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Introduction – The Avenger Sub Ohm Tank By iJoy

Since I picked up my first iJoy product, I’ve been a big fan of the brand so the iJoy Avenger sub ohm tank had me pretty excited.

I find the Shenzhen vaping giant’s gear easy to use, stylish and seriously robust. I’m always over the moon when I hear there’s an iJoy bit of gear headed my way, especially since almost every one of my all time faves come from the brand.

Those favourites include the Capo 100…I’ll be ordering a new one of those any day now, since mine is looking a little beaten after I left it out in the rain, accidentally, for TWO nights, still…I continued using it and do so to this day! One hell of a mod!

As if that’s not enough of a testament to their gear’s hardiness, the Captain PD270 has to fall within the realm of ‘best mods of all time’ for performance, battery life and, once again, near unbreakable sturdiness! They’ve come out with some showstoppers lately too, like the Avenger 270 and beautiful Diamond Kit.

The thing is, while I’m a fan of the brand for their mods alone, their tanks have never actually blown me away…

Today, though, I’ll be covering the iJoy Avenger SubOhm Tank, a sexy powerhouse with some unexpected innovations! The gold version is clearly styled off the Iron Man suit of Marvel fame with a range of stunning colours available.

So…as if gadget mad vapers weren’t already nerds enough, iJoy is now appealing to the comic nerds in all of us and I, for one, am having a hard time refusing their advances!!!! I’ll give you a heads up, iJoy has now made it onto my personal list of best sub ohm tanks also, excited AF!

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What’s In The Box

  • 1 x iJoy Avenger Sub Ohm Tank
  • 1 x X3 Mesh Coil 0.15 Ohm 40-90W pre-installed
  • 1 x X3 C1S 0.35 Ohm Coil 40-80W
  • Spare Glass
  • Tool Pack
  • Warranty Cardijoy avenger tank open


  • 4.7 ML Capacity
  • 3.2 ML Spare Glass
  • Dimensions: 25mm
  • Top Fill
  • Innovative Mesh Pre-made Coil (with various other coils available)
  • Widebore Drip Tip
  • Available in Black, Rainbow, Resin, SS, Champaign (Iron Man Version), Blue and White

ijoy avenger tank contentsBuild Quality & Design

On receipt of my see-through, plastic iJoy Avenger box, I was instantly struck by the unique shape and funky design of this beautiful tank. I received the Champagne version, which is great, since I’m a serious Iron Man fan and this tank’s finish, with its red o-rings, clearly resembles that of the Iron Man suit, shimmering pale gold, very reminiscent of the Titanium Alloy suit in which Tony flies about and kicks ass.

To add to the chunky effect of the fitted, 4.7ml bubble glass, both the base and top cap taper out but in opposite directions, the topcap widening toward the top and the base, widening toward the bottom. The heavy knurling (8 notches on top and 4 on the bottom) is cut out to complement said tapering, with grooves widening up and down on the top cap and base respectively. The effect is unique, flashy, chunky and totally Marvel-ous!

A solid, gold plated 510 connection protrudes from the base and that knurled base doubles as an airflow ring, 9mm thick and home to two massive cyclopean slots 12 x 2.5 mm, which tells you straight up the airflow is gonna be extreme when open!ijoy avenger tank exploded

There’s a light printed Avenger logo on the airflow ring and an iJoy brand on the removable drip tip, a wide bore that’s unique in that it shares the finish of your tank.

The top cap twists off for easy top fill and above and below every knurled ring there is a ring of shiny stainless steel which contrasts your colour and the coloured o-rings to create a banded effect that’s, quite simply, the business. The top surface of the top cap is stainless steel too, as is the top of the drip tip.

All round attention to detail here from iJoy, with parts that adjust and dismantle with just the right tension, feeling like a million bucks all the way, the o-rings are all impeccable.

I can tell you now, this is high-quality tank, if it was a boy…it and I would be making out already, for sure, with me taking the lead, of course!!!!ijoy avenger tank 510


Very pleased about the inclusion of a bright red vape band in the spares pack…with all the other necessary bits and bobs. Call me greedy but I’d have liked to have had 2 mesh coils included, instead of 1 mesh and one normal coilhead.

How Does The iJoy Avenger SubOhm Tank Perform?

I’ve been thrilled by the performance on this tank.

From the ample 4.7 ml capacity to the easy top fill, solid, perfect tension adjustment and breakdown of all parts…to the incredible mesh coils, I love this tank!


Let’s start with the airflow. There are a couple of holes through the coil head connection which create something of a whistle through the airflow when set slight. This may bother some folks but for me, it’s just something to note and not a con at all.

If it’s too loud, move away…that’s my attitude. In any case, this is one tank that I don’t have to set my flow low on….ijoy avenger tank airflow

The airflow is exceptional, with the restricted setting being particularly warm and rich and the open setting being just perfect. I usually restrict my flow but I’ve found the open setting on this tank to be so perfect that I don’t bother most of the time, still providing a rich vape and not too airy at all.

I consider this airflow system to be the bizz since, for a change, I actually have a use for the all open setting, whereas on most popular tanks I find open airflow to be far too breezy. Now, when I have a subtle flavour I set that airflow slight and the warm rich vape brings out the flavours.

I found that this tank exceptionally heat resistant and dare say that the stainless steel used is of a particularly high quality.

I did find the champagne colour difficult to match up to most of my mods but that’s okay, it’s the perfect excuse to get my hands on one of those champagne coloured Avenger mods…pronto!!

This tank is top notch, beautiful…so solid in construction that you can just SEE that it will never leak and will hold up to whatever you’ve got planned (or unplanned) for it.ijoy avenger tank main

All components, including coils, drip tip and all, are extremely sturdy and of the highest quality.

This is, to date, the best tank I’ve seen from the brand and I’ll be using it for a long time to come.

How To Fill

  • Twist open the top cap
  • Fill through one of the ample slotsijoy avenger tank fill

How To Change the Coil

  • Unscrew the glass from the base
  • Unscrew the coilhead from its seating
  • Replace

Stock Coil Performance

Here’s where things get really, really interesting. The installed coils are pre-built mesh, 0.15 Ohm with an organic cotton and wood pulp blend for wicking. The range, 40-90 W.

I was, personally, unmoved by my experiences with mesh RBAs but I am 100% impressed by the flavour and cloud production on this mesh pre-built X3, basically just a vertical coiled square of steel mesh with the wicking wrapped around it. I’ll even venture out and say that the wood pulp adds a certain creaminess to the flavour experience which is rather pleasant, rather pleasant indeed!

In fact, I find myself drawing on this mesh coil so excessively, on account of the sheer joy of it, that I’m going through that 4.7 ml tank in no time…10ml tank anyone?ijoy avenger tank coil heads

On the plus side also, I know that mesh coils are synonymous with dry hits and that’s why the wood pulp works so well, it’s compact and holds extra juice, making dry hits less likely. I’ll say it again, the mesh coil is powerful and drinks juice like a trooper.

Even so, be careful of extended hits at max wattage on the mesh coil as that wood pulp also re-soaks at a slightly slower rate, kind of a catch 22 actually!

I find the sweet spot to be around 75W.

As for the 0.35 X3 coil, which is a normal Kanthal vertical coil setup…with a range of 40-80W. A sweet coil, though not quite as full and rich as the mesh coil, a flavorful and cloudy mid-level vape with a sweet spot at around 65W.

Final Review Verdict

Save the buildable Combo range of tanks from iJoy, this is the ultimate iJoy tank…outstanding performance with the exciting addition mesh pre-built coils and flavour maximizing wood pulp. iJoy…are you listening? Can you send me the full range, in like…every colour???!

I super-dig the iJoy Avenger tank for its quality finishes, excellent machining and sturdy feel and I’m pleased to say that I’ve now had my first TRULY good experience with mesh coils! A must-have for mid to all vapers who love a flashy, chunky aesthetic, top-notch flavour and beautiful airflow!


Would I buy the iJoy Avenger tank if I lost/broke the device? Hells, yes!


  • Marvel-ous looks
  • Robust, high-quality machining for easy breakdown
  • Beautiful airflow with just the right resistance on a full setting
  • Innovative use of wood pulp in the coil X3 Mesh wicking
  • Superb flavour and cloud
  • easy top fill
  • Zero leaks!!!!!!
  • A sexy contender, all round


  • Airflow whistle on slight settings

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Build Quality
Ease of Use
Flavour/Cloud Mesh X3
Flavour/Cloud C1S
Would I replace It If Lost?
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  1. I’ve just purchased the ijoy what is the best SS setting for X3 Mesh coil watt and also the F or C what do you recommend

    • Hi, Ozzy…While temp settings are really a matter of preference, I’d suggest around 500F or 260C (Whether you use celsius or Fahrenheit is totally up to you) and about 80 Watts on the X3 Mesh. Play around in that ballpark until you find what’s right for you or alternatively, use the mesh in power mode.


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