The guys at the iJoy/Limitless offices must be pretty darn busy. Hot on the heels of the LUX and LMC mods, the RDTA and RDTA+ comes this new tank.ijoy limitless xl tank review

What Can We Expect From The iJoy Limitless XL Tank

This is a 4ml prebuilt/rebuildable tank, with the added novelty of LED chips in the base of the pre-built coil. iJoy/Limitless claim the tank is good for up to 215W!

The XL tank comes in stainless steel or black finishes, the black featuring gold plating
on the coil housing.

Lets get straight to it..

What’s In The Box

Removing the cardboard sleeve and plastic lid we’re immediately presented with:

  • XL tank
  • 2 X rebuildable decks
  • Alternative top cap
  • Bag of spares that includes seals, cotton and glass.
  • A black cross head screwdriver is also included.
  • Under the black flocked foam tray, we find the warranty card and user manual.

Design and Build Quality

The XL is certainly an imposing tank, standing a smidge over 60mm high and 25mm in diameter smaller box mod users are going to have a bit of overhang.

Up top we have a smooth brushed stainless steel “chuff” style integrated cap which can be replaced for a flat one that has a standard 510 opening.

Both are well finished and unscrew smoothly.

Removing the cap, we see the upper of the chimney assembly and top fill slots. The chimney is pretty wide allowing us to see down to the top of the quad (!) prebuilt coil in place.

The outside of the chimney is engraved with the iJoy and Limitless logos and leads down to the coil cover which is styled with a cut-out XL design revealing the pre-fitted XL-C4 coil head.ijoy limitless xl tank on mod

Below this we have the Limitless logo bearing fan-styled airflow control which is smooth and has nice tension which should help prevent it being moved by accident.ijoy limitless xl airflow

Taking off the base reveals the wide 0.15 Ohm XL-C4 coil with its quad coils and large ovoid juice holes that provide adequate feed for the four dual coils.ijoy xl tank xlc4 coil

Remove the coil and flip it over we see four good sized airflow holes and another hole for the center pin.ijoy limitless xl coil airflow

You can also see the LED light chips under the shield.

The inside of the base is clean with a gold flashed centre pin. The pin isn’t adjustable but does stand well proud of the threads meaning this should be OK on a hybrid style device.ijoy xl tank base

The underneath of the base is plain finished.

Two Rebuildable Decks

The two rebuildable decks have removable chimney parts, revealing two good sized build decks with pre fitted coils (fused Clapton on the dual XL2, transformer Clapton on the XL1).ijoy limitless xl rba decks

The XL1 has open sided screw holes which easily take heavy gauge builds and a 6.5mm diameter air hole.ijoy limitless xl 1 rba

The XL2 has an open velocity style deck, again with plenty of wire clearance and two 3.5 x 2.5mm airflow holes.ijoy xl 2 deck

On both rebuildable decks the wick material is fed into the juice flow holes and as with all decks of this type you need to make sure the wicking is sufficient to prevent leaks.

Both have gold plated contact parts.

All of the insulation parts in the tank are made from PEEK.

How Does The iJoy Limitless XL Tank Perform?

The XL tank was very easy to fill and priming the XL-C4 coil head was very simple. The C4 has four dual-coil chambers and is rated from 50W to fill ijoy limitless xl tank

With the airflow open and the chuff cap in place I started at 50W with Vaporfi Grand Reserve vape juice.


At 50W the vape is fairly light and with the exceptionally open airflow there wasn’t much flavour.


At 80W the flavour was noticeable as was the increasing amount of vapour but without much heat.

The juice flow was good and there wasn’t a noticeable re-wicking time.


As we carry on up the wattage we get a progressively denser vape, with flavour peaking at around 120W.

There was no evidence of burning, although the vape was warmer than I’d want over 180W but still usable even at 215W.

At maximum power (of the LUX vape mod I was using as well as the coil rating) the amount of vapour produced was immense.ijoy limitless xl on lux mod

Swapping for the 510 top and a standard drip tip produced more flavour at the expense of being able to hit the upper powers, topping out at around 160W.

Reducing the airflow brought great flavour but was now limiting the power to 100W.

I have to say that the vape was pretty good like this.

The LED chips are red and cast a glow from the airflow slots. They’re not particularly bright but can be noticed in low light/dark.ijoy limitless xl lights

Personally I’d have gone for a different colour (blue or white) but I’m guessing choice is limited partly by cost and partly by the limited number of LED chips that would tolerate the heat.

Rebuildable Decks

Moving on to the rebuildable decks, these were also very good.ijoy limitless xl rta coil head and RBA types

The single coil X1 deck has slightly less airflow and tops out with the pre-fitted coil at around 55-60W before things start getting a bit overheated.

At the lower end (around 45-50W) there was plenty of flavour and a reasonable amount of vapour. Wicking was a breeze (I used Cotton Bacon V2) and it was easy to get the juice channel properly filled to prevent leaks.

The chimney threads, as with the ones on the main part of the tank, are well machined and smooth.

The X2 deck again doesn’t hit the dizzy 215W heights, topping out this time at around 90W with the pre-fitted coils.

Airflow was, as you’d expect, freer with the dual airflow holes but still kept a good amount of flavour to go with the increased cloud.

Both of the RTAs did a better job of reproducing flavour than the prebuilt, which is obviously aimed at a bit of cloud chasing.

The tank did get a bit warm when we were over the 150W point but that’s to be expected.

There wasn’t a massive ramp time. The tank was relatively leak free, except if the juice level dropped below the wicking holes and the XL was hot, then I saw some minor leaks.

There were none with the rebuildable decks unless the wick wasn’t adequate to fill the juice channels properly.

The tank capacity is a bit of a shame, 4ml may be more than the TPD technically allows but it’s also not an awful lot of juice if you’re running the XL-C4 coil and high watts.

I emptied the tank of 0% nic e liquid in about 30 minutes.


  • Well machined
  • Good seals
  • Huge airflow and vapour production possible
  • Excellent flavour at lower airflow’s / wattage’s
  • Easy to fill
  • Easily rebuilt, spacious RBA decks


  • Light chips aren’t that bright
  • Prebuilt coils can leak when juice level is low
  • Design may put some off

Final Review Verdict

I have to confess, I initially thought the iJoy/Limitless XL was going to be a “one-trick pony”, gimmick tank.

But actually I like it. Yes, it’s chunky and the design might not suit some but I rather
like it.

It’s a shame the lights aren’t a bit brighter, but that is a trick and not really what the tank’s about (although it appeals to the performer in me).

What we’ve got here is a competent, well-engineered multi-purpose atomiser that’s easily taken from great flavour to cloud chucking and there’s not really anything to dislike about it.

The rebuildable decks are easy to re-wick and re-coil and perform well.

A little more tank capacity and we’d have a real star here.

Would I replace it? Yes.

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Likelihood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged
I'm an IT/science/technology geek and I smoked around 30 a day for about 17 years. 8 years ago I started vaping to try and quit tobacco. 6 years ago with the advent of the newer tank devices, I unexpectedly switched entirely! I still vape now and, when I have the time between my family and my work, act as an Independent Vaping Advocate. I support the New Nicotine Alliance (NNA) and do work with Stop Smoking Services to help ensure people get the right, unbiased information.


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