Today I take a look at the new Smoant Ladon 225 AIO Kit, a dual battery box mod, with a sub ohm tank.

No pod this time folks!

Smoant Ladon aio kit bush

Smoant is based “surprise” in China, and they have been on the vape scene since before 2016, bringing us high quality products like the Battlestar Squonk and the Battlestar Mini as well as a few pod kits like the recently released Smoant Knight 80.

What Can We Expect From the Smoant Ladon 225 AIO Kit?

Well it seems Smoant has used AIO [All In One] to describe their standard sub ohm tank because of its coil options, which is quite weird as normally we would associate AIO with pod kits like the Sense Herakles Pod kit or even simple pen devices that have a built in tank like the new Eleaf iJust AIO.

Smoant Ladon aio kit in hand

The Ladon AIO tank takes stock coils or an RBA [Rebuildable Atomizer] that holds either mesh strips or a micro coil.

Smoant Ladon aio kit tank and mod

The Ladon 225 mod can fire in temperature control as well as variable wattage, and the device has Smoant’s AI Ant-chip set which is fast and reliable.

What I really like is that Smoant has taken advantage of the new USB-C connection, which will give a fast balanced charge to the dual 18650 batteries. The device has a faux leather battery door which gives great hand comfort.

The kit is available in 4 colours – Full Black, SS, Rainbow and Black+Red

Smoant Ladon aio kit art header

This product was sent to me direct from Smoant for the purpose of review.

As always my thoughts and views are my own after a considerable testing period.

FYI: In Greek mythology Ladon is a dragon like creature with 100 heads.

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Inside The Box

  • Smoant Ladon Mod
  • Ladon tank
  • Spare parts pack
  • 3 Spare glass
  • Mesh 0.16Ω coil
  • Dual mesh 0.15Ω coil (pre installed)
  • RBA
  • USB cable – type C
  • User manual

Smoant Ladon aio kit full

The kit can be purchased as a full kit or just the mod or tank!

Key Features

Smoant Ladon 225 AIO Kit – Mod Specs

  • Size: 91.5×46.9mm
  • Output: 1-225W
  • Modes: VW, TC (Ni, Ti, SS316), TCR
  • Battery type: dual 18650
  • Display: Screen – approx 0.96inch
  • Temperature range: 100-300°C / 200-600°F
  • Resistance range: not stated
  • AI Ant-chip
  • USB Type C 2A quick charge

Smoant Ladon 225 AIO Kit – Tank Specs

  • Size: 28×58.4mm
  • Top Fill
  • Capacity: 4ml ml (straight and RBA bubble glass) 6ml (bubble glass)
  • Coils: 0.16ohm Mesh, 0.15ohm Dual Mesh
  • RBA
  • Adjustable airflow

Design and Build Quality

When the kit came to me the mod and tank were in separate boxes, as you can see by my photos I was sent the stainless steel version.

Smoant Ladon 225 AIO Kit – the Mod

Smoant has come up with an interesting design looks wise, the mod measures in at 91.5mm high and 46.9mm across, the mod is made from zinc alloy, stainless steel and plastic.

Smoant Ladon aio kit wall

Smoant Ladon 225 AIO Kit – From the Top of the Mod

The connection point is raised and will take tanks up to 28mm in diameter.

Smoant Ladon aio kit 510 raised

The 510 threading and plate are made of stainless steel, the plate has a lined pattern, similar to the Smoant Naboo 225w. The connection pin is spring loaded and gold plated.Smoant Ladon aio kit conn 510

Smoant Ladon 225 AIO Kit – Front of the Mod

The screen is clear and bright it shows you everything that you would expect to see, while the documentation doesn’t give a size! I measured it to around 0.96inches.

Smoant Ladon aio kit 0.96 oled

The adjustment rocker under the screen is made of red plastic.

Smoant Ladon aio kit bar red

At the bottom center of the mod it has a USB-C quick charge port, and 3/4 of the face is decorated by a mesh screen which gives the mod an interesting look.

Smoant Ladon 225 AIO Kit Sides

Both sides of the device have a lined pattern molded into the zinc ally body.

Smoant Ladon aio kit fire button

The left side is where you will find your red fire button.

As you can see the battery door is covered by gray faux leather with “Ladon” embossed into it.

Smoant Ladon aio kit door cover leather
Reverse side the door has a protective shield to help stop battery shorts, you will also see 3 magnets.

When the door is in position there is a bit of movement to it!

Inside the Smoant Ladon 225 AIO Kit Mod

You will see 4 gold plated contact points the bottom 2 are spring loaded also the matching 3 door magnets.
Smoant Ladon aio kit sled battery
The sled is clean and made of black plastic, the battery guide marks are in white, the top of the sled has board venting slots.

On the base you will see vent holes as well as a nail slot to help you remove the door.

The mod has great quality with a very good design.

Smoant Ladon 225 AIO Kit Tank

I’m not going to bore you with a lengthy description of this tank as it really is just a standard sub ohm tank, what I will do is point out the features!

Made throughout with stainless steel and Pyrex, the tank comes with a colourful 810 resin drip tip and has a diameter of 28mm and a height of 58.4mm.

Smoant Ladon aio kit tank empty

The tank features a top fill design and has a push button on the side for the cap to swing out and reveal the to fill port – the button sticks out a wee bit far in my opinion.Smoant Ladon aio kit port fill

The airflow for this tank is a simple turn stop airflow, which is slightly on the tight side.

A word of advice, the pre-installed 6ml glass is very hard to remove! The only way I could do this was to carefully pry it off using the edge of a knife.

My Ladon AIO tank came with 3 Pyrex glass tanks.

  • 6ml bubble
  • 4ml straight
  • 4ml bubble for the RBA

Smoant Ladon aio kit glass

Smoant Ladon 225 AIO Kit – Coils

Two stock coils come with the tank, both of which have tea tree cotton as a wick

0.16Ω Mesh 70 – 80W and 0.15Ω Dual Mesh 70 – 85WSmoant Ladon Kit coils

Overall the tank quality and design is OK.

Smoant Ladon 225 AIO Kit – RBA

My kit also came with an RBA deck, to be very honest in my opinion this deck really isn’t worth bothering with, but in the interests of fair play and all that – the RBA is made of stainless steel; it disassembles in to 4 parts.Smoant Ladon aio kit parts rba

I did find it difficult to reassemble the RBA.

It will hold either mesh strips/film or micro coils, and I was only sent 1 piece of mesh film and 2 round coils with the kit – please see later for my experience with this RBA.

Smoant Ladon aio kit rba

How Does the Smoant Ladon 225 AIO Kit Perform?

I will be using a pre installed 0.15Ω coil and my go to liquid by Ohm Baked – Apple and Rhubarb Crumble.

Smoant Ladon 225 AIO Kit – Quick Start Guide

  • Pre wick your coil and re assemble your tank.coil prep
  • Open your fill port and fill the tank.Smoant Ladon aio kit tank fill
  • Screw the tank to your Ladon 225 mod; wait for a few minutes before firing so the cotton can soak up more liquid.vape tank

Smoant Ladon 225 AIO Kit – Mod

  • Place your two 18650 batteries into the mod following the battery guides.vape batteries

You can charge the batteries via the USB – C port.

  • Clicking the fire button x5 fast to turn the device on and off.
  • x3 presses will activate the menu system – using the adjustment bar; VW, TC (Ni, Ti, SS as well as Curve and TCR).
  • Holding down both ends of the adjustment bar will lock and unlock the device.
  • The device will adjust from 1 to 225w and TC from 100c to 300c or 200f to 600f and will round robin.

There’s also a full set of protection:

  • Low voltage
  • 10s overtime
  • Reverse polarity
  • Short circuit
  • Over heating

20 to 85w

With the airflow set to approximately 1/8th open and at 20w, I found it to be a nice airy cool draw with good flavour with the option of either mouth to lung or direct to lung, the vapour production surprised me it was quite a cloud for such low wattage.

Upping the power to 40w with direct to lung, and this was much more me, the flavour increased as did the vapour quality.

vape mod hand check

I would say the warmth was just below what I‘m used to with my Freemax Mesh Pro tank.

Next I set the wattage at 60w and got nice and warm vapour with great clouds, and the flavour was still good!

While I don’t like pushing stock coils to their stated max, you know I had to! 85w for me was a culture shock, while the flavour was OK, the heat was OTT, but the vapour production was simply out of this world!

I have since dialed the wattage back to a more reasonable 70w, which is still impressive!

Smoant Ladon 225 AIO Kit RBA Deck

OK there really is no getting away with how I feel about this RBA!

In the last couple of weeks I have had the kit, I have not been able to build it to my satisfaction!

Installing the mesh/film is difficult as the mesh is very thin and distorts to the point of damage, micro coil installation in is relatively simple if you space the coil, however with both options when you reassemble the RBA the center press fit section, 9 time out of 10 won’t seat correctly!

If miracles happen and it does seat OK you will find it squishes the coil down.

Another problem I found is the placement of the cotton, I either get a juice lock or a complete flood from the tank airflow!

At 50w the dual batteries last me well; I get approx 4 hours I’m a heavy vaper so you may find that they last you longer.

At times I have found if I tip the mod the tank will leak a little! I recommend 80/20 VG/PG liquid thicker the better.



  • Good Quality
  • Good Design
  • Good battery life


  • Fair Quality
  • Fair Design
  • Good Flavour
  • Great vapour quality


  • RBA
  • Battery door movement

Final Review Verdict

The only thing that really lets this kit down for me is the RBA, other than that the mod is simple to use a comfortable to hold.

The tank with the stock coils gives good flavour and vapour production, however it does leak a little from the airflow.

Would I recommend the Ladon 225 AIO Kit from Smoant?

There is no learning curve with the mod so “Yes”. For use with AIO sub ohm tank with stock coils “maybe”.

Would I buy the Smoant Ladon kit again due loss or damage?

I would consider buying this kit again only this time I’d leave the tank and RBA in the box!

Have you used the Ladon kit? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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