Introduction: The Aladdin RDA from Kaees

I have got my grubby hands on the lovely little Kaees Aladdin RDA – kindly sent to me for review by Naturevape.

Our reviewer Neil loved the Kaees Solomon RTA and said it was probably one of the best RTA’s he had tried.

Kaees Aladdin RDA Marketing ImageThis is a 24mm diameter RDA which comes with a great little kit including a Ni80 coil – so apart from E-liquid there is everything needed to get you started.

The Aladdin features 3 air inlets, a 24k gold plated build deck and a standard and a bottom feed Squonking 510 connector.

Aladdin Airflow designThe Aladdin is made from Stainless steel with 3 finishes available – Black, Stainless steel and Rainbow

What’s In The Box

  • Kaees Aladdin RDA tank
  • RDA coil (0.2ohm Ni80)
  • User manual
  • Parts bag (Screwdriver, Hexagon socket screw and O-ring)

Just a note – there is no photo of the packaging as I was sent a sample for review which was unpackaged.

Kaees aladdin kit contents


  • Triple air flow system
  • Protruding positive pin for safety with hybrid mech mod
  • Bottom feed pin included
  • 510 Drip tip
  • 24mm Diameter, 33mm Height.
  • 24K gold plating deck platform
  • Can be disassembled for cleaning

Build Quality & Design

I was supplied the Rainbow version of the Kaees Aladdin RDA to review.

The body is made from stainless steel with a beautiful rainbow finish. The familiar lion face logo is present too.

The build deck is 24K gold plated with plenty of room for liquid, wicks and coils and a very clever slot in coil design.

Kaees Aladdin RDA Build DeckThere is a wide bore Ultem/PEI drip tip which personally I really dislike. This is the only con with the design for me – but that is purely personal opinion as I dislike the discoloured yellow appearance of this material.

Kaees Aladdin componentsThe top sleeve fits on snugly – that snugly that you can’t pull it off unless you screw the tank to a mod – then it pulls off fine. This is all good though as it means the O-ring seals are doing their job and a tighter fit = less chance of leaks.

It is a beautiful looking tank (if you ignore the drip tip) and the finish and build quality appears to be wonderful.

Aladdin viewAnother feature is there is a protruding 510 centre connection – this is mainly for use with hybrid mods. This reduces the likelihood of a short between the centre and outer part of the 510 connector.

A lovely fitting kit is included – plenty of O-rings, spare deck screws, a coil to get you started, a screwdriver and the Squonking 510 converter.

I haven’t got a squonk mod at the moment so was only able to test it as a dripper tank.

On A Mod

I used the Aladdin on my Wismec Sinuous Ravage230 mod. This has a central 510 connector and is big enough to accommodate a 24mm tank.

How Does the Kaees Aladdin RDA Perform?


I used the supplied Ni80 0.2ohm coil with Muji Cotton as my wicking material.

I also tried a SS316L 0.48 ohm fused Clapton coil – just for a play really!

For a guide to setting up an RDA deck have a look at our dedicated page here.

The E-liquid of choice is a 80%VG e-liquid that I love – and find it easy to see how it performs between devices.

For information about the VG and PG in E-liquid read here.

The flavour, vapour and throat hit will all vary between different coil builds, resistances, materials plus wicking and E-liquid can alter the performance.

Coil Installation Tips

To help with building this beauty – the guys at Naturevape have even put together a video to show you! I followed this to the letter and hence got a lovely vape from it. If you are unsure follow the video below you won’t go far wrong!

The build deck on this is very clever.
Aladdin coil installed

It isn’t obvious to start with but there are cut outs under the screws so you just slacken the screws and the coil ends simply slot straight under – very very clever.

Aladdin build deck slotsYou only need enough cotton to go through the coil smoothly however you can leave the ends quite long in this as there is a good juice well at the bottom.

How To Add E-Liquid

The top sleeve needs to be removed to add your e-liquid.

This is quite tight to remove – so I would say screw it onto a mod or resistance tester and then simply pull the top sleeve off – much easier as there isn’t much to grip on the base of the tank.

How To Adjust The Airflow 

There are 3 air inlets on this.

  1. Bottom air inlet
  2. Middle air inlet
  3. Top air inlet

aladdin airflow positions

  • The bottom air inlet is permanently open.
  • The middle air inlet is adjusted by lining up the cut outs in the side of the top sleeve with the cut outs in the build deck. Rotating the top sleeve will allow you to restrict the air coming in.
  • There is also a top airflow inlet. If you remove the drip tip and the top cap you will see cut outs on the top of the sleeve and the top cap. By aligning these and then turning you can adjust the top airflow.

Kaees aladdin rainbow viewsI found for me the top airflow fully open with the side airflow almost closed gave me the best flavour – however there isn’t as much vapour in this setting.

0.2 ohm Ni80 Coil (Supplied)

Aladdin coil and wicking installedI first tried this at 40W and not much flavour but wow a lot of vapour!

At 60W this came alive – the flavour is just amazing – beautiful.

Not massively hot, no spitting just really smooth and full of flavour – even with my rubbish building skills!

At 70W a lot hotter and a slight spit now – but again plenty of flavour.

At 80W more of the same – but getting a harsher vapour and taste now.

This lion really purrs at 60W for me -obviously everyone is different but I could use this all day at 60W happily!

I loved this coil so much I spoke to Mark at Naturevape to see if they would be stocking them – and guess what – they have these exact coils from Kaees on order and you can see them here!

So when they arrive I will be ordering some! I haven’t always got on with Ni80 before but these coils blew my SS coil out of the water when I compared them in the Aladdin at the same wattage! You can use these coils in other tanks too so I am going to grab a few!

0.48 ohm SS316L Fused Clapton Coil

Just for the sake of it whilst my vaping toolbox was open I chucked on one of my favourite coils the SS316L.

Aladdin with SS316 coilThis performed pretty much the same as the Ni80 supplied coil – nothing much happened until 60W.

At 70W this was a lot hotter than the Ni80 coil but not as much flavour.

But this still works fine on the Aladdin!

What I Like

The build deck with the cut outs for the coil legs just makes everything easier.

The RDA looks beautiful and I’ve found the build quality excellent!

What I Dislike

Hard to see what position the top air flow adjustment is in.

I really do not like PEI/Ultem.

Final Review Verdict

Initially you may be slightly disappointed with the Kaees Aladdin RDA if you haven’t got the airflow settings correct.

So make sure to keep playing with the settings – do not write this off initially as the slightest adjustment makes a massive difference to the taste and vapour – honestly!

When you set up the airflow to your preference you will be very happy with your purchase.

I found I got about 10 vapes before needing to re-juice.


  • Stunning looking tank.
  • Deep juice wells mean you are adding liquid a lot less often.
  • Easy build deck – I am no expert but managed to do a simple single coil build with a lovely flavour.
  • Great kit contents.
  • Airflow works wonderfully and the slightest tweak makes a huge difference.
  • The taste and vapour from this is amazing.
  • Supplied coil was excellent too – which is rare – Naturevape will be stocking this coil to buy on its own too!


  • The top airflow design is basically under the top cap – so you can’t actually see what position it is in until you remove the cap.
  • I am not a fan of Ultem/PEI as I think this is a stunning tank which would look prettier with a resin or even frosted drip tip – but easily changed!
Build Quality
Replace if lost or damaged?
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