The SMOK RPM80 Pro review, and I’m almost certain the original SMOK RPM40 Pro pod mod was the first of its kind that I saw available on the market.

Shortly after, the VooPoo Vinci was released – and since then its been nothing but pod mods, every manufacturer and his dog has released a pod mod.

 SMOK RPM80 Pro pod mod review

Its becoming extremely difficult to choose which one is the best, or which one is right for you.

I still stand by my predictions that we will soon see huge pod mods, capable of 200 watts and housing two 18650 or even 21700 batteries.

 SMOK RPM80 Pro pod modSo all we can do is take a good look at the two latest pod mod offerings by SMOK and leave you to decide which is best for you.

And have they developed a ‘category leading’ pod mod suitable for Mouth-to-lung and Direct to Lung Vaping?

What Can We Expect From The SMOK RPM80 Pro?

The SMOK RPM80 and RPM80 Pro are in essence the same thing, with the only difference being that the Pro can house a single 18650 battery, whereas the RPM80 has a 3000mAh internal rechargeable battery.

The RPM80 isn’t just a carbon copy of the RPM40 but supersized, its been pretty much re-designed completely and the only resemblance to the RMP40 is the screen, but even the actual display is a little different.

 SMOK RPM80 Pro reviewed

Both kits come with 2 pods, the RPM and the RGC. Although the RPM Pod is different to the pod used in the RPM40, the coils are still compatible along with the RBA – result!

Now offering up to 80 watts, the SMOK RPM80 Pro looks to have everything going for it right?

So let’s crack on with the SMOK RPM80 Pro review and see what this kit is all about.

This kit was sent to me free of charge for the purpose of review.

All views and opinions are solely those of my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of others.

Inside the Box

  • 1 x RPM80 Device
  • 1 x 5.0ml RPM Pod (2.0ml TPD)
  • 1 x 5.0ml RGC Pod (2.0ml TPD)
  • 1 x 0.4Ω Mesh RPM Coil (Best 25w)
  • 1 x  0.17Ω Conical Mesh RGC Coil (40-80w)
  • 1 x Warranty Card
  • 1 x User manual
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 2 x Warning Cards
  • 1 X Scratch to win card (Didn’t win)

 SMOK RPM80 Pro contentsSmok RPM80 Pro Specs and Features

  • Size: 118×26×31.5
  • Battery: Single 18650
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 5.0ml (TPD Version 2.0ml)
  • Output Wattage: 80w
  • Suitable Resistance: 0.1Ω-3.0Ω
  • Airflow – Adjustable on the RGC Pod/Coil
  • Charging: Max 2A charge via Micro USB
  • Available colours: Black Stab wood | Red Stab wood | Fluid Gold | Fluid Blue | Black & White | 7-Colour | Black Carbon

Design and Build Quality

I was sent the Black Carbon Fibre colour variation of the Smok RPM80 Pro and in all honesty its been really nicely done.
 SMOK RPM80 Pro colours
The carbon effect is glossy and doesn’t feel lie a cheap sticker by any means.

SMOK RPM80 Pro – The Pods

Both pods are almost identical in their style and shape, with the only real difference being the airflow adjustment on the base of the RGC pods.

 SMOK RPM80 Pro pods

Viewing your e-liquid level isn’t too bad thanks to the pod being lightly smoked, as apposed to some pods which are almost a solid black.

The drip-tips at the top of the pods CANNOT be removed which is a little shame, I’m not too sure why they couldn’t have made it a 510 adaptor so you can use your own or swap them out if they get damaged.

The Smok RPM80 Pro Device

 SMOK RPM80 Pro drip tip

The RPM80 Pro and RPM80 internal battery edition are pretty much the same with regards to their design and build quality. The top of the RPM80 Pro has 2 large magnets to hod the pod in position, and works very well.

At the face of the device is a large airflow slot, which I feel is in a bit of a silly position as when thumb firing, its possible to cover the airflow slot when vaping.

 SMOK RPM80 Pro device

The fire button and up/down buttons click nicely and although the up/down are joined together, it doesn’t make it difficult to click one of the other.

The display is fairly bright, and very clear, however, the display isn’t as bright as the RPM40! Very odd.

At the base is your battery compartment which you ‘push and slide’ to open. However, its not spring loaded, which for me is always annoying as it just feels like a weak flappy door.

 SMOK RPM80 Pro battery

I also have a little issue with push-sliding a door across a battery terminal. It’s a little rough forcing metal across metal when batteries are involved.

You can charge the device via the micro USB port located below the adjustment buttons. As always I recommend charging your 18650 batteries externally whenever you can.

SMOK RPM80 Pod Mod In the Hand

Weight wise there isn’t much difference between the RPM80 Pro and the internal battery version, and they’re only a little bit heavier than the original RPM40.
The device feels good especially as a thumb firer as your fingers wrap comfortably around the curved Carbon Fibre end of the device.

How To Fill the SMOK RPM80 Pod Mod</h3

To fill the pod with e-liquid you can do so without removing the pod from the RPM80 itself.
 SMOK RPM80 Pro in hand

Here’s what to do:

  • Lift the rubber lid on the top of the Pod
  • Gently fill with e-liquid slowly as its easy to blast too much in too quick and over-spill
  • Re-fit the rubber lid
  • Allow the coil to absorb the e-liquid for a while before vaping

fill pods

I strongly suggest giving the coils 5-10 minutes rest time to allow the coils to fully saturate in e-liquid – known as priming your coils.

You can prime your coils to save on waiting time by simply adding a few drops to the cotton a number of times.

But either way I’d still leave the coil to fully saturate for a while.

SMOK RPM80 Pod Mod Display Functions

The 0.96in colour screen is very easy to navigate, in fact there really isn’t much to worry about considering this is a wattage only device.

Here’s the info:

  • Fire Button 5 Clicks – Device On/Off
  • Fire + Right Button = Display Colour Change
  • Fire + Left Button = Puff Count reset
  • Left + Right Button = Lock/Unlock Wattage Setting
  • Fire Button 3 Clicks – Lock/Unlock Fire Button

How Does the SMOK RPM80 Pod Mod Perform?

During my testing I’ve been vaping on Just Juice Apple & Pear On Ice, however I mostly used Element’s Premium Dripper Series – Pink Lemonade.

I’ve specifically used this range because its an 80VG 20PG mix, meaning the e-liquid is thicker and I really want to see if the wicking can keep up with a slightly thicker e-liquid.

Read more: VG VS PG In E Liquid: All You Need To Know

SMOK RPM80 Pod Mod – Flavour and Clouds

The 0.4Ω RPM Coil (25w)

So I’ve tried out the 0.4Ω mesh coil before, with my Smok RP40 Review and it performed very well, oddly enough on the RPM40 I enjoyed it more at 34w as opposed to the maximum 25w recommended.

pod mods

This time however, I’ve been more than happy at the recommended wattage of 25w.

I’m guessing this might be because you get much better power output from a single 18650 battery in comparison to the internal battery in the RPM40 – so performance is much better.

And the flavour is just as good. The flavour comes through beautifully and the cloud is not far off what you get from a sub-ohm tank, only a little less dense – impressive.

The 0.17Ω RGC Mesh Coil (40-70w)

At the minimum recommended 40 watts, with the airflow wide open,the 0.17Ω mesh coil isn’t really packing enough of a punch.

RGC pod
Bump that up to 65w, leaving the airflow open and you’ll enjoy a thicker cloud, and very good flavour. But its not a huge difference in flavour compared to the RPM coil, maybe a little better.

The RGC coil is certainly more of a cloud-chasing coil for sure.

Breaking-in Time

When I first picked up the RPM80 Pro, I immediately installed the RGC pod with the 0.17Ω coil as I’ve previously tested out the RPM coil, along with the RBA deck.

Right off the bat, the flavour and performance was top notch, literally no break-in time – very good.

SMOK RPM80 Pod Mod Airflow

So the RPM Pod has no airflow, so I was excited to test out the RGC for its Airflow Control Ring positioned at the base of the pod.

And yes it does make a difference to the restriction, but its still not enough to delivery a Mouth-To-Lung vape.

pod kit reviewIn fact even with the airflow shut off as much as possible, its not exactly a very restrictive DTL vape, its just ‘quite’ restrictive.

But regardless of which pod you plan to enjoy, the airflow is smooth wherever you set it, maybe a little tunnel-like when wide open on the RGC Pod but more than acceptable.

SMOK RPM80 Pro Battery Life

Unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to test out the RPM80 internal battery version of this device, so I cant comment on how the battery performs on that particular model.

But the SMOK RPM80 Pro, with its 18650 battery last very well, especially with the RPM coil, at 25w you’ll happily enjoy 2 days battery life.

pod mod in handThat’ll change once you pop in the RGC Pod and vape at 65w on the 0.17Ω mesh coil, but it still lasts quite a while.

I’ve found myself replacing the battery by the time I get home from work. So 2 batteries a day will be more than enough for the average vaper,

SMOK RPM80 Pro – Under-Powered?

I’ve mentioned before that I feel 80w from a single 18650 battery may be a little too much, its certainly a lot of strain on a single battery if you plan on vaping at 80 watts all day. You wont get much life and could effect the battery long term.

best pod kit

However there is a noticeable difference in output between 60w, 70w and 80w. So it fair to say the RPM80 Pro device itself is keeping up with the wattage setting you select.

Does the SMOK RPM80 Pro Leak?

In a word, Yes. The problem can now be put down to push-fit coils.

The RGC Pod has shown barely any leaks at the base of the pod, however the RPM pod leaks pretty badly!

It’s not going to leak much over a few hours, but overnight, I strongly recommend removing the pod from the device and maybe even leaving upside down.


  • Well constructed
  • Looks good and feels nice
  • Pods click in perfectly
  • Great flavour from both Pods/Coils
  • Can use RPM RBA Deck
  • Power Output is good
  • Airflow adjustment on RGC for more restrictive DTL
  • Clear, Simple display and Function.


  • Leaky push-fit coils
  • Cant use own drip-tip
  • Display is dimmer than RPM40
  • Battery door feels weak
  • Airflow adjustment doesn’t allow for MTL

Final Review Verdict

As more and more pod mods are released, its actually becoming easier to pick out faults. Generally all the pod mods Ive tested have performed well, with only really personal preferences making the difference in my opinion.

And the SMOK RPM80 Pro is no different. It performs excellently and although I’ve experienced some leaking, the device works great and flavour is very good. SMOK RPM80 Pro pod kit

The airflow adjustment got me excited but I’m left disappointed as the SMOK RPM range is still not able to describe itself as an AIO Pod Mod. For those looking for an MTL vape, along with a decent cloud chucking DTL vape from the device as well – look elsewhere.

There’s a number of features that I look at when trying out a device, and for something to score highly, it needs to meet certain demands.

Would this device be long lasting and still work 3, 6 or even 12 months from now?

I’m impressed with the build quality of the SMOK RPM80 Pro, even the carbon sticker is well done and feels nice on the hand. Thanks to the 18650 battery, the device will last well.

And even with the 3000mAh Smok RPM80 device, I have no doubt the capacity is decent enough to last 12 months.

Does this device deliver the flavour, vapour and general experience I require, in order to be enjoyed?

Absolutely. Very good flavour and vapour production for a nice Direct-To-Lung vape.

Is this device versatile to suit a new vaper, and an experienced one a like?

I really wouldn’t recommend this to a new vaper as it still cant offer a nice tight MTL draw.

But for someone making the next step, or in need of a small, compact 80w device for going out and about – The SMOK RPM80 Pro will do you proud.

Have you bought the SMOK RPM80 Pro pod mod kit?

Or have you given it a try?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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FlatCap Vaper

Hey Folks. Im Gaz, The Flat-cap Vaper. I’m 35, married with 3 kids and I just love Flatcap's and Vaping! I started my e-cigarette journey in 2014 when I entered my local vape shop and got so well looked after, I ditched my 10 year habit of 15 roll-ups a day within 48hrs. Following on from this, my Vaping journey began. I started a Youtube Channel at the beginning of 2019 and so far has had over 500,000+ views. I quickly upgraded my device and that’s when my geeky side took over and I began to experiment with making my own liquid, building my own coils and even my own mods! As a trained electrician I suppose ohms, wattage and voltage runs through my veins so Vaping has become my hobby and a passion that I want to share with everyone.

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Design - Mod
Design - Pods
Display & Functions
Flavour - RPM 0.4 Coil
Flavour - RGC 0.17 Coil
Replace if Lost Or Damaged?
Hey Folks. Im Gaz, The Flat-cap Vaper. I’m 35, married with 3 kids and I just love Flatcap's and Vaping! I started my e-cigarette journey in 2014 when I entered my local vape shop and got so well looked after, I ditched my 10 year habit of 15 roll-ups a day within 48hrs. Following on from this, my Vaping journey began. I started a Youtube Channel at the beginning of 2019 and so far has had over 500,000+ views. I quickly upgraded my device and that’s when my geeky side took over and I began to experiment with making my own liquid, building my own coils and even my own mods! As a trained electrician I suppose ohms, wattage and voltage runs through my veins so Vaping has become my hobby and a passion that I want to share with everyone.
smok-rpm80-pro-reviewThe SMOK RPM80 Pro looses a few points for the niggle issues. Leaks, non changeable drip-tip and Airflow adjustment lacking in its restriction. But none of those problems would stop me from recommending the RPM80 over the RPM40. It feels better, works better and offers more options.


  1. Been using the Rpm80 now for 2 weeks, great pod.. Upgraded from smok stick v8 as needed a longer lasting vape and the v8 just didn’t do well lasting wise. The Rpm80 internal battery lasts me 3 days usage, gaping with vamp blood 50/50 with the rpm coil at 20w gives great flavour and plenty cloud… Switching to ice slush red 70/30 again the rpm coils are best for flavour again between 15-20w is my preference.
    Highly recommend with 2 must have essential buys.. 1 being the bigger 5ml pod head..holds more juice plus has a clearer pod head than the 2ml so you can see the level of juice. And lastly the silicone case.. Lol.. Dropped many times at work and the smok silicone skins fit perfect giving the pod easy access use while being protected against damage.
    After reading about these being leaky I’ve always removed the pod heads when situ overnight, with both 50/50 & 70/30 juices I’ve yet to experience oil leakage from the coils so hopefully doing the above will eliminate this.
    Highly recommend.

  2. I’ve had my RPM80 RGC for about 8 months, in the beginning I had some leaks and some spit back.
    But I work for a head shop and I’ve learned in most cases it’s a defective coil that causes issues. Faulty seals or bent pins.
    Double check these things before inserting the coil.
    Also it’s a small thing but not filling the RGC tank completely helps with with minimizing leaks.
    I still have a few drops to clean up when I pull the tank off but that’s only when I change coils so it’s not a big issue for me anymore.

  3. In my first experience with the RPM80, it was the RGC coil that leaked badly overnight. Dropped a regular 0.4 RPM coil in and haven’t had a problem since.

    Still like my RPM40 but the 80 and 80 Pro, with the 3000Mah batteries, are nice. 2 things I really like on the 80 is being able to top fill the juice tank without having to remove the whole pod assembly, and that the tank’s smoke effect isn’t too dark, so you can see your juice level with a glance. My buddy just got a Smok Thallo S and it doesn’t have those two advantages.
    So, overall 9/10 IMO. Just a little ding for putting 1 of the 2 air fixed vents above the Fire button, as mentioned in this page’s review, but it’s not a deal breaker for me.

  4. I have had this for a week and it leaks constantly!!! It also spits the juice back into my mouth it’s very frustrating because their website to sign up for the warranty says “server busy” and the phone # they have on the card that comes in the box just rings, and rings… waist of money!! 😩😡

  5. I’ve had the RPM80 pro for 2 days now and now i have battery isuue 18650 (2600 MAH) Sony vtc 5 on 20 watt i used on 100% charged after a 60 puffs the battery gone down at 77% so any suggestion about the battery or is it in good health

  6. I’ve had the RPM80 pro for 3 days now and I’ve had 1 problem (ofc it’s only been 3 days but here’s why I’m already writing a review) the only Problem I’ve had is the RGC pod constantly spits, even after I adjusted the airflow and wattage I’ve tried 60/65/70/75/80 Watts and so far the best I’ve had is 65 watts. I would really love to know if someone has a solution to this because I’m out of ideas.

    • I can’t believe every review doesn’t stress that! It’s the #1 thing wrong with RGC, spit back juice in mouth constantly. Design flaw, there is no way around it.

  7. Super leaky!! It was marketed to me as leak proof. Vaping is great. Buckets of juice soaking the battery and exiting the base sucks! Replacement coils were also shit ime compared to the ones that came with it. Terrible constricted hits and very leaky also.


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