I was kind of impressed with the original so has the new and improved SMOK Infinix 2 pod kit improved on what was a pretty decent vape?

I reviewed the original Infinix back in March 2018 and said at the time SMOK was pretty late into the pod kit market – which was unusual, to say the least.

infinix 2 pod kit review

The company is probably best known for the iconic Alien mod/kit and the by now overdone SMOK TFV series of tanks from the latest SMOK TFV16 – the X Baby Beast to the monstrosity that was the all singing dancing and light-up TFV8 Big Baby Light Edition *shudders*.

Many in the world of vaping think SMOK lost its was over the last few years with re-releases of re-releases and cheap ‘n nasty designs and build quality. Although the last few months has definitely seen improvements with the SMOK Nord, Morph kit and SMOK TFV16. So does the Infinix 2 continue this trend?

What Can We Expect From the Smok Infinix 2?

For a start, the battery has a much bigger capacity coming in at 450mAH and the SMOK Infinix 2 powers up to 15w.

The pods have been tweaked too and whilst still 2ml capacity, the bung has been tightened [extremely tight!] and the chamber covering the coil has been radically altered. As to if that has improved the flavour we shall see.

OK, this was sent to me free of charge for the purpose of this review – thank you – and as always it’s brown paper bags stuffed with cash that sways my opinion and not freebies 😉

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Inside the Box

A box is a box but this one is very clean and smart looking and inside you’ll find:

smok infinix 2 box

  • 1× Infinix 2 Device
  • 2× Refillable 1.4ohm MTL Pod2ml capacity
  • 1× USB Cable
  • 1× User Manual

smok infinix 2 contents

Smok Infinix 2 Specs

  • Size: 110×12.5×12.8mm
  • Battery Capacity: 450mAh
  • E-Juice Capacity: 2ml
  • Input Voltage: 3.3V-4.2V
  • Output Wattage: 10W-15W
  • Resistance Of Pod:1.4ohm

smok infinix 2 reviewed

Smok Infinix 2 Quick Start Guide

  • Charge device – lights white when charging – green when fully charged
  • To fill: open bung on side of pod
  • Leave for 5 minutes for the cotton to soak up the juice
  • No button to press – draw activated

Battery Indicator

  • Red light: power lower than 30%
  • Orange light: power between 30% and 70%
  • Green light: 70% to 100%

And that’s really about it – very easy!

Key Features

Not a lot has changed from the original Smok Infinix pod kit with the main change being the size of the internal battery. That’s been upped to 450mAH from the original’s 250mAH so almost double the power.

With x2 1.4ohm coils in the box this is obviously a Mouth To Lung [MTL] kit and ideal for those looking to quit smoking.

smok infinix 2 in hand

It’s still draw-activated, as in no buttons to press, and the pods no matter where you are in the world are 2ml and refillable with 1.4ohm resistance coils.

Please note this kit is NOT compatible with the original Infinix coils.

I have tried and got a short circuit warning [x4 white flashes of the LED light] – plus they are minutely shorter with slightly different connections.

Once again there’s a choice of 3 colours: blue – gunmetal and the red I received. Apart from the slight increase in weight on the new version, and a tweak of the coils, there’s not much difference here.

Design and Build Quality

Again not much has changed!

It’s a sleek cubular pen-style device that despite the tad extra weight with the larger battery is still lightweight and nice to handle. That angular design means this one won’t be rolling off your desk into infinity and beyond let’s put it that way.

The paint finish is extremely durable – my original Infinix has been used multiple times over the past year or so and is holding up well.

infinix 2 battery pod

The pods slot in nicely to the battery with no rattle and the only drawback on this new version is the re-fill seals.

I made a point in my review of the previous version the silicone bung was a little loose.

SMOK has overcompensated this time around and they are a sod to get off!

Despite having fingernails I’m having to use tweezers to open them up lol – but hey that means your juice won’t be leaking any time soon – mine certainly hasn’t!

So I still like the design and despite the pain in the proverbial filling it looks and feels good – so how does it vape?

How Does the Smok Infinix 2 Pod Kit Perform?

OK, I’ve mentioned the fill system and trust me that bung is tighter than me when it’s my turn for a round at the bar. But that I guess is a good thing as in the seal is definitely secure and out and about I’ve not had one leak.

infinix 2 bung

The fill hole is very small and you do need to be careful – I found some nozzles were way too big – however, I do still have the needlepoint nozzle spare bottle Smok added to the original Infinix which makes filling easy.

filling infinix 2
oops! residue from tilting lol

The new pods are tiny – and I mean a tiny bit longer and the inner chamber housing the coil is also longer by at least 50% – as to if this has affected the flavour, I’ll look at next.

infinix 2 connections

The pods are air-fed from the sides.

On a scale of 1:10 with 10 being a tight draw I’ll put this on loose at around a 7. If you prefer a tighter draw, I’ve found you can cover the juice window with your finger and thumb which restricts the draw somewhat.

infinix 2 mouthpiece
tightish draw


Once you get the bung out and your nozzle to fit [ooer] filling is simple enough and the pods snap onto the battery nicely with a satisfying click.

I’ve used nic salts, 50:50 and 70:30 VG and PG and all have wicked very well indeed. Off the bat, I reckon this is one of the better pod mod kits for new vapers and those looking to quit smoking especially if using nic salts.

Vapour and Flavour Off the Infinix 2 Pod Kit

I gave the original a respectable 8/10 for flavour and have bumped this new version up to 9. The tweak of the coils has most definitely eked out more flavour and increased the vapour too – if that’s something you look for.

infinix pod infinix 2 pod
infinix and infinix 2 pods

The chamber housing the coil might be larger and so I expected if anything a dip – but nope, this is a very flavourful vape and that’s using my go-to Black Note Sonata 12mg. The flavour is crisp and if anything bringing out the sweeter notes of that particular tobacco flavoured juice – very moreish!

Vapour production off an MTL device of any kind is not something I tend to worry about, however once again the coil has improved on that too!

If I was reasonably impressed by the Infinix – the Infinix 2 has most definitely impressed me! Good to see actual improvement on a follow up device for once!


  • Excellent flavour
  • Good clouds
  • Simple stylish design
  • Good build quality
  • Better battery life


  • Filling very fiddly
  • A little bit more expensive than the original

Final Review Verdict

Smok has done well with this upgrade!

I didn’t have too much of an issue with the smaller sized battery and the larger capacity on the new one is simply a bonus. I’ve been using this as my go-to morning MTL vape for around 10 days and am getting 3 mornings so around 12 to 15 hours before it drops.

BTW when the battery indicator shows red the vape experience hasn’t dropped at all.

The new pods have definitely improved the flavour considerably making this one of the better pod kits on the market right now.

It’s dead simple to use – as I’ve said filling is a little fiddly especially the tightness of the bung – but all things considered, this is ideal to quit the cigs and perfect for those of us who enjoy a good MTL vape.

Sorry this is a shorter review than usual, but there really isn’t much to add! The Smok Infinix was a good pod kit the Smok Infinix 2 is an excellent pod kit – nice job!

Did you, or would you buy the SMOK Infinix 2? let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

WorldWide Shipping – Save 10% With Code ECC

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Ease of Use
Likelihood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged?
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