I said in my iJoy Limitless XL review that the guys at Limitless & iJoy had been busy.

I underestimated, as hot on the heels of the XL comes the Combo RDTA.ijoy limitless combo rdta reviewed

What Can We Expect From The  Combo RDTA by Ijoy/Limitless?

iJoy/Limitless are advertising this as being a RDA, RDTA and sub-ohm (as in pre-made coil head) tank with a few part swaps. You can choose from a range of build decks and other parts to accommodate different usage, build styles and wire types.

The Combo RDTA comes in a tasteful black and gold card sleeve over an acrylic box in the same style as we saw with the RDTA+ and XL.

The Combo RDTA is available in black and stainless steel finishes

Inside The Box

Opening the box reveals

  • Combo RDTA with IMC-2 Deck installed
  • Alternative IMC-3 deck
  • Prebuilt IMC Coil head,
  • Cross-head and one flat blade screwdriver,
  • Alternative top, cap,
  • Spare glass
  • Bag of parts. The bag contains two fused Clapton coils, spare silicone seals, spare screws, a Delrin drip tip, silicone single coil plug and a spare gold plated centre pin.
  • Warranty card ijoy limitlesss combo rdta review

Design and Build Quality

The Combo RDTA sits a touch larger than the standard RDTA (but much smaller than the RDTA+) at 53mm tall, 25mm in diameter but strangely has a larger capacity than either of them at 6.5ml.

No blue boxes here, this is due to the shaping of the base and centre pole.

At the top, we have a chuff cap (Delrin) with knurled edges. This unscrews to reveal the inside and the bright stainless airflow control sleeve which sits inside the black finished main body that has wide air slots in either side.limitless ijoy combo rdta imc2

Removing the main body reveals the gold-plated build deck with sprung dual clamps. This is held in the deck ring, also gold plated, that has two silicone seals and the filling slot, easily big enough to accept your unicorn bottle even if it has a chunkier tip.ijoy limitless combo rdta fill port

We then see the glass tank portion and base, on the bottom of which we find a serial number, logos and tank name. There is an easily fully adjustable gold plated centre pin that can be removed, allowing the deck and glass to be separated.ijoy limitless combo rdta base pin

The supplied alternative deck is a velocity style.ijoy combo rdta imc-4 velocity deck

The other boxes contain;

  • The four alternative decks, all gold plated
  • 4-hole IMC-6 triple post
  • Flat dual clamp
  • Dual post with large vertical slots
  • Dual post with large horizontal slots & four screws.
  • The RDA base, also gold plated and comes with a centre pin.
  • This has a stated capacity of 2ml beneath the deck.
  • A white ceramic chuff cap/airflow top.ijoy combo rdta rda decks

How Does The Combo RDTA Perform?


The Combo RDTA performs well as an RDTA, very like the RDTA/RDTA+ with all the same caveats about careful wicking to avoid leaks and not using too long a wick.ijoy limitless rdta combo tank

About halfway down the tank is fine.

Filling was easy; the fill port is easily big enough for most droppers and bottle tips.

The supplied fused Claptons are happiest around the 50-60W mark, with different coils I could get higher but oddly not quite as high as the power handled by the RDTA+.ijoy limitless rdta combo coilsijoy limitless rdta combo rda coil

As expected with the coil plug in place and a single coil the maximum power dropped to around 30-40W.ijoy limitless rda single coil

The airflow control worked smoothly but didn’t feel as airy as the RDTA+. More on this later.

The alternative black Delrin top cap takes a standard 510 drip tip, including the one supplied. The white ceramic chuff cap felt very cool in use, insulating well.

The pre-built coil works well and easily matches its quoted power levels, with good vapour and flavour.ijoy imc sub ohm pre built coil head

Changing the decks over was a relatively simple process: remove the centre pin and unscrew the deck from the deck ring and reverse.

However, the threads between the deck and deck ring feel rough and coarse, occasionally sticking.

The post screws themselves were good and the variety of clamp and hole styles accommodated everything from single wires to quad twists and exotic claptons with ease.

The RDA base is easily fitted with a deck, just screw into place and screw the centre pin into place.

Centre Pin Problem

But here we hit a pothole, the centre pin is supposed to be insulated with PEEK (solid) in the same way as the RDTA base. It’s not, instead there’s a soft silicone grommet.ijoy Combo RDTA Pin

Which of itself wouldn’t be the end of the world were it not for the fact that there’s no depth stop on the deck pieces.

This means it’s easy to screw the pin in too far, compressing the grommet and causing damage.

In fact, the pin will go in so far as to be totally flush with the thread. This is dangerous, especially on a hybrid mod where a hard short would result.

RDAijoy limitless rdta combo rda

The RDA base is easy to wick, but impossible to fill without removing one of the wicks.

In theory one could drip from the top and let it soak down but there is so little clearance between the level of the deck and the airflow (about 1mm) that trying to do so results in juice flooding out the sides.ijoy limitless rdta combo dripper

Even normal dripping results in bad leaks.

And that airflow clearance also affects the RDTA use, the tank is more prone to leaks than the RDTA+ which has deeper milling in the deck and a slightly higher airflow position.

Final Review Verdict

iJoy/Limitless are marketing this as a Combo device, RDTA and RDA in one.

It’s not as you have to buy a separate RDA part and that’s misleading.

If you do indulge in buying the RDA base it’s disappointing as it’s a nightmare to fill, dangerous with the potentially shorting centre pin and again the marketing is misleading as it claims this is a PEEK solid insulator.

I’m disappointed with the execution and quality control here. This could have been a great, different tank/RDA combo.

Instead it’s a misleading, potentially dangerous and damn infuriating to use one.

iJoy/Limitless, you need to sit down and have a think about where you’re going with this.

Would I replace it? Not very likely.


  • Unusual
  • Variety of centre posts/clamps
  • Smart looking


  • Must buy RDA deck separately
  • No clearance between deck and airflow on RDA deck
  • Awkward filling of RDA
  • No “stop” on centre pin screw of RDA
  • Centre pin insulator on RDA base is not PEEK as stated
  • Tends to be leaky
Build Quality
Ease of Use
Likelihood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged
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