The SMOK Fetch Pro kit it is the single 18650 battery equipped upgrade to the hugely successful Fetch Mini from last year.

It arrives shortly after the release of the RPM80 and RPM80 Pro pod kits.

Smok Fetch Kit Pro Handcheck

Going Pro means the inclusion of an 18650 battery and what I would chose to describe as a “Super Pod”.

Whereas the RPM range of devices had at least some traditional pod form factor, the Fetch twins are breaking turf in All In One [AIO] territory.

What Can We Expect From The SMOK Fetch Pro Kit?

There’s a significant increase in the height of the Fetch Pro kit over its younger sibling, something to be expected given that it houses a single 18650 battery.

SMOK is renowned for releasing a multitude of coil variations, very often confusion reigns free, and they’re stacking up with their pod systems too.

Smok Fetch Pro Kit Height Comparison
The Smok Fetch Pro Kit is considerably taller than its Mini Me!

As far as I can make out the coils of the RPM40, RPM80 and RPM80 Pro are compatible with the pods of the Fetch Pro so there are a few to choose from.

It looks like there are currently seven from the RPM range and two for the RGC pod, and for budding builders there’s also the option of an RBA section for both.

As I said, confusion reigns free when it comes to the wonderful world of SMOK coils lol.

We can expect this upgrade to be heavier than the Fetch Mini thanks to the external battery requirement. All dimensions have been widened but nothing as noticeable as that of the height.

Smok Fetch Pro Kit Boxed

The included coils are a bit more powerful than those found in your standard pod system.

I expect the 0.17 ohm coil to offer a fully blown direct lung vape while the 0.4 ohm to provide a semi restrictive one.

As for Mouth To Lung? Doesn’t that seem to be a thing of the past with AIO pod systems?

Anyway! I’m supposed to be answering questions, not asking them 🙂

Please note this review is based upon the experiences I have encountered with the SMOK Fetch Pro Kit, and they may differ from your own should you decide to take a leap of faith.

Inside the Box?

Smok Fetch Pro Kit Unboxing

  • Fetch Pro Device
  • RPM Pod 4.3ml capacity (RPM mesh coil 0.4ohm pre installed)
  • RGC Pod 4.0ml capacity (RGC conical mesh coil 0.17ohm)
  • Type C USB cable
  • User manual
  • Battery safety card
  • Warranty card

The SMOK Fetch Pro comes in a range of colours: Black, Green, Blue, Silver, Red and the one under review which is Orange.

The non EU (reviewed) version has been released with a 4.3ml capacity RPM Pod and a 4ml capacity RGC Pod.

All other packaged items remain the same with the TPD version with the exception of a 2ml capacity for both pods.

Specifications And Features

  • Size 93.5 x 46 x 22mm
  • Weight 102g (18650 battery not included)
  • Input Voltage 3.3V – 4.2V
  • Output Voltage 0.5V – 4.0V
  • Resistance Range 0.1ohm – 2.5ohm
  • Output Wattage 5W -80W
  • Charging Voltage 5V
  • Output Mode Watts

Quite a lot of things have changed over the Fetch Mini Kit – SMOK has gone all out with this upgrade.

Smok Fetch Pro Kit close up

  • Both pods feature bottom adjustable airflow
  • Dual channel direct airflow designed to optimise flavour
  • Single 18650 battery supported allowing 5W – 80W output
  • New RGC conical mesh 0.17ohm kanthal coil
  • An upgraded RPM coil with more cotton and increased, wider airflow
  • RPM pod is compatible with RPM80, RPM80 Pro and RPM40 coils
  • Large side firing bar for better interaction
  • Composite material with unique textures and a lustre finish
  • Their first pod kit to offer fast type C charging
  • A brand new user interface and core processing unit

Design And Build Quality

Mod Section

The SMOK Fetch Pro kit features some very nice contours around its edges, making the mod very comfortable to hold.

The finishing is immaculate with a groovy reflective quality that oozes appeal. The branding remains intact and the gold plated trim works perfectly with the orange theme.

On either side the large cycloptic air ingress channels place the emphasis on a more direct lung style of vaping.

Smok Fetch Pro Kit Dual Channel Direct Airflow

The extended firing bar, highly characteristic of the iconic SMOK Alien mod makes a return.

I did notice that it only functions from around the centre up when testing with a single finger. Since your natural tendency will be to wrap your fingers around the upper part of the mod this ain’t no biggie.

Smok Fetch Pro Kit Firing Bar
Underneath the firing bar is the Type C USB charging port.

Four internal magnets can be found in the base of the mod section, these lining up with those on the pods themselves. I tried shaking them out with moderate force and they were going nowhere!

Smok Fetch Pro Kit Magnetic Contacts Inside Pod
The spring loaded contact pins can be seen deep inside the mod

When placing an 18650 battery within the sled and closing the hinged door, there was no rattle. Indeed the battery slipped in with ease and the mod now felt like a solid bit of kit.

There was no rattling from the menu rocker either, so all good stuff.

Smok Fetch Pro Kit Battery Door Open
There’s a minor amount of play on the battery door hinge but no rattling from the single 18650.

SMOK Fetch Pro – How To Install A Battery

  • Slide open the battery door
  • Place the 18650 battery up and into the device (Positive towards top)
  • Close the battery door
Smok Fetch Pro Kit Battery Door Catch
The battery door catch has enough depth to do its job well

SMOK Fetch Pro – Screen Display And Functions

The SMOK Fetch Pro is equipped with a bright 0.96 inch TFT screen.

The colours are clean and vivid, with pin sharp rounded text and numerals. The current power level (in watts) takes up plenty of real estate, the way it should be.

Smok Fetch Pro Kit Screen Display

To operate the device do the following:

  • Press the fire button five times to power on or to power off
  • Press and hold the fire button to vape (10 second cut off)
  • Quickly press the fire button three times to lock or unlock the device
  • The left menu button will decrease the power output
  • The right menu button will increase the power output
  • Press the left and right buttons to lock / unlock the wattage
  • Hold the fire and left menu button to clear the puff counter
  • Hold the fire and right menu button to change the colour scheme
Smok Fetch Pro Kit Menu Buttons
The rocker under the main screen acts as left and right menu functions

Pod section

The pods are now side filling as opposed to the bottom fill of the SMOK Fetch Mini.

Smok Fetch Pro Kit RPM and RGC pods
On the left is the upgraded RPM pod and on the right, the RGC pod

Both drip tips are removable in favour of your own 510’s but SMOK recommend that you stick with their own.

Although the pods have a tinted appearance the inner chimney is clearly visible. The main body appears to be made out of a toughened PCTG.

Smok Fetch Pro Kit Adjustable airflow
The RGC pod showing the included adjustable airflow ring on the base

Both pods also allow for an adjustable bottom airflow so the potential to drill down to your desired vaping style is possible.

SMOK Fetch Pro – How To Change A Coil

It’s plug and play folks not rocket science lol:

  • Pull up on the pod to release from the mod section
  • Prise the existing coil down and out of pod
  • Replace with a new coil
Coil Inside Pod
Position of coil inside the pod

To make things even more “dummy like” it’s only possible to fit the coils one way, but do take your time when seating them inside the pod!

RGC pod

There’s plenty of space for 4ml of e liquid within the RGC pod, and even more inside the RPM with the none TPD edition.

How To Fill The Pod


  • Gently pull back the silicone plug on the side of the pod
  • Carefully administer e liquid into the exposed opening
  • Replace the silicone plug ensuring a snug fit
  • Position the Pod into the mod section

Take care not to overfill the pod, whilst at the same time ensure that you have filled enough to cover the wicking ports of the coil.

If this is a new coil let the pod sit for a good five to ten minutes to allow for adequate priming.

How Does The SMOK Fetch Pro Kit Perform?

Inner Packaging

SMOK Fetch Pro – RPM 0.4ohm Mesh Coil (25W)

SMOK recommend the coil be vaped at 25W so that’s the output I tested it at.

I used Zeus Juice Dodoberry Ice, mixed berry fruits with an extra dose of coolada for good measure. Which is a 70VG/30PG ratio 50ml short fill.

0.4ohm RPM coil

Of immediate value is the coils ability to chuck ‘dem clouds! Vapour is incredibly thick, with plenty of volume even when testing at around 10W.

With Full Airflow

There’s still a slight restriction at this setting but certainly a direct lung vape. The coolada steals the show with flavour production somewhat distant and muted.

While the vape is smooth, the airflow arrangement is demonstrating a degree of loudness. You’re not going to be stealth vaping anyway, given the insane cloud production! lol

Mid Airflow setting

To be honest, I didn’t notice much of a restriction here. A very similar vape experience to that of above.

Some sweetness from the mixed berries is allowed to filter through but once again, it’s really more about the coolada.

This has now become quite a loud vape during inhale but there’s little sign of turbulence.

Maximum Airflow Restriction

Curiously enough, you’re only going to achieve this with the AFC ring fully closed off. Proof, if needed that SMOK has designed this latest version of the Fetch as a DTL vaping set up.

While this is a very restrictive DTL hit, there’s little chance of being awarded a satisfying mouth to lung vape, because there’s always too much air circulating around within the chamber of the mod.

Flavour certainly improves with raspberry especially having a chance to come out and play. The rest of the berry profile never gets on the same field as the overriding coolada, unfortunately.

SMOK Fetch Pro Kit – RGC 0.17ohm Kanthal Conical Mesh Coil (40-80W)

I began my tests using Kai Juice Napple Creme freebase nicotine short fill bottle with a 70VG/30PG ratio.

RGC coil conical mesh

With airflow wide open and running at the minimum recommended power output of 40W I instantly received a nasty throat irritation.

It must be noted that the juice was allowed to sit and prime for a good ten minutes prior to vaping. The presence of air bubbles within the pod also suggested that there were no wicking issues.

Flavour was compromised at this lower setting unsurprisingly enough but there were still traces of pineapple on the exhale.

Cloud production was on par with the 0.4ohm coil and very satisfying.

Going Down..

By lowering the wattage the throat burn subsided but at an obvious cost to the already muted flavour production.

At this point I also observed that the resistance of the coil was beginning to hop around spasmodically. It would shift from 0.17 to 0.15ohm without any clear pattern, without any logic.

I decided to lower the VG/PG ratio further by using Zeus Juice Dimpleberry, another freebase nicotine e-liquid.

With airflow once again wide open at 40W the burning sensation on the back of the throat was masked by the aniseed of the profile, yet still evident.

All very weird stuff! Any attempt at vaping from 50W upwards ended in complete disaster.

Generally speaking the flavour was wishy-washy and somewhat distant. At no point did I experience the dreaded burnt cotton taste associated with a dry hit.

Head scratching stuff!

It almost felt like an allergic reaction to the kanthal, and that’s something I’ve never experienced before!

At this point I gave up on the conical mesh coil. I wasn’t having any luck at standard liquid ratios and just as little using a 50VG/50PG mix.

The viscosity of both liquids should have been perfectly fine with a coil capable of such power.

There’s every chance that I may have just received a dud coil. For this reason it would be unfair to mark down points during the final scoring.


  • Ergonomic design and not too heavy
  • Clear, bright colour screen viewable in direct sunlight
  • Comfortable 510 drip tip
  • Easy to navigate menu functions
  • Rock solid battery door and hinge mechanism
  • Fantastic battery life using the 0.4ohm mesh coil (RPM pod)
  • Zero battery rattle


  • 0.4ohm coil feels slightly under powered and lacking in flavour property
  • The possibility of over filling if not careful (subjective)
  • Minor leaking from the bottom of both coils
  • Too much airflow from dual intake channels
  • Quite a loud vape using the 0.4ohm mesh coil (RPM pod)

Final Review Verdict

Say hello to my little friend!

SMOK has done a super job at upgrading the look and appearance of the Fetch. The extra contouring and beveling is cleverly used to adapt to the space required for that 18650 battery.

I would suspect this is far from the last time we’re going to see this branding either.

SMOK Fetch Pro Kit Design Summary

There are a few things that I noted during the review process, however. Let’s get those out of the way first, shall we?

Pod Design

Pod Breakdown

The position of the fill port on pod is not as high as it could’ve been. For this reason I initially suffered a few problems with the fill level and juice would leak back out.

So although side filling is convenient enough, just make sure to tilt the pod at a 45 degree angle when administering to avoid this issue.

..Think of pouring a glass of your favourite beer! lol

SMOK Fetch Pro Airflow Structure

At any given time there’s going to be a lot of airflow around the base of the pod due to those large dual air channels on either side. This makes the kit far more suited to a direct to / restrictive lung vaping experience despite both pods sporting AFC rings.

As tends to be the case with many “super pods” there’s very little chance of a satisfying MTL vape.

It was also the reason why the vape was actually quite loud, I feel.

SMOK Fetch Pro Menu Buttons

This one was another head scratcher until I figured out what was actually happening.

If you press and hold the left and right menu buttons when locking or unlocking the wattage you will find that the power output is randomly increased too!

There seems to be an over sensitive right menu button that if held too long will take on a mind of its own.

In order to combat this issue you need to make one quick stab at both menu buttons. So not technically a design fault but more of a Negative Neil if you can’t figure it out lol.

SMOK Fetch Pro Coil Performance

The flavour from the 0.4ohm mesh coil was a little bit dull and disappointing, cloud production was superb though.

The AFC ring, while quite stiff to adjust, wasn’t offering much diversity in airflow restriction, indeed it was hard to notice much difference while testing.

It just felt a little under-powered for my liking.

Overall a smooth, if loud vaping experience, shame about that dilution of flavour though.

Shame also about the 0.17ohm conical mesh coil. The AFC ring was very much more responsive. In the shortened length of time spent with it, airflow adjustment capabilities were spot on!

Always Look On The Vape Side Of Life

The SMOK Fetch Pro kit has been designed with ergonomics in mind. It fits perfectly in the palm of the hand and the dual air intake ports are always free of fingers or thumb.

The clear colour screen is easily viewed in direct sunlight, and there’s a no thrills set of menu functions tailor made for a pod system.

The screen also times out after 15 seconds of inactivity which always helps with overall battery performance.

You can also “round robin” the device if needs be.

It’s possible to replace the included 510 drip tip with one of your own, I personally had no issues with the one SMOK supply.

Battery Door

The battery door and hinge have given me no problems at the time of writing and is very easy to use. The battery sits within the mod as snug as you like and there’s zero battery rattle.

SMOK Fetch Pro – The Bodacious Battery

I managed to achieve 16 hours continuous use from the single 18650 battery using the 0.4ohm mesh coil at a constant 25W. During this time I amassed 335 puffs on the screen counter.

As much as I don’t recommend charging an external battery within a device, I gave it a go for the purposes of review – note: it’s al;ways best to use an external battery charger.

The fast type C charging wasn’t as efficient as expected. It took 1 hour 45 minutes. Further galvanizing the merits of a dedicated charging unit.

SMOK Fetch Pro Final Thoughts

I wish I could have given more detail about the conical mesh coil but the burning sensation to the back of the throat was becoming highly unpleasant.

As our very own Editor, Mr Neil Humber states, “You can only review what’s in front of you” and that’s very true.

The pod design is very good and the toughened PCTG body means they will last the course.

I favour the side filling system over bottom fill simply because there’s more space to get your fingers around the silicone stopper.

Once in contact with e liquid the stopper was relatively easy to use, certainly not as fiddly as many designs out there, so kudos for that!

Liquid levels were clearly visible through the tinted plastic.

Backwards compatibility with RPM40 and RPM80 coils is a major plus. It would be interesting to see how the MTL coils performed.

The option of an RBA section only helps to increase the appeal of this reliable, compact and battery efficient device.

Are you already vaping on the SMOK Fetch Pro kit or thinking of buying it?

Let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

neil cozens
Neil Cozens

My name is Neil and I've been a keen vaper for eight years, having been smoke free since 2014. That's all thanks to being introduced to a CE4 clearomiser by a work mate. In 2015 I started a Facebook group encouraging members to help others make the switch, sharing thoughts and opinions while acknowledging all the hard work that goes into running a vape shop and the guidance those folks give. I've also created a You Tube channel, Ncboreas Vapes. It's primarily there to help the newer vaper so if you've any questions feel free to drop by! There are so many positives to vaping and absolutely none to smoking. It's a message I continue to spread. Long Live Vaping. Live Longer Vaping.

Build Quality Mod
Build Quality Pod
Design Quality Mod
Design Quality Pod
Flavour Quality (0.4ohm Mesh coil RPM pod)
Cloud Production (0.4ohm Mesh coil RPM pod)
Ease Of Use
Replace if Lost Or Damaged?
My name is Neil and I've been a keen vaper for eight years, having been smoke free since 2014. That's all thanks to being introduced to a CE4 clearomiser by a work mate. In 2015 I started a Facebook group encouraging members to help others make the switch, sharing thoughts and opinions while acknowledging all the hard work that goes into running a vape shop and the guidance those folks give. I've also created a You Tube channel, Ncboreas Vapes. It's primarily there to help the newer vaper so if you've any questions feel free to drop by! There are so many positives to vaping and absolutely none to smoking. It's a message I continue to spread. Long Live Vaping. Live Longer Vaping.
smok-fetch-pro-kit-reviewSMOK returns with the Fetch Pro and an increase in power thanks to the addition of an external 18650 battery. While an abundance of airflow hinders the overall flavour quality, it remains as reliable and as portable as its Mini sibling. With the direct lung vaper in mind this is a very solid AIO pod kit.


    • Hi David,

      Thanks for taking the time to read the review. I too had leaking issues from both coils but they weren’t a major issue if I’m honest. Despite the plug and play coils being dummy proof and only fitting one way there’s always the likelihood of compressed O rings being an issue.

      The number of pod systems I’ve used that don’t leak at some point are few and far between, even ensuring for correct VG/PG ratios VS coil type used.


      Neil C

      • I love the look of it , the feel in the hand but it extremely under powered. 30w 50 w 80w all seems the same and the flavor is crap. Ive tried everything. Good vapor but just cant get the flavor. If they added the soft medium hard setting they once had might have saved it or at least been able to bump up the volts

  1. Flat tops are by far the most common type of 18650 battery for vaping. And I can totally understand Neil being uncertain what you were referring to as button tops (or nipple tops as I always knew them) are not at all common in the vaping world. In fact AFAIK they were far more a thing in the torch market where you could get a nipple top that had over current protection built into it, as well as ones without protection.

    In the dozen or so different types of batteries I’ve used over the years for vaping, they have all been flat topped. Hence why vapers tend not to specify.

    As for there being a “best” battery for vaping. There is no such thing. Not only do most manufacturers specifically say that their batteries are not to be used for vaping, but it depends both what device you are putting it into, and how you vape, wattage, etc. For me personally I tend to use Molicell P26A, but I have a range of other batteries including Samsung 25R and Hohm Life.

    I even have some 18650’s with a really high capacity, but a pitiful continuous discharge rate, these are great in a low power mouth to lung device with a high resistance coil, but they would blow my hand off if I used them in a mech with a low ohm coil!

    Stay safe everyone, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. And for recommendations on batteries, Battery Mooch is one of the best out there.


  2. People should be aware that this vape does not come with a very special battery that is nearly impossible to find. You must order it online and it is not a normal 18650 battery as it does not have a button top. Normal 18650 batteries do not work with this vape but no one will tell you that. I’d have never bought it if I knew that.

    • Hi, Lee.
      I commonly use Samsung 25R 18650 batteries and have had no issues whatsoever with the Smok Fetch Pro Kit. The button top you refer to is the positive terminal of the battery. Every 18650 battery has them. You are putting yourself at extreme danger to use anything other than an 18650 battery with this product.

      Smok would be the first to tell you that.

      Kind regards,

      Neil C

      • This is not true at all. The best battery rated for vaping is the Sony Murata 18650 and it has a flat top, not a button top. The button top 18650 restricts the flow of energy and is not optimal for vaping. Vape 360 even classes the Sony Murata battery as the best vape battery. You don’t know what you’re talking about. And it certainly isn’t going to be a danger to anyone. And FYI Smok includes no specifications on the battery you need. A battery shop had to tell me that normal 18650 batteries are not for this.

      • In fact Neil the battery im referring to is the one pictured in the battery warning card that comes with the fetch pro. It’s the Sony Murata which has a flat top and not a button top.

        • Hi, Lee. Thanks for checking out the review. Much appreciated.
          Ok. Where to start? I’ve only ever used flat top 18650 batteries so when you mentioned button top ones I was kinda thrown into a loop. It’s on me that I may have suggested not using anything other than those. I’m very familiar with Sony, Samsung and LG for example. All of these are flat top. I heavily endorse the safe use of ANY external battery so that’s where part of my answer came from.
          As for those button top 18650’s? I’ve honestly never come into contact with one in my seven years of vaping. Also, I personally had zero issues using my flat top batteries in the device. They performed admirably and were a great fit.
          If I’ve created any confusion then I apologies.

          Kind regards,

          Neil C

  3. Hi Neil.
    Hope everything fine. I got a problem after purchase the smok fetch pro. I found that the spring loaded contain pin was not work well. It got 2 pin, and 1 of them was sink and could’nt come up. Is that you got any idea to solve this problem ?

    • Hi Chua!
      Thanks for taking the time to read our reviews. If one of the coil contact pins is not spring loaded then I would suggest you seek a free of charge replacement. Attempting to solve this problem for yourself will invalidate any warranty you have.
      I’m sorry this has happened and I’m also sorry I’m unable to help with this issue.


  4. Hi Neil,
    Thank you for the review.I just want to use salt nic and want more nicotin like cigerates, do i have to use rpm rba coils? And replace the pre installed element with an element by higher resistance rate?
    Thank you alot

  5. Hi Niel,

    Garry again. I posted a comment around 2 hours ago regarding which pod would supply the best MTL hit.

    I forgot to mention, that if none of the pods I mentioned, are suitable, please could you make some suggestions, and I’ll shop around further.

    Many thanks for your assistance.


    • Hi, Garry! I’ve just picked up both of your messages. Sorry for the delay.

      So you’re not into clouds or flavour? That may well change as you become used to vaping. lol
      If I’m to be brutally honest, the best choice on your list would be the Geek vape Aegis Pod. The reason I write that is because you are new to vaping and it is a very straightforward device to use. Unfortunately (and like a lot of current pod systems) it offers an airy MTL vape. The same can be said of the Smok Nord 2, for its simplicity and plug and play coils. However, I have no personal experience with that one.

      Since you are looking for a pod that will emulate the experience of a cigarette I would have to suggest the Geek Vape Aegis Boost for its ability to provide a tight MTL vape using the adjustable airflow.

      Although I don’t own one I’m also informed that the Uwell Caliburn is good for MTL too. This also has adjustable airflow and may be what you’re looking for. I understand that they are not on your list but it’s food for thought, my friend.

      Please be aware these are only suggestions. Have you considered purchasing a MTL pen style starter kit? If so then I can highly recommend the Innokin T18-T20 series for impressive MTL capabilities.

      Hope you find what you’re looking for, Garry. Very proud of you for making the switch too!

      Kind regards,


  6. Hi Niel,

    Please help me. I am new to vaping, (about to purchse my first one).I am not interested in clouds or flavors, and only want to quit smoking cigarettes. I am looking for the best MTL experience, and am a little restricted to the type of vape I can obtain. They are:

    – Smok Nord 2
    – Geek vape Aegis Pod
    – Smok Fetch Pro
    – Voopoo Drag x Pod Mod
    – Smok RPM 80 Pro

    I must have been researching on the net for 15 hours plus, and yours is the most informative site I have encountered.

    Please advise on the best two options for MTL. (I intend to purchase tomorrow).


  7. Hi Neil
    I am new to vaping and SMOK Fetch Pro is my first e-cig. My question is what e liquid will be the best option for RPM pod and for the RGC pod? I am little bit confused because I dont know should I buy PG or VG and what proportion it should have 50/50? Or different? Maybe nic salt will be better? I dont know. I have to admit my goal is to achive best taste, size of cloud is not so important to me.
    Kind Regards

    • Hi, Steve and thanks for getting in touch!
      Since you are new to vaping there’s no reason to go into anything technical.
      As a new vaper it depends on if you still like that throat hit. Freebase nicotine at higher levels (12 – 18mg) in the SMOK Fetch Pro will provide you with that. Nicotine salts enter the bloodstream more rapidly while fighting off the cravings from a cigarette but the throat hit is less harsh. They are usually available in 10mg and 20mg strength.
      For any pod system I would personally recommend a 50VG/50PG ratio when purchasing e liquid. That’s where you’re likely to experience improved flavour production while restricting cloud output.

      Thank you for taking the time to read our reviews and keep up the good work.


  8. Hey,

    Thanks for your review, great as usual! I want to ask more regarding MTL, is there some way how to make it work? I mean to reduce airflow when using RPM RBA.

    I found Hotcig AFA RBA, not sure about this, but it should be RBA base compatible with Fetch Pro and should have more adjustable airflow, so maybe option for little bit more tight airflow.

    Thanks for any answer if there is possibility how to do it, because I am finding POD which have RBA option and removable 18650 and Fetch Pro has top design for me. There are some of them but everytime lot of air for DTL style.

  9. Hi Niel, thanks for the review. Among fetch mini, voopoo navi, and rpm80 which one do you think is better because I can only afford one. I like the navi but im afraid it is gonna leak like the vinci. And can you recommend some pod mod, I usually do restricted lung hit with 35-50 mg juice

    • Hi, Tung.
      I would suggest the Smok Fetch Mini to be a great choice.
      It offers plenty of options and is pretty much leak free. You should be able to get the draw you’re looking for too.
      I’ve not tried the RPM80, unfortunately so cannot comment.
      As a recommendation I highly rate the Aspire Mulus pod mod. The Geekvape Aegis Boost is also extremely good for cloud, flavour and battery life.

      Thanks for taking the time to read the review.


  10. Hi Neil, sorry late reply. Is glad to hear from you, thousand of thanks to you for solve my doubt. I can understand now.
    1 more question, for smok fetch mini & fetch pro, which one you recommend?
    Both pod looks great for me. But i only budget to get one only.

    • Hi, Chua Sn

      There’s a couple of things to take into account when purchasing. Keep in mind the Fetch Mini is not reliant on the use of an 18650 battery. I mention this because I don’t know if you already have a dedicated 18650 charger. I’d like to make it clear that I don’t personally endorse the charging of these batteries via the devices built in USB port. Type C or not.
      Battery charging and life span on the Fetch mini is fantastic out of the box.

      The Fetch Mini has more compatibility with the choice of coils on offer. Don’t forget you get the Nord pod too! I also feel they are better suited to the power constraints of the device. Interestingly enough, I thought the same coil underperformed in the Fetch Pro.

      I’ve yet to retest the 0.17ohm RGC conical mesh coil of the Fetch Pro. That’s a shame because it is definitely more suited to the device.

      To answer your question clearly I personally favour the Fetch Mini. Just because the latest pod systems crave more power it doesn’t mean they perform better.

      Great to hear from you again, my friend. Hope this helps you.


  11. Hi Neil, thanks for the introduce for this pod. I got few question need to ask you.
    1) is the RBA coil i can use in freebase and salt juice ?
    2) how about the HTPC juice ? Also can use in the RBA coil ?
    3) honestly i not very clear about the coil that this smok pro provide, which are the RPM & RGC.
    hope you can reply me, as i still new for using vape. Hope i can smoke free soon.
    Take care

    • Hi, Chua. Thanks for reading our reviews and thanks also for your feedback.
      1) It should be perfectly fine to use either freebase or salt based e liquid with the RBA section.
      2) Since HTPC is designed to be used in pod systems there shouldn’t be an issue. It doesn’t affect liquid viscosity so there’s really no reason why you can’t use it.
      3) Ok. The Smok Fetch Pro comes with two pods. One is the RPM pod (upgraded for the Fetch Pro). This pod is compatible with all of the RPM coils listed on their website(obviously including the one you got in the package). The other is the RGC pod which can be used with the included RGC 0.17ohm conical mesh coil.
      There is an RBA section available for use with the RPM pod and there is also one for the RGC pod. You cannot use RPM coils in an RGC pod, for example.

      I know exactly how confusing this can be, Chua. I hope I’ve been able to answer your questions. Feel free to get back to me if still unsure of anything.

      Stay Safe,

  12. I own the RPM40, and used to own the Fetch Mini. I expected the flavor of the Fetch Pro to be at least comparable to those two, yet I found it to be disappointingly muted. Is it because of the supplied coil? I’m still using the 0.4 RPM coil that came with the package, but I remember that the ones came with the RPM40 and Fetch Mini didn’t taste this dull.

    • Hi Dave!
      Yes it amazes me how manufacturers upgrade the power abilities of their pod systems but expect you to fall back on coils that are really best suited to other devices, such as your RPM40.
      Obviously to combat this, Smok released the RGC conical mesh coil (epic fail during the review!) capable of hitting higher wattage.
      As the pods themselves evolve so does the ability to reproduce flavour. Maybe due to chamber sizes, level of circulating airflow, etc. So where the 0.4ohm mesh RPM coil may be tailor made (performance wise) for the RPM40 it doesn’t necessarily follow the same experience is gained from say the Fetch Pro. I think compatibility issues are caused by over powered devices and under powered coils.

      I could bang on about Smok and compatibility issues forever, Dave. Maybe they should consider a lock down of their own. On pod release frequency. lol

      Thanks for taking the time to read the review and hope to hear from you again soon.

      Stay Safe,

    • Hi, Ryan.
      I honestly thought the device was available a few months back. Having looked at some online sites however, it’s a bit misleading. Some are suggesting they are in stock but still appear to be on pre order. Whether this has anything to do with the current climate I really couldn’t say. I do know that brick and mortar can source them (if not in stock) so that could be a route to take.

      Thanks for taking the time to check out the review. Stay safe, mate.


  13. unfortunately I have exactly the same problems with my RPM80 and the RGC 0.17 coils. I can not go more than 40 watts, then you have a burning throat. Just wonder how all Youtubers can steam the part at such high temperatures. But you don’t get new coils at Smok, hopefully some bugs will be fixed.

    • Because the lowest recommended setting was 40W Stephan, that’s where I began. Have to write that I got the metallic throat burn from hell and wondered if it had anything to do with the conical structure of the mesh. To be honest, there doesn’t appear to be much wicking material within the coil either. Whether that has any bearing, I couldn’t say.
      Thanks for taking the time to read the review, buddy! Hopefully those bugs do get ironed out.


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