The Lost Vape Thelema Solo 100w kit has just landed and I’m super excited to see how it performs.

Lost vape thelema solo 100w kit

Lost Vape were founded in 2014 by Frank Guo. His aim for Lost Vape was to create unique, high-end devices, designed with functionality, beauty, and ease of use in mind.

Their product range overs pretty much every type of product, although their range is a bit weak on the RBA side. They have a few RDAs but no RTAs or RDTAs (to the best of my knowledge).

The Thelema range itself is pretty big. It consists of the Thelema DNA 250C mod, Thelema Quest 200W Kit and the Thelema 80W Pod Mod Kit.

I’ve reviewed a few Lost Vape devices (BTB, Gemini Hybrid and Grus) and if there is one thing I know about Lost Vape, it’s that their devices are usually unique and durable.

What To Expect From The Lost Vape Thelema Solo 100w Kit?

Lost Vape say “Led by market demand, proceed from realities, and respect vapers’ voice, Lost Vape flesh starts with a single 21700 battery Thelema Solo 100W Kit, insisting on the previous replaceable battery door design, providing diversity, Individuality, and uniqueness on a solid device.”

Lost vape thelema solo 100w kit

I’m not quite sure what that means… however, I do know the Thelema Solo 100W kit is a C Frame mod that takes an external 21700 battery. I like that, in fact it’s the first thing I noticed.

The Thelema Solo kit has 5 power modes: Wattage (upto 100w), VPC (Variable power curve), Bypass. Voltage and Temperature Control (SS904, SS316, Ti & Ni).

It also allows you to set 3 user presets making it easier to switch between preferred settings.

it also uses the Quest 2.0 chip “for precise control, stable performance, a powerful experience, infinite possibilities and ultimate perfection”.

The kit comes with the UB PRO tank which is… very interesting. It’s certainly a new twist to the way things have been going.

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In The Box

  • Thelema Solo 100w Mod
  • 5ml UB PRO Pod Tank
  • 0.15ohm UB Pro P1 Coil
  • 0.3ohm UB Pro P3 Coil
  • 18650 battery adapter
  • 4 x Spare O Rings
  • USB-C Cable
  • Warranty Card
  • User Manual

Specs & Features

  • Size: 39x 28.5x 97.5mm
  • Weight: 150g
  • Battery: External 21700 /18650
  • Power Range: 5-100w
  • Output Voltage: 0.7-8V
  • Current Range: 1-35A
  • Temperature Range: 100-315C / 200-600F
  • Coil Resistance Supported: 0.15-5ohm
  • Screen: 0.96″
  • Body Material: Zinc-Alloy
  • Modes: Wattage, VPC, Bypass, Voltage and Temperature Control (SS904, SS316, Ti & Ni)
  • Coils: UB Pro

Build & Design Quality

The Lost Vape Thelema Solo 100w comes in 8 different designs, which is made of up 2 different series. There is the ‘Full Leather Series’, which has 3 colours and the Carbon Fibre Leather Series which has 8 colours.

Lost vape thelema solo 100w kit colours

I received the SS Carbon Fibre and I have to say it does have that signature Lost Vape look to it. I think it’s the branded side panels and the overall shape that gives the device that signature look. Even if you were to remove the actual branding, it would still be fairly obvious what brand it is.

If you want to play about with the designs, that’s also possible because the battery doors are interchangeable.

Thelema Solo 100w Kit Battery Port

My overall favourite part of the Lost Vape Thelema Solo 100w mod is the C frame feature.

In my opinion C frame type battery sections are the easiest and most reliable battery section door.

Lost vape thelema solo 100w kit battery port

On the Thelema Solo 100w mod the battery door latches on by 2 magnets. The magnets are placed at the back of the door (where it bends), there is one at the top and one at the bottom. Despite the magnets being pretty small, they do hold really well.

On the edge, at either side of the ‘door’, is a tongue and grove system with a sloped edge. The tongues aren’t very deep, in fact they’re not even that noticeable, however they do make putting the door on a lot easier, to that extent it’s effortless.

Like most C frame mods, when the door panel is removed there is a backing on one side of the battery to add extra support to the structure and the battery placement.

Lost vape thelema solo 100w kit battery port

The Leather patch isn’t padded, at least not enough to feel, but it’s well placed and secure.

Full points for the battery port and door panel.

Thelema Solo 100w Kit Buttons

The mod has 4 buttons. The fire button, up button, select button and down button.

Lost vape thelema solo 100w kit buttons

I’ve always said I like 4 button mods because that extra button makes the device so much easier to use. And although that’s still true, I have to be honest, due to me being so used to 3 button mods it confused me a little at first.

The fire button is positioned near the top of the front of the mod.

The other 3 buttons are positioned under the screen, just above the USB-C port.

All the buttons are curved upwards and are super smooth. They’re all raised by 2.5mm and they’re nice to press.

Thelema Solo 100w Kit Screen

The screen on the Thelema Solo 100w mod is 0.96″, measuring at approximately 23x12mm.

Lost vape thelema solo 100w kit screen

In the settings option you can change the screen brightness and the theme colour. The theme colours available are blue, yellow, white, red, green and purple.

The layout of the screen is as simple as it needs to be, while also looking quite well designed.

Across the top there is the coil resistance reading, the battery percentage and a battery bar indicator.

Just below that is the power mode setting with the power setting below that.

Moving to the bottom half of the screen, there is the puff timer and user selection (1, 2 or 3).

Below those is the secondary power setting, this allows you to choose soft, normal or hard on power mode and it allows you to choose a wattage setting on TC mode. To the side is the puff counter.

At bottom is the settings button, which allows you to access the settings menu.

Thelema Solo 100w Kit 510 Connection

The 510 connection plate is positioned above the battery, so it’s not centred but it’s not far off. Even if it were centred you wouldn’t be able to get a bigger tank on the mod because it’s oblong.

Lost vape thelema solo 100w kit 510 plate

There is a connection plate surrounding the port which is always good to see. The connection plate is 23mm in diameter and is held down by 3 torx screws.

UB Pro Pod Tank Design & Build Quality

I’ve always been quite vocal on my opinions of the ever disappearing line of what’s a pod and what’s a tank.

Lost vape thelema solo 100w kit ub pro pod tank fill port

When VooPoo brought out the PnP Pods /PnP Pod Tank, I declared that the line had officially been blurred.

Although I don’t think there is an official definition of whats a pod and whats a tank (and I have no idea who should be able to make the official definitions). In my opinion if the base screws on, then it’s a tank.

Lost Vape have designed what I call a tank, but they have designed it to have a striking resemblance to pod tanks and they have also called it a pod tank.

What do you think? Is it the fill port that makes it a pod? Is it the lack of a top cap? Is it the screw on base that makes it a tank? Let us know what you think in the comments.

UB Pro Pod Tank Base

Excluding the 510 connection screw the base stands at 16mm tall and at the widest point it is 28mm in diameter.

Lost vape thelema solo 100w kit ub pro pod tank base

It very much resembles the pod tank bases that we have all come to know and love however it screws onto the rest of the tank, rather than using magnets clips of grip grooves.

The threads aren’t on the widest part of the port, they are deeper down and more centred.

I’m also not massively impressed with the threads that connect to the rest of the tank. They don’t feel as smooth as they aught to be.

UB Pro Pod Tank Adjustable Airflow

The airflow adjustment ring has diagonal stripes that go around the entire ring.

Lost vape thelema solo 100w kit ub pro pod tank adjustable airflow

These lines are great for grip. However, the airflow ring has infinite turning which I’m not a fan of.

First of all more attention is needed as setting the airflow fully open as the turn doesn’t stop.

Secondly there is no grip on the base itself, which can make unscrewing the ‘pod’ tank from the mod or unscrewing the pod from the base harder.

The airflow consists of 3 pill shaped holes, all of which measure at 10×2.5mm.

While fully open the airflow is huge and while fully closed it isn’t airtight, it’s more of a Restrictive Direct to Lung.

UB Pro Pod Section

As I said at the beginning of this section, the UB Pro tank looks perfectly like a Pod Tank.

That’s partly due to the design of the base but I think the biggest part is the top section design.

It’s made almost entirely out of black transparent plastic (except from the inside parts).

Lost vape thelema solo 100w kit ub pro pod tank fill hole

The fill hole is towards the top of the pod but on the side. The hole itself is a decent size and it’s covered by a bung which is even easy for us nail biters to remove.

UB Pro Pod Tank Mouth Piece

The mouth piece on the Lost Vape UB Pro pod tank is a standard 810 tip with 2 O-rings on the mouth piece itself.

Lost vape thelema solo 100w kit ub pro pod tank mouth peice

The outer shape of the mouth piece forms a conical shape. It stands 10mm tall from the top of the tank. At the base it is 17mm in diameter and at the top it is 14.5mm in diameter.

I like it.

Quick Start Guide

Filling The Lost Vape UB Pro Pod Tank

  • Lift the fill hole bung from the side of the tank
  • Fill the tank through the fill hole port
  • Reapply the bung
  • If this is the first time using the coil, allow it for soak for 5 minutes before using.

Changing The UB Pro Coils

While holding the tank upside down look inside from the side. See that huge metal round bit? Any liquid above that (while upside down) will leak when you remove the coil.

  • Unscrew the base from the tank
  • holding the tank upside down, pull out the coil
  • Push the new coil into the tank until it is secure
  • Fill the pod and allow to soak for 5 minutes before using

Thelema Solo 100w Mod Operations

  • Turn on/off = Press fire button 5 times within 2 seconds
  • Change Power= press + or – until the power setting is selected, then press the select button then press +/- to change the mode. Finally press select to save and exit.
  • Change Mode= press + or – until the mode is selected, then press the select button then press +/- to change the mode. Finally press select to save and exit.
  • Change user preset= press + or – until the user is selected, then press the select button then press +/- to change the user. Finally press select to save and exit.
  • Clear puff count = press + or – until the puff count is selected, then press the select button.
  • Lock the +/- buttons = press and hold the + and – buttons at the same time.
  • Enter the settings menu= use +/- buttons to highlight ‘settings’ press select.

I’m going to leave it there because it could be a really long list, in order to do most things just remember the middle button is for selecting, while the +/- buttons are for navigating and changing the value after you have pressed select.

To see how you can set the VPC see below in the power modes section.

Power Modes

There isn’t really anything new here but I figured I’d do a write up for anyone that hasn’t seen these modes before.

Wattage is straightforward and the most common. Simply set the wattage you require. The higher the wattage value the more vape you should get, but it’s always advised to stay in or near the recommended range.

TC is Temperature Control. Most (I think all) tanks don’t actually check the temperature, they use math involving the coils material and resistance. In this mode you set your desired temperature and wattage.

VPC is variable power curve, this allows you to pre-program the wattage for every second of your draw, so you can set the power to change in anyway while you’re drawing.

To set this change the power mode to VPC, then the system will automatically take you to the screen to set it up. Use the +/- to do up and down through the seconds and to change a value to select it, then press +/- to change the value of that second and press select to save it.

Voltage is the same as wattage, with the obvious difference, it sets the power output in voltage rather than wattage.

Finally Bypass uses the full power of the battery to fire the coil as high as it can, while protecting the battery. Each time you use it, the output will get less and less powerful.

Ramp up Time

The modes “soft”, “normal” and “Hard” refer to ramp up time or the ‘wattage curve’. It will come down to personal preference. You can tell a difference between the 3. I personally (as always) prefer hard. I think it heightens flavour and gives more of a kick, especially because I like higher power shorter puffs.

How Does The Lost Vape Thelema Solo 100w Kit Perform?

The UB Pro Coils are absolutely huge!

I used Rochford Projects Lemon Meringue Tart to test out both coils. It’s a 70VG/30PG liquid and I’ve added a nic-shot to bring it up to 3mg.

0.15ohm UB Pro P1 Coil

The 0.15ohm UB Pro P1 Coil is recommended to be used at 70-90W. I should point out that my coil is actually reading 0.18ohm.

Lost vape thelema solo 100w kit ub pro pod tank p1 0.15ohm coil

The kit comes in ‘soft’ mode and when I was using it, I noticed that the flavour seemed a bit tainted.

It’s hard to explain but the best way I can think of is, it tasted a bit cardboard like. I think it was the taste of the cotton coming through. Either way after about 20 puffs it seemed to fade away, however it never fully went and I used this coil for about 6 days.

I also noticed it was less prominent in ‘Normal’ and even less in ‘hard’ mode.

In good tradition we’ll start down low. At 60W it doesn’t feel like you’re getting a whole lot of vapour, but with a slow inhale you get a pretty impressive whole mouth flavour and lovely thick cloud.

Not much changes at 70W but everything is heightened. You get a little more flavour and a touch more cloud.

Jumping to the max recommended power at 90W, the flavour almost floods the mouth and still the vapour production is so smooth that it feels like you’re not getting much, however on the exhale you actually get a nice medium sized thick cloud.

Personally I like the feel of more of a thick cloud rolling out and while you don’t get that it’s super smooth and you do still get cloud.

Throughout all the power settings I found the flavour was best with the airflow fully open, turning it down even a little bit seems to lessen the flavour a lot.

0.3ohm UB Pro P3 Coil (SS904)

This coils is recommended for 60-70w / 260-290C (500-550F).

Lost vape thelema solo 100w kit ub pro pod tank p3 0.3ohm coil

Let’s start way down at 50W.

Here you actually get a fairly prominent taste, it isn’t flooding the mouth but it is pleasant.

The cloud is quite surprising too, it’s thick but not super thick but it is just as smooth as the first.

60w is the minimum recommended wattage and here the flavour really comes to life. It doesn’t flood the mouth yet, but it’s super prominent at the back of the throat and it certainly rolls around the mouth. The cloud is up a little but it’s still not major.

At max recommended power (70w) I find what I’ve been looking for, the flavour floods the mouth and the vapour is lovely and thick, you can feel it roll in and out. Beautiful!

Let’s push our luck and go upto 80W. Boom! You don’t gain too much more than at 70W, but it is incredible! The flavour and vapour are both similar to 70W but with a slight improvement.

Loved this coil, however, turning the airflow down lessened the flavour again. But at least the flavour wasn’t tainted with this coil!

Thelema Solo 100w Menus & Operations

I love how easy to use the Lost Vape Thelema Solo 100w kit is.

Lost vape thelema solo 100w kit settings

The 3 function buttons make navigation and customisation so much easier. However it also seems like quite a burden that you have to select the power before changing it.

Surely Lost Vape could have made the +/- buttons adjust the power setting then you have to press select to move to the toggle function… It could also be argued that by not having that default feature you’re less likely to accidentally change the wattage.

Overall I think unless you’re looking for a super basic mod that does the bare minimum, the Thelema Solo 100W kit has a nice User Interface and is super easy to use.

Thelema Solo 100w Battery Life & Charging

I don’t like writing this section for kits like this because truth be told I always prefer changing external batteries externally. It also depends 100% on what battery you are using, how new your battery is and how well it has been looked after.

I used 2 Golisi S35 21700 batteries for this review (one charging and the other being used).

It has a 3750mAh capacity and that’s the value that matters the most here. If your battery is bigger than 3750mAh you should expect more life and longer changing, and the same works in reverse.

At 60W I got pretty much a full day out of 1 fully charged battery. Mathematically speaking you should get just under 14 hours worth of having a 2 second puff every other minute (for 14 hours constantly).

That being said, at 90W I got most of the day out of 1 fully charged battery. Wake up, go to work, come home, have tea then consider changing my battery. However there were a couple of days where I changed the battery at bed time. Mathematically speaking you’re looking at 10 hours of a 2 second puff every other minute.


  • Good Flavour
  • Good Vapour Production
  • Well Built & Durable
  • Tank threads aren’t the smoothest
  • Easy to use
  • Takes 21700 & 18650 batteries


  • P1 coil had tainted flavour
  • Not great threads on the tank

Final Verdict

As you can see from the pros and cons, I like the Lost Vape Thelema Solo 100w.

It’s a super easy to use, slick, durable device.

I wasn’t a fan of the P1 coil that I got, it seemed tainted by a flavour or it’s just rubbish cotton however the p3 that came with the kit was pretty awesome.

The Lost Vape UB Pro hasn’t quite made it to my favourite tank/coil but it’s got my approval.

I also find it pretty interesting that the pod race has gone from tanks, to pods, to pods that look like tanks and now we have tanks that look like pods.

The Thelema Solo is a good choice for anyone that’s into sub-ohming or those that are looking for their first sub-ohm kit.

Did you buy the Lost Vape Thelema Solo? let us know what you thought in the comments below!

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Harley Vape Mill

Vaping since (2012), back when choice was limited. I was rebuilding my RDA and powering it with the awesome the Vamo V2. In 2019 I’ve opened a “Brick and Mortar” vape shop, a Vaping Mystery Box service and launched a YouTube channel that’s already gained 500 followers. Between Vaping and family, i don't often have a second to spare. My YouTube subscribers have already dubbed me “brutal”. What can I say? I’m here to do honest reviews, not a sales pitch.

Tank Build & Design Quality
Mod Build & Design Quality
UB P1 0.15ohm coil - Flavour
UB P1 0.15ohm coil - Vapour
UB P3 0.3ohm coil - Vapour
UB P3 0.3ohm coil - Flavour
Ease of Use
Replace if lost
Vaping since (2012), back when choice was limited. I was rebuilding my RDA and powering it with the awesome the Vamo V2. In 2019 I’ve opened a “Brick and Mortar” vape shop, a Vaping Mystery Box service and launched a YouTube channel that’s already gained 500 followers. Between Vaping and family, i don't often have a second to spare. My YouTube subscribers have already dubbed me “brutal”. What can I say? I’m here to do honest reviews, not a sales pitch.
lost-vape-thelema-solo-100w-kit-reviewThe tank's grip on the airflow band is great but there isn't any grip for the tank, this lost alot of design points. ease of use got a 10 because... well it's easy to use, i didn't take any points for the tanks grip because i've already done that and i didn't think it would be justified


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