The Wirice Launcher sub ohm tank is a collaboration between the one very popular company, Hellvape, and a brand new one.

Hellvape specialise in rebuildables, you could say they are a ‘hobbyist brand’.

Hellvape Wirice Launcher

It’s catalogue consists of 14 RDA’s, 6 RTA’s, 1 RDTA, 2 Subohm tanks and although they do not have any ‘box mods’ they do have 2 tube mech mods – Oh they do also have 1 pod kit the Grimm.

Unfortunately, I’ve never heard of Wirice before but here is a little info that they had recently posted on Facebook.

WIRICE, the brother brand of Hellvape, is officially released!!!

Wirice focuses on different product lines from Hellvape and is committed to providing customers with more diverse products and better user experience.

So a very new company indeed and one I’m sure we will be hearing more from!

What Can We Expect From The Wirice Launcher Tank?

The first major thing you should know about this little gem, is that it loads its coils from the top of the tank, rather than the bottom.

Wirice call this feature the S.I.L (AKA Slide In Loading).

Hellvape Wirice Launcher bottom

There is currently only 2 coil options for this beast and they are both included in the kit.

It has top fill, able airflow and comes in a variation of 7 colours.

It’s all a bit exciting isn’t it? Lets get on with the review!

Watch Harley’s Hands On Video Review

Inside the Box

  • Launcher Tank
  • W801 0.15ohm Mesh Coil
  • W802 0.21ohm Mesh Coil
  • Accessories Bag
  • Bubble Glass Tube
  • User Manual

HellVape Wirice Launcher Specs Features

  • Size: 25 x 54mm (26.5mm diameter with bubble glass)
  • Capacity: 5ml (bubble glass) / 4ml (standard) / 2ml (TPD)
  • Drip Tip: 810
  • Connector: 510
  • Coil options: W8 Mesh coil range – 0.21ohm and 0.15ohm
  • Top S.I.L Coil System (Slide-In-Loading)
  • Top fill
  • Bottom adjustable airflow
  • Knurled grip on topcap for easy grip removal
  • Made With SUS304 (Stainless Steel)

Design & Build Quality

As I mentioned above the Wirice Launcher comes in 7 different colours.

I like how it looks and feels – it’s simple and ergonomic, especially the knurled grip.

Hellvape Wirice Launcher colours

S.I.L – Slide In Loading Coil System

The Wirice Launcher has an interesting feature that’s called S.I.L. In all the years of my vape life I’m fairly sure I’ve never seen anything like this.

The Slide In Loading coil system basically mean you load the coils in from the top rather than the bottom.

Hellvape Wirice Launcher driptip base chimney

Instead of the drip-tip gripping onto the top cap, it connects to the chimney which is separate and goes through a hole in the top cap and screws directly onto the top of the tank.

You literally drop the coil in to the tank and then when you screw the chimney on to the tank it pushes the coil down to the connection.

It also pushes the spring loaded seal down to allow the liquid into the coil.

Did I not mention the anti-leaking mechanism inside? When you unscrew the chimney the spring inside pushes up and closes off the liquid flow.

This means it doesn’t matter if your tank is full or empty, you can change the coil at anytime with minimal to no leaking.

Wirice Launcher Top Fill

As with any decent tank the Wirice Launcher comes with top fill.

The knurled grip around the top cap makes it easy to grip and remove, even when your hands are covered in e-liquid.

Hellvape Wirice Launcher top fill

Inside the ring shaped top-cap is a nice thick rubber to prevent it from leaking, which is always good to see.

Under the top cap is two nicely sized pill shaped holes (one at either side).

Although the holes are a decent size, it can be a bit awkward to fill because the drip-tip is still on top, so you have to go in at an angle.

It isn’t so bad for a 10ml or 50ml bottle but it could be a bit tasking with a 100ml bottle.

Hellvape Wirice Launcher driptip

I originally thought that this is a terrible design oversight, but then I realized you could easily remove the drip-tip and that should make it much easier.

Paint and Finish

The Wirice Launcher has a matte finish, which I love, I’ve always been a fan of matte finishes.

It feels durable and unlikely to scratch or fade.

The matte finish has 2 main benefits (other than looking good), it means it isn’t a ‘fingerprint magnet’ but it also makes it easier to grip.

If you haven’t already figured, I am a major fan of the knurled grip, it adds character and makes it so much easier to grip. I think it looks better with the matte finish than it would without.

Drip Tip

As we have discussed the internal part of the chimney comes out of the device.

This part, protrudes from the tank and comes above the top cap by approximately 7mm and then there is a fairly low profile (6mm) drip-tip that sits on the top.

The drip tip is made of plastic and is nice and smooth.

The 2 O-rings are on the drip-tip itself and is fairly tight when you first start using it. After it’s has a bit of liquid around it, it loosens up but it still holds in place nice and firmly.

Adjustable Airflow

The base of the tank is pretty thick measuring 14mm high.

On either side there is a fairly big airflow hole.

Hellvape Wirice Launcher airflow

It surprises me that there isn’t any knurled grip on the airflow band but with the 6 indents going round the band and the matte finish, it’s plenty easy to adjust.

The inside of the airflow band is also matte which makes it fairly tight to adjust but I haven’t found it too tough at any point.

Fully open the airflow isn’t restriction-free but it isn’t far off, and when the airflow is fully closed it’s almost air tight.

Using The Launcher Tank

Changing the Wirice Launcher Coils

Hellvape Wirice Launcher sil slide in loader

  • Unscrew the base of the Drip-Tip base (chimney piece)
  • lift away they Drip-tip base
  • Tip the tank to remove the coil
  • Insert a new coil and reapply the Drip-tip base
  • Wait 4-5 minutes to allow the e-liquid to soak into the coil

Notes: You can change the coil even when the tank is full of e-liquid. Before tipping the tank check to make sure it has raised and is not jammed down.

How To Fill the Wirice Launcher

top cap

  • Unscrew and remove the topcap
  • fill the tank through the fill holes (remove the drip-tip if your nozzle cannot reach)
  • Reapply the topcap

How Does the Wirice Launcher Perform?

If you’ve ready my reviews before you’ll expect me to be using the Juccier Strawberry Mango Crush, and you’re correct. It’s a 70VG/30PG juice with 0mg nicotine.

W801 0.15ohm Mesh Coil

This coil is recommended to be used at 50-70W.

As always we’ll start way down.

w802 0.21ohm mesh coil

At 30W you don’t really get much, there is a little bit of vapour and although you can taste the flavour, there isn’t much to talk about.

40W is still 10w under the recommended range but here we start to get a bit of something. The flavour is subtle at the back of the throat and the vapour output is starting to make a small cloud.

The minimum recommended wattage for this coil is 50w, here we already start to get a decent medium sized cloud. The flavour is now prominent but it isn’t a whole flavour.

60W is the middle of the recommended wattage range. Here the cloud is a little bit bigger, but it’s still towards a medium size (it’s big but not huge). The flavour is now super prominent and whole mouth. It’s lush.

At 70W, we are at the top of the recommended wattage range and it’s a pretty awesome place to be.

We get a big cloud and although it is not huge it is nice and thick. The flavour is prominent, it floods the mouth and it actually leave a nice fruity after taste!

I think the optimal wattage is 70W. 75W works pretty well but it seems to loose a bit of flavour. Up a bit to 85W and it only taste 1 puff to start getting a hint of burning.

W802 0.21ohm Mesh Coil

This coil is recommended to be used at 40-60W.

Down below, at 30W, with the airflow turned down, you get a very subtle flavour with a cool menthol backing.

With the airflow fully open I just get a cardboard / frostbitten lolly taste. With a slow inhale you get a nice small cloud.

w801 0.15ohm coil

At 40W the coil provides a subtle but nice nice flavour and we get a small but thick cloud.

50W is the middle of the recommended wattage and it’s surprisingly good, the vapour production is small to medium but it’s thick. The flavour is perfectly ample. It doesn’t ‘flood the mouth’ but it’s as close as you can get! It also leave a great flavour in the back of the mouth.

To the top of the recommended wattage range, if you’re not a cloud/ flavour chaser then this is perfect. The flavour production is on point, flooding the mouth and leaving a great after taste. The vapour production is greatly thick.

If like me you want more and more 70W is awesome. Okay, so It’s 10W higher than recommended but at 70W the flavour is awesome! It’s super prominent, it floods the mouth, leaves a nice after taste and you get a decently thick cloud.

Coil Summary

I genuinely expected to like the 0.15ohm coil more, but that’s not the case.

I definitely got the best results using 0.21ohm coil at 70W.

Having said that the coils are only going to receive 8 or 9 out of 10 for flavour because although they are great they aren’t the best I’ve tried. But you shouldn’t let that deter you.

Did you notice the huge wicking ports on the coils?

Coil Life

Both coils have lasted me a full week.

I can’t think of any times where I have had a dry burn or any other issues.

However when the liquid level is running low the flavour drops or changes before producing a dry burn, which is always handy.

Does the Slide In Loading Work And Does It Leak?

It definitely works!

I’m actually surprised at how much more convenient it actually is, especially with the liquid flow closing automatically when you open the S.I.L coil system.

I think Wirice and HellVape have done an excellent job at designing it, in every aspect.

I haven’t had any leaking from the system at all.

However two of many times I removed a coil, the coil jammed, this meant when I tipped the coil upside down to remove the coil, the liquid poured out.

I don’t think this is such an issue and I think if anything it helps show how sealed the tank it.

It does serve as a reminder to make sure the coil is raised before trying to remove it. If it isn’t, I found poking it once or twice with the drip-tip base helped.


  • Fair juice capacity
  • Good flavour
  • Decent thick clouds
  • Good Quality
  • Nice matte finish
  • Easy Knurled grip
  • No leaking
  • Top Changing Coils


  • Limited Variety of coils

Final Review Verdict

I don’t think there is anything I don’t like about the Wirice Launcher.

It looks good and is easy to handle thanks to the knurled grip and good threads.

The airflow is great enough to be restrictive DTL and fairly loose, although not restriction free.

The Slide In Loading coil system is innovative and great it really does make the entire process of changing a coil a lot less ‘faffy‘ and the liquid flow cut off helps a lot, making it super easy and simple to change a coil on the go.

The only draw back I can see is the lack of variety in coils – fingers crossed there will be more coils to follow!

Is this sub ohm tank one you’re interested in?

Any questions?

Let me know in the comments below!

Build Quality
Flavour 0.15ohm coil
Cloud 0.15ohm
Flavour 0.21ohm coil
Cloud 0.21ohm
Ease of Use
Replace if lost
Vaping since (2012), back when choice was limited. I was rebuilding my RDA and powering it with the awesome the Vamo V2. In 2019 I’ve opened a “Brick and Mortar” vape shop, a Vaping Mystery Box service and launched a YouTube channel that’s already gained 500 followers. Between Vaping and family, i don't often have a second to spare. My YouTube subscribers have already dubbed me “brutal”. What can I say? I’m here to do honest reviews, not a sales pitch.


  1. I loved it until literally the next day when I kept getting Burnt hits(at only 55w) so I changed the coil thinking maybe I got a dud, nope…that one too only lasted a day before I started getting Burnt hits! Sucks cuz i love the concept…idk maybe I’m doing something wrong…


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