Before we get into our KiK Vape 02 review, lets learn a little more about the company itself.kik vape pen review

KiK electronic cigarettes are based in Manchester, UK and have been online since 2013.

What Can We Expect From the KIK E Cig Kit?

The core hardware products they supply are mainly focused towards the beginner vaper but they also stock some advanced mods from brands such as Innokin, SMOK and Aspire.

This particular kit is a vape stick style with a 900 mAh integrated battery topped with a standard mouth to lung vape tank.

The KiK e liquid range is huge, however. They have a number of separate categories including USA made, Gold Range and the KiK Cloud e juice range that is an 80%VG mix.

OK, so there is a little about KiK electronic cigarettes.

Let get on with the KiK Vape 02 review and see if they can be up there with the best e cigarettes in the UK.

In The Box

The KiK Vape 02 starter kit includes the following:

  • 900 mAh Battery
  • KiK Protank Clearomizer
  • USB Charger

Build Quality & Design

The KiK 02 vape pen is a 900 mAh rated battery that is based on the Evod style of battery with it’s flush fit firing button.

The Vape 02 is available in 6 colours, covering most basis to pick a look that fits your personal preferences.Kik Vape 02 Battery

I received the silver battery for this review which I’m a big fan of. Aesthetically it’s a streamlined, fuss free design that feels good in the hand.

The KiK branding is at the base of the battery but no too in your face.

The standard 5 clicks of the power button will turn the battery on/off. Always a good option to have when carrying around in our pocket or bag.kik vape 2 review

The battery has a eGo/510 threading. This top section is where you screw the USB charger to re-charge the battery. Simply plug into a USB port. Please don’t use wall plugs such as a phone charger if you are unsure they are suitable.

Be safe and use the USB port on a computer or do a little research and find a suitable, quality wall adapter.

The battery definitely suits eGo threaded tanks better. Good news is it comes with just the tank.

KiK Pro Tank

The KiK Protank sits well on top of the battery and looks great when set up and ready to vape.KiK protank drip tip

It’s finished in metal, not sure what the exact material is but, again, it’s a solid bit of kit.

I did find the threading a little rough when attaching to the battery.

The only other downside to this tank is that it has a fixed drip tip. For beginners it’s not a huge issue but some vapers don’t like the feeling of metal in their mouth.

Filling the KiK ProTank

If you are a new vaper then it might look a little overwhelming to begin with but don’t worry. You will be up and running in no time by following these simple steps.KIK Protank refill

First things first, take the base off the tank, remove the coil and practice putting it back together without e juice in the tank. Once you are familiar with the way it fits then it’s time to fill with eliquid.

  • Unscrew the base
  • Ensure the coil head is screwed into the base finger tight. Don’t over-tighten this part.
  • Turn the tank upside down so the mouth piece is facing down.
  • Put the nib of your e liquid bottle against the outside wall of the tank.
  • Gently fill but don’t go over the center post.
  • Also don’t get e liquid in the center post. It doesn’t go in there 🙂
  • Screw the base back on.
  • Important! Leave the tank to sit upright for 5 minutes. This allows the juice to soak into the coils.
  • Your ready to vape!

See, simple isn’t it?

How Does The KiK Vape 02 Perform?

I tried out the KIK with Manabush Powwow Sauce in 12mg nic strength.

The flavour that the tank produces is good, although not great.

KiK Vape 02 review

Vapour Volume is OK for the size of atomizer coil, for beginners you shouldn’t be disappointed although more advanced vapers may be left wanting a little more.

Coil Life

Keep in mind coils aren’t built to last forever. You will need to replace them every now and then. Again this is difficult to pin down to an exact time as there are many variables.KiK Protank Atomizer coil

The amount you vape and the type of e liquid you use can all contribute to wearing the coil down quicker.

As soon as you notice a change in flavour or even a slight burnt taste, it’s time to change.

I normally change out coils every 15 or so tank refills. It all depends! A replacement pack of three represents good value.

Battery Life

The 900 mAh battery is a stayer. Paired with the Protank, which isn’t a power hungry tank, I easily got a full day of moderate vaping.

You may well get more depending on your vaping habits.

Final KiK Vape 02 Review

If you are brand new to vaping the Vape 02 kit by KiK is as good starting point.

Very easy to use and refill with very good battery life. Just be sure to add e-liquid to your order.

If, however, you are a more advanced vaper looking for performance this isn’t going to be the kit for you.


  • Good battery quality and life
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Replaceable atomizer coils
  • Good flavour


  • Metal drip tip may be an issue for some as it cannot be removed/replaced.
  • Threading a little rough on the tank/battery

Did you buy the KIK Vape pen? We would love to here your thoughts in the comments below.

Build Quality
Ease of Use
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    • Hey Angie,

      The Kik Vape pen should be ready to use out of the box.

      Charging time usually takes 2-3 hours. Look for the light on the charger, it’s red when charging. When the battery is fully charged it will turn green.

      Hope that helps.




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