The new Augvape VX217 kit review and this is one powerful beast that comes topped with the Intake sub ohm tank – a Mike Vapes design.

I say powerful, it’s a dual battery mod taking 21700/20700 or 18650 batteries, giving it a max wattage of 217w and a whopping 12v!

Augvape VX217 Kit  review

Augvape say this is the follow up to the VX200 kit which was made of plastic and very lightweight. The Augvape VX217 kit is a much more solid device made from zinc alloy and has a rather chunky look about it.

I’ve worked closely with Augvape for some time now and generally like the kits, tanks and rebuildables they bring out.

My go to dripper is still the BTFC RDA – I found the Intake RTAs a little restrictive for me so it will be interesting to see if the sub ohm version is a little looser.

The last Augvape review I did was on the Druga Narada Pro pod mod and to be honest I was not that impressed…

What Can We Expect From the Augvape VX217 Kit?

Lots of power and lots of vaping options is the short answer.

I’m also hoping to get plenty of flavour from the Intake sub ohm tank – those clapton mesh coils sound very interesting.

The design of the mod has raised a few eyebrows – it does look rather chunky – let’s hope it’s more comfortable than it looks.

Good to see Augvape has offered different battery options and there is a sleeve to use regular 18650s.

Augvape VX217 Kit 18650 battery sled

OK, scene set – let’s see how this vape kit performs.

The Augvape VX217 Kit was sent to me direct from the company free of charge for the purpose of this review – thank you.

As always my thoughts and opinions are not swayed by freebies.

Worldwide Shipping – Save 10% With Code ECC

Inside the Box

Augvape VX217 Kit box

  • 1 x Augvape VX 217 Mod
  • 1 x Augvape Intake Sub Ohm Tank
  • 2 x Augvape Intake Subohm Mesh Clapton Coil Vaporizer Head 0.15 Ohm
  • 1 x Sleeve for 18650 batteries
  • 1 x Replacement O-Rings
  • 1 x USB Type C Cable
  • 1 x user manual
  • 1 x warranty card

Augvape VX217 Kit contents

Augvape VX217 Kit Mod Specs

  • Length: 80.00 mm
  • Width: 49.00 mm
  • Depth: 42.00 mm
  • Resistance range: 0.05-3ohm
  • Colour theme options
  • USB Type C 1.2A quick charge

Augvape VX217 Kit – Intake Sub Ohm Tank Specs

  • Length: 46.00 mm
  • Diameter: 25.00 mm
  • Easy top-fill
  • x3 0.2ohm clapton mesh coils
  • 5ml capacity with the bubble glass

Key Features

The Augvape VX217 is a dual battery mod that can take 21700/20700 or 18650 batteries by using the included sleeve.

It maxes out at 217w and pumps out up to 12 volts – powerful!

The mod is technically the upgrade to the Augvape VX200 – I reviewed that one and didn’t like the plastic feel to it – this newer version is made of a more solid zinc alloy.

There’s a full set of vaping modes: Variable Wattage, Variable Voltage and Bypass and all settings are controlled by a dial rather than the fire button.


There’s a very smart looking 1.3inch display that really does have a wealth of information including how much life is left in both batteries – wattage – resistance and voltage.

A Type C USB charge port means this can be charged internally, though we always recommend an external battery charger.

Augvape VX217 Kit – Intake Sub Ohm Tank

The mod comes topped with the new Augvape Intake sub ohm tank which has been designed by US YouTube vape reviewer Mike Vapes.

With the bubble glass the capacity is 5mls – can’t find how much the straight glass holds but I’m guessing around 2/3mls.

Augvape VX217 Kit intake sub ohm tank

You get x3 clapton mesh coils inside the box with a resistance of 0.15ohms – according to most websites – and extra coils can be bought in packets of 5.

clapton mesh sub ohm coils

There is a slight confusion on what coils are included – I’m guessing mine is a review sample and only had x2 coils included and both were 0.2ohms. I also received a packet of x5 0.20hm coils so no idea how the 0.15ohm coils perform.


The tank is a top fill with top airflow and looks very similar in design to the Intake RTA and the Intake Dual RTA.

Augvape VX217 Kit – Quick Start Guide

It’s a fairly straightforward set of controls:

  • Press fire button x5 to turn on and off
  • Press fire button x3 to enter menu
  • Rotate the dial to scroll through the options
  • Press fire button to select the option
  • Hold fire button to return to main screen or leave alone for 5 seconds

Augvape Intake Sub Ohm Tank – Quick Start Guide

filling intake sub ohm tank

  • To fill – press top cap and twist anti-clockwise
  • To change coil – push and pull from the base of the tank

intake sub ohm tank change coil

Design and Build Quality

I’ve already mentioned the Augvape VX217 mod is made from zinc alloy and feels weighty in the hand.

The battery door feels solid and there’s no rattle whatsoever.

Augvape VX217 Kit base

The dial is responsive to the touch however the fire button on mine feels a little spongy and kind of moves around when touching it.

mod face

Design wise it reminds me very much of the recently reviewed Asmodus Minikin V3 – no bad thing as I like that design…

Augvape says the VX217 kit is designed for thumb firers and it does indeed feel extremely comfortable for both left and right handers.

There’s x3 colour options, the full black I received, grey and the rather classy looking green.


The Augvape Intake sub ohm tank comes in x3 colours to match the kit – full black – a gun metal grey and stainless steel for the green set-up.

I have no issues with the tank whatsoever – my matte black looks awesome and everything comes apart beautifully and there’s a nice amount of resistance to the dual airflow ports.

How Does the Augvape VX217 Kit Perform?

In a nutshell – very well indeed!

Everything is extremely intuitive and refreshingly simple.

Augvape VX217 Kit 510

Using the dial is for me a great way to whizz through all the options.

However there is a slight niggle on how to lock in your wattage.

Once you’ve set it, you need to go back into the menu and select the ‘lock dial’. Not a big issue, just a bit annoying, but then once locked in I doubt you’ll need to change it much at all.

So the mod is very nicely put together and apart from the fire button on mine being a little wobbly, it looks good and feels good.

Big question…how’s the flavour off the Intake sub ohm tank?

How Does the Augvape Intake Sub Ohm Tank Perform?

I’ve already touched on the ease of filling and swapping out the coils.

I used the included 0.2ohm clapton mesh stock coil with a suggested wattage of 60 to 75w.

I began at 60w using the bloody delicious SuperGood Peach Bellini e-liquid from the Cocktail range – a 70/30 PG/VG mix.

I let the juice sit for 5 minutes – known as priming your coil – this means all the e-liquid is soaked into the cotton so no chance of a dry hit.

Mike Vapes Introduces the Augvape Intake Stock Coil Tank

Flavour Machines!

It’s been a very long time since I vaped on a sub ohm stock coil so was expecting at least one tank fill before the flavour came through.

However, the flavour absolutely hit the spot immediately – wow – this is an impressive vape!

Bumped up to 70w and the flavour got even better with all the right notes popping off my tongue and a ton of cloud!

As I said – this is an impressive sub ohm tank – those clapton mesh coils are absolute flavour machines.

BTW: the tank can be bought separately.

Augvape Intake Sub Ohm Tank – Airflow

Wide open it’s not the airiest tank out there by a long shot and it’s not the warmest vape either.

With 10 being ultra airy this is about a 7.5 – so a little bit of restriction.

airflow ports

Closed right off and this one’s tight for a sub ohm tank.

I do like plenty of air, so kept mine wide open. Whilst I might prefer a little less restriction I soon got used to it.


  • Well built mod and tank
  • Stunning design of the tank and mod
  • Dial works very well
  • Superb customizable screen – crystal clear
  • 21700/20700 or 18650 batteries
  • Plenty of vape modes
  • Whole host of safety features
  • Type C charging
  • Powerful!
  • Superb battery life
  • Absolute flavour machine!


  • Fire button on mine a little loose
  • Tank a little noisy wide open but that’s nit picking!

Final Review Verdict

As you can see from the long list of Pros, the Augvape VX217 Kit is a bloody brilliant vape set-up to say the least.

It feels great in the hand with just enough weight and the thumb firing is very intuitive – pity the fire button on mine is a little loose.

The tank is bloody brilliant and trust me those coils will blow your minds – banging flavour as the young folk say – with clouds to match.

The last Augvape review I did I was a little hard, but they’ve come back with the VX217 kit and blown me away.

Not more to say apart from the Augvape VX217 Kit is highly recommended.

Worldwide Shipping – Save 10% With Code ECC

Build Quality
Mod Functions
Ease of Use
Flavour 0.2ohm coil
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  1. Waiting on an update from Augvape unfortunately you need a special cable they are going to send out. Standard usb Data cables won’t work. The mod starts to have problems when it drops below 80% battery.


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