Is This Yet Another Magical Mix From the Talented Mixologists?

Illusions Vapor are a Canadian based company and the team behind the hugely popular Twelve Monkeys e-liquid range and the trio of new flavours are in the Illusions Awakening range.

We also just reviewed the Twelve Monkeys Origin Ejuice range and WOW… Some great flavours.

The new range tips a nod to the company’s hugely successful Illusions Chapters range of e-liquids which I was lucky enough to review saying they were among the best juice I’d ever vaped on…high praise from this grumpy old sod lol.

illusions e-liquid the awakening review

By tipping a nod I mean the three new flavours have similar base ingredients such as coconut and similar fruits but with a bit of sleight of hand and their magical mixology.

I used my go to flavoursome go to RDA – the Augvape BTFC – with a couple Alien coils bang on 0.1ohm and at between 75 and 90w – cleaned and freshly wicked every time with with Fuzz cotton.

The new Awakening range comes in either the 30ml nic salt bottles with a choice of nicotine strengths: 12mg – 24mg – 36mg and 48mg. Due to the TPD laws you will only be able to find the 12mg in UK and European stores…

There’s also the option of zero nicotine 50 ml bottles at 65/35 PG/VG I received known as short-fills OR with 3mg and 6mg nicotine added respectively – all of which are ‘legal’ to buy in Europe.

For the record the trio was sent to me direct from Illusions Vapor – thank you – and as always my thoughts and opinions are my own and only influenced by thick brown envelopes filled with cash or the promise of a new puppy…

And please do remember taste is subjective 😉

The Awakening – Red Magic – Zero Nicotine 50ml Shortfill

illusions awakening red magic review

Illusions Say:

An instant explosion of ripened strawberry and refreshing watermelon, infused with a hint of fresh pear that will have you spellbound.

I Say:

Bang on my flavour profile so I was hoping for big things – especially from the pear as it’s one of the trickiest e-liquid flavours to replicate in my experience.

I had a feeling that if anyone could pull off the perfect pear taste trick it would be these guys and I wasn’t disappointed!

The inhale brings a sweet succulent fresh strawberry with the almost over sweetness tamed wondrously by the clean crisp watermelon which on its own would be a delight.

However that pear pokes its head right at the back and fully appears like a rabbit out of a magician’s top hat on the exhale. It takes those two sweeter vibes into its embraces and smashes them together creating a fruity punch that will have your taste-buds shouting what trickery is this!

One of the best fruit flavoured e-liquids I’ve had the joy to taste…wondrous stuff.

illusions e-liquid awakening taste of the gods x review

The Awakening – Taste of the Gods X – Zero Nicotine 50ml Short-fill

Illusions Say:

An exotic blend of juicy pineapple, tropical coconut and a mouth-watering nectarine finish that will leave your senses enchanted.

I Say:

The smell is more Bounty bar than fruit juice and given I’ve found very many coconut flavoured and based e-liquids a little sickly in the past I wasn’t sure this would be one for me.

Like the aroma the inhale does threaten to overpower with a very strong and almost too sweet coconut vibe and for a second I was expecting the worst.

However and before my taste-buds could shout ‘Abracadabra‘, the sharper fruiter notes of both the nectarine and peach cut into the sweetness with sharper citrus notes creating a tropical punch that was just missing a kick of rum!

The exhale was a complete joy with the two fruits vying to overpower each other which left the coconut certainly not muted but certainly calmed like a doze on a Caribbean beach.

Another stunning piece of mixology with a smell I can only describe as bordering on paradise…wow great vape!

illusions awakening mamba review

Awakening – Mamba – Zero Nicotine 50ml Shortfill

Illusions Say:

Electrifyingly sweet blueberry with a luscious warm apple pie that will hit that sweet craving every time.

I Say:

Apart from the old style Lemon Tart e-liquids I’ve never really been one for bakery flavours.

The smell from this bottle was a little disconcerting to say the least – it came over as a little perfumy and promised to be extremely sweet. For the life of me I couldn’t pick out any of the fruit or indeed the pastry.

Sadly the inhale was pretty similar – confusing to say the least. Rather than a blast of blueberry followed by a tart attack of apples I got a kind of canned pie filling from Aldi – a kind of mish-mash of too sweet fruity bits that really did not appeal. I’m guessing the pastry was a little too embarrassed to make an appearance because as as much as I tried I couldn’t taste it…

Look I’m not saying it’s an awful vape…but certainly doesn’t live up to the taste of a blueberry and apple pie I was expecting. However if you like sweet fruity chews you’ll bloody love this one…

Final Review Verdict

Two out of three ain’t bad I suppose but that last one – Mamba – is the snake in the grass not tasting as it suggests by a mile.

The Red Magic is a bloody gorgeous vape with the Taste of the Gods X a close second – even though that coconut sometimes and I mean sometimes and as if by magic comes to the fore particularly on the exhale.

Incidentally the original Taste of the Gods from the Chapter III e-liquid range also had a coconut base appears to have been discontinued along with a few others – the company keeping it fresh so to speak.

I said in my earlier Illusions juice review they were three of the best e-liquids I’d ever tasted. As to the three new flavours falling under the Illusions Awakening range I would definitely place Red Magic in that mix whilst the others were tasty just not quite magical.

Red Magic
Taste of the Gods X
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