What Does The New Kanger Topbox Mini Have To Offer?

Kanger have released a wide range of different kits recently, with options to suit many vapers.

UPDATE: The New version of this kit has been released. Check out the Kanger Subox Mini V2 review here

The most recent, at the time or writing, is the the Kanger Topbox Mini Kit, which features the new top filling Kanger Toptank, some brand new and upgraded OCC coils for the Toptank, and the new Kanger Kbox Mini TC 75w.

One of the most advanced box mods that Kanger have released to date.Kanger Topbox mini Review

As per previous kits Kanger have released, there are different color options available, and plenty of kit included in the box to get you started!

Kit Contents

As with pretty much anything that comes from Kanger, the box is loaded with contents, and there’s everything you need inside here to get going straight away, bar an 18650 battery and some juice!

  • Kanger Kbox Mini TC 75w
  • Kanger TopTank Mini
  • 1x Ni200 0.15ohm Temp control coil
  • 1x 0.5 ohm SS coil
  • 1x 0.5 ohm Clapton coil
  • 1x RBA Mini plus
  • 1x RBA kit including 2 coils, RBA screws, Screwdriver, Organic Cotton sheet
  • 1x USB cableKanger Topbox Kit Contents

Kanger Kbox Mini TC 75w Battery / Body & Build

The Kanger Kbox Mini 75w TC is a light and small unit, and it feels very comfortable in your hand. It has a clear OLED screen and buttons that are tactile and responsive.

You have a magnetic battery door cover and the Kbox Mini 75w TC takes a single 18650 battery, which you will need to purchase separately. Kanger KBOX 75W 18650 battery

The Kbox Mini TC 75w also supports USB charging as well, with a USB charging cable included within the kit.Kanger KBOX 75W Base

There is a spring loaded 510 connector present this time around, meaning that if you wish to use a different atomizer than the Kanger Toptank then you shouldn’t have an issue.

There are plenty of battery vent holes present for safety as well.

Key features of the Kanger Kbox Mini TC 75w

  • Variable Wattage 7w – 75w
  • TC Temperature Control
  • Supports 0.1 ohm and above
  • OLED screen
  • Battery cell capacity indicator
  • Spring loaded 510 thread connector
  • USB port
  • Magnetic cover
  • Requires a single 18650 battery
  • Length: 82mm
  • Diameter: 22mm

Kanger Top Tank Mini Looks & Build Quality

The Kanger Toptank is essentially the latest version of the Kanger Subtank, however it now has a new top filling feature.

The top of the Kanger Toptank now screws off easily and there are two large fill ports to fill the tank with juice.Kangertech Toptank review

It’s 22mm in width, and has a delrin drip tip included, it also is compatible with all of Kanger’s OCC coil heads as well as the RBA coil. You have a glass tank section on the Toptank, which seems pretty solid, and a spare is included within the kit.

The only issue I had with the build quality of the Kanger Toptank was with the paint finish.Kangertech Topbox Mini Kit review

I found that it did chip off quite easily and on very close inspection the paint seemed a little darker than the finish on the Kbox Mini. I do say upon close inspection though, as from a difference it all seems to match up.

Key features of the Kanger TopTank Mini

  • 4 ml tank capacity
  • Top-fill design
  • 510 thread connector
  • Pyrex glass tube
  • Airflow control base
  • Removable 510 Driptip Mouthpiece
  • Length: 45mm
  • Diameter: 22mm

How does the Kanger Topbox Mini Kit perform?

The Kanger Topbox Mini Kit comes packaged with the ‘new style’ of Kanger OCC heads, which have wider wicking holes, and they have no issues wicking even up to 100% VG juice.Kanger KBox 75W Coils

You shouldn’t have to worry about the mix ratio of your chosen juice here, as these OCC coils are excellent at wicking.

They are that good at wicking that the Kanger Toptank does drink a fair bit of juice however, so do bear that in mind!

In power mode, the Kanger Kbox Mini 75w TC has 75 watts of output power and can fire resistances down to 0.1ohm, so not only does it work extremely well with the Kanger Toptank, pretty much any of the most popular sub ohm tanks will perform very well here too.

Do bear in mind that as this is only a single 18650 battery mod that battery lifespan will be limited with high power use!

Battery life is surprisingly good for a single 18650 unit, as long as you are using a coil with a resistance of 0.5ohm and power at 35w and under.

Using the Kanger Toptank at 35w with the included 0.5ohm Clapton coil gave me an excellent vape and lasted me most of the day.Kangertech KBOX 75W review

Temperature control not only offers support for Ni200, which is still the most popular temp control coil, but it also supports Ti, SS and also Nichrome and Kanthal.

Temperature Control works very well with Ni200, Ti and SS (you can use the included SS coil for the Toptank in TC mode), however it didn’t seem to work too well with Nichrome or Kanthal, with a bit of a flat vape and the occasional dry hit creeping in.

The Kanger Toptank Mini performs much in the same way as the Kanger Subtank, with very good flavor and vapor.

You have three coils packaged here, the Ni200 coil (which is pre installed), an SS coil (which can also be used in temperature control) and a 0.5ohm Clapton kanthal coil.

There is also an RBA coil included for you to get started with rebuilding!

The good thing about the Kanger Toptank Mini is that depending on the coil used, the airflow options offer a lung hit as well as a mouth to lung hit as well.

The Ni200 coil I found offered a bit of a cool vape and was a bit muted, however the Clapton coil and SS coil offer big clouds and very good flavor.

What I Liked

Value wise, you won’t get much better for your money.

Both the Toptank and the Kbox Mini 75w TC are excellent, and considering as you get both of these plus a whole host of spares and coils for a great price it’s looking like superb value.

The Kanger Subtank has always been a solid performer and the top filling version, in the form of the Kanger Toptank, is no different.

The SS and Clapton coils included within the kit offer an outstanding vape, that has plenty of flavor and vapor.

The RBA coil deserves a special mention on its own as it is one of the easiest RBA decks to build on, and great for beginners to learn how to build their first coils on.

It offers scope for a lot of different styles of coils to be built as well, it’s forgiving to build on and still in my opinion delivers the best vape out of all of the Kanger coil heads when set up correctly.

TC fans will be pleased with the Kbox Mini 75w TC as this supports Ni200, SS, Ti, Kanthal and Nichrome in Temperature Control, meaning one of the most comprehensive temperature control functions can be found here.

What I Didn’t Like

The temperature control mode with the Kbox Mini 75w TC is good with Ni200, SS and Ti, however it wasn’t too good when using Kanthal or Nichrome.

It does state those coils are supported in temperature control mode, however the vape I found was a little on the weak side, plus there didn’t seem to be any dry coil protection, as I did get a few dry hits.

The build quality on the whole is pretty good, however after a week or so I did get paint chipping off of the Toptank. The finish on the Toptank isn’t great and it almost seemed like the paint was a slightly darker color than what is found on the Kbox Mini 75w TC!

The Ni200 TC coil included with the Toptank gives a pretty poor vape in my opinion.

I haven’t had a great experience in the past with Kanger’s Ni200 coil heads, and these don’t seem to be much of an improvement.

The vape is very cool and seemed to be very muted as well.

Final Kanger Top Box Kit Review Verdict

I thought the Subox Kit I reviewed previously was a great kit, but the Kanger Topbox Mini kit is on a new level.

The included stainless steel and Clapton coils give an excellent vape, full of flavor and vapor, and the RBA coil I believe is still one of the easiest ones available to get to grips with and build on.

It’s a really good value kit, and the Kbox Mini 75w TC mod that is included with the kit is packed with features as well.

The Good

  • Great value kit. There’s virtually everything you need to get started
  • The Kanger Toptank is a solid performer and you get great flavour and clouds from this tank
  • You can direct lung hit or mouth to lung on the Toptank
  • Lots of different coil options available for the Toptank
  • RBA coil means you can dive into rebuilding
  • Great looking kit
  • Kbox Mini 75w TC offers a great temperature control option
    75w means plenty of power

The Not So Good

  • The paint finish on the Toptank didn’t seem to match up with my Kbox Mini 75w on closer inspection
  • Ni200 coil included offers a bit of a flat vape
  • TC doesn’t seem to work with Nichrome or Kanthal properly as advertised
  • Battery does drain down quickly at high wattage
  • Paint comes away from the Toptank easily
Build Quality
Ease Of Use
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  1. I have had 2 the first one never worked correctly and leaked the second one works really well but still leaks if anyone has had similar issues I would be grateful for a quick fix.

    • Hey Alan,

      Where are you experiencing leaking? Through the base, through the airflow, or somewhere else?

      Sometimes it can be as simple as checking the coil head is screwed in enough. Also, what juice are you using in terms of PG/VG ratio. Sometimes thinner (higher PG) juices may not wick properly in the coils.

      And lastly, are the O ring seals at the top and bottom of the tank in place OK?

      Let me know Alan.



  2. Sleek sexy design perfect topfill with just right tank size love that it is tc and the coils are rba amazing it’s perfect


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