Today we take a look at the recently released OXVA Velocity 21700 box/pod mod, a very interesting 100w 2 in 1 kit.

I bet many of you out there haven’t heard of OXVA as a company? I sure hadn’t until I did my research, of course they are based in China!

Oxva Velocity inplace pod

OXVA is a newer company on the vape scene, it is headed by a guy called Justin Lai, who has bought OXVA a wealth of experience in design knowledge.

Justin’s claim to fame is his previous design creations, he was responsible for the design of the Geek Vape Aegis range of mods, and the Zeus range of tanks!

OXVA has previously bought us Origin AIO, Origin X and the Arbiter RTA.

What Can We Expect From the OXVA Velocity 21700 Kit?

I’ve got to hand it to OXVA, what it has given us here is a quality kit that has been well designed, it is extremely easy to use and is packed with options that wont confuse a new user.

It also it has a retail price that won’t break the bank either!

Oxva Velocity 55w fireluke

The OXVA Velocity 21700 is being billed as the smallest 21700 box mod, however for me that distinction belongs to the VooPoo Drag X Plus, which is roughly 5cm smaller than the Velocity!

The OXVA Velocity 21700 is available in 6 colours – Black Leather, Brown Leather, Carbon Fiber, Black Marble, Rose Gold and Gold Ripple.


This product was purchased for the purpose of review.

As always my thoughts and views are my own after a considerable testing period.

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Inside the Box

Oxva Velocity complete kit

  • Oxva Velocity 21700 device
  • Unipro 0.15Ω coil (includes airflow ring)
  • Unipro 0.3Ω coil
  • Unipro pod 2ml (TPD) or 5ml (standard)
  • Creative 510 connection adapter
  • Disassembly tool
  • USB Type C Cable
  • User manual

Specs and Features

  • Dimensions : 100.5mm x 27mm x 41mm
  • Creative 510 connection adaptor
  • Powered by single 18650/ 20700/ 21700 battery with max 100W output
  • 3 modes: Smart/ Power/ Voltage modes
  • Buck-boost converter PCBA
  • Battery: single 18650/ 20700/ 21700 battery
  • Output: 5-100W
  • Output voltage: 0.5-8.0V
  • Resistance range: 0.1-2.0Ω
  • Resistance: 0.15Ω mesh coil(60-80W)
  • 3Ω mesh coil(30-40W)
  • RBA Unipro coil(sold separately) for MTL and RDL vaping

Design and Build Quality

The kit come well presented in a cardboard box with a paper over sleeve, everything else is housed in a small box under the device tray.

Oxva Velocity display kit

OXVA Velocity 21700 Mod

As you can see by my photos I obtained the Gold Ripple TPD Edition.

The device measurements are 100.5mm tall, 41mm depth with a tank diameter of 27mm.

Oxva Velocity pod 45w

The device is made of zinc alloy with plastic buttons, and feels very substantial with the battery in place.

OXVA Velocity 21700 – From the Top

The OXVA Velocity 21700 can be used in 2 ways for vaping, as a pod mod or as a standard 510 mod with the use of the included Creative 510 connection.

Inside the bay you will see 4 magnets these match up to those on either the pod or the 510 adaptor and 2 gold plated contacts which are spring loaded.

Oxva Velocity bay pod inside

OXVA Velocity 21700 Front and Back

The OlED screen is 0.96” it is simple, clear and bright, and it shows you everything that you would expect to see.

You will see 3 airflow slots for the pod system.

Oxva Velocity face work

The fire and adjustment buttons are plastic, the unit also has a USB “type C” charge port.

On the back of the device you will notice more airflow slots for the pod system also printed in white is advertising “OXVA Velocity”.

Oxva Velocity backface

OXVA Velocity 21700 Sides

The sided are curved which makes for a really comfortable feel in the hand.

Depending on which colour you buy, both sides have a duplicate pattern, mine is a type of glossy resin.

Oxva Velocity side colouring

OXVA Velocity 21700 Battery Door

The door is a simple pull forward and flip door, the door itself does have a bit of play to it, on the door OXVA have printed the normal CE and recycle marks.

You will also see five small vent holes as well as raised lines that help you open the door.

Oxva Velocity door base

Once the door is opened you will note the gold plated battery connection pin is sprung, even so I have found that a lot of pressure is needed to close the door again with a 21700 battery in place.

Oxva Velocity battery door inside

Inside the OXVA Velocity 21700 Mod

When new you will find a silicon sleeve inside embossed with “OXVA” for your 18650 battery, remove this and looking into the mod you will see your battery orientation mark which is a red cross and a gold plated connection pin.

Oxva Velocity red cross marking

Pod , Adaptor, Coils

The TPD Edition comes with 1, 2ml pod with the Unipro 0.15Ω coil and a 510 removable mouth piece pre installed.

Oxva Velocity pod with coil in

To allow you to use standard tanks or RDA’s on the OXVA Velocity 21700 a Creative 510 connection adapter is included.Oxva Velocity adaptor 510

In the standard version of the kit you will find 2x 5ml pods and a 510 adaptor.Oxva Velocity magnets

Two coils are included:

    • Unipro 0.15Ω
    • Unipro 0.3Ω


The tool that comes with the kit is very useful in that it has 2 functions.

The 1st helps you remove coils from the pod

tool coil

The 2nd uses a screw that aids in removal of the 510 adaptor, an angled pull is all that is needed.

510 adaptor remove

Both the pod and the 510 adapter fit extremely well with the aid of strong magnets.

How Does the OXVA Velocity 21700 Kit Perform?

Today I will be using the pre installed 0.15Ω coil and Kwik Vape Lemon Tart (a locally produced liquid to me) and then I will switch out for the Creative 510 connection adaptor.

liquid pod mode

OXVA Velocity 21700 Quick Start Guide


  • As always make sure you Pre wick your coil before 1st firing of the device.Oxva Velocity prep coil
  • To fill, open the silicone port on the top of the pod and fill the pod.Oxva Velocity pod fill
  • Place the pod into to your device; wait for a few minutes before firing so the cotton can soak up more liquid.
  • To use the 510 adaptor simply snap it in pace!tool for 510

OXVA Velocity 21700 Mod

  • Place your 21700, 20700 or 18650 battery into the mod following the battery guides, the mod will come on automatically.Oxva Velocity 21700 in place
  • You can charge the battery via the USB type C port, but as always I recommend using a standalone charger.charge cable
  • Clicking the fire button x4 fast to turn the device on and off.
  • x3 presses will activate the menu system – using the adjustment buttons select; Smart, Power, Volt, Colour, Exit

Adjustment buttons

  • Holding down both adjustment buttons together will lock and unlock the device.
  • Holding the fire and minus buttons together will clear the puff count.
  • Holding the fire and plus buttons together will activate the colour option without going through the system menu.
  • The device will adjust from 5 to 100w and will round robin the power.Oxva Velocity full power
  • In volts the power will round robin from 0.5V to 8.0V.


  • Timeout protection 10s
  • Short circuit protection
  • Overcharge protection
  • Over discharge protection
  • Output over-current protection

OXVA Velocity 21700 – Pod Mode – 40 to 60w

The Unipro 0.15Ω coil I’ve got to say is impressive not only can you dial the airflow on the coil but the mesh is hardy, although I cannot tell what the material is I do suspect it’s Stainless Steel.

The flavour is very good with a decent amount of vapour produced without the harsh taste that Kanthal mesh can produce.

toot 45w

I have mainly used Power Mode with this kit, but have tried Volts up to 6.5V with no problems.

The pod is stable with no leaks in the time I have used it, the only thing that bugs me is the 2ml fill capacity lol.

510 Adapter Mode

For me this is where the kit comes into its own, I have used all manner of tanks, RDA’s & RBA’s on it with excellent results each and every time!

With my Vnady Vape Govad RDA installed on the mod, I was able to reach the full 100w of power.

OK my micro lungs did suffer from the heat but the flavour was still there even if it was blinking hot lol.

My favourite tank to use on this device is my Fireluke 2, up to 70w gives me a very satisfying vape!

toot 55w

OXVA Velocity 21700 Battery life etc

At 40 to 50w the 21700 battery lasts me well, pretty much the whole day.


I have put in an order for the RBA coil head, and may include that on the video if it comes in time.



  • Good Quality
  • Excellent Design
  • Good flavour and vapour production
  • Wonderful battery life
  • Top fill Pod
  • All Unipro coils fit
  • No liquid leaking
  • Creative 510 connection adapter


  • No concerns or worries with the kit

Final Review Verdict

The only thing that really lets this kit down for me is the 2ml pod capacity, other than that the mod is simple to use, the stock coils gives good flavour and vapour production, the 510 adaptor is an excellent addition!

Would I recommend the OXVA Velocity 21700 Kit?

This is a simple easy kit to use, so is an easy recommendation from me so “Yes”

Would I buy this kit again due loss or damage?

One word “Yes”

Worldwide Shipping – Save 10% With Code ECC

Build Quality
Flavour 0.15
Vapour production 0.15
Ease of use
Price point
Replace If Lost
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    • Sadly no, the velocity is a sealed unit, you could try contacting Oxva direct to see if they can help, but apart from that you are looking at a new unit sorry.

  1. Good review as always Kev, this challenger brand has really opened things up in the pod systems market, great to see top-fill pods as they avoid the issues that the Voopoo tpp pods have with leakage.

    The Velocity is my goto kit at the moment, paired with the XL pods it is great, the 2ml are a complete pain in the r’s.

    Also the Vapcell battery is a good shout, I find they perform really well vs other 21700’s.

    • Cheers Simon, as you know I’m not really one for pods mods but the velocity got my attention & over the couple of weeks I have been using it I’m very impressed with the Kit.


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