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Freshcig Introduces a Longer Battery Life With The eVolve Starter Kit

We carried out our first Freshcig review in March 2013 and found their mini e cig offering to be a solid option.

So we were pleased to see them add to their inventory in the form of the eVolve e cigarette, which is what I would say is the next step up from the cig-a-like e cigs.

We did receive the Freshcig eVolve free of charge for the purposes of this review but as always my opinion is my own!

Freshcig Evolve ReviewIn The Box

The Freshcig eVolve starter kit comes in a great looking tin box that is a refreshing change from the cardboard flip top stock boxes so regular used with many e cigs. In the box you will find the following:

1 X 650 mAh battery
1 X 30ml Bottle of E-Liquid Cartomisers
2 X CE4 Clearomisers
1 X USB Charger


The eVolve kit comes with one small 650 mAh manual battery which is definitely a step up from their mini e cigarette battery in terms of longevity.

The Freshcig batteries are available in white and have a nice rubberised finish to them that feels good in the hand. The size is also great for this capacity battery measuring in at 6cm, shrinking down a fair bit from the original models that are available elsewhere. Freshcig eVolve 650mAh Battery

For those that are new to the ‘bigger battery’ e cigarettes chances are you may not have come across a manual device before.

Don’t worry it isn’t as strenuous as it sounds, it is simply a button that needs to be pressed every-time you want to take a drag.

I find that manual devices tend to give better performance when it comes to vapour volume as the e-liquid gets heated from the moment you press the button rather than having to take a draw before the juice heats up as you do on automatic batteries.

Freshcig eVolveThe eVolve also has the now standard on off function which is simply 5 button presses on and 5 turn turn the device off. A great feature to have if you are carrying around in bags or in your pocket.

The battery itself did the trick, lasting the majority of a day before needing a recharge. I’m a moderate vaper so this will fit the needs of light/moderate smokers no problem.

I would still recommend having a spare battery so you can rotate especially if you are a heavy smoker. This just saves you from ever being without an e cig you cannot use.

You can buy a battery separately at a later date so it isn’t something that is a ‘must have’ straight away.

Overall – The 650 mAh eVolve battery performs well and will serve the needs of light to moderate smokers/vapers very well. I would however recommend a second battery especially if you are a heavy smoker.


The eVolve comes with 2 CE4 (long wick) clearomisers that allow you to refill with bottled e-liquid which in turn can help reduce the running costs of an e cig.

They have a 1.6ml capacity that is enough for most needs, some may find you have to refill 2/3 times a day depending on your vaping habits.

Fresh Cig CE4 Clearomiser

The kit also comes with a 30ml bottle of 80/20 PG/VG e-liquid with a fair few flavour options available at checkout. I was sent the Spearmint Shisha flavour that is a zero nicotine juice and their 16mg Premium Tobacco to try. 

The Spearmint flavour I found to be quite subtle, for my tastes I would have actually preferred a stronger mint flavour coming through, something that lingers a touch longer in the mouth.

The throat hit as would be expected on a zero nicotine shisha flavour is non existent but there is plenty of vapor volume there.

The Premium Tobacco also wasn’t really to my personal tastes and it also has to be said I’m not a huge fan of tobacco flavours. The only one range I like are the Black Note e liquids.

This was too strong a tobacco flavour for me that was too harsh on the back of the throat but it was quite authentic so those that are looking for that kind of thing then this could be right for you. I also found the throat hit very harsh on the 16mg, to a point where I didn’t enjoy it.

eVolve Electronic CigaretteThe tobacco flavoured e-liquids, at the time of writing, only come in two nicotine options, 16mg & 24mg. The alternative flavours such as the spearmint and apple only come in 0mg and 16mg. A little bit limiting, it would be nice to see a 6/12mg strength in all the e-liquids to bridge the gap for the ‘light’ vapers.

When it comes to buying the e-liquid it is only available in 30 ml bottles and while the price is very good for the size, it would be good to see 5 or 10 ml bottles so you can try various juices out without buying the bigger size bottles that can prove to be a waste if you decide you don’t like it.

Overall – The flavours didn’t hit the mark for me personally but flavour is a personal taste so they could be right for you? The CE4 clearomiser performed well though.

Discount Code

For ecigclick.co.uk readers we have an exclusive Freshcig discount code. Just enter ECIGCLICK at checkout for 15% off.

Returns / Warranty

A 14 day return is offered if you don’t like their product, they also offer a 30 day exchange. Please check their website for the latest upto date information on returning any faulty goods.

Customer Service

Contact can be made via email and phone. They are also active on Facebook and Twitter.

Overall – (And For Those That Skipped To The End!)

While the Freshcig eVolve is certainly nothing new in terms of the offering it does do the job well, the battery life from the 650 mAh battery will be a vast improvement to anyone previously using a mini e cig as well as the flexibility and cost savings of filling your own clearomisers.

The only downside for me were the flavours but these are a personal preference and any e-liquid can be used in the e cigarette itself so not a reason not to buy the eVolve. So would I recommend the eVolve? For those new to vaping or making a step up from vaping mini e cigs then this is a decent place to start.

For those that already use a mid size device then you are not going to find anything too different apart from a slight change in size depending on what you currently use. One product I would recommend in this category of e cig is the Jacvapour Series S17 Vape Pen.

One good thing to note as well is that Freshcig offer free delivery on all products, which I haven’t seen from any other e cig brand to date, saves a few more pennies!

I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick was started to take a closer look at the mixed bag of e cigs that were available at the time. We have gone from a handful of reviews in 2010 to now covering a huge range of vaping gear with over 100 reviews and counting today with the help of the great review team we have here! I'm available on the blog most days, if you have any questions just use the contact tab and I'll get right back to you! Vape on...


  1. I thought this product amazing for the first week then it leaked, the light kept flashing even though it was fully charged, and then it didn’t produce any vapour. I have now thrown it away (I know I should have sent it back but when you are trying to quit fags after 54 years, I couldn’t be bothered with and didn’t need the hassle. I have bought an alternative e-cigarette which so far is fantastic and holds it’s charge well. I have not wanted to smoke a cigarette since I’ve had this one. However, I like
    t he fresh cig liquids and may continue to use them in my new e-cig. (it seems to work). I loved Freshcig cartomisers apart from the fact the cartridges are expensive and only last about two hours for me so that is not practical and doesn’t help me keep off the cigarettes.

  2. This was good to start with and cant complain since ive not smoked since Feb but had problems during this time battery life is very poor i bought the mains charger so ive always got one on charge it doesnt last a day purchased another battery which was flat and had to be returned ive had problems with the refills purchased new and liquid just leaks from bottom now got 2 refills which leak sent 1 back and got a replacement now thats leaking sent emails to customer sevice and have been told to buy more so now looking at another company as i feel the products have a lot of problems but overall im happy that i dont smoke cigs but i need a reliable electronic cig to keep me going and this one is not for me

  3. As stated it’s much healthier no smoke smells on clothes, easy to use, the only downside is you have to keep it upright or the oil leaks out, not able to carry in my handbag or pocket, other than that it’s great

  4. For me I like the eVolve because it just does what it should, I like the button so I can control how much and how long each drag is. I like the size of the unit, I really like the tin, it reminds me so much of an old tobacco tins and it’s really handy to keep all the bits in one place. And finally I like the fact that I can again smoke anywhere, well at least I’m not standing out in the cold.

    Well done Freshcig, probably the first electronic cigarette that really does work, or at least for me that is.


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