

I am using this now at 75W which seems to be spot on for me.

Really smooth airflow too – in fully open you get tons of vapour. I used this with the airflow in the middle setting and a lovely combo of flavour and vapour.

The taste and heat take a split second to come through when you press fire – so might benefit from adjusting your power curves to suit this and add a bit more power initially – but I don’t know what I am doing with that.

Once the flavour does come through it is really rich and lovely and warm. What a wonderful tank this is!

Coil – SS316

In addition to the flat Ni80 coils I thought I would try a couple of Stainless Steel coils on here too.

They are 0.48ohm fused clapton round wire coils.

They showed as 0.22ohm resistance on my tester and 0.23ohm on my mod.

ss316 on aqua rebootI wanted to see if the posts were able to accommodate two coils of a round section multiple strand type.

As you can see the posts were able to cope with two wires perfectly.

So I kicked off at 40W and as expected not much!

Moving up to 60W and already can start to taste the liquid.

70W and we are off – not as much flavour or vapour as the Ni80 coils at the same wattage.

So this still does perform with these coils – just not quite as well.


  • Gorgeous looking tank.
  • Well built and smooth to use.
  • Good kit contents.
  • Smooth airflow in all settings.
  • Lovely warm and tasty vapour.
  • When wicked well no leaks at all.


  • I think you know exactly what I am going to say here – the Ultem Drip Tip!
  • I haven’t found a replacement drip tip which fits this yet.
  • Takes a bit of getting used to the airflow adjustment I keep forgetting which direction to turn the little lever.
  • The top cap has little to grip on to remove it for refilling. If I tightened it too much it was hard to remove.

Final Review Verdict

I have only dropped a couple of marks in my ratings for the Footoon Aqua Reboot RTA, the design dropped marks because of the drip tip and the top cap. In the ease of use I dropped a mark because it was a bit difficult to tighten the screws and hold onto both coils!

Otherwise I’m loving this tank. It is full of flavour and vapour and super smooth airflow. You can close this down to Zero airflow, then wide open and everything in-between!

If you wick it well as suggested you get no leaks.

With the flat coils this worked amazingly well, in fact after trying the round section coils – I took them off and put the flat coils back on I loved them that much!

The price point of this is excellent and you could waste a lot of money trying to get this performance in more expensive tanks.

Build Quality
Ease of use
Replace if lost or damaged?
My name is Michelle - I am 46 and an engineer and Technical Author by trade. I started vaping many years ago in the days of Tornado tanks, Ego batteries and Variable Voltage. My journey in vaping began again a few years ago and have started to move up in the shiny shiny gadget department and love vaping! I have finally stopped smoking as of June 2019 and that is all thanks to vaping! 20mg Nicotine Salts are my hero! Oh and I am partial to a nice pod mod!


  1. Best rta I have tried. No dry hits what so ever, had to use more cotton than i normally do as It wicks so well, lovely flavour as well.

  2. Hello. Thanks for the review. But i have one question. In your opinion, is the flavor comparable to Ammit Dual atomizer, if you tried that. Maybe this tank has better flavor? Thanks.

    • Hiya Peter, nah mine was great, it wasn’t a mirror polish finish but was a smooth shiny stainless steel finish and the top of the tank matched the base etc?
      I haven’t seen Jai’s review will go and have a nosey – what colour finish was his Aqua?
      Mine was excellent quality lovely finish and machining, would look better without the drip tip tho haha!

      • there’s no other 810 drip tip match at all, I’ve been trying at least 13 different drip tips and none of them are fit enough, kinda frustrating


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