A Slick Looking E Cig Kit From NEO But Does The Performance Match The Looks?

UPDATE: Neo E Cigs website has been down for a few weeks. Not sure what is going on, hopefully these guys will bounce back into business soon.

In the meantime take a look at our best e cigs and vape mods here.

Founded in 2012, NEO e cigarettes are trying to bring a bit of style to the e cig table with their ‘in house’ design. Today we are reviewing one of their rechargeable kits to see if their is also substance to add to that style. The NEO Infinity starter kit was sent free of charge for the purposes of this review, as per usual my thoughts are my own.

In the box / Presentation

The Neo Infinity kit comes in a great looking perspex case that almost gives the illusion the e cigs are suspended within. The kit includes the following.

  • 1 X Rechargeable Battery
  • 3 X Refill cartomisers
  • USB charger


There is just the one battery in the Neo e cig kit and it’s finished in a soft touch rubberised material. It actually has a really nice quality feel in the hand and definitely looks the part. The branding is also simple and not too in your face while they also have the ‘e’ branding on the tip of the e cig that lights up. A nice little touch. NEO Infinity e cigarette I’m not sure what the threading on the battery is, it isn’t 510/901 compatible so isn’t compatible with any other cartomisers from other brands which while worth mentioning shouldn’t be a big issue for new vapers. The battery rating is 270 mAh which is pretty good for a cig-a-like e cig, it does however mean that it is also slightly bigger than other batteries in this category.

But, bigger capacity does mean a longer life and while the NEO battery isn’t going to break any records it should see you through 2-2.5 hours which it did for me as a moderate vaper. Unless you jump to a pen style e cig then this is about as good as you will get from a mini e cig. Neo E Cig Battery & Cartomiser The major gripe I actually have with the NEO Infinity kit is that it comes with just the one battery. This has been addressed however in a new product called the NEO Charge. This is a portable charging case (PCC) that allows you to charge your battery on the move, it also contains two batteries.

The only real negative I can see here at the moment is that spare batteries can’t currently be bought separately on the site.

Overall The quality of both design and product is excellent, performance is good for a mini e cig but Ii would recommend going for the NEO Charge rather than the Infinity kit.


The Neo Infinity pack comes with 4 cartomisers altogether. A pack of three separate carts and one included with the e cig kit. The flavour/nicotine strength options are limited to 18mg Tobacco and Cool Mint which normally I would look at as a lack of selection but most new e cig users will want to start with one of the two before experimenting with other flavours.

There are other e juice flavor and nicotine options available to buy separately so if you find you want a lower nicotine strength or different flavour then you can of course add these on. Refill Cartomisers For Neo The cartomisers are a good size allowing for good vaping time and the flavours were both good for my personal tastes. The Tobacco has a slightly sweet edge to it that makes it a nice smooth vape and the Cool Mint leaves the nice refreshing minty taste on the exhale.

Throat hit is quite subtle on both and the vapour volume good. One good thing is that the draw is just right, not too airy and not too tight, which adds to a good vaping experience. Neo also offer 6 fruit e liquids that are nicotine free.


Overall – There are three nicotine strengths along with 6 flavours that will help cover all bases. The refill prices are however on the expensive side when purchased separately so it’s recommended to buy the bundle pack.


NEO E cigs offer a 7 day refund policy on product that hasn’t been used. Please check their website for upto date warranty details.

Customer Service<Neo have very responsive customer service and are available through live online chat, email, phone (+44 (0) 207 470 9361) and are also active on Facebook and Twitter.

Overall – Final Thoughts

There is no doubting that Neo e cigs are very slick when it comes to their product/website design and while this kit is good I would recommend going for the ‘NEO Charge’ portable charging case kit that contains two batteries and keeps your batteries powered when out and about.

Here are the takeaway points

The Good:

  • Great looking packaging and overall brand look
  • E Cig quality is excellent with very good performance
  • Battery life is decentĀ 
  • Portable Charging Case (PCC) option available (and recommended)
  • Vapour volume is good.
  • Flavours are good
  • Customer service very responsive

The Not So Good:

  • Cartomiser prices are expensive when compared to other brands when purchased in single packs.
  • Batteries cannot be purchased separately at the moment.
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