With the Just Juice Tobacco Club Nic Salt e-liquid range it all begins with two best friends, Carlos and Andy. Both down to earth fellows struggling to quit the cigs.

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Sound like a familiar story?

That’s because they’ve been in our shoes. In 2017 they made a conscious effort to quit cigarettes for good and turned to vaping as the way out.

E-liquid manufacturing was very buoyant five years ago. However Carlos and Andy were noticing a familiar but concerning pattern.

It was a time when large volumes of inferior e-liquids were being released. Disguised with bright, colourful packaging they were designed to lure the unsuspecting vaper.

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The goal of the duo was to develop an e-juice range that would help rather than hinder a newbie vaper. They noticed the easiest route back to smoking was caused by bland, uninspiring flavours that offered everything but delivered nothing.

Consequently Carlos and Andy hooked up with leading UK e-liquid manufacturers and spent quality time testing new ideas. Their flavours were intended to motivate a vaper instead of sending them back to a stinking pile of ash.

After two years of extensive research a brand new range of fruity e-juice flavours hit the market and Just Juice was born.

What Can We Expect From The Just Juice Tobacco Club Range?

Judging by their website we can expect a radical departure from the original Just Juice range. The overwhelming majority of their flavours are fruit based.

This instantly makes the Tobacco Club range stick out like a smoking cigarette!


Yet it isn’t hard to understand the reasoning having understood their vaping ethos. To assist the new vaper in the best way possible. To wean them off the cigs with a realistic vaping alternative.

There are four flavours in the Just Juice Tobacco Club range and each one has a tobacco origin behind it. From Cuban cigars to Virginian tobacco of the States, Just Juice offer them with a dessert or fruit based twist.

Vaping Virginian

The four flavours are available in 60ml short fill (70VG/30PG) bottles ready to receive a 10ml nicotine shot if required. These will be suitable for higher powered, sub ohm tank set ups.

We tell you what the terms VG and PG mean in our Guide to E-liquids.

The 50VG/50PG versions come in 10ml TPD compliant bottles with freebase nicotine strengths of 3mg, 6mg and 12mg. Perfect for starter kits using lower powered coils.

jjtc collage

There’s also a nicotine salt alternative to cater for the wealth of pod users. Expect to find them in 5mg, 11mg and 20mg strengths and available in 50VG/50PG.

Club Box Ltd editions are yet another option. All four flavours in any of the strengths and juice ratios available from the range.


The colourful outer boxes are suitably eye catching and there’s no skimping on detail. Just Juice have also been totally transparent with what’s included in the e-juice.

Just Juice Tobacco Club range presentation box imageFactual information about the tobacco origins are printed on the side with batch numbers and expiry dates stamped on the bottom.

The nicotine strength and juice ratio is also visible. I’ve no problem whatsoever with the presentation and think Just Juice have done a sterling job.

Inside we find the 10ml child proof and tamper proof e-liquid bottle.

Just Juice Tobacco Club range bottle view imageThe labels pretty much repeat what’s shown on the box. A refilling leaflet is included and is bound to assist the newer vaper.

Big shout out to Just Juice – We don’t often see these.

What Set Up Did I Use?

I’ve been sent the 50VG/50PG salt nicotine line in 11mg.

I opted for my trusty Digiflavor Siren V4 MTL single coil RTA to test the Tobacco Club Range. A 0.7ohm KA1 Clapton coil was used with cotton bacon V2 for wicking.

All flavours in the line up were tested at 22W. Airflow was mostly restricted to enable a decent MTL vape.

Please be aware the thoughts and opinions expressed below are directly influenced by my own set up. The flavour and vapour reproduction will differ (if only slightly) from set up to set up.

Use my experiences merely as a guide should you decide to partake in the range yourself.

Tobacco Club – Lemon

Just Juice Tobacco Club range LemonJust Juice Says:

‘Fusing together one of the world’s oldest and most popular tobacco types with a zesty twist, this Just Juice signature flavour is guaranteed to be a staple in your collection. Sit back, relax and experience a luscious flavour intense tobacco blend’

I Say:

I wasn’t able to pick out any smoky notes from Lemon at all. It still remains a very pleasant lemon meringue though retaining a tart, sweet like quality during all stages of the vape.

The sharp, citric nature of the fruit was also toned down making way for some rather smooth and creamy diary notes. I found those very appealing and remained on the taste buds after the vape had expired.

I genuinely believe a harsher, drier experience would have at least indicated the presence of tobacco lurking somewhere. Lemon is just too smooth a vape to suggest this.

So it doesn’t really live up to the flavour description which is a shame. It will appeal more as a fully fledged dessert inspired profile that could have, and should have scored higher with the inclusion of those smoky back notes.

Tobacco Club – Nutty Caramel

Just Juice Tobacco Club range Nutty CaramelJust Juice Says:

‘The seed of the cigar industry in Nicaragua was actually planted in Cuba. At the beginning of the 1960’s revolution, the island nations great cigar makers began their search for new land and soil which could support their artisanship. They found ‘the second coming of Cuba’ in Nicaragua, which today many argue is the highest quality tobacco in the world.’

I Say:

My first impression is one of milk chocolate of all things but that’s probably due to vaping directly from fresh wicking. There’s an abundance of nutty back notes which are rich in tone. They’re also noticeable during inhale too.

The caramel content also has texture and certainly mixes well with the nut during phases of exhale.

Subtle hints of tobacco do drift through and that helps to create something of a multi layered experience.

.. It’s all very impressive when using a humble, low powered MTL set up.

Tugging short vapes on the Siren V4 attenuates all the flavour notes. The resulting short bursts bring out a sweetness to the tobacco leaf while longer inhales emphasise the caramel and nut partnership.

The after taste is exquisite, in my opinion.

Nutty Caramel is a very punchy, lively MTL vape that’s highly likely to appeal to the new vaper looking for a tobacco substitute in vape form.

Great work, Just Juice!

Tobacco Club – Sweet Cubano

Just Juice Tobacco Club range Sweet CubanoJust Juice Says:

‘All-natural Cuban tobacco has been handcrafted on the island nation for more than a 1000 years. It is estimated there are over 200 stages to creating a single cigar, with each step adding a unique layer of taste and aroma. The end result is a truly superior experience which makes Cuban cigars one of, if not the, best in the world.’

I Say:

There’s plenty of sweetness in Sweet Cubano which is to be expected but it’s also coupled with a dryness from the Cuban cigar. It’s not unlike Nutty Caramel and there does seem to be a few dairy back notes thrown in to smooth off any roughness with the exhale.

I think Just Juice have done a pretty good job and there are a lot of subtle nuances and nods to the aroma and taste of a cigar. The sweet nature of the leaves are captured with every short exhale.

There are some distant earthy, woody tones present and have a habit of lingering after the vape. They provide an additional layer of complexity to the flavour.

It’s the rich, sweet, and dry qualities that hold my attention. I’m no connoisseur of cigars let alone the Cuban variety. So I place my trust in Just Juice because Sweet Cubano certainly seems like an authentic enough cigar themed vape.

After all, they seem to know what they’re talking about in the flavour description.

Tobacco Club – Vanilla Toffee

Just Juice Tobacco Club range Vanilla ToffeeJust Juice Says:

‘Cuban tobacco is renowned across the world for its rich and flavourful taste. This distinctive full bodied tobacco expertly blends mild notes of creamy Madagascan vanilla with luxurious British toffee. A smooth and superior tobacco experience.’

I Say:

I personally think Vanilla Toffee includes more tobacco notes than others in the range. The sweetness of the leaf is immediate and makes an instant, lasting impression.

A relatively low key toffee mixes with vanilla but translates more as clotted cream. That’s the experience hitting me with every tug, whether short or extended on the inhale.

There’s also a degree of bitterness on the way in but an earthy richness to the tobacco on longer exhales. The woody notes are far more pronounced with Vanilla Toffee and outweigh others in the quartet.

To summarise, tobacco flavour notes are experienced during the vape while the clotted cream works more as an after taste.

As a combination of tobacco, vanilla and toffee this is the most accurate and effective flavour in the range. The tobacco experience feels very authentic and it’s certainly one of the better ones I’ve vaped for a while.

There’s nothing sweetly sick or false about Vanilla Toffee. The flavours remain quite subtle but certainly leave me feeling satisfied.

Excellent work.

Just Juice Tobacco Club Range – Final Review Verdict

I find it a bit odd the flavour descriptions lean more towards a history lesson and interest in cigars. There’s no real mention of how the other ingredients blend with the tobacco.

I say that because for the most part I think Just Juice have done a remarkable job. The additional flavours work well and harmonise against a backdrop of blended tobacco.

Admittedly, the lemon was over pronounced coming across more as a familiar dessert profile but the nut, caramel, vanilla and toffee all worked in equal measure to compliment this smoky range.

For anyone starting out on their vaping journey, for any vaper missing the taste of their favourite cigar, this may very well be the club to join.

Nutty Caramel
Sweet Cubano
Vanilla Toffee
My name is Neil and I've been a keen vaper for eight years, having been smoke free since 2014. That's all thanks to being introduced to a CE4 clearomiser by a work mate. In 2015 I started a Facebook group encouraging members to help others make the switch, sharing thoughts and opinions while acknowledging all the hard work that goes into running a vape shop and the guidance those folks give. I've also created a You Tube channel, Ncboreas Vapes. It's primarily there to help the newer vaper so if you've any questions feel free to drop by! There are so many positives to vaping and absolutely none to smoking. It's a message I continue to spread. Long Live Vaping. Live Longer Vaping.


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