Liberty Flights were established in 2009 and have online stores both in the UK and USA. They also have 5 stores in the UK you can visit in Darwen, Stockport, Leigh, Rawtenstall and Clitheroe.

Their online store sells a tight range of e cigs but a large amount of  accessories aimed at all levels of ecig user from kits such as this, the DSE 901-T, all the way up-to the Provari and other MOD’s.

What Can We Expect From The DSE-901T by Liberty Flights?

The DSE 901-T kit we purchased for review cost £23.84, the usual price is £26.49 but we used our discount code ECIGCLICK to save 5%.

Let take a closer look at this electronic cigarette.

In The Box

The presentation box is a classy looking matt black with a magnetic flap closure, inside the box was the following:

Liberty Flights DSE 901T Contents

2 X 901 Batteries
2 X Atomisers
5 x Blank Tanks Cartridges
1 X Charger

Battery / Responsiveness

The DSE 901-T e cig kit comes with 2 automatic batteries, they are available in 3 colours, black, chrome and titanium.

I went for the black option which comes in a glossy finish but feels good in the hand with a cool metal feel.

Liberty Flights haven’t gone down the route of the cig-a-like, the only resemblance to a cigarette here is the shape of the e cigarette which I don’t personally have a problem with as this on a whole looks pretty slick.

Liberty Flights DSE 901 T Review

The performance was decent and whilst it was responsive to me taking a drag I did find I was having to draw a little harder to be sure I was getting enough vapour coming through.

Now electronic cigarettes do require you to take bigger drags than tobacco cigs but this was just a little more than usual.

The battery life was pretty much standard for this size of battery coming in at 180 mAh.

This was lasting me around 1.5-2 hours of vaping time, it does come with 2 batteries though which is essential with any kit with the smaller batteries, also referred to as mini e cigs. If you are a heavy smoker coming over to e cigs you may find that these batteries run out a little too quickly for your liking.

If that is the case then it’s recommended you take a look at the performance electronic cigarettes such as the Apollo Ohm Go or the Vim Pod Mod from Jacvapour.

The only other thing missing from this setup is a PCC (portable charging case) but for an extra £17.99 you can add one, this is definitely worth considering if you are going to be using your e cigarette when out and about.

Overall – The batteries look good and even though I was having to draw a little harder the battery responded well. The battery life however may not be good enough for the heavy smokers considering this e cig.


This kit doesn’t come with any e-liquid and since you are supplied with empty cartridges you will need to buy your own. They do stock a large range of e-liquids though over at so plenty to go at!


I personally use Halo Vapour Co e-liquid.

I really like the level of flexibility you get with this kit as you are not tied down to a certain brands flavours if they only supply pre-filled cartomisers.

Don’t get me wrong, these kind of kits can be fantastic and for many are the only way to go, screw in a cartomiser and you are ready to go. Once it runs out of juice you simply replace it.

For those that like the idea of trying a variety of different e-liquids or simply filling your own (it can also be more cost effective) then you will want to look for an e cigarette starter kit such as this that allows you to use empty cartomisers with it. You can then purchase e-liquid from anywhere.

The DSE 901-T is a little different from the majority of beginners starter kits in that it is a 3 piece e cigarette rather than a two piece. The e cigarette consists of the battery, atomiser and tank cartridge. In the two piece kits the atomiser is built into the cartridge resulting in a cartomiser.

The cartomiser is then the disposable part. With the DSE 901 the atomiser can be used a number of times (usually a few weeks) before a replacement is needed as can the tank cartridge.

DSE 901 Atomiser Battery

This again adds flexibility as different atomisers can be purchased to fit in more with your vaping needs. If you are a new vaper though this is stuff you don’t need to concern yourself with as the supplied atomisers are just fine.

From a personal perspective I have always preferred two piece e cigs and this hasn’t done anything to change my mind. I personally don’t want the extra steps of buying and replacing atomisers and like the simplicity cartomisers bring. Again this is just my preference and not everyone will agree.

As far as vapour production goes with this e cig I was getting a great vapour volume coming through so no issues there. This may change slightly depending on what e-liquid you use though.

I did have a problem with one of my atomisers though in that it was just producing a burnt taste for me, it is slightly annoying but these things can happen. I switched to the spare atomiser and all was fine and it produced good flavour and vapour from my juice.

Overall – The separate tank and atomiser for many will be fine, if not a good thing but for me personally I prefer a 2 piece e cig design. E-liquid has to be bought separately but the vapour volume I was getting was very good. I had one problem in that one of my atomisers was producing nothing but a horrible burnt taste.

Final Verdict

Liberty Flights have a very solid e cigarette in the DSE 901-T and there isn’t much to fault it. Yes I had dud atomiser but this is just one of those things that can happen.

The one thing you have to decide on is if a 3 piece kit is the way to go for you. For me personally I would edge towards a 2 piece e cigarette especially if you are brand new to vaping.

Reason being it just makes things that little bit more simple and straightforward which I think is very important when first starting out. Take a look at Vapour2 Cigs and Epuffer e cig starter kits for solid two piece options.

If the 3 piece is for you then you won’t go far wrong with the DSE 901 from Liberty Flights.

Final Liberty Flights DSE 901 T Review Verdict

DSE 901-T – Recommended by

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