The Kizoku Unlimit DL RTA, isan interesting versatile rebuildable tank atomizer that is not limited to just DIY coils.

Based in China Kizoku Tech is a fairly new company, the first time I heard their company name was a year or so ago in relation to their novel chess like 510 mouth pieces.

Kizoku Unlimit RTA art header

I’m also a proud owner of a set of their invaluable colourful magnetic atomizer stands, that I use all the time.

Cell stands Kizoku

Their other hardware products include the Kirin kit, Limit MTL RTA as well as their new Techmod.

What Can We Expect From the Unlimit DL RTA Atomizer?

The Kizoku Unlimit DL RTA is a multi optional DIY atomizer, and is the 2nd multi functioning RTA they’ve produced, of course the first being their Limit MTL RTA!

This RTA tank can be transformed into different modes and support direct to lung vaping, which is an incredibly exciting and practical idea if you stop and think about it.

Kizoku Unlimit RTA mod liquid

The DIY build deck can hold up to 8mm coils, and be easily removed in favour of a sub ohm stock coil.

The main structure has a clever spring loaded push in lock ring to hold the base in position that also controls the liquid flow.

The RTA hosts 2 external airflow systems and has a restricting plug for the internal DIY deck airflow which tries to mimic a mouth to lung style vape.

As a bonus The Kizoku Unlimit DL Unlimit can hold various amounts of e-liquid in different modes with the largest being 6.5ml!

Kizoku Unlimit RTA mod liquid 2

This RTA was sent to me for the purpose of review, and as always my thoughts and views are my own after a considerable testing period.

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Inside The Box

    • Unlimit DL RTA
    • Replacement bubble glass
    • Extender adaptor
    • Airflow restrictor plug
    • Spare parts, driver, screws, O’rings
    • 2 Pre made DIY Coils
    • 2 Cotton laces
    • 1 Stock coil KCU1-5Ω
    • 1 User manual

Kizoku Unlimit RTA full kit


  • Size: 24mm diameter
  • length is 55mm (extended) 45mm (standard) and 41mm (stock coils)
  • E-liquid capacity (DIY) 6.5ml/5.5ml/3.5ml
  • E-liquid capacity (Stock) 5ml/3ml/2ml
  • Dual and single airflow control
  • Refill: Top filling
  • Drip tip: 810 Delrin
  • 510 connection
  • Materials: Stainless Steel, Pyrex, Delrin
  • Colours: SS, Gun Metal and Black

Design and Build Quality

The kit comes in a cardboard box, as you can see I was sent the stainless steel sample kit for this review.

Kizoku Unlimit RTA 45
In all my years of reviewing, I don’t think I have ever come across a more intriguing tank, unless you want to go back a few years and talk about the IJoy Combo RDTA 2 lol.

Kizoku Unlimit DL RTA

Made from stainless steel, Pyrex and Delrin the diameter of the Unlimit is 24mm, the tank can be broken down into 10 parts.

Kizoku Unlimit RTA parts

With 4 different modes; it can be increased to a total of 55mm in height, with the aid of the included extender.

Kizoku Unlimit RTA 55

And reduced to 41mm in stock coil mode.

Kizoku Unlimit RTA normal stock mode

Straight out of the box the tank measures in at 45mm in its standard mode.

Kizoku Unlimit DL RTA – 45mm standard and 55mm extended modes

On the bottom of the base all the normal info has been laser printed along with a unique serial number, the standard 510 connection threads have been turned very well and the connection pin is gold plated.

Kizoku Unlimit RTA info base

The removable stainless steel DIY build deck is a postless design and has 4 flat head screw wire clamps and 2 cotton wick slots, the internal airflow can be reduced using the included push in restrictor plug.

Kizoku Unlimit RTA plug restricter

The adjustable exterior airflow ring has 2 slots whatever you put one on is mirrored by the other.

Kizoku Unlimit RTA deck postless

The build deck and base are attached to the main structure by a push up spring loaded locking ring that also acts as a liquid valve, which means it’s easy to adjust your cotton or coils without losing any liquid.

Kizoku Unlimit RTA base release

The main structure is all one piece and includes the chimney section which has a rainbow look, along with a 2nd external airflow ring.

Kizoku Unlimit RTA main structure

The glass sits on an o-ring around the chimney section and the top fill port screws into place on the chimney.

The top cap and 810 drip tip screws to the fill port, in standard mode the tank will hold either 5.5 or 3.5ml of liquid depending if you use the straight or bubble glass.

Kizoku Unlimit RTA fill cap extender

Adding the extender make this tank 55mm, unscrew the cap, and screw on the extender to the fill port, and the tank will now hold 6.5 or 5.5ml of liquid again depending on the glass you use.

Kizoku Unlimit DL RTA – Sub Ohm Stock Coil Mode

Again like the above modes depending on which glass and extender depends on the amount of liquid the tank will hold, the amounts calculated by Kizoku are 5ml, 3ml or 2ml.

Kizoku Unlimit DL RTA – Pyrex Glass

The tank comes with 2 choices of glass tank a straight and bubble glass.

Kizoku Unlimit DL RTA – Stock Coils

The tank comes with 1 Mesh stock sub ohm coil “KCU1” rated at 0.15Ω, 70 to 80w.

The tank is also compatible with Horizon M1 Falcon coils, which was a bonus for me as the stock coil they sent with the kit didn’t last long!

The construction, quality and design of the Kizoku Unlimit DL RTA – are really very good!

How Does the Kizoku Unlimit DL RTA Perform?

For this review I will using the RTA in DIY Mode with the premade dual 0.1Ω coils and will fill the RTA with “Islander” Sun Seeker liquid, then moving on to the stock coil mode with the same liquid.

Kizoku Unlimit RTA checkhand1

The device I will be using is the VooPoo Alpha Zip.

Kizoku Unlimit DL RTA – Quick Start Guide

Decide which mode you want to use the Unlimit in – DIY or Stock Coil mode and which glass.

  • DIY – install your coils, place your cotton wick through the coils, cut the cotton and tuck the cotton tails through the wick slots dampen with e-liquid and reassemble the RTA.full loaded
  • Stock Coil – Remove the build deck and replace it with a new coil head, don’t forget to prime the coil with a few drops of liquid, reassemble the tank without the chimney section.stock base
  • Filling the tank in either mode – remove the top cap and fill through the slots replace the cap, in all modes you can use the extender or not it’s up to you!fill
  • Place on a device and open the external airflow to your liking – enjoy.

Kizoku Unlimit DL RTA – DIY Mode – 40 to 80w

Setting the external airflow first by leaving off the bottom airflow and only using the centre airflow a half, and set to 40w and I have to say it was a great vape with a good amount of warm vapour, the flavour was nice!

Next I added the bottom airflow by half and whacked the wattage up to 60w! Again I experienced a descent amount of vapour slightly cooler but with nice flavour!


I then opened both airflows fully together and put the wattage to 80w – Whoo Hoo  – oh my, the vapour production was incredible, it was so thick and dense I filled my small office with just 2 puffs lol, flavour wise for me wasn’t as exciting, it was OK but nothing to really write home about.

Kizoku Unlimit DL RTA – Stock Coil Mode – 50 to 70w

I wasn’t initially disappointed with this mode, until the supplied coil bummed out less than an hour into my testing!

Starting at 50w and increased to 70w the flavour was OK but not as good as in DIY mode, the vapour production was good fully open however the tank did get very hot and before the coil stopped working I experienced hot liquid in my mouth yuck!


Thankfully I found an old M1 Falcon coil in my draw and was able to finish the day out with it!

Kizoku Unlimit DL RTA – E-liquid Consumption etc

In RTA mode with the bubble glass and the extender in place it was a joy to use, I enjoyed a good 1 1/2 hours before refilling.

On purpose in RTA mode I kept removing the base to see the state of the cotton and coils and to test if the tank leaked.

 coil mode mod

It doesn’t leak if you turn the device upside down when removing the base, I did however find that from cold the RTA would leak a little from the bottom airflow!

In stock coil mode, even though I had the bubble glass in place with the Falcon coil in, I still had to fill up every 20 to 30 minutes, while I put this down to my chain vaping a low liquid capacity and the Falcon coil.


  • Good flavour
  • Excellent vapour production in RTA mode
  • Very good build quality and design
  • Easy to build and maintain in RTA mode
  • Easy to remove build deck with no liquid loss
  • Good liquid consumption in RTA mode


  • Stock coil mode the tank gets hot
  • Stock coil mode the liquid consumption is high
  • From cold the bottom airflow does leak a little

Final Review Verdict

Being that this is my first experience with one of Kizoku’s tanks, I was very impressed by both the quality and design.

It was nice to have a multi optional tank, and I was very impressed by the amount of vapour in RTA mode as well as the liquid consumption!

I was kind of shocked in stock coil mode the supplied coil head didn’t last long maybe it was a duff one?

Would I recommend the Kizoku Unlimit DL RTA?

“Yes” I would! This RTA would suit builders of all levels and for those that want the convenience of a stock tank.

Would I buy this RTA again due loss or damage?

Using my vape budget hands,  I’d come down on the side of “Yes”.

Is this a tank your interested in?

Any thoughts or opinions?

Do let me know in the comments below…

Worldwide Shipping – Save 15% With Code AECIGCLICK

Design and build Quality
Flavour and cloud production RTA
Flavour and cloud production stock mode
Ease of use
Replace If Lost Or Damaged?
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    • Hey Jude, I know for fact that the coils for the Falcon 2 are not compatible, all the coils designed for the original Falcon tank will fit as long as they will screw to the fill port.


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