The SMOK Morph Pod 80 and S Pod-80 are the latest product in the Morph range, and I’ll be reviewing both.

The line started with the SMOK Morph 219 box mod kit in 2019, however, the Morph didn’t start to become a range until this year (2021).

Smok Morph 80 pod and the Smok Morph s 80 pod

It was right at the beginning of 2021 that SMOK Launched the Morph 2, followed by the Morph pod-40 a couple of months later, and now here we are towards the end of 2021 with the SMOK Morph pod 80 (and S pod-80).

For those who don’t know SMOK, it was right at the beginning of vapes as we know them today.

SMOK Launched in 2010 and have had huge success with every kind of device, from the original pen style vapes, to pods, mods, tanks, pod mods and you guessed it, nowadays disposables.

Our interview with SMOK tells you more about the company’s history.

In this review we are going to be looking at both the Smok Morph Pod-80 and the Smok Morph S Pod-80 because they are very similar devices, with very slight differences.

What Can We Expect From The Smok Pod 80 kits?

As you would expect the SMOK Morph Pod 80 and the Morph S Pod-80 are a higher powered version of the Smok Pod-40 pod mods.

The only difference between the Morph Pod-80s is the size, battery and there is a very slight difference in the charging rate.

Smok Morph 80 pod and the Smok Morph s 80 pod

The SMOK Morph Pod 80 has a built in 3000mAh battery and the S Pod-80 takes an external 18650, which we’ll get into later on.

As their names suggest, the pod-mods have a max output of 80W, SMOK also claim they have a 0.001s firing speed.

They both have an adjustable airflow, a 0.91″ OLED Screen and a full length fire bar.

In regards to e-liquid capacity, the pods hold 5ml, or 2ml for TPD areas.

Both kits take the LP2 coils which are also used in the SMOK RPM 40G-Priv pod kit and Nord 50w.

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Inside the Box

The box content is the same for both kits (with exception to the mod itself), the pod, coils and manual are the same in both kits.

  • 1x Morph [S] Pod-80 Device
  • 1x Morph Pod-80 LP2 Pod
  • 1x LP2 MESHED 0.23ohm DL Coil (pre-installed)
  • 1x LP2 MESHED 0.4ohm Coil
  • 1x USB-C Cable
  • User Manual


  • Size: (Morph Pod-80) 113.9x39x30mm / (Morph S Pod-80) 123.3×39.5×29.9mm
  • Power output: 5-80w
  • Output Voltage: 0.8-4.1V
  • Battery: (Morph Pod-80) built in 3,000 mAh / (Morph S Pod-80) external 18650
  • Charging: (Morph Pod-80) 1.4A / (Morph S Pod-80) 1.5A
  • Resistance Range: 0.15-2.5ohm
  • E-liquid Capacity: 5ml (2ml TPD)
  • Display: 0.91″ OLED Screen


  • Top Fill
  • Large Fire bar
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Refillable pod & Replaceable coils
  • LP2 coil range
  • “3+1 Leak Resistant Design”

Build & Design Quality

Both the SMOK Morph S Pod 80 and the Morph Pod-80 come in the same 8 colours.

Smok Morph s 80 pod colours

I received the Morph S Pod-80 in “Black Brown” and the Morph Pod-80 in Black Carbon Fibre.

The SMOK Morph Pod-80 Mod

The SMOK Morph S Pod 80 Mod is 9.4mm taller, 0.5mm wider and 0.1mm thicker and the Morph Pod-80 Mod.

I assume this is purely to make room for the Morph S Pod-80’s external battery.

Smok Morph 80 pod and the Smok Morph s 80 pod

Other than the difference in side, on the outside the kits are exactly the same.

When I first saw the kits I thought they closely resembled the Geekvape Aegis Boost.

However, although they are a little bit similar, they aren’t as similar as I originally thought.

In true 2020 style, the mod is made up of a leather patch and what feels and looks like Zinc Alloy.

The mod also has a material that I coated in some sort of soft plastic/hard rubber material that feels (similar to what Vaporesso cover their devices in).

That material makes up the pod port, the bottom of the pod and the fire button… I like it.

It’s really quite hard to describe the structure of the materials used so I’m going to rely on a few pictures.

As you can see the [what I presume is] Zinc Alloy foams a supportive skeleton which surround the screen and buttons, then goes round the mod to create the same shape on the reverse side, where the SMOK logo is.

On the SMOK Morph Pod 80 I noticed there is a bumpy part in the ‘leather’, I have added a picture and on the picture it doesn’t look all that bad, but you its very noticeable when you run your finger over it.

smok morph 80 pod unstuck leather

You can press it down and it stays down for a while then it slowly comes back up.

It’s either glued and not stuck properly or it’s just not in the casing as snug as it should be.

Yes I know, that sounds a bit pedantic, I won’t mention it again, but it is something I’ll be taking into account when I’m scoring the build quality.

I almost forgot to mention, not only does it look great, but it fits the hand great too! Very comfortable.

SMOK Morph Pod 80 – Charging Port

The charging port on the SMOK Morph Pod 80 is placed below the fire button on the ‘zinc alloy’ skeleton.

However on the S Pod-80 it is placed on the fire bar at the bottom, although that does sound a little strange because the button moved. It isn’t that much of a big deal because the bottom of the bar barely moves at all.

Smok Morph 80 pod usbc ports

I don’t think you’ll hear any complaining about either, however if I had the choice I would choose both be placed on the skeleton, but I’m not really fussed here.

They’re USB-C, well placed and feel secure, what more could you ask for?

SMOK Morph Pod 80 – the Fire Bar Button

I do like a fire bar, they are just so much more convenient than a button because they allow you the freedom to hold the device however you want.

As I have just mentioned, the fire bar on the SMOK Morph pod 80 and the Morph S pod-80 have that hard but smooth coating on which is just really nice to touch and hold.

Smok Morph 80 pod fire bars

On both devices the fire bars are ~23mm at their widest part but are 20-21mm wide in the middle.

With the Morph S pod 80 being the taller of the 2, it’s fire bar is 67mm tall and on the Morph pod-80 the bar is 61mm tall.

The button itself is easy to press, but not too easy that it auto fires (or pocket fires) every time it touches anything.

However having said that, the nature of fire bars is they are bigger and bigger buttons means they’re more likely to pocket fire, so I recommend turning it off or locking it, when putting it in your pocket.

The SMOK Morph Pod 80 Screen

The Screen for both the Smok Morph Pod 80 and the Smok Morph S Pod-80 are exactly the same.

The surround of the screen is a strange shape, but the actual screen within, is 0.91″ OLED and rectangle.

Smok Morph 80 pod and the Smok Morph s 80 pod

The screen can be set to any rotation, I’ve attached a picture to illustrate what I mean.

Basically the default is top to bottom (with the pod at the top) but you can turn it to go left to right (with the pod at the right), top to bottom (holding the device upside down, with the pod at the bottom) or left to right (with the pod at the right).

I think that’s interesting, but let’s face it, for the majority of people it will be a bit of a novelty or gimmick.

Smok Morph 80 pod screen roatation

The first ‘section’ has the words “MORPH POD”… not quite sure that needs to be on there, but underneath that is the vape puff timer. This section is on the top or left, depending on your set orientation.

Next is the power setting and the lock icon which always displays in the center

Finally on the bottom, or the right, is the current coil resistance (ohms), puff counter then the battery level displayed as a percentage.

It’s simple, easy to see and easy to understand. While the screen isn’t on, it just looks like a black panel, which looks pretty stylish.

The SMOK Morph Pod 80 Pod

I usually start with the pod connection, but due to the strange shape of the bottom of the mod, the pod connection is a strange shape.

The base of the pod has two parts, the three thirds of a circle in which the pod is held and an almost crescent shape which has a magnet.

Smok Morph 80 pod LP2 pod

There is another magnet on the bottom of the pod (higher than the 2 base parts we’ve just discussed).

I can only imagine the pod is design like this to help it fit more securely into the port, and it does work.

If you push the pod in any direction it tips but it doesn’t come out, to remove the pod you have to pull it.

The magnet strengths are about right, the pod pulls out with a reasonable force, it’s not too strong, but I don’t think it’s too loose either.

The coil bases have two flat sides, which matches the coil placement on the pod.

I’m sure many people will be happy to know, the SMOK Morph Pod 80 pods have a top fill system.

Just lift the rubber/silicone bung, and pour in your e-liquid. The bung is firm enough for it not too open on it’s own, but it’s super easy to open, even for us nail biters!

The filling port being on the top makes it a lot less likely to leak because there is one less place for it to leak from.

The SMOK Morph Pod 80 Pod Mouth Piece

The mouth piece on the SMOK Morph Pod 80 pod is built into the pod, so it can’t be removed.

I think that will put a few people off, but I quite like this mouth piece.

The mouth piece has a conical shape to it, at the bottom it has a diameter of 13mm and at the top it is 11.5mm.

The mouth piece is 16.5mm tall, I can’t imagine anyone will complain that it’s too small!

The SMOK Morph Pod 80 Pod Port

I’m not going to go into the port into detail because it’s all pretty obvious after my description of the pod.

Smok Morph 80 pod pod port and leakage

However I do want to say the pod fits into the mod quite nicely, there isn’t really any movement and it’s well designed.

SMOK Morph Pod 80 Power Adjustment buttons

The power adjustment buttons are located below the screen.

They also have that tough soft plastic/rubber feel to them.

Smok Morph 80 pod buttons

They are 9×5.5mm each, but they are physically joined together.

They don’t have ‘+’ and ‘-‘ symbols on them but it is pretty obvious that the one on the top (closest to the pod) is up and the one on the bottom is down.

The reason I emphasised that the top is the one nearest the pod, is because they do not change when you change the screen orientation.

SMOK Morph Pod 80 Adjustable Airflow

The adjustable airflow is the type of a sliding handle.

When the handle is all the way to the right the airflow is fully off and when the handle is all the way to the left it is fully open.

Smok Morph 80 pod airflow control handle

When the airflow is fully closed it isn’t fully air tight but it provides a really restrictive Mouth To Lung draw.

When the airflow is fully open, it provides a really loose draw. The airflow can be set anywhere in between

airflow holes

I quite like the system, in regards to adjusting it, it’s by no means loose but it isn’t so stiff that it is a hindrance.

Using The Smok Morph Pod-80’s

Changing The Coils

Changing the coils is as simple as ever.

Unfortunately, changing the coil will result in almost all of your liquid pouring out, so it’s best to change your coil when your pod is almost empty.

  • Remove the pod from the mod
  • Holding the pod upside down, pull and remove the coil
  • Insert the new coil, making sure the flat sides of the base align with the hole and press it flush
  • Fill the pod with e-liquid, and leave for 2-3 minutes then prime the coil

Filling The Pod

  • The gripping the pod and mod steady
  • Lift the rubber/silicone bung from the top of the pod.
  • Insert the nozzle of your e-liquid bottle into the fill hole and fill the pod.
  • Once the pod is full, reapply the bung
  • If you are using a new coil, don’t forge to wait 2-3 minutes then prime it.

Priming The Coil

This is something I always do with Coils on tanks/pods, but it’s rare that manufacturers tell you to do it.

I also think it’s strange that SMOK suggests you leave it 2-3 minutes then prime it…But hey-ho..

To prime the coil you simply suck on the pod 2 – 3 times (without firing – preferably turned off).

My tips: This helps pull the liquid into you new, dry coil. It works much better and faster with the airflow turned all the way down.

Also, the pod does not have to be connected to the mod in order to do this.

SMOK Morph Pod 80 Adding/Removing Battery

This only applies to the Morph S Pod-80.

base and battery

The battery orientation is indicated on the battery door and inside at the bottom of the battery bay.

  • Hold the system upside down
  • Press your finger or thumb down on the battery door and side it open
  • Insert or remove battery
  • Close the door and slide it closed while pressing down.


  • Turn on = Press the fire bar 5 times within 2 seconds
  • Adjust wattage = Press the top button under the screen to go up in wattage and the bottom to go down
  • Vape = put the mouth piece to your mouth and press the fire bar while inhaling
  • Clear Puff counter = Down button and fire bar simultaneously
  • Lock Wattage adjustment = Press up and down simultaneously
  • Lock Fire Bar = Press fire bar 3 times
  • Enter Settings Menu= press bar 5 times within 2 seconds
  • Using Settings= press bar to move through the setting and use up/down buttons to change the value and long press fire bar to save option
  • Exit Menu = do not press any button for 3 seconds
  • Flip/Rotate Screen = Enter Menu, on the flip screen menu use up and down to select your orientation, then long press the fire bar to save your selection.
  • Change Brightness = Located in the menu
  • power off= Located in menu

SMOK Morph Pod 80 – How Does It Perform?

I initially used the coils with Got Salts Peachy Promise, which is a peach and passion fruit Nic Salt, mixed at 50VG/50PG.

Now I’m sure people will say, “The coils are sub-ohm you should be using them with higher VG liquid“.

That’s true, but the device is supposed to be an All In One so you should be able to use both 50vg/50pg and 70/30, also the coils are super small.

So when reviewing if the coils are small and the wattage is less than 50W, I always try to use 50/50 first as 70vg/30pg liquid is thicker and can be tough for small coils to absorb fast enough.

LP2 MESHED 0.23ohm DL Coil

The LP2 MESHED 0.23ohm DL Coil is the coil which is pre-installed on both kits.

This coil is recommended to be used between 20-45W.

lp2 0.23ohm coil

I found this to be too powerful for the lower airflow, the lowest I could use the airflow without coughing was about 1/3 open.

I couldn’t find much flavour at 20w, although, there was a decent flavour if you had just turned it down from 40W, then after 3-4 puffs the flavour disappeared.

At 30w the flavour came back it wasn’t a lot but it was definitely sufficient, you could taste the full flavour nicely.

Using it Direct To Lung provided a medium but thin sized cloud. It would decent for DTL beginners.

Truth be told I couldn’t tell much difference in flavour production between the airflow been half open and fully open, although I preferred it fully open for Mouth To Lung.

45w is the top of the recommended power range, it’s up here where the flavour fully comes to life.

I wouldn’t say it’s incredibly good DTL flavour, however it is very good especially for 45w. At this power it provides a very good (loose airflow) MTL flavour.

At 45w the vapour is a bit thicker, although it’s still not thick, but it was thick enough In my opinion.

I also noticed a bit of spit back from this coil, I’m not sure why.

It did leak a fair bit, but you usually go the spit back after taking 3-4 puffs.

So it seems as if the puff pulls too much liquid through, I did change the coil, and I didn’t get as many spit backs, but still got a few…

A spit back is when you take a puff of your vape and you get a drop (or mouth full) of e-liquid in your mouth.

If this does ever happen to you, fear not, E-liquid isn’t usually dangerous in you mouth, although you should of course still avoid drinking it.

LP2 MESHED 0.4ohm Coil

The LP2 MESHED 0.4ohm Coil is recommended to be used at 25W.

Sorry, but I’m not even bothering to go through the settings here.

lp2 0.4ohm coil

I spent 2 days not getting any flavour from this coil, I tried everything…in the end, I gave up.

However I did give it the benefit of doubt and tried it one last time. At 25W you get a little bit of flavour after not getting any flavour for ages.

It’s quite a shame because using it DTL with a nice slow inhale give you some thick vapour. I mean thick enough to do some decent tricks.

I didn’t really have any joy with MTL on this coil. It wasn’t too harsh, I just didn’t get any flavour, which is a shame.

Had it provided good restrictive MTL flavour it would have been a really decent All In One starter kit.

Again I got spit backs with the coil, and it was hot.

Testing The Coils With High VG

I tried both coils with Rochford Project Lemon Meringue, a 70VG/30PG e-liquid.

I hoped and would loved to tell you they did better.

However that’s just not the case, they did just as good but not really any better. Although naturally, the vapour production was a little thicker.

SMOK Morph Pod 80 Wasted Power

This has been a major bug bare of mine for a while but this just takes it to the next level.

On the front of the box the picture of the mod has 80w on the screen and “max 80W” is one of the feature circles.


So that’s one of their selling points right?

So please explain to me why the highest powered coil in the LP2 line of coils is 45W… What is the point?

If it had a 510 connection pin to the top it would make more sense but it doesn’t.

Yes they probably will bring an adapter out for it (if they haven’t already) but that’s not the point!

It’s a pod system that has coils that go up to 45W but the system proudly boasts it goes up to 80W.

Hey this car goes upto 80mph, oh but you can only go 45mph because the fuel lines aren’t big enough, you’d had to use this adapter to go 80mpg“… rant over, let’s move on.

SOK if you’re reading please hurry and bring out a LP2 coil that fires up to at least 60w!

Battery Comparison

The Smok S Morph Pod-80 takes a single 18650 and the Smok Morph Pod-80 has a built in 3000 mAh battery.

To my knowledge (the last time I looked), the biggest capacity you can get an 18650 that’s suitable for vaping is 3000mAh.

So that begs the question, is there any benefits to getting the S (external battery version).

The answer is simply yes!

With an external battery, you can use an external charger, which is believed to be better for looking after a battery, rather than charging it alternatively.

Additionally, if you charge externally, that means you can have a spare battery, one on charge and one in your mod, that way you always have a charged vape.

Finally, if you somehow manage to break the charging port on your mod, you can usually buy an external charger for a lot cheaper than buying a new mod.

Having said that I know a lot of people the prefer having an internal battery because it’s less to worry about and simpler, so I’m happy they have brought out both versions.

SMOK Morph Pod 80 Battery Life & Charging

I used a Samsung 30Q in my Smok S Morph Pod-80 and that has a 3000mAh, so in regards to battery life (assuming your battery is new), there isn’t really any difference.

Using the kits at 25w you’ll get just under 800 x 2second puffs. Which is more than a 2 second puff every other minute for over 26 hours!

Using the kits at 45w you’ll get just under 450 x 2second puffs. Which is more than a 2 second puff every other minute for over 14 hours!

What more do you need??

Strangely SMOK made it so the Morph 80-pod takes a 1.4A charge but the Morph S 80-pod takes a 1.5A charge… why? Just WHY?!?

Mathematically speaking that means the Morph 80-Pod will take 2 hours and 15 minutes to charge and the Morph S 80-Pod will take 2 hours (presuming you’re using a 3000mAh battery).

If you’re battery’s mAh is smaller they 3000 it will be charged faster.

I hold my hands up I didn’t manage to pin down exactly to the minute how long it took for them to charge because I kept forgetting but it was certainly between 1 hour 55 minutes and 2 hours 15 minutes for both devices.

SMOK Morph Pod 80 Does It Leak?

I’ll use this section to say the “3+1 Leak Resistant Design” basically means there is 3 o rings that prevent leakage and the bottom one is ‘perfect lock’, so I’m not sure if it mean 3 in one or 3+1…

So back to the question in hand, does it leak? Yes… Let’s look at the pod port picture again..

 pod port and leakage

They leak, I haven’t had any liquid dripping out of the system, but it didn’t take long (I mean less than an hour) but there was a noticeable leak especially when using the 0.23ohm coil with 50vg/50pg. The 0.4ohm coil also leaked but slightly less than the 0.23ohm coil.

VG is a thicker liquid, so naturally the leakage was less when using higher VG liquid, but there was still a slight issue.


  • They Look Great
  • Feel Great In hand
  • Great Battery Life
  • Top Fill
  • Well Build & Durable
  • Good E-liquid Capacity (non-tpd)
  • Great Adjustable Airflow
  • Adjustable Power
  • Built in or external battery option


  • Flavour
  • Leakage
  • Wasted power

Final Review Verdict

Sigh… yes that’s how I’m starting the final verdict, it doesn’t look great does it!

These devices had so much potential, but I feel so let down.

I’m not sure who the target audience is?

Is it supposed to be a MTL device? RDTL? DTL? AIO?

Truth be told it doesn’t do any excellently, and if I’m being brutally honest it doesn’t do anything excellently, it does look good though.

It is stylish and it’s built well, it has everything it needs to be the perfect AIO vape.

Unfortunately after using it I’m unsure how the coils are supposed to be used.

The 0.23ohm coil fits the bill for DTL or RDTL (Restrictive DTL) but then the 0.4ohm is useless especially at MTL.

Menu Overkill?

Then there is the ease of use… It is very easy to use, but they (in my opinion) unnecessarily added a menu, to make it even worse, you have to use the menu to turn it off… why? Just why?

I can’t explain how disappointed I am.

I would say the problem lies within the coils, but the LP2 coils aren’t that bad, so it’s either I have some not so awesome coils or the pod needs a good looking at. The lack of flavour is very possibly the overly love mouth piece there is a lot of distance between the coil and tip of the mouth piece.

To summarise, it’s great for MTL if you like it very loose and OK for low powered loose DTL…


Are you using either of these vape kits?

What are your thoughts and opinions on their performance?

Please let me know in the comments below!

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Harley Vape Mill

Vaping since (2012), back when choice was limited. I was rebuilding my RDA and powering it with the awesome the Vamo V2. In 2019 I’ve opened a “Brick and Mortar” vape shop, a Vaping Mystery Box service and launched a YouTube channel that’s already gained 500 followers. Between Vaping and family, i don't often have a second to spare. My YouTube subscribers have already dubbed me “brutal”. What can I say? I’m here to do honest reviews, not a sales pitch.

Build Quality
Design Quality
Ease of Use
0.23ohm LP2 coil
0.4ohm LP2 coil
Replace if lost or stolen?
Vaping since (2012), back when choice was limited. I was rebuilding my RDA and powering it with the awesome the Vamo V2. In 2019 I’ve opened a “Brick and Mortar” vape shop, a Vaping Mystery Box service and launched a YouTube channel that’s already gained 500 followers. Between Vaping and family, i don't often have a second to spare. My YouTube subscribers have already dubbed me “brutal”. What can I say? I’m here to do honest reviews, not a sales pitch.
smok-morph-pod-80-and-s-pod-80-reviewThe build quality lost points for the leaking, I forgave the leather bump, the other mod was fine, we have to let off a imperfection every now and then. I gave the 0.4ohm coil a 3… I was tied between 3 and 4… but I don't think 3 is too harsh.


  1. I have had the Morph Pod 80 for about a week and the leakage is overwhelming. I am losing so much juice. Not sure that I will continue using it at the rate

  2. Hey, there is another coil which doesn’t come with the kit, a 0.6ohm. It’s for MTL. Think they will be better than the ones supplied. Just got my s pod today, so ordered the other coils. Hopefully get better taste.


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