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The Infinix By Smok

After years of no pod mods now we have three altogether! Here is the Smok Infinix.

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I can’t help but feel after looking at the specs there is very little difference between the Infinix and the other new pod mod from Smok – the Fit Kit.

Both have the same battery, output and pod size. Just the appearance and dimensions are different.

smok infinix componentsThe internal battery is a 250mAh – same as the other new Smok pod mods- have they had some sort of deal on a load of 250mAh batteries?

smok infinix batteryThis will output between 10-16W but it doesn’t say what coil resistance the pods have so I am not sure if this is a good output or not!

infinix shapeThere are 2x2ml pods which you simply slide into the mod body and when the coil has packed in you change the whole pod.

smok infinix podsThe Infinix however does have a side refill port which I thought meant you didn’t have to remove the pod to refill – but you still do?

An automatic fire system is used, an air sensor when you inhale triggers the fire automatically so no buttons or adjustments.

infinix auto fire

There are 3 colours available – Blue, Red and Gun Metal.
infinix colours

Kit Includes

  • Smok Infinix mod
  • 2xpods
  • USB charging cable
  • E-liquid injector bottle
  • User manual

smok infinix kit contents

Smok Infinix Specs

  • Size: 110×12.5x11mm
  • Weight: 22g
  • Battery capacity: 250mAh
  • Liquid capacity: 2ml
  • Output wattage: 10-16W

smok inifinix specsThe similarity between the Infinix and the Fit pod mods is startling – even to the point where I am not sure why they made both products?

The price of the Infinix is excellent and you can get it even cheaper with our super vape deal.

As a starter/tester device or just as a second/sneaky vape mod is where this is most useful.

The battery capacity again is concerning – I hope it is going to last more than an hour!

Is the Infinix for you – let me know what you think in the comments below!

My name is Michelle - I am 43 and an engineer and Technical Author by trade. I started vaping many years ago in the days of Tornado tanks, Ego batteries and Variable Voltage. My journey in vaping began again last year and have started to move up in the shiny shiny gadget department and love vaping! I have finally stopped smoking as of February 2018 and that is all thanks to vaping! I am a huge dog lover and volunteer for my local dog rescue.


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