Green Smoke Review – Is This An E-Cig Worth Buying?

Update: No Longer Available – Alternatives:

In 2008 Green Smoke developed an electronic cigarette that with continual improvements over the years has resulted in some quality products but are they the best quality small e cigarettes available today, in 2016?green smoke review

As a brand it’s not as big in the UK as it is in the States where they are one of the biggest e cigarette players with a lot of repeat customers.

For this review I purchased the Green Smoke Pro Starter Kit which at £42.50 (including discount) is a great price for a starter kit considering it’s contents.

Green Smoke Video Review

Packaging / In The Box

Green Smoke ReviewSo, I placed my order on the Thursday and it arrived Saturday morning, lightning quick on delivery so a good start there!

The packaging on the Green Smoke e-cigarettes is high quality, with all their starter kits you get a nice magnetic flap box that contains:

  • 3 x E Cig batteries (Two Long one short)
  • 2 X Packs of long lasting cartomizers (5 in each pack)
  • E Cig carry case
  • Wall adapter
  • USB Charger

Unlike other e cig brands Green Smoke have opted to stay away from the ‘cigarette carton’ look which for me personally is a positive. The included case does the trick of keeping things together even if it isn’t the best looking case I have seen.

When it comes to the e-cig itself there are no complaints about the way it looks, as with other top companies they have opted for the ‘traditional cigarette’ appearance, complete with flecks on the cartomizers and rings on the battery. This does help make an easier transition to using these electronic cigarettes. It is a two piece design with the refill cartridges screwing directly into the battery and overall its just shy of 4 inches long on the short battery.


Green Smoke BatteryThe Green Smoke battery has been reported by many users as being “very responsive”, which basically means you will get a good draw on the ecig first time round rather that having to wait for the battery to wake up.

This is quite an important thing to look out for when choosing an electronic cigarette, there is nothing worse than going for a drag and nothing coming out! After using both the long and the short batteries I would have to agree, they are probably one of the best, in terms of quality, I have tried so far from a cig-a-like brand.

A light is activated on the end of the battery when you draw on the e-cig, this will also flash when a recharge is required.

There are two battery sizes included in the Pro kit. I myself prefer the smaller of the two if out and about and the longer battery when I’m vaping at home. The small battery approx 4″ long and has a 160 mAh capacity, the long is 4.6″ long with a 270 mAh battery.

The Green Smoke site states that the long will last around a full day of vaping and the small 1/2 a day. In reality it all depends on what type of vaper you are. I am a moderate vaper and the long lasts me around 3-4 hours of vaping time with the short coming in at around the 2 hour mark.

This may not seem all that much and in the e cig world it isn’t but keep in mind the smaller the e cig the shorter the time the battery will last in between charges. If you can get used to always having one of the three batteries fully charged and used in rotation then you will cut out the possibility of being let without a working e cig.

If you are a heavy smoker you will likely be a heavy vaper so I will just say keep in mind you will find yourself charging batteries regularly throughout the day. This will get tiresome quick. If you don’t mind buying a device that doesn’t resemble a cigarette (a cig-a-like) then I would recommend you go for a bigger, more powerful e cig such as the Jacvapour Series S17.

The only other downside for me when it comes to the Green Smoke kit is that it doesn’t (as mentioned before) have a PCC like the Epuffer Magnum Snaps kit, this lets you keep everything together in one place and is a little neater. Again, this isn’t a massive problem as the Green Smoke Pro kit comes with 3 batteries and it is after-all a quality setup.


green smoke cartomizers

The quality battery helps the cartomisers produce a great amount of vapour with every drag (until the battery runs low). When it comes to taste, Green Smoke have tried to cover a wide variety options. As well as your regular tobacco flavour they have also produced menthol, apple, vanilla, chocolate, coffee and strawberry.

Now, I don’t know about you but if I want something that taste like coffee it probably won’t be an ecig, I’m going to nip to Starbucks, saying that I haven’t tried any flavors apart from the menthol so i suppose ‘don’t knock it till you try it’ comes to mind. So if anybody does try them let me know.

I bought 3 flavors to try, the Menthol, Red Label Tobacco, and Absolute Tobacco. The menthol for me was very good but it was the Tobacco flavors that really impressed. Red label was pretty much the same as the Absolute flavor, it just a little bolder taste, they both also have a nice richness to them. When it comes to flavors though everyone has a different opinion!

What I have found with the Green Smoke ‘tobacco flavors’ is that they also give one of the smoothest vapes I have had when inhaling.

The vapor volume is excellent for a cig-a-like e cigarette. It does feel like you have to draw a little bit harder when using the bigger battery but for me it did help give the best clouds. Taking slightly slower longer drags is the way to go.

Overall – The tobacco flavors were excellent, some of the best I have tried in an out of the box e cig starter kit, credit must also be given to the menthol. The prices are also very competitive as well at £8.40 per pack and as low as £6.63 if bought in bulk, again these prices do not include the discount code so further savings can be made.

If 15 or 20 packs are purchased together Green Smoke will also include one or two free batteries with your order which is something I don’t see other brands offering.

Starter Kits

Green Smoke Starter KitsGreen Smoke have 3 starter kits currently available in the UK, each kit basically includes a bit more than the last so it is all dependent on how heavy a smoker you are.

Express Kit – £29.97

Green Smokes Social Smoker starter kit is targeted toward the occasional smoker who won’t need more than the one battery and will most likely take a while to get through one cartridge, remember they are the equivalent to 1-2 packs of cigarettes.

You will receive the following:

  • 2 Lithium Ion Rechargeable Batteries
  • 5 Cartridges
  • 2 Chargers, one wall adapter and one USB
  • 1 Manual

Green Smoke Pro Starter Kit – £49.97 (Kit Reviewed)

The basic kit has the addition of an extra battery. The kit includes:

  • 3 Lithium Ion Rechargeable Batteries (2 Short and 1 Long)
  • 10 Cartomizers
  • 2 Chargers, one wall adapter and one USB
  • Carry case
  • 1 Manual

Green Smoke Love Birds Kit – £84.97

The Love Bird Kit is for couples that smoke. If you have a friend that is considering e-cigs this is the best value starter kit to buy, it is basically the Pro Kit x2 but instead of £49.97 it will cost £42.48 each (£38.24 if discount code is used). Don’t worry, there is no ‘Love Bird’ branding!

The kit includes:

  • 6 Lithium Ion Rechargeable Batteries (4 short & 2 long)
  • 20 Cartridges available in assorted flavors
  • 4 Chargers, two wall adapters and two USB
  • 2 Carry Cases
  • 2 Manuals

Returns / Warranty

This is where Green Smoke really stands out from the crowd. They are confident in their product and offer a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked, if you are not satisfied. Please check their refund policy carefully though as this only applies to starter kits

They also offer a 1 year limited warrant, full details can be found on their website.

Customer Service

Like most electronic cigarette companies Green Smoke plays heavily on the quality of their customer service.

So, I thought I would test out their response times and see both how quick and how helpful they are. I sent them an email claiming I had a problem with my battery not working properly and asked them what I should do.

The took about 8 hours to respond to my email, which considering their customer services are based on a different time zone, in the USA, I thought was pretty good. They also offered me an instant replacement so I was very happy with the response as well.

Overall though, the Green Smoke customer service was great.

Final Green Smoke Review Verdict

This is a solid cig-a-like e cig option, it looks good, the build quality is excellent, vapor volume and flavors stand up-to most pre-filled cartomizer. Although the packaging and product looks great it would be good to see a portable charging case option included in the offer so your batteries can charge whilst on the move.

This could be a deal breaker though so we would recommend taking a look at brands such as V2 Cigs that offer this option.

Final Green Smoke Review Verdict:

The Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Is a Great Starting Point For New Vapers and Recommended By!

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Likelihood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged
I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick was started to take a closer look at the mixed bag of e cigs that were available at the time. Along with the rest of the team we have gone from a handful of reviews in 2010 to now covering a huge range of vaping gear with over 500 reviews and counting today with the help of the great review team we have here! If you need help getting started vaping or just want to say high then please feel free to get in touch. The team and I will help where we can!


  1. Why on earth are you still ‘reviewing ‘ a company and a product that has been discontinued in the UK for years? You must realise that this casts doubt on your entire website!
    Greensmoke was a great product, but they have let down their customers across the entire world.
    However, the format is far better for ex-smokers than the bizarre ‘hookahs’ produced by other companies.
    Try the various compatible alternative, but for God’s sake, take down this pointless review!!!

    • WOW… Calm down Paul!

      Just a few things about your comment.

      I do state they are no longer available in Europe at the beginning of the review, did you see that? As well as the link to various alternatives?

      They have not been available since January/Feb this year, not for ‘years’, get your facts straight.

      Do you think that this review is pointless for my US readers? Or do you think that just because this is a I don’t receive visitors from outside the UK?

    • I live in the U.S. and I have had the same experience. I began using GreenSmoke in 2009 and I am extremely upset with the huge increase in price, but worse yet, with the decline in the quality. The flavors are great, but that’s all I can say.
      When I first started using them, one cartridge lasted a whole day and a couple of hours into the next day. Now I am using 4 per day! That’s a huge, huge difference, and has made them pretty much unaffordable. It used to be about $2.25 per the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes and now it’s about $8.00. That’s pretty outrageous in my book.
      They say that government regulations are why they can no longer offer discounts, they can no longer offer free products to compensate for the huge price increase, etc. etc.
      They used to have an affiliate program, which used to give affiliates a discount, but that has been eliminated too.
      When I first started using them, I would get my order usually in 2 days, 3 at the most. It gradually took longer and longer until one order took 11 days to get to me.
      All in all, they have become cost prohibitive and if I can find a good alternative they are going to lose me too, even though I’ve been with them since 2009. My level of frustration is through the roof.

  2. Been using GreenSmoke for almost 5 years now. Had a lifetime warranty when purchased, but, like all good things this has been retracted due to massive battery failure after a junk redesign of the batteries. Batteries used to last up to 6 or 7 months. After redesign, batteries last a couple of weeks to a couple of months at most. Have to pay $7.00 to replace now.

    Cartridges have also gone down in quality/time of use. I used to get almost a full days worth of use from a single cartridge. Now I can only get up to a couple of hours use from a cartridge prior to the burnt taste coming on. Have about 30% of them go out within an hour. Horrible at that expense of them.

    Overall inconsistency in the product as a whole is horrible as well as quality. I still have one of the original batteries that is far ahead of the redesigned batteries. Just hope it will hold out until I receive my alternative e-cig.

    Do some research for an alternative prior to supporting a failing product. Used to enjoy it immensely, however, those days have gone by the way side.

  3. I’ve bought e lites before and although I used them for 3 months I found the the refills just got too expensive.

    I gave green smoke a go due to the reviews here and glad I did.

    I see all of these cigar looking e cigs but I was looking for something nearer in size and looks to cigs. The different battery sizes for Green Smoke are good and can be carried around easily. The refills are touch expensive but I buy the refills in bulk (normally 15 packs a time) and use the discount code on this site to save a little more making them reasonably priced and a bargain compare to my old brand.

    The tobacco red label is great though, would recommend.

  4. This is first e-cig that even comes close to delivering what it promises in terms of usage.

    A long battery lasts me just short of a full day, one cartridge about a full day.

    I just wish that a PCC was available, although with the battery times, probably not as essential as with other brands. I also wish I could ‘pop out’ the white plug to refill if push came to shove but again to be fair, at £8.60 for 5 cartridges and one cartridge lasting me as long as a 20-pack, that works out at £1.72 for 20-cigarettes …

  5. I have tried a lot of the different versions of the ecigs that are out there & I.
    think these are one of the best I have come accross.Excellent build quality
    feels nice to hold,so far i have only tried menthol ice &mocha mist but both of these are blooming marvellous,lush as another reviewer wrote.
    I’so glad I found this website. Well done to you guys, you should get 5 stars for this site!.

  6. The first e cig I bought was E-Lites, more of an impulse buy as they sold them in a newsagent near me. I thought they were pretty good but the refills were expensive. After trying VIP which wasn’t for me I saw some reviews for Green Smoke and decided to give these a try.

    Compared to the other 2 I tried these really are way ahead in terns of quality and the flavour for me blows the other two out of the water! I mainly use menthol but their red tobacco flavour is also really good.

    One tip is to keep an eye out for the promotions they run and of course use a discount code for money off.

  7. Tried to stop over the years never managed it until June 2012,so I have not had a cig in over a year. Saved over £4000.00 per year, I use 5-7 carts a week, still using the same batteries although they are getting tired now but get free replacement batteries with carts if you buy in bulk. I tried Vapstick xl, Jacvapour, V2 and in August 2012 started to use green smoke, one short battery and cart lasts at least 24 hrs still use 2.4 mg, taste is nearest in flavour normal cigs. Using a pcc with a adaptor have under charged the batteries which increases battery life (v2 to green smoke adaptor from v2). They work better if you forget they are cigs and use them as a dispenser, using a weaker strength will increase the amount sucks taken and can cause a dry throat. The best advise is to swap brands until you find the flavour you can live with, if it stops you smoking real cigs then the cost saving allow you to do that.

  8. I really love the taste of these, so much better than cigs. May seem expensive o get the kit but in the long run it works out cheaper. They have kept me off the ciggies and I can’t put a price on that! Very happy 🙂

  9. I was unsure of trying e cigs as I just thought it was a bit of a FAD but after about a week of researching different brands I decided to give Green Smoke a try and WOW. I have not touched a cig for 2 weeks!

    I read through literally all the reviews on this site so had high expectations for green smoke and I wasn’t let down. They aren’t the cheapest for sure but they are still cheaper than the cigs so thats fine with me.

    I am trying not to sound too hyped up about this but it kind of took me by surprise, will be telling all my smoking friends about this. Thanks for this site for pointing me in the right direction 🙂

  10. I started off with Sky cig but had lots of issues with their batteries so moved onto E-Lites, these were a little better but the refills were so expensive! After seeing the reviews for Green Smoke on this website I decided to give them a try and I am glad I did!

    The flavour of the menthol is great and produces loads of vapour, knocks spots of the Sky cig and E lites! I also tried the Red Label and the flavour is great, a touch on the sweet side but after a few vapes it was no problem.

    Battery life was also good and the usb e cig came in handy for when I was on my PC at home!

    Might be a bit more expensive than other kits but in my opinion definitely worth it!

  11. Ordered the starter kit. Quick delivery, but batteries lasted less than 6 month. No replies to any of my emails regarding problems with the batteries or the 1 year guarantee. Extremely poor customer service.
    Was impressed at first, but won’t continue being a customer due to bad customer service and the product only lasting 6 months.
    While it was lasting the flavor is good and the vapor production as well.
    Overall left disappointed.

  12. In the video it shows the first few puffs look great and the throat hit. But give it 23 puffs and it all disappears. I like the carrying case and the look of the cigarette.

  13. I can’t rave about this enough. I bought the lovebirds pack (two of everything) for my husband and me. It was very pricey at £117, but I rationalized it by remembering that 200 B&H Silver costs £73. We got much more value out of the 4 packs of cartomizers than we would with the equivalent £ in traditional cigarettes.

    More importantly, the vapor is seriously thick. It tickles my throat and gives me that pull that I’ve always loved with traditional cigarettes.That’s something I found lacking in the other brands/types I’ve tried. And we’re talking some serious nicotine buzz here… (currently using the Red variety)

    Another point here, and one that is avoided by most marketing companies. Stopping smoking can make you gain weight. Switching the traditional cig with an e-cig can help the transition. I know they say that the health benefits of quitting smoking outweigh the bad points of gaining weight, but let’s be realistic here. No one wakes up and goes, “Hey! I can’t wait to be a fat non-smoker!” At least no one I want to be friends with anyway.

    Not sure if anyone else has tried a regular cigarette after hitting the Green Smoke? I did and thought I was going to pass out. My stomach was flopping around, I felt dizzy, and had the worst headache. I’ve now found I simply can’t deal with a traditional cigarette anymore.

    • Hey Meaghan!

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a review! I’ve had a tobacco cigarette after using Green Smoke and other e cigs and it mad me feel horrible but worst of all it tasted absolutely disgusting! Suppose that is a good thing really as I won’t be wanting another one of those for a while!


  14. The appearance and instant usability made it easy for me to switch to this brand without the feeling that I was actually ‘giving up the weed’. With the USB charger I can make sure I have a spare battery with me at all times, eiither at work or in the car. Given that even the larger battery can run down in a day out, this is a necessity but not a big drawback. The flavour cartomozers are easy to change, although the burnt taste as they run low is unpleasant. I don’t know if it’s me, but there seems to be some difference in the amount of ‘puffs’ I can get from a cartomiser, but it’sno problem to have a spare in the case provided with the initial kit. A confirmed 20+ a day smoker of 40 years, I haven’t had one cigarette in over 8 weeks.
    The boggest gripe I have is that Greensmoke send all their replacement packages, including cartomisres, by recorded delivery. This has meant a couple of evening runs to the sorting office to collect packages that easily fit a standard letter box.

  15. Going into my 3rd month now and wouldn’t go back to rollies.

    The product is great and you definitely get what you pay for as everyone I’ve let try it absolutely loves the flavours over the cheap ones from the supermarkets etc.

    I’m 25 so when going out on the ‘lash’ it’s really easy to find yourself glued to it so occasionally I do slip up and pinch a ciggy off a friend. My advice; don’t go drinking for the first month 🙂

    The long battery lasts me all day, stick on charge overnight and don’t have to worry about it again until bed.

    The carts last me around 2 to 3 days depending on my activities.

    Would highly recommend the Mocha Mist and Menthol. I’ve tried all the flavours and nothing touches these. Makes smoking somewhat pleasurable.

    Can’t fault the product but I really wish the price would come down as I’ve worked out I’m only saving about £15 a month compared to my rolly use – No financial incentive really but you feel a lot better for not clogging up your lungs everyday. Waking up is much easier now.

  16. I’d always enjoyed smoking, but you’re made to feel like a leper nowadays. The real turning point for me though was going to the shop and finding out my brand had gone up from £6.72 to £7.24!!!!. I just thought to myself “you’re a mug”.

    Searched online for electronic cigarettes and came across Green Smoke, read the reviews and thought I’d give it a go. Ordered the Starter Pack on Saturday and received it Tuesday. I’d already smoked 3 fags that day. Put the e-cig together (I’ve nicknamed it “Leccy”) and went outside to try it (I’ve always smoked outside, it’d be weird not to now). Wasn’t sure I liked it so came back in and watched a bit of telly. Felt the urge for another puff about an hour later so went back outside and tried it again and felt a bit of a nicotine buzz. This could work!!.

    Carried on like this until Thursday teatime and then started to get a bit anxious thinking I needed a “proper” fag so I lit one, had 2 drags then dotted it as it tasted horrid, put it in the ashtray and got Leccy out. Next time I went out I did the same, re-lit the fag, had a couple of drags then dotted it again and carried on with Leccy. The last time I went out that night, I finished the real fag off but can honestly say I didn’t really enjoy it.

    On Friday, I sat and smoked a real fag all the way through, didn’t enjoy it again, in fact it made me feel a bit shite. That’s the last one I’ve smoked and don’t really have an urge to light up a real fag again, even though I’ve got a pack sat on the windowsill with 17 fags in.

    It is now Sunday evening and the two fags I’ve mentioned above are all I’ve smoked since Tuesday, “Leccy” really seems to be enough for me and I’m absolutely truly amazed!!. The only downside for me is the weight of the electronic cig is quite heavy and I find it hard to hold like you would a normal fag and also the green light glowing away is a bit of a giveaway and a tad embarrassing so I tend to smoke it discreetly, covering the end with my hand (might get a red marker and colour over the green end). Haven’t smoked inside a pub yet and don’t think I will. I went to Germany last year and you can still smoke in pubs there. I did it, but it felt totally alien to me and my hair and clothes smelt disgusting after a couple of hours in the pub.

    I’ve only tried Red Label Tobacco 1.8% so far and it tastes fine, you just get used to it. I’ve ordered some of the menthol flavour to see what they taste like.

    All in all I’m pleased I got an electronic cigarette, I never thought I’d be able to give up smoking proper fags, not without being hypnotised first anyway!!. I’ve put two lots of £7 away in a money tin so far to see how much I save. I don’t feel the urge to light up a proper fag and hope I won’t, early indications are bloomin’ good!!.

    Give it a go for yourself. I haven’t tried any other e-cigs so can’t comment on other brands. It looks like I chose the best brand first time, lucky me.

    p.s. My other half asked this question:- if they contain nicotine, how can the vapour from the e-cig be classed as “safe” to use indoors, would there not be nicotine in the vapour?. Can anyone answer that?. Thanks!.

  17. Hi – At first I was really impressed with this product. It looked good, arrived quickly and I thought it mimicked a real cigarette very well. Unfortunately, I found that after I’d used it for 10 puffs (about what I get from a normal cig) two things happened. The first was that my craving for more nicotine went through the ceiling, and the second was that my chest started to hurt, it became difficult to breathe and I started to feel very wobbly. I only used them a few times before giving up as I felt scared. I am annoyed I spent so much money on something I couldn’t use. I’m now trying Nicolites disposables from Tesco, and would recommend them, particularly for a first go at an e-cig. They only cost about £7 so you don’t have to invest masses in a starter kit, mimic a real cig well and they don’t make me feel ill or as if I’m suffering from super cravings. I now have “smoke free” days, and I’m choosing to have more and more of them in the week – thanks to Nicolites!

  18. Love the vapour production, I always said if they ever produced a safe fag I’d be right on it and, after trying some cheaper rivals which were poor, Ive found the perfect alternative.

    Im not craving a real ciggie as this is such a good alternative…glad I took the plunge.

  19. The Green Smoke kit was my first ‘proper’ e-cig. I had tried one of the cheap disposables from the supermarket about a year ago without success.
    Initially I did not like the tobacco flavour at all, preferring the menthol cartomisers. However, once I had used the menthol for a few days I found the tobacco flavour easier to live with (still prefer the menthol though). I think you have to stop yourself from trying to compare the flavours with your regular tobacco, and treat vaping as a new experience if you are to succeed in switching from analogue to digital.
    The Green Smoke products seem to be well made, but I would love the opportunity to experiment with the many different flavours of e-liquid available. Sadly, there is no refillable cartomiser option with the Green Smoke setup, and the batteries don’t appear to fit any other brands. You are therefor locked into the few flavours that Green Smoke supplies.
    I am grateful to Green Smoke for getting me off the dreaded weed after more than 40 years as a smoker, but will probably be switching to another brand with refillable cartomisers and/or a better range of flavours.

  20. Had a nightmare with skycig which is RUBBISH(please see other review for details) after reading reviews went for Green Smoke pro kit.
    What can i say its great. Stays charged for ages, cartomisers last me at least 2 and half to 3 days each. Cig batteries dont take long to charge. Decent enough vapour production. I know its not to everyones taste but the mocha mist flavour is lush.
    Have had my kit for 3 weeks and have had no probs at all.
    Which compared to my skycig experience is amazing!
    As for their customer service, i havnet got a clue because i havent had to use them at all. Delivery was quick and there always seems to be a discount voucher available to use.
    So all in all i am one happy gGreen Smoke smoker.
    Dont waste your money on Sky cig go green.

  21. I bought an E-lite about a week ago, i thought it was ok, and it got me thinking that i could really use an electronic cig as a replacement. However, with the E-lite, the vapour production was not satisfactory, it felt like there was too much air being let in and the vapour just never felt heavy enough. It was a decent, and relatively cheap experiment, but it still left me craving a real cigarette at night before i went to bed. This prompted me to do some more research online, after which I found Green Smoke.

    I ordered the product on a Monday evening and it arrived by wednesday morning, so very speedy delivery. I was eager to try the product, so set up the USB-cig straight away and took my first drag. It totally blew my mind! The amount of vapour it produced was amazing, and it felt a tiny bit heavy, really close to the real feeling of smoking.

    I honestly couldn’t be happier with Green Smoke, I’ve already recommended it to my smoker friends.

    For me, the E-lites were an OK introduction to the world of e-cigs, but they left me thinking that it was a lacklustre substitute, however, after trying Green Smoke I am fully convinced that i will never need to smoke a real cigarette again.

  22. Wow!

    I have a Skicig kit, which is great (menthol, crown and classic tobacco flavours are brilliant), if unreliable (I had to return the charger case within days). Whilst waiting for Skycig to provide replacement kit I thought I’d give Green Smoke a go and I’m glad that I did.

    Smoke, vapour production and throat hit are superb. It gives you that ‘fist’ cigarette of the day feeling. Red Label flavour is as close to a real cigarette as I have found. Menthol is good but not a patch on Skicig.

    I suspect that both brands will play a role for me for a while but I have a feeling that Green Smoke will be the long term winner.

    Brilliant product.

  23. Was a 20 a day man for over 20 years.I’ve tried everything to stop but just couldn’t do it.Then my Mrs said let’s try an e-cig.We found sainsburys sold them so we bought the 10 motives e-cig.It was ok but not very smooth so did some research on the net and found this marvelous website.I read the reviews about Green Smoke and bought a starter pack.It turned up in a few days and once I’d had my first vape I knew it was the one for me.I can’t believe I’m 5 weeks in and not had a single urge to rush down the shop for some real an absolute miracle.The only downside is there’s no Ppc for it.I emailed Green Smoke and they said they don’t make one but they advised me to get another battery and they sent me a code for £8 off the next purchase.

    I’d just like to say thanks to the owner of this website because without it I’m quite sure I’d still be smoking.

    • Thank you as well for taking the time to leave a review, it really does help other people in making their ‘e-cig buying decision’! Glad to see you found a product that worked for you!

  24. Love the product if I could just get the right cartridge taste/product which is why I like this review website. I have bought two other kits (yes this giving up smoking is quite expensive) and the one I am using the most has the taste I am looking for but the batteries are useless.

  25. Tried Gamucci for a few months but found the vaping experience poor. Went back to cigarettes for one year but found my chest was getting more and more gummed up. Read the reviews for e cigs very carefully and decided on the GreenSmoke Pro Pack, Prompt delivery and very neat packeging. From the first drag I have been delighted, both with the Absolute and Red flavours. Chest problems resolved and based upon what other reviewers have written I can see NO reason why I should go back to cigarttes. Well done Green Smoke!!

  26. Got my Greensmoke ecig about 4 weeks ago now and have not had a real cig or roll up since, before i bought it i did some research on the net to find out which ecig was the best to get, very happy i got this one, came through the post 3 days after i ordered it, took me a day or two to get used to the flavor just as it does if you have ever switched brands of real cigs, i only got the small battery one but it has never run out when i have needed it, i just charge it in the morning and that’s me set for the whole day, i can’t recommend it enough, great little device.

  27. I’ve been smoking for 25 years – a 20 a day man (sometimes more when I’m working from home). I’ve tried more-or-less everything to stop at one time or another and always failed – I like the smoking experience and patches don’t replace that.

    My partner bought me a Tornado T e-cig from a shop in York and I gave it a go (great product by the way). I immediately stopped smoking – it was just that easy. I then looked around for a more cig-like device for out and about use and bought the V2 cigs kit (mainly due to the low cost of the carts – I’d like to save money as well as my lungs!). The V2 really didn’t do it for me – it didn’t feel particularly high quality and the the draw was like sucking through a big pipe – no resistance. Luckily someone I knew liked it so I sold it. I then bought the Green Cig kit with an extra battery and some carts. What a difference – the quality is top notch and the vaping experience is as close to a cig as it can be. I really can’t explain the difference in the whole experience – you have to try it. As a plus battery life is very good and the carts last as long as they claim.

    Finally to make the experience perfect purchase the V2 cigs type 1 universal adapter and their Liquid Max blank cartridges and you can use any e liquid you fancy – you get the equivalent of 60 carts for £11 + liquid. This combined with the excellent battery life of the Green Smoke is an excellent combination (looks cool too with a small clear tank + black tip on a small cig battery!)

  28. This is just first impressions, but here goes. I switched from VIP cigarettes to Green Smoke this week. I was not the heaviest of smokers before I switched to e-cigarettes (strictly a 10-12 light cigarettes a day), but after starting the VIP 24mg (I picked the highest strength after an underwhelming experience with 18mg E-Lites), I was alarmed to find I was burning out 5 cartridges a week (about 30 cigarettes a day if the website and packaging are to be believed). The batteries also had little life or durability in them and having to replace them in addition to switching cartomizers every 36 hours was beginning to make vaping almost as expensive a habit as smoking, disregarding the obvious health benefits.

    I was so disappointed with this and so impressed with the reviews for Green Smoke, I figured why not take the plunge with Green Smoke’s Pro Kit. It’s a hefty investment in the beginning (£62.97 plus £4.55 P&P for a starter kit that comes with ten 30-cigarette cartomizers, working out at approx £4.50 per ‘pack of cigarettes’), but I am not the least bit disappointed with either the battery life or the long-lasting cartomizers. I don’t feel as if I’m getting any less than 30 cigarettes out of these, so it certainly does as it says on the tin.

    If you decide to stick with Green Smoke after the starter kit, I don’t think you can go wrong in the long-term for sheer value for money. The cartridges last for as long as they are supposed to, provided you don’t chain smoke (which I find seriously dimishes that all-important throat hit, even on 24mg strength)… so by spending £39.88 on repacement cartomizers, you make an 80% saving compared to buying cigarettes. Furthermore, the Pro Kit, though pricey, gives you two batteries (believe me, you never want to go without at least two), the usual USB charger and wall adapter and a neat little USB cigarette that means you can spend less time worrying about keeping your batteries fully charged.

    But this really all depends on whether these cigarettes are to your taste. Unfortunately, for me, I found even the red label tobacco flavour (presumably the strongest) to have a sickly, honey-like taste that pales in comparison to VIP’s satisfying, complex ‘USA Tobacco’ flavour. In particular, I wouldn’t recommend Green Smoke’s Tobacco Gold for those like me who don’t like their cigarettes to taste like confectionary. It reminded me more of a mocha or very sugary cappuccino than any tobacco I know of. I hate to say it, but I find the temptation to start smoking again far stronger than I did before switching to Green Smoke. A real shame.

    Everybody is different though and, for all I know, Green Smoke may be more your thing. It’s certainly worth a look if you hate the taste of VIP’s range and the look and feel of the cigarettes is vastly superior to anything else I’ve used, not least for the wonderfully smooth draw. You do get a sense of quality and I found the customer helpline very helpful when I wanted to make some changes to my order after already paying. In terms of delivery time, you are asked to allow 10 days for it to arrive, which is far too long for my liking. But lo and behold, my item actually arrived a mere two days later, so it was all good.

    It’s just a real gamble for those already using another brand of e-cigarette for whom the longer lasting cartridges still might not justify splashing out on a starter kit.

  29. I won this kit from this website and since then i havent had another cigarette. Everything about it is really really good. Batterys last a long time, flavours are really strong and the vape is brilliant. I now also own another ecig brand that i can put my own juices in as this was the only downside for me. but when i go out and when im at work Green smoke is my go to ecig. definatly reccomended if you are happy with the flavours they supply


  30. I have been a smoker for many years and have toyed with giving up the tobacco and this seemed like the best option to have that “hit” without the rubbish that comes with regular cigarettes.

    Well I started out on trying E-lites and, if I may be so honest, these are the biggest load of rubbish and are no doubt the reason people don’t speak that highly of e-cigs. Green smokes however are a revelation.. it is truly like smoking a cigarette without having stinky breath, clothes and being an all round ruisance on my family (waiting for me to finish smoking before going into places when out an about etc).

    If anyone is looking for a good e-cig then look no further!!!!.

    Regarding flavors. I got the gold tobacco and it is very very nice… slightly sweeter than a normal roll up but then I expect that as you don’t have the burntness that comes with a real one. I have just ordered more and have included the chocolate and the menthol for a change and too see what they are like. I shall add a review once I have tried them.

    Can I also say thankyou to the moderator of this website. It’s your hard work that gave me the reason and confidence to move over to green smokes.. I will not be looking back!!! Vaping is the future

    • I also forgot to mention.

      The discount vouchers work on ALL orders placed including any subsequent orders (i.e. cases, further cartomisers etc etc.

      A big big thumbs up

  31. I have smoked on and off since I was about 12. Gave up twice – once for 4 years and once for 15 years! Started smoking again 3 years ago and have hated myself every day for doing so.

    I’d been toying with the idea of ‘giving up’ for a while now but have really struggled to get by without regular cigarettes. I wanted to give up because all my clothes, hair, hands, and rooms in my house were smelling of smoke plus I just felt that if I didn’t give up I would be heading for an early grave. On top of all this my partner said she no longer wanted to kiss me anymore – disaster!

    I have tried two different brands of e-cigarette E-Lites and Green Smoke. I tried E-Lites because I could buy them at my local corner shop and also because they seemed to be advertised everywhere. I did not like the taste (Red) – which was harsh and had a slightly stale smoke taste – and the throat hit and vapour were only average in my opinion.

    I then ordered Green Smoke and immediately noticed quite a difference. The vapour is thick and satisfying and the throat hit, while varying in degree, is every bit as satisfying as an analog cigarette.

    From the moment I took my first Green Smoke drag I have not smoked another regular cigarette. I think the taste is different and almost sweet at times and I love that the vapour is odourless amd dissipates in a few seconds.

    I now vape at home, discretely at work and on the train without anyone noticing. I no longer smell and I am starting to feel a whole lot better all round.

    I am not convinced about the nicotine hit though as I am yet to experience the ‘first cigarette of the day’ rush to the head. Despite this, I am satisfied enough to have stopped regular smoking and the next step is to reduced to vaping zero nicotine cartomisers.

    I have no doubt that I am potentially lengthening my life-span but I would like to see definitive medical studies on the safety of e-cigarettes.

    Green Smoke is far superior to E-Lites in almost every war bar availability in brick and mortar stores. That and the question of cost which is clearly higher than comparative products.

    I’m a Green Smoke convert – can’t see myself going back to regular cigarettes again.

    Worth a serious try to those people wanting to live a little bit longer without having to give up the physical and psychological attraction fo smoking.

  32. I gave up smoking so I wanted to try a few of the e-cigarette vendors out there. I started with ‘E-Lites’. I thought it was ok, but only a very thin smoke was produced. I quite liked the harsh flavour. I then purchased a ‘Skycig’ box. The batteries don’t last long and the tobacco flavours taste strange and sweet. It’s not pleasant to smoke.

    Then I tried GreenSmoke…. all I can say is that it tastes very, very natural (red Label 2.4 %). The vapour is very similar to a normal cigarette and I also get a good nicotine hit.

    The day I purchased a GreenSmoke starter kit, they upgraded their package to include more cartomizers. I contacted customer service saying that I had missed out on the new deal by one hour. They have sent 5 new cartomizers free of charge so my order is fair. They have great customer service.

    Highly recommended and also they support next day delivery within the UK.

  33. done a quick review before using green smoke for about 2 weeks now one word outstanding bottom line is dont use any other e cig this is the best why been using e cigs for a couple of years now spend a lot of money but now finally found the best one reason simple battery life all day carts last 24 hours plus as iam heavy into vaping no mess ie topping up with e liq just screw new cart and away you go.on the whole for me the best a bit more money than most ecigs on the market but its worth it you never go back to real cigs finally the new lather case is a must for all your items .

  34. I’m not usually one for writing reviews but thought I would pen my (highly) limited experience of ecigs.

    I first bought an ecig at the local petrol station the other week out of pure curiosity, it wasn’t amazing (it wasnt a green smoke) but nonetheless it was good enough for me to look at the other options.

    Following significant research on the internet I found it quite hard to identify which ecigs were the best until I happened upon this site which gave me the confidence to take the plunge!

    Having read all of the reviews on here I decided upon the Green Smokes and luckily for me the 35% discount offer was on! (Knowing what I know now I would still buy at the RRP).

    Back to the review! All I can say is that green smokes are without doubt a true revelation! First and last drag of the cartomizer was fantastic, I purchased the strong ones and they certainly are that! The vapour produced was realistic but above all it really did feel like I was smoking a real cigarette (honestly)!

    Having been in the Army I literally used to smoke like a Trooper, now to coin a new expression it’s “vaping like a Trooper”!!

    I genuinely recommend green smokes, my girlfriend is a non smoker and my habit (for which I was banished to the garden to smoke) is now a thing of the past, she is more than happy for me to vap next to her on the sofa whilst corrie is on as there are no horrible odours!

    Another massive plus point is that I can now prop the bar up with a pint of ale whilst having a vap, it certainly turned heads but resulted in a massive thumbs up from all!!

    Next stop for vaping is the football stadium, not sure how that will go down but will flash my rather naff Green Smoke members card that came in the box!!! Lol!

    Finally the delivery time was spot on! I ordered on the Wednesday and the box arrived on the Friday!! Result! I am now converted to ecigs!!!

    Last point, I bought the £15 box to keep it all safe and together, it’s ok but £15 is quite a lot for a plastic box! Only frustration with that is that you have to disconnect the cartomizer from the battery for storage, does anyone know if being disconnected will it have a detrimental effect on the taste/amount of vapour produced??

    Finally finally, well done to the guy who has done this site, really informative and above all honest reviews!!

    Happy vaping to all!!


    • Hey Eddie!

      Thanks for taking the time to leave your review, much appreciated!

      Regarding your question about disconnecting the cartomiser from the battery for storage, this is actually a recommended practice on storing each component so I wouldn’t worry about it having a detrimental effect on either the battery or cartomiser. If anything it will be the opposite.



  35. Been ecig user for 4years and used lots of different types finally found the best for taste vapour bty life bit more money but with discount codes goodvalue once you use green smoke theres no going back 10 out of10 other e cigs in bin green smoke all the way

  36. Ordered refills on Sunday and did not turn up until wednesday.
    Contancted customer service and was advised it takes 2 days to process order – amazing!! In the 21st Century!!
    Order had not been shipped and they could not cancel the order even though the shipment had not left the depot.

    Made a complaint and received responce after a week – that is really poor

    • Green Smoke kits start from £55 and one pack of 5 cartomisers costs £9.99. There are discounts provided if you buy multiple packs at once.

  37. It is easy in my view to get a average e-cig and decide they aren’t for you without researching and trying different products. I started with E-Lites and they are ok but not great. I found them hard to draw/drag on and you had to change the way you smoke to get a satisfying puff of smoke. Anyway this isn’t a review of E-Lites its reviewing the GreenSmoke so here goes:

    The build quality is very good and has a nice solid weight. Even the larger battery doesn’t feel weird and doesn’t look out of place. I thought I would prefer the shorter battery as it closer resembles a normal cigarette size but am using the larger battery nearly all the time with the sorter one filling in between charges of the big one.

    The atomiser activates really well and quickly. The other brand took a mighty draw before it started getting into full swing but the GreenSmoke is near instant and there is loads of vapour which is good. Noticeably more smoke/vapour than others I have used. There is no noise of whistling when drawing just the sound of air being drawn in.

    The flavour of the Red Tobacco is the nicest I have tried. Its lovely in fact and the menthol is simply wonderful. I used to hate menthol cigarettes and would only smoke one if I had run out and someone was offering me one. Now I like to break open a menthol cartomiser every now and then. I haven’t tried the other flavours but will experiment over the coming months.

    The LED on the end of the battery does vary in brightness. The green ones are really bright and quite striking but the red ones are quite dull in comparison. Might just be the red one I have but all my green ones are nice and bright.

    I don’t agree with comments on how expensive the GreenSmoke refills are. They are all now long life and definitely last longer than the E-Lites. However, I usually base a single cartomiser on the equivalent to 20 cigarettes rather than 30 as it states. Sometimes you get more but it really does depend on how you smoke. However, compared to what you are currently paying for cigarettes and they are much, much, much cheaper.

    The hardest thing I find with e-cigs is knowing when to stop. Normally you light up a cigarette and once its down to the butt its finished. that isn’t the case with e-cigarettes and I try and count 12 drags and then that’s me done until I fancy another go.

    I also purchased the carry case from GreenSmoke and its ok but not great. Its a bit chunky and there really is a need for a nice PCC (portable charger) that can hold two e-cigs with batteries attached and a place for a spare cartomiser. If your out and about and you run flat you cant really knock on a door and ask someone to borrow a computer so you can charge via USB. (the case has a space for a USB charger) and it takes about 2-4 hours to charge.

    If you want to be able to refill your cartomisers then look elsewhere as you cant with these. However, I just cant be bothered with all that faff and plug in, smoke and throw away. I am already saving thousands each year smoking these so am over the moon.

    I would encourage anyone looking at the mighty choice of e-cigs available to go with GreenSmoke as the overall experience is very good and the flavour is superior to other brands I have tried.

    I hope this helps you choose and gives you an unbiased view of this product.

  38. smoked since 6 years old tried to give up few times over the next 30+ yrs never managed it. 2 months down the line no tabacco no murders brilliant. Downside cartridge supposed to equal 1-2 packs am smoking 1 and a half cartridges per day even though i smoked 15-20 cigs. However am a convert thanks.

  39. this product looks good, its freshness is perfect for me anyway it is easy to order I am so glad I found this product it has kept me from going back to smoking tobacco so I feel better I think and I have been smoking since
    I was 14 I am know 66 please keep going.

  40. What a revelation! I smoked cigs for 45 years. Tried eveeything – ptaches, pills, gum – yada, yada = and never thought I would kick the habit. It is now 3 months without tobacco for me. Who needs it – GS gives me all I need without the need to kipper myself (lady friend says I smell so much nicer too!)

  41. I bought mine in the US last summer after researching products and reviews there, and quickly converted to e-cigs despite having been a heavy smoker of strong cigarettes. Very happy!

  42. Took me a while to decide on an e cigarette brand but glad I went for Green Smoke in the end. The taste was good, nice and smooth and the amount of vapour produced was also good. The price doesn’t seem to bad when compared with E Lites, the refills are a lot cheaper.

    I forgot to mention, I haven’t smoked a cigarette for two weeks, I almost had one lapse but that was due to not keeping my batteries charged.

    I have already recommended green smoke to a few people at work.

  43. the volume created by the green smoke cig is superb. it does seem that the carts are going to last longer as well, you still get the hit at the back of of the throat but its not as harsh as the e-lite.i find there is little differance in the small to long battery other than the lenght of time you can use them.

    the only down side to green smoke is the cost, exspensive starter kit. the carts then are a little more than the e-lites but if they do last longer this will even things out.,but for me the batttery replayment and other bits are very exspensive £30 for the battery compared to £10 on the e-lite. that said i will be certainly stopping with green smoke as my prefered brand.


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