The Lost Vape UB Pro Pod tank review and today we’re looking at another pod, except this one is described as a pod tank, to be more precise, a sub ohm pod tank.

The concept of a pod tank is a good one.

Lost Vape UB Pro Pod Tank hand check pic 2

By using a 510 connector at the base it’s possible to use practically any vape mod, although magnetic contacts remain the traditional method of pod attachment it’s just as easy to screw one down on a plethora of devices that may already be at the users disposal.

PnP coils, ease of filling and the lightweight nature of pod tanks all combine to make life easy for the relatively new vaper so no wonder manufacturers have swiftly latched on to them.

Lost Vape aren’t exactly amateurs either, they’ve already released the Ursa Mini, Orion Q and Thelema 80W pod kits for example.

Then there was the Lost Vape Grus 100W mod which first made use of the UB Pod Tank and now also enjoys the company of today’s focus, the UB Pro Pod Tank.

So if the sub ohm vaping landscape is ever shifting as appears to be the case, how does the Lost Vape UB Pro Pod Tank perform against fully blown tanks such as the Smok TFV18 or Uwell Crown V sub ohm tanks?

What Can We Expect From The Lost Vape UB Pro Pod Tank?

First and foremost expect nothing less than a well balanced direct lung vaping experience thanks to three wide adjustable airflow slots.

As mentioned the Lost Vape UB Pro Pod Tank jumps the fence into traditional sub ohm tank territory with the inclusion of a 510 connector on the base. This means total compatibility with any mod of choice.

Lost Vape UB Pro Pod Tank packaging

Both the included mesh coils pack enough punch to expect a warm vape and cloud production should be on par with its sub ohm tank counterparts.

It’s side filling, making the whole process much easier and convenient especially when time is at a premium.

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Inside the Box

The Lost Vape UB Pro Pod Tank comes in an easy to remove slip case and much of the space is taken up by the accessories box.

Lost Vape UB Pro Pod Tank inside the box image

  • UB Pro Pod Tank (5ml including 810 drip tip)
  • 0.15ohm UB Pro P1 coil
  • 0.30ohm UB Pro P3 coil
  • Warranty card
  • User manual
  • 4 x spare O rings

Lost Vape UB Pro Pod Tank – Key Features

The Pod is limited to two colours, Black or Silver, it should look well matched with the majority of mods.

There’s full compatibility with the range of UB Pro coils and two of these are included in the box, and an RBA section is also available for those that like to tinker.

The original UB Lite coils will not work with this pod.

A triple airflow system has been adopted which is fully adjustable to cater for a direct or semi restrictive lung vape.

The included UB Pro 0.3ohm P3 coil is compatible with temperature control mode thanks to the stainless steel SS904L material used.

The juice capacity of US and standard editions is 5ml. A 2ml TPD version appears alongside the Thelema Quest 200W mod or the recent Quest Cyborg 100W in kit form.

Lost Vape UB Pro Pod Tank – Specifications

  • Material Plastic
  • Base material Metal
  • Capacity 5ml/2ml
  • Drip tip 810 replaceable
  • Compatibility – Compatible with all UB Pro coils
  • Filling system – Side filling
  • Resistance Range 0.15ohm – 3.0ohm

Lost Vape UB Pro Pod Tank – Design and Build Quality

My initial thoughts are that this is a very well constructed pod tank.

Drip Tip

Starting at the top there’s a removable wide bore 810 drip tip that’s slightly tapered, this adds to the comfort when placed to the lips.

Lost Vape UB Pro Pod Tank 810 drip tip removed

Although it can be replaced, be aware there are no O rings within the catch cup – any replacement drip tip is going to need them in order to fit.

A Look Around the Lost Vape UB Pro Pod Tank

The pod tank itself has been described as plastic but I’m pretty sure it’s the usual toughened PCTG material. It does have a slightly smoked appearance but viewing juice levels is easy enough.

From the top of the drip tip to the base, the pod has a height of 47.5mm, the base has a circumference of 25mm but bloats to 28mm around the tank itself.

Lost Vape UB Pro Pod Tank fill port opening

Moving on to the side mounted silicone stopper.

I’m happy to report that it’s one of the easiest to use, a pull tab makes life so much easier and it can be swung out of the way while filling – great stuff, Lost Vape!

It’s especially pleasing to be able to fill a pod with the Mod still attached.

Installing or replacing one of those PNP coils couldn’t be simpler.

Unscrew the tank from the deck in a counter clockwise motion and you’re good to go.
Lost Vape UB Pro Pod Tank inner chimney

The coils include O rings at the top and bottom. A double seal is created when pushed up inside the inner chimney. There’s no need to align the coils with flat areas either – true plug and play, folks!

Lost Vape UB Pro Pod Tank gold plated coil contacts

A quick look inside the deck exposes gold plated coil contacts. The deck section is lightweight and I’m more inclined to suggest aluminium alloy as its material.

The threading between the pod and the deck is OK – maybe a little crunchy on the last few turns but nothing of real concern.

Lost Vape UB Pro Pod Tank – Tri Airflow Structure

There are three adjustable airflow slots available each measuring 10mm in width.

This should mean an insane amount of vapour production.

adjustable airflow

Whatever adjustment is made on one slot is mirrored on the others. There’s no stopper but the resistances when turning are excellent and micro knurling at the base helps things along nicely.

protruding gold plated 510 pin

Finally, at the base of the pod is the gold plated protruding 510 pin.

That’s really not to suggest using on a hybrid mech mod but the option is there if you so wish to.

Lost Vape UB Pro Pod Tank – How Does It Perform

When testing both coils I opted to use the Lost Vape Thelema Quest 200W Mod.

The pod tank comes packaged if purchasing in kit form so it makes sense to twin them for the review.

UB Pro P3 0.3ohm SS Mesh coil (60-70W)

The 5ml tank was filled with Wick Addiction Well Baked Cherry, a 70VG/30PG juice ratio short fill mixed to a 3mg freebase nicotine level.

I began vaping at 65W with tri airflow wide open, there was plenty of power running through the coil and ramp up time was very impressive.

Lost Vape UB Pro 0.3ohm P3 mesh coil pic 2

The exhale was slightly wet and could be felt on the inside of the mouth. It’s not a concentrated flavour and does seem to fall away on the final exhale of the vape.

The bakery content was present but lacked the richer tones  and texture I was expecting. That’s probably because the vape was cool and not warm. The coil was powerful in execution but failed to reproduce any sparkle and nuances of the e juice.

There vapour production was very good, it had a dense, foggy quality – the kind that lingers long after the vape.

The more I vaped at this setting, the more I was picking out a metallic taste. It may have been because I’m not used to stainless steel as a heating material.

Nonetheless it affected flavour properties to the point of annoyance.

Lost Vape UB Pro Pod Tank – Further Airflow Restriction

Up until now the vape was quite loud, bordering on whistling yet remained smooth and turbulent free. Would restricting airflow by fifty percent improve this and the flavour performance?

Nope! The coil was even louder, becoming intrusive and carrying a distinct whistling noise. There was nothing to suggest an improvement to the flavour either.

Lost Vape UB Pro 0.3ohm P3 mesh coil pic 1

The cherry content was quite dull and the metallic taste refused to budge, tangling itself around the entire vape during exhale.

The airflow suppression did nothing to concentrate flavour and the wetness during exhale remained…if anything it exaggerated issues.

At higher wattage more sweetness was pushing through but overall it still fell short of what I was expecting from this mesh coil.

The ramp up and apparent power of the coil was on show – just none of the warmth expected at this wattage.

UB Pro P1 0.15ohm Ni80 Mesh coil (70-90W)

I used Raspberry Diplomat Cream, another Wick Addiction E juice flavour with freebase nicotine added in with the short fill.

Power was set to 80W with airflow wide open. As before this was another incredibly open and airy direct lung vape that did create slight turbulence on longer inhales.

Vapour production was as good as the 0.3ohm steel mesh coil but the vape was also just as loud, so how was the flavour this time?

Lost Vape UB Pro 0.15ohm P1 coil pic 2

It was a marked improvement.

The Ni80 coil responded much better, and I noticed lots of sweetness from the black raspberry. The natural juiciness of the fruit was most evident, being able to shine from the word go.

The pastry notes were still somewhat shy, indicative of a rather cool vape.

Again, I was expecting more warmth during inhale given the coils wattage capabilities.

Lost Vape UB Pro Pod Tank – Further Restriction and an Increase in Power

I maxed the coil out to 90W while restricting airflow by fifty percent.

There was very little change, if any, to the warmth of the vape and it remained a relatively loud inhale.

Lost Vape UB Pro 0.15ohm P1 coil pic 1

However, there was a boost to the pastry notes, they certainly lingered on the palate more readily although the tones and texture were off kilter.

The vibrancy and brightness of the flavour profile also increased. Something I noticed as soon as I made airflow adjustments.

Generally speaking, the 0.15ohm Ni80 mesh coil has the capacity to enhance flavour performance when restricted. It also retains some great flavour notes throughout the duration of the exhale.

That’s something the 0.3ohm stainless steel coil was woefully inadequate at achieving.


  • Easy to disassemble, replace the coil and fill
  • The silicone stopper is hassle free
  • Leak free performance
  • The 0.15ohm Ni80 coil performs extremely well
  • Great vapour production with both coils
  • Good use of knurling around the AFC ring


  • The 0.30ohm stainless steel coil produces average flavour
  • Only a cool vape from either coil
  • Whistling and a hot drip tip with too much restriction
  • Not all 810 drip tips will be suitable
  • Two powerful coils that guzzle the juice (subjective)

Final Review Verdict

The Lost Vape UB Pro Pod Tank has been very simply designed.

It’s a no nonsense pod tank and one that’s definitely going to appeal to someone used to pod/starter kits.

It’s incredibly easy to use thus ideally suited to someone wishing to dip a toe into sub ohm tank territory, whetting the appetite.

Even a new vaper will appreciate the ease of use here.

Lost Vape UB Pro Pod Tank – Everyday Use

It’s very easy to disassemble, install a coil, reassemble and fill.

This is very much a tank of convenience. I also feel it’s much stronger than Lost Vape make it out to be, choosing to describe it merely as plastic on their site.

 filling the pod

I’ve mentioned convenience for a reason because the side filling system makes for a swift top up.

The silicone stopper is up there as one of the best I’ve come across for a pod tank and I encountered no airlocks while filling horizontally.

During the course of using the Lost Vape UB Pro Pod Tank for a full week there was nothing to suggest any leaking issues.

OK, there’s still the inevitable condensate build up inside the base of the deck but that’s acceptable.

Lost Vape UB Pro Pod Tank – Airflow and Coil Performance

It’s hit and miss when tackling these areas.

On the one hand the tank will provide a very airy, open direct lung vape with plenty of cloud, on the other, using plenty of restriction it turns into a whistling Rufus.

hand check pic 1

..You could name that tune in one!

There isn’t really the possibility of fine tuning the airflow. That’s not going to be an issue for some but for flavour freaks it may be a frustration.

The UB Pro 0.3ohm stainless steel mesh coil was poor when it came to flavour and airflow suppression. As a general rule of thumb, flavour notes should be enhanced under tighter restrictions.

It merely provided me with an adequate vaping experience whereby great vapour production was betrayed by average flavour quality brought on by a lack of warmth from the mesh.

..Maybe the Achilles heel between pod tanks and true sub ohm tanks has been found.

The 0.15ohm Ni80 mesh coil produced flavour almost to the level of fully fledged sub ohm tanks. I was thoroughly impressed because it consistently delivered all week long, never letting me down.

However, the coil also refused to generated adequate levels of heat.

Noisy Whistle…

As a closing note neither coil was enamoured with the idea of heavy airflow restriction, it resulted in loud whistling noises and the drip tip began to heat, stinging the lips.

So returning to my initial question. How does the Lost Vape UB Pro Pod Tank fare against traditional sub ohm tanks?

It differs in the lack of heat generated by those coils. Therefore I would suggest it’s better suited to fruit, menthol or beverage inspired flavours than dessert, tobacco or bakery ones.

It also won’t provide the subtle level of airflow restriction or resulting concentration of flavour that true sub ohm tanks master with ease.

But as an introduction to sub ohm vaping the Lost Vape UB Pro Pod Tank does enough to encourage the most inquisitive of vaping minds.

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Build Quality
Ease of Use
Flavour and Cloud Production 0.3ohm stainless steel mesh coil
Flavour and Cloud Production 0.15ohm Ni80 mesh coil
Replace if Lost
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