Extraordinarily Good E-Liquids From the Heart of the California Wine Growing Region

Blink and you might have missed the Ripe Vapes stand at the recent Vaper Expo – it was tucked away out the back somewhat.

However if you did miss it or failed to sample any of their ‘joose‘ – then trust me you’ve missed an absolute treat!

And little did I know that our very own Jonny is a huge fan of this e-liquid brand and I can see why – they are in a word divine.


Pre TPD vapers might remember the company’s most famous flavour Coconut Thai which is one of the most popular flavours across the world – and I can see why 😉

The onset of the TPD meant the team has had to spend some time getting the juices ready for the TRPR UK market.

However and given the huge amount of interest from the distributors signing up to stock these juices on B2B day – expect to see this fantastic range of e-liquids available in the UK very soon.

More Like a Wine Tasting Experience!

After chatting with the very knowledgeable and charming lady on the stand I was introduced to the man behind the brand – the extremely engaging Erik Moren.

Multi award winning Ripe Vapes are based deep inside the California wine growing region near Los Angeles in Ventura County – and one look at the labeling shows where this line of e-liquids gets its inspiration.

This is definitely what I’d class as ultra-premium vape juice and whilst it may seem a touch more expensive than others – this is quite simply absolutely delicious and definitely one for vapers who appreciate a quality product.

ripe vapes

I commented on how refreshing it was to see a ‘grown-up’ label and Erik agreed:

I made a conscious decision to keep the brand classy and away from the cartoony images we see with many of the brands out there. Our fan base agrees and from our wine styled labels to our logo and obviously our flavour range we’ve maintained an approach that is strictly for the more discerning vapers.

OK I was able to spend quite some time on the stand and whilst I’ll just cover the three standout e-liquids that I feel deserve a mention – the rest are absolutely mind-blowingly good.

Indeed spending the time discussing the flavours with Eric was very reminiscent of a wine tasting experience with an extremely knowledgeable sommelier – right down to the aroma and even the taste test with a drop drizzled onto the back of my hand.

All that was missing was the bucket to spit it back into – though in all honesty that would be a terrible waste of a great juice!

OK onto the three flavours that literally blew my mind! This is an update

Ripe Vape e-liquid is available off their website in 0, 3, 6, 9, 12, and 18 mg and 30mg bottles – and will be available soon in the UK in compliant 10ml sizes.

Monkey Snack

Ripe Vapes say:

A delicious pairing of rich, creamy peanut butter and sweet, velvety banana. This Joose is sure to invoke wonderful memories and dance on your taste buds.

monkey snack

I say:

No monkeying around this is nothing short of wondrous.

Perfectly ripened banana gives a pleasing sweetness before the peanut butter washes over your tongue giving that gloopy stickiness you’ll recognize instantly.

The inhale is absolutely gorgeous with the peanut with the merest hint of saltiness cleansing the palate begging for more – awesome!

Key Lime Cookie

Ripe Vapes say:

This inspired Joose has wonderful sweet/tart notes of key lime, commingled with the flavor of warm baked cookies. Delicious and uniquely crafted for everyone to enjoy.


I say:

The tartness of the limes threatens to overpower such is the zestiness but as if by a miracle the sweet buttery cookie holds back for a split second before joining the tang with wonderful crumbly crunchy sweetness.

Absolutely phenomenal blending and given the exhale is beautifully balanced – this is definitely an ADV – indeed my 10ml sample has long gone!

VCT [Private Reserve]

Ripe Vapes say:

Our best selling Vanilla Custard Tobacco (VCT) aged for ninety days in french oak barrels. Privately reserved in small batches for the exclusive enjoyment of our customers.


I say:


If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on this then grab it by the barrel load – this is seriously good e-liquid!

I love my tobacco flavoured e-liquids but am not so keen on custards so I was a little dubious to say the least!

On the inhale comes sweet vanilla notes with a real creamy thickness to it with just the right amount of sweetness.

However the exhale brings on a dry smoky tobacco flavour that mixed in with the custard creates one of the best vapes I’ve ever had – absolutely delicious and then some.


Ripe Valley ‘Joose’ Final Verdict

This range of e-liquids simply oozes class.

From the exquisite understated yet extremely attractive labeling to the recipes right through to the amazing flavour notes and stupendous clouds – this is a standout juice range among the standouts.

You can tell our Jonny is a man of taste given he rates these extremely highly and trust me if you’re tired of the same-o-same-o flavours and toon inspired packaging and want to try some real ‘high-end‘ e-liquids look no further.

This whole range is as close to perfect in an e-liquid you can get – absolutely fantastic and I urge you to try them – you won’t be disappointed.

Other flavours include:

  • Summer Vibes – a wonderful fresh fruity fusion
  • Strawberry Crème Brulée – had me begging for more!
  • VCT (Vanilla-Custard-Tobacco) – award winning and moreish
  • Honeysuckle Apple Crisp – fresh zingy and delicious
  • Coconut Thai – complex recipe amazing flavour!
  • Pear Almond – one for the grownups refreshing and deep

You can read our previous Ripe Vapes review here with some of the additional flavours.

Monkey Snack
Key Lime Cookie
VCT [Private Reserve]
Overall Flavours
Overall Clouds
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