The Innokin Kroma-Z pod kit is the latest in a line of vape devices carrying the legendary name.

If you don’t know much about Innokin, its line of ‘Kroma’ devices is a fair place to start.

Innokin Kroma-Z review

Back in 2017, Neil Humber reviewed the Innokin Kroma-A Kit.

A 2000mAh device that came with the Innokin Crios tank and pod kit – wow back when everything was Kanthal round-wire BVC coils! Those were they days!

Fast forward to this time last year, and I checked out the Innokin Kroma-R kit – A single 18650 device, extremely smart looking and came with the Innokin Zlide MTL tank.

Now Innokin aren’t new to pod systems, but this is the first time Innokin has slapped the ‘Kroma’ name on a pod kit and added a ‘Z’ on the end for good measure!

In keeping with the ‘Platform Series’ and designed by Phil Busardo and VapingGreek.

So is this the last Kroma kit from Innokin?

What Can We Expect From the Innokin Kroma-Z ?

Much like the original Kroma-A, the Innokin Kroma-Z has an internal battery, but this time they’ve increased it to 3000mAh.

The Innokin Kroma-Z device fires up to 40 watts, had a nicely sized colour display and also includes a USB Type-C port for charging.

Innokin Kroma-Z pod kit

Up top, Innokin has ditched the 510 connection, instead you get a 4.5ml capacity pod (2ml TPD) which is compatible with Innokin’s Z-Coils which also include a small airflow adjustment ring on the base as well as an AFC slider on the Kroma-Z device itself.

So let’s crack on with the review and see what this kit is all about.

This kit was sent to me free of charge for the purpose of review.

All views and opinions are solely those of my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of others.

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Inside the Box

  • 1 x Kroma Z Pod Mod Kit
  • 1 x 0.8 Z-Coil
  • 1 x 0.3 RDL Z-Coil
  • 1 x Extra RDL Drip-Tip
  • 1 x Extra MTL Drip-Tip
  • 1 x Type C USB Cable
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide
  • 1 x Warning Booklet

Innokin Kroma-Z contents

Specs and Features

  • Size: 114.0 x 31.0 x 22.0mm
  • Battery: 3000mAh Built-In
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 4.5ml (TPD Version 2.0ml)
  • Output Wattage: 6-40w
  • Airflow – Airflow ring on base of coil and AFC on Device
  • Charging: Via USB-C Port
  • Available colours: Midnight Green | Grey | Black | Midnight Blue | White | Pink

Design and Build Quality

The Innokin Kroma-Z isn’t much dissimilar to the Kroma-R device.

However, this time round, they’ve removed the fancy finish and instead coated the Kroma-Z in a soft rubbery finish and changed to a carbon effect for the rear of the Mod which in effect is just a squishy sticker.


Fortunately, they’ve left the display and buttons fairly similar.

A cleverly done fire button which in effect is part of the display panel and which you can fire from anywhere from the top of the display, to the top of the panel meaning there is quite a large area which will fire the device.

Innokin Kroma-Z reviewed

I’m a big fan of the display, it’s very bright, super clear and makes full use of its available space.

The crisp display makes it easy to see your wattage, battery level, coil resistance and all the other geeky stats you might be interested in.

Oddly enough, the airflow adjustment comes in two forms.

First of all you have the ‘VooPoo’ style slider on the rear of the device which has a lovely smooth feel and certainly makes a difference to the restriction of the vape.

But then you have two optional airflow rings that fit onto the base of the coils. A pre-installed Direct To Lung Ring, and an ‘MTL Precision Airflow Ring‘.

Doesn’t need to be that difficult does it? Maybe it does?

I could get all technical but there are MTL users who want that much ‘precision‘ – so I wont go there.

The Innokin Kroma-Z Pods

The kit comes with just the one pod, which I find is always a shame, especially considering the vast number of coils available to use with this system.

The 4.5ml capacity pod sits nice and firmly in the device and holds on tight thanks to the 2 large magnets near the front of the base.

Innokin Kroma-Z pods

The beauty of this pod is the filling port though. Located at the rear of the pod, meaning you’ve no need to remove the pod from the device to re-fill. I’m a big fan of that.

At the top if a 510 fitment and the Innokin Kroma-Z comes with a nice array of drip-tips which are designed for DTL, RDL or MTL so you have every option you could want. Nicely done.

The pods house Innokin’s Push-Fit Z-Coils and included, as already mentioned, the two airflow rings.

The pods are quite dark as well, making it a bit of a pain to see your e-liquid level.

Lets hope you live in a sunny country or always have a torch in your hands because unless you have either of those things, you may struggle to check your levels.

Innokin Kroma-Z In the Hand

Considering the Innokin Kroma-Z has a 3000mAh internal battery and filled with 4.5ml of e-liquid, its not heavy.

In fact its quite lightweight but certainly feels well constructed and very comfortable to hold as either a thumb, or finger firer.

Innokin Kroma-Z in hand

Due to its height and width, its very handy for out and about where you don’t want your pockets loaded up, dragging you down.

I’ve really no complaints about the feel and function of the device.

It’s not exactly exciting to hold, but its functional, practical and is to the standard we expect from Innokin – even though its a pod mod.

How To fill the Innokin Kroma-Z

Here’s how to fill the pod with e-liquid:

  • Gently open the rubber tab at the rear of the pod from right to left
  • Fill carefully with your desired e-liquid
  • Firmly press the rubber tab back in place
  • Allow the e-liquid to soak into the coil for at least 5 minutes
  • You’re good to go!

Innokin Kroma-Z fill pods

Innokin Kroma-Z Display & Functions

The Innokin Kroma-Z makes use of the same display and general functions of the Kroma-R mod.

Super simple to use with not a great deal of options which is mostly because this is a wattage only device – here’s the basics.

  • Device On/Off – 3 Clicks of Fire Button
  • Lock/Unlock Device – Press & Hold Fire & Down Button
  • Puff Reset – Press & Hold Fire & Up Button, then select CLEAR

Innokin Kroma-Z display

How Does the Innokin Kroma-Z Perform?

The Innokin Kroma-Z comes with two different coils, and two different airflow rings, which means, along with the two different airflow rings, there are multiple ways you can vape on this thing.

I went for simple: the 0.3Ω for Direct Lung, the 0.8Ω for a tight, restrictive Mouth-To-Lung vape.

Innokin Kroma-Z Pod Mod – Flavour and Clouds

Innokin Kroma-Z Pod Mod- the 0.3Ω Z-Coil

With the 0.3Ω Z-Coil is recommended between 30 and 40 watts, and primarily designed for a Direct Lung, or Restrictive Direct Lung Vape.

So I thought what the heck, and enjoyed an 80VG 20PG Just Jam – Original.

In a word – Uneventful.

Innokin Kroma-Z coils

Airflow wide open, its a fairly airy draw, and thanks to the drip-tip, the warmth comes through nicely, but the flavour is just a little plain that’s all.

Not bad, just nothing to Wow your socks off. For a mesh coil, it doesn’t perform as I would hope.

Innokin Kroma-Z Pod Mod – the 0.8Ω Z-Coil

For the 0.8Ω Z-Coil, recommended at 15 to 18 Watts, I went with a 50Vg 50PG 20mg Nic Salt – GotSalts – Peachy Promise.

I wanted a Tight MTL vape with this one, and at 18 watts with both airflow sliders down very low, I certainly got that tight draw I was after and a satisfying vape to boot. Nothing staggering, but decent.

For a round-wire coil, it performs pretty well.

Innokin Kroma-Z Airflow

The multiple options when it comes to airflow really does set this kit apart from the rest.

The majority of pod mods, even with airflow sliders really cant dial it down as far as this can.

I felt the airflow rings were a bit of a gimmick considering you already have an airflow slider on the device. But as Innokin state, the Precision Airflow Ring really does help make those minor adjustments.

Battery Life & Charging

The 3000mAh battery is a corker.

Using the 0.3Ω Z-Coil at 40 watts, all day vaping was no problem at all.

When using this device as an MTL, even at 20 watts you can happily get over 2 days battery life from this kit.

When it comes to charging, its a fairly big battery so expect it to take at least an hour to charge.

The majority of the times however, I stuck this on charge for around 30 minutes when I had the chance and even having half the charge time done wonders for my battery life.

Does the Innokin Kroma-Z Leak?

The truth is, I’ve actually had the Kroma-Z quite a while – in early January, after using it for a week or so, I couldn’t find it!

A whole 8 days went past until it appeared down the side of the seat in my van…

I was well expecting a puddle of e-liquid under the pod tank – But nope, bone dry. You cant ask for better than that.


  • Good battery life
  • Bright, sharp, Crisp Screen
  • Nice clicky fire panel
  • Multiple Airflow Adjustments work well
  • Well made and constructed
  • Can be filled without removing Pod.


  • Average flavour on both coils
  • Not a quick charger
  • Pods are too dark

Final Review Verdict

As the pod mod battle for domination continues and continues and continues forever, I feel the Innokin Kroma-Z actually takes place in a slight niche in the pod-mod world.

A pod-mod capable of the usual DTL vape, but also with precise airflow adjustment for any and every vaper.

You can get this airflow to a precise point fairly easily with not much hassle.

For some, the two airflow options may be a little pointless and maybe a little over-engineered.

But there will certainly be those who appreciate this second level of airflow adjustment. More so for those who have a specific MTL restriction they are searching for.

Its just a shame its not packing a flavourful punch.

Would this device be long lasting and still work 3, 6 or even 12 months from now?

I’ve no concerns about the durability of the device, the strength of the battery or the general day to day endurance of the Innokin Kroma-Z.

It may be a pod-mod but its still a solid Innokin product.

Does this device deliver the flavour, vapour and general experience I require, in order to be enjoyed?

The Innokin Kroma-Z just isn’t fantastic on flavour.

It’s fine, I mean I cant really complain but its just not up there with some of the others. Especially with their 0.3Ω Mesh coil. Its a long way off its competitors.

Is this device versatile to suit a new vaper, and an experienced one a like?

The Innokin Kroma-Z is maybe a little too confusing for a newbie.

Well, maybe not confusing, but maybe not simple enough for a new vaper to just pick up and go.

But for those perhaps looking for their first pod mod after enjoying their first few months with a starter kit, the Innokin Kroma-Z will do them proud.

Have you bought Innokin Kroma-Z the kit?

Or have you given it a try?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

UK Option
Rest Of the World Save 10% With Code ECC

Build Quality
Ease Of Use
Flavour - 0.3Ω Z-Coil
Flavour - 0.8Ω Z-Coil
Replace if Lost or Damaged?
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  1. Hi just bought this after 3 weeks of a non Refillable pod starter kit. Really easy to set up and use. Wish I’d bought it first might have been a little bit daunting buying it but love it .

  2. I’ve been using this purely for mtl use and use the plexus3d z coil and I get great flavour much better than the 0.8 round wire coil. The way I vape I easily get 4 days from a full charge so that battery in there is great. I did try the dtl coil and its not bad but nothing to write home about. Imo they should have included a mesh mtl coil in there rather than the round wire one


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