obs bat mainIntroduction – The BAT Kit With Damo Tank By OBS

The OBS BAT kit is from a brand I haven’t had the pleasure of trying before. Nothing excites me more than picking up a product from a brand I’ve never tried and being absolutely blown away.

The BAT kit from OBS is just such a product. You may notice that the device in the photos I’ve added looks like it’s been to hell and back…it has, I’ve put this kit through some rigorous testing the past 2 weeks, camping trips and hotel rooms, the kind of chaos I don’t have the space to write about here. I’ve filled this tank more than 35 times and I am still deeply in love…

Having enjoyed the ridiculous English on their website a little too much (bless them), let me wipe the tears from my eyes and tell you what I know about OBS Shenzhen Technology.

Founded in 2014 and having made a handful of good-looking tanks like the Crius 2 RTA and Crius RDTA, the V Tank, the Engine and the Engine Nano RTA… the BAT mod is actually the brand’s first Mod and vapers, I can tell you that this brand is one to watch!

A solid, high-performance dual 18650 device with little or no cons and a tank to rival the best sub-ohm tanks on the market, when it comes to cloud and flavour.

Did I say I was impressed? I am impressed! What’s more, I’m a sucker for cray-cray, colourful LED action and there’s more than enough of that with the OBS BAT kit.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 x BAT Mod
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Damo Tank
  • 1 x 510 Adaptor
  • 1 x M6 OCC 0.2 Ohm Coilhead
  • 1 x M2 OCC 0.4 Ohm Coilhead
  • Spare Glass and O-rings etc

    obs bat mod open

Features Mod

  • Dimensions 90 x 46 x 32 mm
  • Weight 180g
  • Output 7-218 Watts
  • Resistance Range 0.1-2 Ohm
  • Temp Range 100-315 C
  • Output Voltage 0.1-8.4 V
  • Runs on dual 18650s
  • 7 LED colours built in
  • Short circuit, overcharge and high temp protections
  • Comes in red, yellow, black and blue

Features Tank

  • Dimensions 25 x 55mm
  • 5ml Capacity
  • 510 Threaded
  • Stainless steel 304
  • Pop up side fill
  • Bottom adjustable airflow
  • Runs on dual 18650s
  • available in SS, black, gold and blue
  • Compatible with Big Baby Smok Coils

Build Quality & Design


The OBS BAT Mod is a narrow, elongated rectangular, dual 18650 device with flattened horizontal edges to the two narrower sides.obs bat vape mod and Damo tank

On receipt of the neat black and yellow OBS box, I opened up to find a hefty 180g, zinc alloy device.

obs bat mod 510A deep, springy gold plated 510 connection sits at the centre of the upper surface and 2 ‘bat wing’ inlays either side the mod double as LED lights (on the screen side) and battery vents (on the battery cover side).obs bat back

These inlays are mirrored in the moulding of the zinc alloy, which effectively draws your eyes toward the mod’s large, bright display…which has an identical format to the Alien 220 mod from Smok and, I dare say, the layout and chipset may actually be the same as Smok’s, though my research hasn’t unearthed whether or not these brands are in cahoots, although the inter-compatibility of their coils and this user interface tell me this may well be the case.

Below the screen panel on one side of the mod, you’ll find the micro USB port, which is good for upgrades as well.

Above that and within the screen panel, you’ll find two small, diamond shaped and super clicky, responsive adjustment buttons, with grey OBS branding (on my black version) in the upper right corner of that side.

The panel opposite the screen side pulls away very efficiently with the help of 4 huge, round magnets, to reveal a snug and very nicely worked battery chamber with big, quality connects and prominent markings.

There are massive, accessible tabs either side the panel to aid you when removing the battery cover. There are absolutely no shakes or rattles and the overall feel is one of high quality and solid workmanship.

The base reveals 4 tiny corner screws.obs bat mod base

When facing the screen, the narrow side to the left is home to the niftiest, clickiest, most responsive fire button you could hope for, stainless steel with that concentric circle texturing I love so much.’

I love the sleek look and ergonomics of this mod and popping in those cells, I’m delighted to discover a range of seven LED colours, easily customizable, that light up the mod. Nice one!obs bat mod fire


The OBS Damo Sub-Ohm tank is a high capacity, 5ml tank with a beefy, 1 cm airflow ring at the bottom, easily adjustable thanks to nice diamond knurling all the way around.

Dual 1.5cm x 1.5mm airflow slots either side mean you will not be left wanting if you like EXTREME airflow.

The thick, 1cm top cap has the OBS branding sunken into it by way of knurling and a tapering 810 mouthpiece/driptip/plate can be removed and swapped out with the help of the included 510 adaptor.obs bat kit damo exploded view

Pull the topcap upwards to reveal the easy side fill system, with a delicious, hydraulic like feel to the whole thing that just leaves a person very, very satisfied.

This is a beautiful, well made, solid looking sub-ohm tank.

How Does The OBS BAT Kit Perform?

I didn’t know what to expect from the OBS BAT kit, never having sampled OBS wares before…not to mention the fact that this is the first vape mod offering the brand have released. Triple Kudos to OBS on an outstanding first MOD.

Solid and sturdy, with a beautiful fire button, instant ramp and a UI that couldn’t be simpler to navigate or more convenient.

The mods aesthetic makes it a perfect match for just about any of my sub-ohm tanks, RDAs and RTAs and performance is right up there, rivalling the very best of my dual 18650 mods.

New atomizer detect and resistance readings on the money, without fail.

I’ve tested TC for Ni and SS and found the readings accurate, with the settings I tested feeling true.

I can’t tell you how much I like the multi colour LED detail, which I set to display when firing, 7 different colours all bright and vibrant…for some added UFO action in the dark, delightful!obs bat yellowobs bat redobs bat blue

I really did put this mod through the gauntlet, resulting in some chips to the paint job but I stress that I’ve been more than rough with this mod and it’s held up like a trooper, mwah!

As for the DAMO…what…whaaaat?????!!!!!!
This tank is phenomenal.

It’s noisy, the airflow is noisy but with these coils…ooh, flavour, cloud, for days and through the freaking roof.

Imagine my surprise when reviewing a range of e-juices and realizing that the flavour from the Damo with these M6 coils is equivalent to that of a popular RDA I had set up on another device. I am more than impressed with this tank.

I absolutely love this tank.

How To Fill The OBS Damo Tankobs bat damo fill

  • Pull up the top cap
  • Fill through the massive side fill slot

How To Change the Coil

  • Twist the glass anticlockwise to remove from the base
  • Unscrew the coil head
  • Replace

Stock Coil Performance

Hmmmmm…now, I’ve mentioned that these coil heads are interchangeable with those from Smok’s Big Baby, so I figure it makes sense to draw a comparison.

I find these coils superior to Smok’s…

The M6, 0.2 Ohm coil with it’s 40-80 recommended wattage range is a wonderwork of flavour and cloud.

At 50W I’m experiencing the cloud I’d expect at 70W, with flavour that I think can only be rivalled by an RDA, I’m able to taste the full profile of even the most complex of my flavours, which really says a lot about this coil. 65W is my sweet spot for this M6 coil.

Before you knock it, remember, this is just my opinion. All I’m saying is, these coils have knocked my socks off.

As for the M2, 0.4 Ohm coil, with it’s recommended range of 30-50W…once again, a cloud beast, with flavour obviously slightly less profound than that of the M6 but no less miraculous. I love this coil at 45W.

How To Operate the Menu System

  • 5 clicks on
  • 3 clicks to access menu system
  • +- to adjust
  • long click to select
  • 5 clicks to lock

How To Replace The batteries

  • Pop off the battery cover
  • replace batteries

Battery Life

Excellent, a full 14 hours on dual Samsung 2500s at a 60 W setting. The LEDs draw very little power, regardless of setting.


  • Solid handfeel, good weight and ergonomics
  • Fun LED lights
  • Intuitive UI and responsive chip
  • Awesome fire button with great ramp time
  • Crazy Flavour
  • Mean ass cloud action


  • The paint job has started to chip…but I’ve been rough with it.

Final Review Verdict

The OBS BAT kit comes highly recommended, if you want exceptional flavour, stupid clouds and a sturdy as hell box mod with cray-cray party lights…you can not go wrong here.

I’m 100% satisfied with the performance on this mod and tank and I will be keeping my eyes peeled for the next release from this young but competitive brand. Still recovering from the flavour shock I got from the Damo Tank…other brands better watch out!


Would I buy this if I lost/broke the device? Definitely!

Build Quality
Ease Of Use
Likelihood of Replacing if Lost
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