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So you decide you want to try a new e-liquid, something different but you’re not quite sure what you want…

Browsing through the vape shop’s various ranges you come across some brightly coloured bottles, but unlike the other ‘brightly coloured’ ranges – you see some crazy looking fruits on the bottles. Almost like some of that Ooze from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles spilled onto a fruit cocktail and 4 crazy looking fruits arose!

Mish Mash Inc is a brand that I’ll be honest, I’ve never heard of nor have I seen their e-liquids before. Furthermore I’ve not seen any reviews on these before, so either they’re a very new brand or I suppose myself and Mish Mash Inc have never crossed logo

I’m a big fruit-vaper and it looks to me like this Mish Mash range is big on fruits so let’s crack on and see what they’re like.

What Can We Expect From the Mish Mash E-liquid Range?

The current range consists of 4 different flavours which are available in 50ml shortfill form (black bottles), 50ml shortfill Ice (white bottles) and Nic Salt in 10 or 20mg strength for those who like a fruity MTL.

On MishMash’s website they have a bit of a deal on if you get 2 or more and Nic Shots are included.

The shortfills are a 70VG 30PG mix with enough room for a 10ml nic shot. These are what I will be testing in this review.

With regards to bottles and labelling, Mish Mash make use of Chubby Gorilla bottles and all the usual labelling, batch numbers, expiry dates and barcodes are on the labels, along with warnings and of course the description of the e-liquid.

The labels themselves have a weird rough feel to them, almost a grainy feel but not like paper. It’s certainly a vinyl of some form but I guess the print creates a grainy feel? I’m not sure as I’m not a printing expert. And this isn’t a bad thing, just an observation in comparison to 99.5% of the rest of the labels I’ve ever seen/felt. Nonetheless, the print is clear and even the small print is easy to read.

For the shortfill e-liquids, I’ll be using a Hellvape Drop Dead RDA with a pair of Fused Claptons from Proper Coils. The pair ohm out at 0.11Ω and I have my wattage set at 100w.

Mish Mash – Mango Smoothie

Mish Mash Say:

“Our juicy Mango smoothie is carefully blended with Guava, Lime and a hint of Blood Orange”

mm mango smoothie

I Say:

Dripping onto the coils, the smell is a strong Mango and I pick up hints of Lime.

On the inhale, a thick tasting Mango floods your tongue which is quickly mellowed by a mix of Lime and Guava on the exhale. The sweet level is high but not over the top and nicely complements the juicy Mango taste.

The aftertaste is where I pick up just tiny hints of the Blood Orange. But to be honest, if they hadn’t mentioned the Blood Orange in the description, I probably wouldn’t have picked it up that easily, but it’s definitely there.

A nice thick, sweet tasting Mango with noticeable hints of Guava and Lime and a slightly orangey aftertaste.

Mish Mash – Dragon Fruit Lemonade

Mish Mash Say:

“Our in house favourite! Tangy Dragon Fruit Lemonade brought to life by hints of Lychee, Kiwi and Fuji Apple.”

mm dragonfruit

I Say:

Dripping onto the coils, this has a really soft, sweet smell to it. I don’t actually know what Dragon Fruit smells like if I’m honest, but I can smell hints of Apple, Lychee and just a general soft fruity smell. Almost a little ‘candy-like’ smell to it also.

This one could only be described as pungent! A real smack in the face of Dragon Fruit and Apple with a hint of Lychee is what I pick up mostly on the inhale with lemonade hints on the exhale. The more I vape this one the more the Fuji Apple comes through, especially in the aftertaste.

The sweet level is medium-high which could perhaps be lowered slightly to allow more of the punchy Apple and Dragon Fruit to come through.

I suppose the best word to use would be ‘Tangy’! This one is certainly a tangy blend of the flavours mentioned, however I must say the Lemonade is very subtle and hardly noticeable. But the punchy Apple and Dragon Fruit are enough to be enjoyable and also has quite a ‘real’ taste to it. What I mean is that it tastes more like the actual fruit than say a candy or a fruit juice.

Mish Mash – Berry Crush

Mish Mash Say:

“We spent a long time crushing different berries together to bring you this sweet blend of forest fruits complimented by hints of Bilberry, Strawberry and Raspberry”

mm berry

I Say:

Dripping onto the coils, the smell is a fair mix of berry fruits much like their own description, however it’s difficult to pluck out the individual flavours at this point. I guess it smells a little like the Blackcurrant squash you used to have as a child. And not the expensive stuff that sounds like… ‘Bobinsons’…

The inhale and exhale are very difficult to separate with this flavour. It’s generally similar in its flavours. A simple mixed berries would be the most obvious and lacklustre description.

Breaking it down a little, a taste of Blackcurrant and Raspberry hits me more on the inhale, with the exhale and aftertaste being predominantly Strawberry with hints of other fruits. I guess the ‘Bilberry’ is the flavour I’m tasting that runs along with the Strawberry which almost makes this have a Blueberry taste in a way.

The sweet level from this one is low-medium and this flavour is a very tame blend, but pleasant and almost a little floral at times. Certainly enjoyable, light enough to be enjoyed all day yet tasty enough to keep you wanting more.

Mish Mash – Lychee Punch

Mish Mash Say:

“We’ve decided to add a little punch to our Lychee e-liquid. A perfect blend of Lychee, Dragon Fruit and Lime.”

mm lychee

I Say:

I’ve been looking forward to this one because I love Lychee, to eat and to vape – it’s one of my favourite fruits for sure.

Dripping onto the coils at first was a little lacklustre in scent, however the sweetness of the Lychee starts to come through after a few pulses of the coil.

Right off the bat the vape experience from this flavour is very thick feeling. The combination of a juicy Lychee and Dragon Fruit come through very well with a touch of Lime on the exhale. The sweet level from this e-liquid is Medium-High and perfectly matches the Lychee hit which is just what I like.

What I like about this flavour, is it hasn’t been over-engineered… Let me try and explain.

Now I’m no e-liquid mixing expert, but I know from personal experience, it’s easy to just think adding more, will improve more. It also seems too easy to add a flavour to compliment the main ingredient, rather than going alongside it. But what’s nice about Lychee Punch is the Dragon Fruit goes alongside the Lychee and both are complimented by a small touch of Lime.

Because of the addition of a thick Dragon Fruit and a hint of Lime, this flavour is more than just a straight Lychee flavour – it’s a juicy balance of sweet fruits and works very well. Even so – I’d still like more Lychee, but that’s just my personal preference.

Mish Mash – Mango Smoothie ICE

Mish Mash Say:

“Our juicy Mango Smoothie is carefully blended with Guava, Lime and a hint of Blood Orange.  Served on ice!”

I Say:

It would be easy to say this is just the normal flavour, with ice. And yeah, that’s what it is. But there are two key observations to this e-liquid, over its ‘non-ice’ variant:

  • The Ice hit isn’t too icy, its more of a fresh experience rather than brain freeze, which I really quite like
  • The Ice elevates the Lime and Guava but for some reason the Mango remains unchanged and the Blood Orange lingers after the exhale. I really like how the Lime and Guava are more prominent on the exhale compared to the non-iced version.

Mish Mash – Dragon Fruit Lemonade ICE

Mish Mash Say:

“Our in house favourite! Tangy Dragon fruit lemonade brought to life by hints of Lychee, Kiwi and Fuji Apple. Served on ice!”

I Say:

The Non-Ice version was a huge punch of Dragon Fruit and Fuji Apple, however with the Ice included it certainly becomes more of a Lemonade. And it’s the Lemonade that I felt was lacking in the non-ice version!

The Ice in this flavour is medium, and manageable for me with no signs of brain freeze which is usually what happens to me with Ice flavours.

The inhale remains similar to the non-ice with thick layers of Dragon Fruit and Fuji Apple but the exhale and aftertaste is more Lychee Lemonade which is certainly one of my favourite combinations. Adding the hint of Ice to this flavour certainly helps it become a fresher, more rounded Lemonade flavour.

Mish Mash – Berry Crush ICE

Mish Mash Say:

“We spent a long time crushing different berries together to bring you this sweet blend of forest fruits complimented by hints of Bilberry, Strawberry and Raspberry. Served on ice!”

I Say:

The non-iced version was a real mix of berries which leave you with a Strawberry/Blueberry-ish aftertaste whereas the ICE version tastes much more ‘Fruits of the Forest.

The Ice hit is medium and goes very nicely with the forest fruit combination. My one criticism would be the Ice hit, along with the forest fruits almost makes this taste like a Blackcurrant Soother. You know.. the sore throat lozenges? Yeah…

It just reminds me of those! Not that the actual flavour is bad, the e-liquid is still delivering a mad mix of fruits at a tame level, along with a very similar low-medium sweetness but the icy hit just takes this down a “Soothers” route.

Mish Mash – Lychee Punch ICE

Mish Mash Say:

“We’ve decided to add a little punch to our Lychee e-liquid. A perfect blend of Lychee, Dragon fruit and Lime. Served on ice!”

I Say:

Quite simply, the icy hit in the ICE version of Lychee Punch brings this flavour to life. The ice level is around the medium-low level which is a little more than just a freshener but not as much as cold as a brain freeze. The ice hit is about spot on.

The icy hit seems to not only freshen the fruits but also amplifies them. The Lychee taste juicier, slightly sweeter and stands out a little more whilst the Dragon Fruit follows through on the exhale and leaves a hint of Lime on the aftertaste. There is still that thick feel to this flavour but it’s smooth and silky. The icy hit slightly assists the Lime in coming through. Also which as we know, Ice and Lime always work well together.

I’m seriously not much of a fan of Ice shots, Koolada and all that kind of stuff. However – I’ve enjoyed the ICE version of this flavour more than the non-iced. And it takes a lot for me to say that.

Final Review Verdict

I still have a handful of Nic-Salt versions to take a look at, but I feel the Shortfills deserved their own individual review and I’m certainly pleased I took the time to try these.

Fruits are my thing, I’m a huge fruit flavour vaper and although I may struggle with some of the more ‘Exotic’ or ‘less mainstream’ fruits – I certainly enjoyed trying these flavours.

I suppose it would be fair to say, across the board these flavours are quite sweet. They’re certainly not sickly sweet and the fruit flavours are a fair mix of legit fruits and candy-like experiences. I haven’t experienced a legit fruit flavour, but they don’t taste artificial in many ways so it’s a great balance of fresh fruit and candy.

Have you tried the Mish Mash e-liquid range?

What’s your favourite flavour?

Please let me know in the comments below!

Mango Smoothie
Dragon Fruit Lemonade
Berry Crush
Lychee Punch
Mango Smoothie ICE
Dragon Fruit Lemonade ICE
Berry Crush ICE
Lychee Punch ICE
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