Really Electronic Cigarette LogoReally Electronic Cigarettes are a UK based brand that up until recently I hadn’t actually heard of.

Really EGO-T  Starter Kit

I was contacted by them to review their EGo-T starter kit which they sent me free of charge, this as always will not sway my opinion on the product itself.

The Really E Cigarette website is very nicely done, one of the nicer designs out there and looks very professional, looking at the range of e cig kits on they have available Really are looking to fit the needs of all levels of vapers dependent on what we want.

No being stuck with one choice.

Ok, so lets get onto the review!

In the box / Presentation

really-ego-t-starter-kitThe packaging is very good, branding is great and includes the magnetic flip lid many brands seem to favour. Inside you will find:

  • 2 650 MaH EGO-T Manual Batteries
  • 2 Tank Atomisers
  • 5 Tank Cartridges
  • Chargers (USB lead & Plug)
  • Instruction Manual

All straight forward, packed nicely. Good first impressions.


egot-e-cigThe EGO-T 650MaH batteries are designed to last for a good full days vaping.

What I found though, similar to many e cig batteries of the same capacity, is that after the 2nd and 3rd charge the battery life will drop slightly.

I was still getting a good 6 hours or so moderate vaping which for me is plenty, especially when you have the second battery charged and ready to go.

The good thing about these particular batteries is that they are manual, which basically means they have a button that needs to be pressed to activate the battery.

A light on the button activates so you know it is activated whereas on the majority of auto batteries a light on the tip will come on so you know it is firing up.

Along with this is an on/off function so you can turn the battery off to stop accidental charging and battery waste when you are carrying it about in your pocket.

Doing this is simple, just press the button 5 times in quick succession to lock and do the same to unlock. Definitely a good feature to have.

I have used both manual and automatic batteries (in the form of the VGO) and can say that both perform well, if anything the manual batteries may ad an element of control.

Keeping with the performance, I was also getting a nice smooth draw every time as well so all good there.

I know it isn’t that important to many users but in terms of looks then the Really EGO-T is a pretty sleek looking bit of kit. The black smooth finish feels very nice in the hand, so much so I was finding it hard to put don at first and I’m not a complete weirdo I promise!ego-t-battery

Charging is the usual and can be done either directly through a USB port or by plugin the wall adapter into the mains. It is however advised in the user manual to charge the battery initially for 5 hours, use for 20 minutes then charge again for 1 hour, presumably to prolong the life of the battery and get the most out of it.

With these types of battery the only real downside comes with the size. Whilst they aren’t exactly huge they are not something I would personally take out with me and use out of the house, more of something I would use at exclusively at home. This is just a personal thing though and may not be the case for everyone.

Overall – 4/5

The EGO-T 650 mAh battery works very well and will give you a good amount of vaping time, especially considering there are two in the kit. I find myself using this at home and switching to a mini e cig with PCC for when I am out and about.

Vapour / Flavour

ego-t tanksThe Really Electronic Cigarette starter kit comes with 5 empty 1ml tanks so you will need to buy e-liquid if you don’t already have some.

Filling the tank is easy, its just a case of removing the cap on the end of the tank and filling with e-liquid. A little care does need to be taken here and you should also try and leave a little space and not fill right to the top.

Once the tank has been filled pop the cap back on with slot the tank into the atomiser, here you will here a little pop where the atomiser needle pokes through. Once this is done you are good to go!

Now, this is where I personally had a few issues with the EGO-T, I was initially getting a slight burnt taste to my liquid so I adjusted the tank and made sure the liquid was feeding through properly.

This seemed to sort out the burnt taste for about 10 drags but the flavour would then begin to suffer until I adjusted again. The other thing was that the flavour of my e-liquid seemed very muted, even throat hit seemed to have disappeared.


This is an e-liquid I have been vaping regularly (not one from Really E Cigs) with cartomisers and the CE4 clearomiser with no problem as well.

I thought maybe it was something I was doing wrong so I setup the 2nd battery and atomiser with a new tank and different e-liquid only to find the same.

The only thing that would get rid of the burnt taste would be to pull the tank out a little and push it back in but as mentioned previously this would only last for a few drags before having to do it again.

Now I have done a bit of research into what the problem could be and there are a lot of recommendations to clean the atomiser and thoroughly and dry it out, even taking the atty apart to check the wick.

I may do this when time allows but I just want to get stuck in and don’t want to have to mess about with this sort of stuff. Call me lazy but I am looking for something that is beginner friendly and useable out of the box.

The one good thing I found with this that it produced a great amount of vapour.

So, I have to say I was pretty gutted as everything else was falling into place nicely from the design to the battery function and life.

Overall – 2/5

I had problems with a burnt vape taste and muted flavour which I can only put down to the atomiser. It wasn’t a continuous thing but was getting a bit annoying having to fiddle with the cartridge every few drags. I will try and get to the bottom of this but for now I found it disappointing.

Definitely not up there in terms of flavour with the likes o the JAC Vapour S17 or SMOKO Vape E Cigarette kit.

Final Thoughts

The EGO-T from Really was a bit of a mixed bag for me, the quality of the device itself is great as is the battery life and vapour volume.

Where I had issues was with the flavour the e cig was producing. I like the idea of the tank system and sometimes it worked OK but other times I was having to adjust the tank to get the e-liquid flowing through the atomiser properly so I didn’t get the burnt taste that I think was the wick drying out?

The flavour also came through quite muted on occasion as well.

For this reason it was just not something that I found I was using straight out of the box with no problems which ideally is what I want.

If you are experienced with e cigarettes and don’t mind having to play around a bit with the atomiser to have it performing how it should then this could be very good.

If you are new to e cigarettes and are looking for a longer life battery than a mini e cig then the S22 from Jacvapour would definitely be a better option at this point.

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