East Meets West With A Japanese Twist On Familiar Western Dessert Flavoured Award Winning E-liquids

Created by e-liquid giants Element the Koi Traditional Japanese Desserts e-liquids are exactly as the name suggests however don’t be put off by that – the actual recipes are very familiar.

No matter where you are in the world you’ve probably heard of and tasted Yellow Cake – Lemon Meringue Pie – Cherry ice-cream and Rice pudding!

Listen if you’re of the too nervous to try something new when abroad type then fear not – these flavours are simply the Japanese take on well known desserts and from the sound and popularity of the real things – very tasty they are too.So tasty in fact that one of the four I’m putting to the taste test today won the award for Best Dessert at the recent Vaper Expo!

OK Element is a USA based company with a wondrous range of e-liquids including the hugely popular NS20 nic salts range.

Element also has an UK operation however this range is made in America and is on sale in Europe and elsewhere.

For this e-liquid review I used the Augvape Templar RDA in dual coil mode and brought out the Kaees Solomon RTA [the first version] – both cleaned and freshly wicked every time.

The range is 80VG – 20PG and come in 50ml short fill bottles containing 0mg nicotine – nic shots can be bought seperately.

The e-liquids were sent to me free of charge for the purpose of this review and as always my thoughts and opinions are my own and please remember taste is subjective ๐Ÿ˜‰

KOI – Castella – Old-fashioned Yellow Cake

TJD Say:

Rich and bouncy old fashioned Japanese yellow cake.
Savoured by everyone, kasutera is a delectable velvety sponge cake mixed with sweet vanilla and balanced with rich creamy note.
This relished blend is simply delicious.

I Say:

Oh where to begin with this absolutely stunning cakey delight!

The smell alone whisks me back to my great-aunt’s kitchen and the smell of sponge cakes baking in Aga!

A heady glorious vanilla taste on the inhale with a zillion sweet and gooey fluffy spongy yummy tones on the back note.

Exhaling this one is where my addiction to this flavour begins – it is divine and the multitude of flavours combine tricking the brain into thinking you’re eating real sweet light and spongy cake.

The mixologist is a wizard as simple as that – wow.

Perfect with a cup of tea trust me!

KOI – Sakuramochi – Black Cherry Ice Cream

TJD Say:

Soft creamy mocha ice cream draped over plump black cherries.
Luscious union of sweet black cherries and vanilla ice cream wrapped in traditional mochi, is our rendition of the world famous Japanese treat.
Rich in flavour, this elegant treat is delightfully creamy in taste and cool in flavour.

I Say:

Not a big fan of cherries if I’m honest after a very bad session back in the 70’s on that de kuyper cherry liqueur – it was either that or Cinzano as the Party Seven’s had all gone lol.

However I am a real Jabba the Hutt when it comes to ice-cream and can happily devour any and all flavours if put in front of me in record time.

To be honest I haven’t tried that many ice-cream flavoured e-liquids but this one might change all that – absolutely delicious and incredibly moreish to say the least.

Not an all day vape given those plump sweet cherries are a little cloying after a while but the creaminess is nicely balanced and tamed by the merest subtle hint of what I think is a kind of coolada or that could just be my brain tricking me into thinking it’s a real bowl of ice cream!

One to vape after a meal or as a special treat for sure.

KOI – Yatsuhashi – Cinnamon Rice Pudding

TJD Say:

Japanese style rice pudding.
Itโ€™s one of the best known meibutsu of Kyoto. It is made from glutinous rice flour, sugar, cream and cinnamon.

I Say:

Now this knocks the socks off a very well known brand of rice pudding flavoured e-liquid – OMG this is another rich creamy delight with a definite spicy tickle from the cinnamon.

Aromatic isn’t the word the aroma from the bottle and clouds is so thick you could almost cut it with a knife!

The inhale is obviously a creamy rice pudding we in the UK adore but as soon as it hits the taste-buds you get a myriad of flavours that seem to wash over your tongue competing for top spot.

There’s the hint of things to come from the cinnamon and on the exhale the warmth from the spice adds yet another level of flavour – absolutely delicious!

It’s a very thick almost filling vape if that makes sense and again not one I could vape all day but definitely if I’m in need of a pick me up – comfort food – or special sweet treat.

KOI – Yuzu Lemon Merengue

TJD Say:

Aromatic, tart and creamy blend with mile-high billowing meringue.
A delicious and naturally refreshing blend of aromatic yuzu citron with fluffy sweet meringue. This lively fusion offers a distinct creamy blend with lingering sharp citrus notes, creating a vape like no other.

I Say:

First off yeah spelling of meringue is a little off – but I’m taking it straight from source so to speak!

OK I really have left the best to last and I’m not the only one saying this as the Yuzu Lemon Merengue won Best Dessert at the recent Vaper Expo!

Richly deserved indeed and as a bit of an aficionado of lemon based e-liquid flavours I’ve tried more than a few tarts and meringues.

Without doubt this one is the best I’ve ever tried and has jumped into my all time top 5 flavours – and I can be a fussy old bugger ๐Ÿ˜‰

For me the inhale is sweet fluffy meringue before a strange but delicious kind of spice adds to the heady mix with the hint of citrus to come.

OMG on the exhale is where the magic happens with the yuzu citron – a kind of lemony mandarin – washes in leaving a fruity sweet with a hint of tartness taste.

Absolutely glorious and I don’t know who did the Vaper Expo juice judging but hat’s off to them they’ve picked out a sensational vape.

Final Review Verdict

I guess by now you can tell I like the Koi Traditional Japanese Dessert range – like it a lot.

It’s certainly bringing something new to the vaping e-liquidย tasting table for a start which is a good thing but its the levels of flavours you get off each vape that is a joy.

As you all know e-liquids can taste differently depending on what you put them in – or at least an RTA may bring out different flavours than an RDA and vice versa.

Add to that different temps and wattage and you could find a juice you dislike suddenly becoming your favourite in another tank – science bitches lol…

This is kind of the case with this range with creamier notes to the fore in the RTA whilst the RDA seems to bring a more balanced flavour especially at around 77w on both.

You’d expect clouds given the 80VG 20PG mix and oh boy do you get thick unctuous clouds that smell absolutely divine and then some.

The Yuzu Lemon Merengue is the stand out flavour with the yellow cake an absolute delight perfect with a cup of tea and so thick in the mouth it feels like you’re munching on a sponge without the calories ๐Ÿ˜‰

I don’t usually mention e-liquid packaging – my bad – but in this day and age of cartoony over the top names and designs this range oozes pure class from both the bottles and boxes – great design!

All in all an absolutely ใŠใ„ใ—ใ„ [Oishฤซ] – tasty/delicious – range of e-liquids and highly recommended.

KOI - Castella
KOI - Sakuramochi
KOI - Yatsuhashi
KOI - Yuzu Lemon Merengue
Overall Flavours
I have simpler vape tastes these days - I never leave home without a Caliburn G, a Vaporesso Luxe 40 or Innokin EQ FLTR and a CBD vape pen or bottle of CBD drops in my rucksack...or indeed an Aspire Nautilus Prime X in my pocket... At home I'll be using various mods topped with the GeekVape Zeus X RTA or the Signature Mods Mono SQ topped with the Augvape BTFC RDA... I'm a former journalist and now a writer and sometimes author... I'm ex Army - adore dogs and never happier than hiking over the hills or with a good book on a beach.


    • maybe the flavours were ‘dancing’ on my tongue ๐Ÿ˜› thanks for the heads up on my attrosush spellink! Cheers ๐Ÿ˜‰


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