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The Performance E cig from Intellicig, The ‘XL’

We previously reviewed the Intellicig Evolution 3 piece e cig kit that didn’t exactly blow us away but it was an e cig that certainly ‘did the job’.

On the back of this we were recently contacted to try out there performance option, the Intellicig XL. This kit was sent free of charge but as always are opinions remain unaffected by this.

In The Box / Presentation

Intellicig XL Starter KitThe Intellicig XL Starter Kit comes in a very slick black presentation box with magnetic flap closure, all very nice indeed.

In the packaging you will find:

2 Batteries
5 Tank Cartridges
5 Atomisers
10ml ECOpure bottle of e-liquid
1 USB charger & Wall Charger


The XL starter kit comes with 2 x 650 mAh batteries that have a quality finished in a ‘nice to the touch’ black rubberised material. They are of course a bigger capacity than the other e cig batteries they have on offer which in turn means they are going to be bigger, or in this case fatter. If you are looking for a device that lasts longer between charges then this is the way you will have to go. You will be surprised how quickly you get used to the  bulkier e cigarette, I know it only took me a short while!

Intellicig XL Review

So onto the important bit which is the performance. The batteries are manual as opposed to automatic which just means a button needs to be pressed when taking a drag. I personally prefer the manual batteries as you can heat the e-liquid up for a split second before taking a drag, this gives you a good draw every time. On pressing the button everything is very responsive and every drag I take is a good one.

As for the actual life of the batteries, if you are coming from the ‘cig-a-like’ type e cigarettes then you will find the comparison between the two is like night and day. With one of these batteries I was getting pretty much a full day as a moderate vaper before having to switch batteries and re-charge.


Helping the battery last that little bit longer is the on/off function.

Pressing the button 5 times in succession will turn the battery off and likewise for on, this is a great feature if you are carrying the electronic cigarette around in a pocket or bag as it prevents any accidental activation of the battery.

Overall – The battery life as expected with this type/size of e cigarette is good as is the overall quality of the battery. Being manual the Intellicig XL batteries also help provide a good draw pretty much every time.


This Intellicig XL starter kit comes with one bottle of 10ml ECOpure e-liquid with a choice of either Rich, Regular or Menthol flavours each available in 4 different nicotine strengths.

I went for the 1.5% Regular e-liquid which I found for a tobacco flavour was very good and definitely one of the better tasting tobacco flavours I have tried.

Now the setup to get you started with the XL can be quite confusing at first if you haven’t used this type of e cig very well.

Obviously there are instructions but the first thing you have to be aware of is that the cartridge that comes on the cone out of the box needs to be removed and replaced with a fresh cartridge from the pack. You will also need to take one of the small atomisers and plug these in as well. Intellicig XL Battery, Atomiser and Cartridge

Or at least in my case I did, the first e cig I took out of the box didn’t have one of these fitted whereas the other did. Just be sure the atomiser is on either way! Don’t be too put off by the extra stages you have to go through to set everything up as it is quite simple once you have done it once.

One thing I would like to see with this kit, as other competitors have, is a compatible vape tank that has the atomiser already built in. This would just take a couple of steps out of the setting up process and make things a little easier for some.

Intellicig Cartridge For The XL E CigAs mentioned already we enjoyed the flavour but in addition to this the vapour volume was also spot on, you get some good clouds of vapour from the XL.

One little thing worth mentioning here is to get the best draw possible a slow smooth drag is recommended, if you take a sharp drag then you aren’t going to get the best result you can.

When it comes to buying more e-liquid then Intellicig offer 2 different size bottles.

They are also sticking with the 3 tobacco flavours already mentioned in 4 nicotine strengths (0%, 1.5%, 3% and 4.5%).

The one thing that does set the Intellicig brand apart from a number of others is that they manufacture their own e-liquid as well here in the UK.

They also have independent tests carried out in labs within the bio-science facility at Manchester University. There are also reports available for review if you so wish. It all adds a little more confidence to the product as a whole.

Overall – Intellicigs ECOpure e-liquid is both produced and tested in the UK which is definitey a great selling point for many. The Regular tobacco flavour I tried also tasted good as well as giving off a great vapour volume so a few big thumbs up there.

Starter Kits

Intellicig have 4 kits currently available that cover most budgets and requirements.

Intellicig Starter Kit 

Includes one battery, 5 cartridges, 1 atomiser, USB charger.

Intelliicig Starter Kit Plus 

Includes two batteries, 25 cartridges, 2 atomisers, USB charger.

Intellicig XC

Includes PCC, 2 batteries, 10 cartomisers, 2 atomisers, mains & USB charger

Intellicig XL

Includes 2 EGO Type batteries, 10ml e-liquid, 5 tank capsules, mains & USB charger.


Intellicig offer a 30 day money back guarantee even if you have used the product which shows the confidence they have in their product. They also offer a 30 day warranty. As usual please see Intellicig.com for all the latest Terms.

Customer Service

Intellicig can be contacted by freephone UK number, Live chat on their website and email. They are also active on Facebook and Twitter. I found them to be responsive through email so no problems for me on this front.


I was fairly disappointed with their mini e cigarette in terms of build quality and the fact that it was a 3 piece. I’m glad to say though that the XL has quashed some of that disappointment and is overall a good quality product. Once you have gotten over the initial fiddly bits then it’s plain sailing.

The best thing for me however is their Regular e-liquid flavour, for me it is one of the better tobacco flavours and it has the added bonus of being UK made and tested for those that want that peace of mind.

It’s just an OK price but if you have been specifically looking at this kit then I would have no problems recommending it.

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