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ROK Universal are no strangers here at Ecigclick, we have tested a number of their products including the ROK Star, Discovery, Jet Black and Original Kit.

The overall quality of their product has always impressed us so we were looking forward to testing out the ROK Disposable electronic cigarettes.

The disposable was received free of charge but as always we will keep it real and give you our honest opinions!

In The Box / Presentation

The packaging as you would expect for a disposable comes in a no frills ‘10 cigs’ style paper cardboard box, slightly longer and slimmer in depth than a traditional 10 pack with a plastic insert to hold the Ecig in place making it ideal for storage.  It is also supplied with a rubber bung to keep the tip fresher for longer.


rok disposable lightThe A powerful 240 mah battery is the first thing to point out and according to the official website this is an “industry busting” size “capable of making up to 300 draws” or equivalent to 24 cigarettes.  

The small print on the actual ROK box claims to be equivalent to 25-30 cigarettes with a large 30 cigarette equivalents printed on the front.

Confused? Ok let’s stop for a second and lets get straight to the point.

So how long did it really last?

300 draws sounds quite a claim I hear you think but with a larger battery capacity than the average standard rechargeable Ecig it easily stood up to its claim and could possibly be slightly underselling itself.  I hit approximately 350 drags, all be it I tend to drag at about 2-3 seconds each draw and with the Nicotine finally fading the battery still didn’t want to die. 

So all in all it pretty much did as it says and if we take into consideration an average of 12 drags for a conventional cigarette we are right on the mark between 25-30 equivalent tobacco cigs depending of course on how hard you drag. This of course can change from person to person and will be dependent on how each individual vapes.

So how responsive was it?

It took a couple of what could be described as fresh air drags to warm up the battery (nothing unusual here compared with many Ecigs) but once it fired up the draw was smooth.

Overall – The impressive battery performance is the true winner here. The battery response was average though once warmed produced decent amounts of vapour.


So here are the basics. The ROK light is a Tobacco flavoured disposable.

rok-universal-disposable-e-cigFirst drags – no surprise here as I found the vapour to be extremely light with a slightly sweet taste and pleasant light tobacco flavour. 

Initially there wasn’t much in the way of a “throat hit” (It’s a light after all), throat hit usually gets a little stronger the higher up you go in nicotine.

I found it doesn’t like to have such a strong quick draw as it resulted in some random fresh air moments so with this in mind I found the most pleasant taste came from softer slightly longer drags which produced decent amounts of vapour with slightly more throat hit but of course this is down to personal preference.

Overall – With the impressive battery life the ROK requires an equally impressive cartomiser and it doesn’t fail to deliver with the 2 parts performing perfectly together alongside each other lasting the same as between 25-30 equivalent traditional cigarettes.


ROK do offer a full refund for unused and unopened product within 7 days of receipt, all product must have security seals intact. Full details can be found on their website.

Customer Service

ROK can be contacted by phone and email. They also have an active Twitter account! They have been very good with the contact I have had with them.

Discount Coupons

There is a 10% discount code that can be used to buy ROK e cigarettes which can be found at the top of this page.


I personally prefer to have a rechargeable e cig kit as I find that they are all I need. I would rather put that money towards something else.

Disposables just seem a bit too wasteful for my liking. But… I am not everyone! If disposable e cigarettes are your thing then this ROK Disposable is recommended.

The battery life was good and as you would want, outlasted the cartomiser. I also got a good number of drags before the cartomiser ran dry.



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