The Kuga Heat Uzi Plus disposable vapes are pretty much identical to the originals that I reviewed very recently.

The difference here is the addition of the lit cigarette style filter tips that are becoming very popular nowadays, especially with smokers looking to quit.

kuga heat uzi plus review

And also the design is chunkier and as you’ll see, the internal battery size has been boosted.

There’s a total of 15 flavours and all come packaged with x2 of the filters.

Unfortunately Kuga Heat has sent me the exact same flavours as I recently reviewed, which doesn’t leave me with much to write about.

Impressive Range Of HNB and Vape Kits

What I can say is I’ve reviewed most of the Kuga Heat range and mightily impressed I’ve been.

The Kuga Heat Commando and Desert Eagle are stylish Heat Not Burn [HNB] devices that perform very well indeed.

The Knights is a dead easy to use pod kit offering both MTL and RDTL vaping whilst the Shells is a sexy looking disposable, as is the Ration and original Uzi.

The team behind the brand is made up from former Geekvape, Voopoo and SMOORE – so these folk know what they’re doing – cool website too.

What Can We Expect From the Kuga Heat UZI Plus Disposable Vapes?

For a start the internal battery has been boosted to 650mAH giving you almost double the puffs at around 1500 per device.

Kuga Heat says that number of puffs can only be reached using the included filters.

uzi plus specs

Once again each one is filled with either 2 or 4mls of flavoured nic salt and that of course depends where in the world you live.

The website doesn’t have a list of all the flavours, however the x5 I’ve received are: Iced Jasmin Tea – Super Iced Cola – Orange Tobacco – Jamaica Blue Coffee and Mentha Piperita.

I have tried ALL of those flavours before in the review of the Kuga Heat Ration, which are also disposable vapes.

I’ll do a quick recap and add if there’s a taste/tightness difference using the filter.

OK, the five Kuga Heat Uzi Plus kits were sent direct from the company – thank you – and as always my thoughts and opinions are not swayed by freebies.

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Kuga Heat UZI Plus Disposable Vapes – Mentha Piperita

kuga heat uzi plus Mentha Piperita

This is a spearmint and watermint blend and just like the Ration, this one has a fierce throat hit.

I’m talking an Antarctic freeze that still stings this old bloke’s tonsils more than a bit.

A few vapes in and things settle down as the throat numbs up lol.

Using the filter and with 10 being tight this is an easy 9+ so yeah a VERY good MTL vape ideal for newbies.

Kuga Heat UZI Plus Disposable Vapes – Iced Jasmin Tea

iced jasmin tea flavour vape

I wasn’t that keen on this flavour and nope nothing has changed.

It smells more like minty menthol than ice and it still has that perfume to it.

Not one for me but again a proper tight MTL vape.

Kuga Heat UZI Plus Disposable Vapes – Super Iced Cola

super iced cola

Yet another ice cold blast to the back of the throat – no fizz but a real hardcore tickle.

Yes you can taste the cola, but that coolant overpowers everything.

As I said the first time I tried this flavour, if you like a jaw juddering cold vape this is right up your street.

Again the perfect MTL vape with that filter.

Kuga Heat UZI Plus Disposable Vapes – Jamiaca Blue Coffee

jamaica blue coffee vape

I enjoyed this one in the Kuga Heat Ration and really enjoyed it in the Uzi PLus.

Given the filter almost squeezes the flavour, the coffee notes feel more intense and bitter in a good way.

The coolant has been dialed down quite a bit making this more suitable for my palate.

Coffee flavoured e-liquid lovers rejoice – this is lovely.

Kuga Heat UZI Plus Disposable Vapes – Orange Tobacco

kuga heat uzi plus orange tobacco

I emptied this one first in the Ration review – so is it the same again?

I’m still getting that chocolatey orange smell, but absolute no chocolate taste.

The orange compliments the mildish tobacco making for a gentle/subtle yet intense flavoured vape if that makes sense lol.

Final Review Verdict

Having reviewed a number of starter kits that feature those lit cig style tips, I like the concept.

They really do have a familiar feel in the mouth and replicate those roll up tips perfectly.

I’d say the narrowing of the drip tip gives a slight bump in flavour. However chain vape on these and those tips do get a little warm – so go steady.

Flavour wise they’re way too icy for me – so if you’re an ex menthol smoker or a regular vaper you’ll love them.

Worldwide Shipping – Save 10% With Code ECIGCLICK

Jamaica Blue Coffee
Mentha Piperita
Iced Jasmin Tea
Orange Tobacco
Super Iced Cola
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