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NYC Mayor Slapped Down Over Vaping Link To Coronavirus

There’s NO link between vaping and coronavirus despite New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio claiming smokers and vapers are more likely to contract the disease than anyone else.

Real experts reckon he’s talking out of his ass – as he seems to do every time he attacks vaping.

Coronavirus and vaping whats the impact

Remember, he’s the guy that is doing all he can to ban all things vape from New York – about as anti-vaping and ignorant on the subject as are very many US politicians.

So are smokers and vapers more prone to coronavirus?

In a word NO!

Over to the awesome Dr Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos M.D, a world renowned cardiologist and true expert on health and e-cigarettes.

In his blog he says if anything – and backed by tons of studies – the PG – propylene glycol – may even be a barrier to the disease – isn’t that what China’s government was spraying in towns and cities?

Dr Faralinos writes:

There is no evidence on any effects of e-cigarettes on coronavirus infectivity and disease progression, and we cannot exclude the possibility that the use of propylene glycol might have some beneficial effects.

…It is sad to see that the coronavirus epidemic is being used (and abused) in the political arena.

The statements reported in Reuters are not just coming from people with zero background in public health; they are coming from people who are well-known for their dogmatic, biased political stance against tobacco harm reduction and e-cigarettes.

This is another example of irresponsible behavior from people who provide guidance backed by zero evidence.


I suggest you read Dr Farsalios’ blog post for links to all the studies showing how PG is in fact used to block such infections.

UK Vaper Expo and the Coronavirus

The UK Vaper Expo team say the event will still go ahead despite the coronavirus scare – but warn that could change.

coronavirus and vaper expo

They say:

At present, The Vaper Expo show in May is going ahead as scheduled.

However, we are monitoring the situation regarding COVID-19 on a day to day basis and observing the government’s action plan.

The safety of our exhibitors and visitors is paramount so we are working closely with the venue and our advisors to ensure this remains top priority.

Our team are also assessing public opinion on attendance as The Vaper Expo prides itself on giving our visitors the full experience of the UK’s number one vape show.

As we are monitoring the situation on a day to day basis, we will keep you updated as and when any new information is available to us, and in the unfortunate event we cannot exceed our visitor expectations then postponing the event would be preferred.

Let’s hope things get better.

FDA Warns Retailers Still Selling Unauthorized Vape Products

Despite the ban on the sale of all closed pod kits in the USA many stores are still selling them and the FDA is not happy!

It has just sent out 22 warning letters to various manufacturers retailers including household names such as 7-Eleven and Shell.

FDA deeming

Among the manufactures named by the FDA is Apollo Future Technology Inc – makers of the Brez pod kit which I think is an amazing set-up.

FDA commissioner Stephen M. Hahn, M.D said:

A top priority for the FDA remains protecting youth from the dangers of tobacco use, and in particular, combating the concerning youth e-cigarette use epidemic that is affecting children, families, schools and communities.

We are committed to holding retailers and manufacturers accountable for marketing and sales practices that have led to increased youth accessibility and appeal of e-cigarettes.

We will be using our regulatory authority to address youth e-cigarette use by focusing on the products that are most popular among kids.

We will not hesitate to aggressively pursue bad actors and expect to take more actions soon.

Our policy is designed to be flexible, so we can focus our priorities as warranted to tackle youth use.

Meanwhile 1,300 smokers die every single day in the USA…

But hey – we gotta stop a handful of kids from ripping on their JUUL’s

EU Vape Advocates ‘Lance’ Anti-Vape Report

The Lancet is an extremely weighty tome in the world of medicine and health and a recent anti-vape article has now received a scathing reply from over 30 European experts.

The original and anonymous ‘article’ was titled: E-cigarettes: time to realign our approach?.

the lancet vaping

It linked vaping on nicotine devices to the recent EVALI outbreak in the States and of course went down the tired ‘we gotta protect the children‘ line.

The writer or writers really does seem to have a bug up his or her ass, concluding:

No solid evidence base underpins the marketing claims that e-cigarettes are healthier than cigarettes or that they can support quitting, but lax regulation has allowed e-cigarette manufacturers to pervert the success of anti smoking public health messages and position e-cigarettes as healthy.

The renormalisation of smoking in the form of e-cigarettes, not only among smokers, but also among young people and never smokers, risks population-wide nicotine use and dependence on a massive scale.

Surely it is time to align the public health approach to e-cigarettes with that of cigarettes.

It’s all BS of course – however as with most anti-vaping articles or studies that appear in these kind of publications, the message gets through to health care professionals and tends to stick more than any positive published pieces.

Dr Lion Shahab
Dr Lion Shahab – image via YouTube

However a group of pro-vaping experts, led by the excellent Lion Shahab, PhD Associate Professor of Health Psychology, University College London, has hit back making counter arguments and laying down the facts.

They say the original Lancet article is both misleading and filled with inaccuracies adding:

Equating the dangers of vaping with those of smoking ignores dozens of studies that show substantial differences in the risks associated with cigarette and e-cigarette use.

The evidence of efficacy of e-cigarettes in helping smokers quit is not weak; the results of a randomised controlled trial have shown two times higher quit rates by people using e-cigarettes than in people using medicinal nicotine replacement therapy, confirming similar findings from population data.

E-cigarettes have an important role to play in preventing death and disability from tobacco use, and, while remaining vigilant over potential adverse effects is vital, the effect on public health of denying smokers the choice to use e-cigarettes could be devastating.

I keep saying the attacks on vaping here in the UK and Europe are coming thick and fast – thank goodness we have such a dream team of pro-vaping medical experts fighting our corner.

Read the full response here.

New Mexico’s Pro Vape Laws Applauded

Whilst much of America is in a state of hysteria about vaping – New Mexico has just signed new legislation that is definitely ‘pro-vape’.

Not only that, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham and Senator Gabriel Ramos who co-authored the new laws are both Democrats – a political party particularly anti-vape!


The new vape laws includes:

  • Creates marketing and packaging standards that would not allow for products that are “knowingly attractive to minors.” This term is specifically defined in the bill to prevent packaging that uses cartoons, trademarked items specifically for kids, candy or images used in kids’ products.
  • Creates a licensing structure for e-cigarette manufacturers, distributors and retailers.
  • Requires ID check and verification.
  • Requires appropriate signage in retail locations stating, “It is illegal for a person under 21 years of age to purchase a tobacco product.”
  • Prohibits “straw man” sales and imposes misdemeanor penalties on those adults who legally purchase products only to resell them to minors illegally.
  • Imposes strict penalties for retailers caught selling to minors.

You can’t argue with that!

And the Vapor Technology Association agrees.

Tony Abboud, Executive Director of the VTA said:

Governor Lujan Grisham has shown true leadership and vision in the effort to further restrict youth vaping.

New Mexico’s legislature has passed responsible legislation that takes concrete steps to eliminate the appeal of vapor products to youth and prevent people under 21 from accessing them.

Moreover, the bill creates a clear framework that will help ensure the vapor products industry can continue to serve adults who are desperately trying to quit smoking.

…the bill signed by Governor Lujan Grisham today is an excellent example of smart and balanced public policy.

Senator Gabriel Ramos said:

As a parent, and a Senator, it is my duty to protect the health of our children, and the public health of all New Mexicans.

With the passage of Senate Bill 131, New Mexico is now the leader in the country with the first comprehensive e-cigarette and nicotine liquid regulatory act.

Strict marketing guidelines are now established to prohibit youth targeted marketing, and combat youth e-cigarette usage.

Common sense on vaping coming from America? Imagine my shock!

Let’s hope the Donald is watching!

and finally – UK National No Smoking Day

Today is the day that thousands of smokers across the UK will be quitting smoking.

The UK’s National No Smoking Day has seen 1 in 3 smokers successfully pack up the fags.

stop smoking start vaping

If you – your friend – colleague or member of the family is ready to quit then remind them e-cigarettes are 5 times more likely to result in a successful stop smoking attempt!

However, what is really important is getting the right starter kit and e-liquid strength.

We have reviewed over 500 vape kits for beginners and here’s what we consider are the best: Vape Kits For Beginner Vapers.

And don’t forget we have a ton of vape guides and articles on the facts and shutting down the myths around vaping.

The latest piece is 7 Questions About Vaping Answered.

Good luck to all of you making the switch – you got this 😉


More vape news on Sunday!

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