SMOK Osub Introduction

The SMOK Osub 40W vape mod is another new device from Smoktech! There are many vape companies releasing product on a regular basis but SMOK are leading the pack with what seems like bi-weekly hardware releases.

Is this a good thing? As long as the product is top quality and not rushed then why not. We, as vaping consumers, have a choice on whether to buy after all.Β  smok osub mod review

So back to the Osub kit with the included Helmet tank. This is targeting the popular resurgence of the mini vape mod market. An area I personally like a lot as I vape when I’m out a fair bit so appreciate a stealth vape setup!

Before we jump into the review let’s see what SMOK have to say in their marketing material. I always enjoy their descriptions, this has to be the strangest yet though πŸ™‚

It’s time to throw away the Zippo

Ring, ring, ring. “Honey, Yes, I’ll be there on time!”that is Rose. Jack hung up the phone and took the coins, keys from the table; when his eyes fell on Zippo, he paused for a few seconds, and then he took the OSUB next to the Zippo and put it into his jeans pocket; while,the Zippo, used for 3 years, was been thrown into the trash can. β€œIt’s time to throw away the Zippo.” Jack said to himself and whistled excited to attend his girlfriend – Rose’s birthday party.

In The Box

  • SMOK Osub Mod
  • SMOK Helmet Mini Tank
  • 1 X Pre-installed 0.4 Ohm Dual Coil Fused Clapton
  • 1 X 1.0Ohm Single Clapton Coil
  • 1 X UB Cable
  • 1 X User Manual

Main Features / Specs

SMOK Osub Mod

  • 25mm X 35mm X 70mm
  • 1350mAh Battery
  • 40W Power Output in [email protected] Mode / Max 50W in TC Mode
  • VW Resistance Range – 0.1-3.0 Ohm
  • TC Resistance Range – 0.06-3.0Ohm
  • Temp Range – 200-600˚F / 100-315˚C

SMOK Helmet Mini Tank

  • 2.0ml Capacity
  • 510 Thread
  • Top Fill
  • Child Lock Feature
  • V Shape Airflow Drip Tip

Design and Build Quality

Size and Finish

The SMOK Osub is, as mentioned already, is a mini box mod and it really is a great size. The weight is good, not too heavey, but enough substance to it to make it feel a quality product.

It can easily be hidden in the palm of your hand and I have small hands.SMOK Osub Black

Slipping it in and out of your pocket is easy due to both the size and finish.

Here is a picture of the SMOK Osub vs Artery nugget Vs Kimsun 40W TC Vs Eleaf istick PicoMini mod size comparisonThe Osub is made from zinc alloy and the stainless steel version I have been using for this review has a smooth, slick finish.smok osub vape mod review

It’s similar to what I remember on the X Cube 2 and I wasn’t a massive fan of the finish on that.

Same has to be said for this. It’s hard to explain but I’m just not a fan of the way it feels.

It picks up fingerprints quite easily and leaves an almost greasy feel like the oils of the hand are transferring too easily to the mod iteslef.

Maybe not the best description, or maybe I just have sweaty palms!

It has to be said the other finishes (Black, White, Black/Gold) are good for me and don’t attract the oils from the hand as much.SMOK Osub Colour Options

Design and Features

The thing I like most about the Osub is the fire button. It’s located under the side grip at the top of the mod so all it takes is a gentle palm squeeze to fire up.

This is a feature I have been seeing on a fair few vape mods of recent and it’s a feature I really like. The SMOK Quantum, H Priv mod and the Eleaf iStick TC100 have a similar fire button and all work great.smok osub vape mod

One thing to keep in mind, however. The SMOK Osub fire bar, I have found, is super sensitive. On numerous occassions I found myself accidentaly firing this.

There is a locking function on the mod which is activated by clicking the fire button 5 times in quick succession.

So just be sure to get into the habit of using this!

At the top we have the 510 threading and adjustable pin. The front, flat side of the Osub feautures the OLED screen and two function buttons. The OLED screen is small but clear and easy to read while the function buttons are rounded and finished well.

There is rattle on the buttons when brushing your finger over them but nothing when giving the mod a gentle shake.

The reverse side features simple branding and the base 5 battery vent holes.

So where is the USB port on the Osub?

Good question. This is where a new design feature comes in. The side panel grip that doubles as the fire button, which SMOK call the battery cover, not sure why, is removeable.SMOK Osub fire button hidden under side panel

The panel is held firmly in place by magnets. On removing the cover you will find the micro USB port. A nifty little feature. Although not sure how useful it is or the real purpose it serves.

It’s likely just to keep the lines of the device clean and clutter free or maybe SMOK are planning to release the removable plates as an accessory so you can change the colour?

Helmet Mini Tank

The 22mm diameter Helmet Mini tank is a new design from SMOK that comes with a completely sealed U shaped chamber and top fill design.Smok helmet mini tank

The capacity is 2ml, which is to be the maximum allowed in the UK due to the TPD regulations.

The tank has a child proof locking feature that works as it should. Similar to any child safe bottle, it’s a case of pushing down and screwing/unscrewing. Easy and effective.

Filling is easy, the whole top cap can be removed leaving a near 22mm diameter hole to fill through. Even the most clumsy vapers shouldn’t have an issue with spillage here!

The only thing you need to look for is a 2ml e juice level marker on the side of the tank. It’s there for a reason! Going over this too much will result in overflowing and leaking.

The windows are big and clear so you can see remaining juice levels easy enough.

The coil heads themselves are screwed into the bottom of the top cap. This is then simply dropped into the tank and screwed into place.

It’s similar to the likes of the Kanger CL Tank and the Joyetech AIO in the way it is designed. The good thing is, I didn’t get any kind of leaking when using this.

Overall a well built tank.

How Does The SMOK OSUB and Helmet Mini Tank Perform?

We will first take a look at the SMOK Osub mod functions and how they work.

  • Lock/unlock – 5 clicks of the power button
  • Enter menu – 3 Clicks of the power button
  • Menu select – Use function buttons to scroll through options – Use fire button to select
  • Lock in settings – To lock your settings press both function buttons together. Press again to unlock.
  • Quick select (VW/TC mode) – Click up function and power button together to select wattage or temp quickly.
  • Select wattage outpu for TC – Press down function and power button together to enter wattage select.

The menu system is straight forward to use and allows you to change and access the following:

  • Power mode
  • Coil type selection – Sub menus for TC coils allow you to change watttage output and fine tune the actual coil resistance (advance use only)
  • Screen display time (10-240 seconds)
  • Puff count – Displays puffs – Can be reset here
  • Screen rotate – Left Or Right
  • Coil adjust – Adjust resistance of coils
  • Turn mod on/offSMOK Osub OLED Screen

When removing/replacing your tank, the mod will also require you to select whether the coil is a new one or not. You will need to remember to go into the settings here and select your coil type, if of course you have changed it.

All of the features you need but one surprising ommission. SMOK, for some reason, have decided not to add any firmware upgrade option. Or at least from what I can see.

It’s a strange decision considering the SMOK Quantum mod, that was released just a few weeks before the Osub, feautures wireless upgrade capabilities. SMOK are also pushing their Vaping Tour app at the moment as well.

Battery Life

The 1350 mAh battery isn’t going to be entering the Guiness Book of Records for it’s battery life. But the same can be said for any vape mod in this class. Just keep in mind the intended use for the Osub.

It’s a mini mod that provides you with a super portable device that isn’t going to stand out like a sore thumb.

I found myself using the 1.0 Ohm coil the most and the battery life was decent. The 0.4 Ohm tank did drain the power pretty quick though.SMOK Helmet mini tank parts

When I’m using a mini box mod like this I tend to use a tank such as the Apsire Triton Mini or Nautilus X. The higher resistance coils operate between 10-20W allowing for an extended battery life.

Helmet Mini Tank

SMOK have always impressed me with their coil heads and the Helmet tank coils are no different. The flavour was good from both and cloud production decent. I was vaping Black Note Prelude and the flavour notes showed well to provide a good vape.

The coils are on the thirstier side, however, nothing close to the TFV8.

In the package there are some orange O ring bungs/stoppers. SMOK recommend these are added to reduce the airflow and increase flavour.

They just sit on top of the cotton in the coil (as can be seen above) and I actually found the flavour did improve a touch with these. Airlfow wasn’t effected too much though.


The airflow works by twisting the top cap. It twists 360˚ and clicks into place when the airflow is fully open. When fully open it’s quite an airy draw but not too airy.

Fully closed the draw is tight. I didn’t get a very good mouth to lung vape with it closed so personally just used this fully open all the time.

The airflow is a bit strange in that the only way I knew it had closed to it’s maximum amount was to suck through the drip tip while turning the top cap.SMOK Hemlet top cap and coil

When it reached it’s most restrictive draw I then new it was closed off. Reminiscent of using a combination lock on a safe, adjusting back and forth until you hit the right setting.

The drip tip features a V shaped airflow channel that gets narrower down into the drip tip iteslf. I can’t honestly say I noticed if this made a big difference to flavour of vapour.

With the former being good and the latter decent I guess it’s doing something right.

What I like

The big thing for me with the Osub tank is the form factor. It’s very compact and easy to carry around in a pocket makin it a prefect vape mod to use when you are on the go.

Build quality is excellent and the hidden fire button makes vaping with the mod easy with a squeeze of the palm.

The helmet tank performed well overall with no leaking whatsoever.

Battery life was good when used with standard resistance coils ie: around the 1.5 Ohm mark.

What I Didn’t Like

The tactile finish on the stainless steel version wasn’t to my liking, the mod seemed to pick up oil residue from the palm creating a strange slick feel to the zinc alloy.

There is no upgrade capability with the Osub. Maybe not a big deal for some vapers.

Battery life, as would be expected with a 1350 mAh battery, is not great when sub ohm vaping.

Coils were a little on the thirsty side. Not TFV8 thirsty, however!

I also found the fire button to be super sensititve. Could just be that I was being a bit heavy handed and you can lock the device. If you do the latter it’s not an issue.

Final Review Verdict


  • Excellent build quality
  • Very small and portable. Great for stealth vaping
  • Hidden fire button under side panel. Makes for a good vaping action.
  • Good flavour
  • Easy fill tank


  • Battery life won’t be the best when using for sub ohm vaping
  • Coils were a little thirsty
  • No firmware upgrade option
Build Quality
Helmet Mini Tank Flavour
Helmet mini Tank Clouds
Ease of Use
Likelyhood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged
I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick was started to take a closer look at the mixed bag of e cigs that were available at the time. Along with the rest of the team we have gone from a handful of reviews in 2010 to now covering a huge range of vaping gear with over 500 reviews and counting today with the help of the great review team we have here! If you need help getting started vaping or just want to say high then please feel free to get in touch. The team and I will help where we can!


    • Hi Carl,

      Not sure who told you that but how do they expect you to vape without any e-liquid πŸ™‚

      With the 1.0Ohm coil you will be OK with 50PG/50VG or 40PG/60VG juice. With the 0.4Ohm coil upto 70VG max.

    • Hey Rick, yeah sure you can.

      What you want to keep an eye out for is:

      – Resistance – The Osub can fire coils down to 0.1Ohm. It’s unlikely you’ll go that low though as the mod is only capable of 40W. Depending on your build it may not perform that well with very low resistances as these can require more power.

      Just check that the pre-built coils or your own build will be good to vape within the 40W power limit.

      The diameter of tank – I *think* the OSUb fits upto 22 or 24mm but you might want to have a check. This of course is only if you are bothered with a little tank overhang if you have your eyes on a bigger tank/dripper.

      Let us know what you go for and how you get on!


  1. I tried using the OSUB 40W with the 1ohm coil at but am not getting the flavor. The juice is Black Note Quartet and also Prelude (6mg/ml). The same juice in the Joyetech eGO AIO gives a nice flavor. Any tips? The coil isn’t new but was washed, dried and primed before use.

    • Hi Adrian,

      What nicotine strength eliquid are you using? If it’s high and you are using with sub ohm coils then it could be very harsh on the throat.

      In terms of wattage settings, simply start low and work your way up until you find the right wattage for your personal needs.



  2. Hi,
    I have an error on mine stating OHM to high and it wont fire. However the OHM seems to be set at 0.0 but when I look at the adjust initial OHM setting it’s set at 300 m I have tried lowering this but it doesnt work.
    Also tried to use the reset option but that just seems to turn it off.
    Contacted Smok support and got no reply.
    Anyone got any ideas? Should I fit a new coil? I’ve only had it 2 months.

    • Hey Steve,

      The message is usually due to the resistance of the atomiser coil being too high for the current wattage setting.

      Can you tell me what tank and coil you are using? What the resistance (ohm) of the coil is as well please.

      Also, are you using the mod in wattage mode or TC (TEMP CONTROL) mode?

      It’s worth cleaning the threaded connections (tank and mod) with dry tissue/q-tip to make sure there is no juice or any other debris causing issues with the connection.

      It is possible you may have a faulty coil so will be worth you trying out a new one.

      Let me know on the above though Steve and your settings.



  3. My coils are constantly flooding!! can be fine one moment and sucking pure liquid into my mouth the next! I am having to constantly change my coils or clean the tank and drip tip. Going through liquid at a rate of knots! I don’t overfill I run it in watt mode at 20w as advised. I just don’t get it!

  4. Hi. Having major issues. I have an OSub TC 80w. With a baby beast v8 tank and 0.15ohm. Set to 40w. I vape all the time. And it was working perfectly fine and then. Now it won’t fire. It will charge. But when I press the fire/power button nothing happens. I have tried the reset button to no avail. Can you please help?

    • Hey Else,

      Are you getting any display showing on the mod? Or does it show any error message? Also, have you noticed any e-liquid leaking into the threaded connection on the mod?

      You may be best off getting in touch directly with SMOK support with this kind of issue though. Give them an email at [email protected].

      Be interesting to hear back what they suggest though!



  5. I also need to know how to reset my vape all of my settings are way off after I screwed around with it too much now it’s gurgling too much. I pushed reset button the screen turns off but nothing happens. Please help

    • Hey Nicholas, I think contacting SMOK support directly would be your best bet as I haven’t experienced your issue before – [email protected]

      Be interesting to see what they recommend though and I’m sure other readers would also benefit as well so if you get a minute drop back over and let us know.

    • Hi Debby,

      Yes you can change the mouth piece. The connection is what is known as a ‘510’. This is one of the most common connection sizes.

      If you search for ‘510 drip tip’ you will get plenty of options.



    • It’s possible it could just be a ‘one off’ Jodie.

      What flavour and PG/VG ratio e juice are you using? Also, are you a heavy vaper or chain vaper?

      It’s possible your juice may be clogging the coils quicker than others would.




  6. Hello. New to vaping here. My wife and I just bought this with the Helmet Mini tank. To help us quit smoking. The extra coils they sold me are the Smok Helmet-CLP 0.6 ohm. On the box it says 25-60W. When using this coil should I set it to at least 25 watts? All this seems very confusing to me. Lol. Also is there a bigger capacity tank that is available? It also seems to get warm when vaping, is that normal? Thanks

    • Hi Sal,

      Good to see you’re making the switch!

      The wattage recommendation of 25-60W is just that. A recommendation.

      There is no right answer as such, and without sounding to vague it’s entirely upto you what wattage you vape at.

      What I recommend is to simply start on a lower wattage, say 20W for example, and just work your way up.

      As soon as you find the best setting for you, simply stick with that. I have used coils in the past that recommended for 50W+ at 35W as this was my preferred setting. Hope that all makes sense πŸ™‚

      There are many bigger tanks but I don’t think there are bigger capacities for the Helmet. Check out these sub ohm tanks for some ideas.

      If you mean the tank getting warm then that’s perfectly normal. There is a lot of heat running up through the tank. If I find my tank getting hot I usually just let it rest for a few minutes. Also, ‘chain vaping’ can increase chances of hot tanks.

      I have just published a new article that helps with a variety of e cig tank matters. May be worth pouring yourself a coffee and having a read πŸ™‚

      Of course, any other questions you have please don’t hesitate to ask!



    • Hi Peggy,

      It’s the battery/vape mod device that actually has the adjustable wattage, not the tank itself (SMOK Helmet). What device do you have with the Helmet tank?

      Check out this vape tank guide that covers tank issues to see if that helps any.



  7. Hi. I have the smok osub 40w . I need 1.0ohm replacement coils 22ml atomizero. I can’t seem to find many for sale in the UK? Please could you advise which I can use and where do I get them from ? Thanks carl

  8. I have a smok osub tc and i noticed that there is oil leaking and i found that the glass on the tank is able to move is this normal or do i need to get a new one?

    • Hi Gareth,

      What tank are you using?

      There shouldn’t be too much movement on the glass.

      Can you also pinpoint where the leak is coming from – Glass on side of tank or base for instance.



  9. Hey So,

    I just got the OSUB 40w KIT with two coils ( .4) & (1.0). The first one I used was the .4 and I more than likely flooded it. I did some research and read through the comments above. I then tried the 1.0 and primed it. I did pretty much all of the above with the two coils I got in the kit. Regardless, I went from getting a little drip in my mouth to now a lot. I tried drying it up with a napkin/cue tip and adjusted some settings to test. Either way, this product contains no info for setting up the technical side of things. If you’re still having trouble I would recommend going to your closest vap shop and have them help you.

    • Hi Jack,

      What tank and coil resistance are you using?

      Sounds like there may be a connection issue. If you try cleaning all the connections on your tank and device or if you have a different coil/tank try that and see if problem continues.

      Let me know how you get on


  10. My tank is not unscrewing so I can not refill or get to the could. It won’t come off, what should I do??? I’m panicking a little. It won’t budge just the airflow keeps clicking and clicking. Please help.

      • Hey…I also just 45mins ago bought this kit and having problems with the top. I did get it open and filled but now cant seem to get it screwed back on!! it’s leaking (hence not being screwed on all the way) and the mod isn’t acknowledging the atomizer!! And I too am freaking out! Please help..

        • Hi Becky!

          Don’t freak out πŸ™‚

          To screw the tank cap back on you need to push down and screw. It has a child safety type mechanism built in so it should be like closing a pill bottle.

          Just take a little time to ensure the threading between the cap and the tank is marrying up OK when doing this. Maybe just give the threading a little wipe first (on both) so it is free of anything.

          With the mod not recognizing the tank. This is usually down to a ‘short’.

          If you remove the tank and give all the connections a good wipe down. This should get rid of anything such as small metal fragments/shavings from production that could be causing this.

          Re-connect trying not to screw the tank on too tight. Just enough so it’s finger tight but doesn’t require tools to remove πŸ™‚

          If this doesn’t work, just try unscrewing the tank a small fraction and try to fire.

          Let me know how you get on!



    • I had the same problem when I first tried to fill it, took it back to the shop and they couldn’t get the top off mine or the one they had on display. While they were on the phone to another shop I tried again and it opened, it’s been ok ever since. Strange

  11. Hello.
    I m very new to vaping, i have this Smok 0SUB TC. My problem is that i noticed it has a reset pin hole, so i started to play with the different setting, my problem now his that when i had stopped altering settings i thought that pressing the reset hole with a pin would reset the mod back to its default settings prior to me playing with them… It does not appear to have worked. I have left emails to Smok support, but never had a reply. Could anyone on here tell me the settings required to get it to a (more or less) default state please?.

    • Hey Andrew,

      There isn’t really a default state as such.

      Just choose the best watttage/or temp (depending on your coil) that gives you personally the best vape and you’re good to go.

      You need to take care NOT to use standard Kanthal coils in TC mode. They are meant for Power/Wattage mode only.

      What tank and coils are you using Andrew?

  12. Dear Frns,

    I buy Smok 40w Helemt mini. But i had never used this vaping before now I am not able to use.

    Can you guys help how to use the product. While trying by me its heating to much and the smoke it’s harming on my throat.

      • Dear Jonny,

        Actully I dont know whats happing coz i never use it before.

        Please can you explain me in the details that what i should do from the beginig means from starting to use this vape ( smok osub mini helmet 40w )

        It will be great if you reply me and its works..Thanks alot jonny

        • Have you read the review Ajay? There are some tips in there to help you get started.

          But can you tell me the following at least:

          What wattage are you vaping at? 10W/20W/30W?
          What coils are you using? (Will be printed on side of coil head)
          What e liquid are you using?



  13. Hi
    I have just got a Smoke 0sub 40w it was fine at first but now I have started getting liquid in my mouth when vaping and it’s really hot I only have it on 25w any help would be great

    • Hi Jo,

      Doesn’t sound good!

      First off, which coil are you using? What ohm rating does it have on the side – 0.4Ohm or 1.0 Ohm?

      Issues with ejuice coming up into your mouth can be down to the coil flooding.

      Do you know what PG/VG mix your e liquid is? Higher PG juices and even 50/50 mixes can be ‘thinner’.

      Also, may be worth trying the following:

      Roll some paper towel/tissue and pop this down the mouthpiece tube, should soak up excess juice building up in the center tube and coil.

      Try disconnecting the coil from the top piece out and cleaning excess juice that way from the center tube.

      And last but not least, you may need to try a new coil and see how that goes. What ‘Ohm’ coils did you get with your kit?

      Have you tried different wattage settings and adjusting the airflow? Start low on the wattage and work your way up and see if there is a different wattage that is more suitable. Although 25W shouldn’t really be a problem for this coil.

      Let me know Joanne.



      • Joanne, I had this same problem when I first started with this model. We discovered that you DON’T prime these coils, they flood easily.

        When putting in a new coil: fill the tank, screw it back together, give it a couple shakes, wait a few minutes and then you should be good.

        I was going through a coil a day to start with and getting hot liquid shots in the back of my mouth constantly. This has all stopped now! Love this little mod!!!

  14. HI, great info. Thank you i just got Smok Osub 40 and i wanted to use 1 Ohm coil as provided in the package, i primed the coil (putting small amounts of liquid in the three holes on the side of the coil and some drops on top of it ) then filled the tank tad below the 2ml mark and put the coil in , closed it tightly and waited for a few hours before my first fire.

    After i fired, i could only taste the flavor firing up, started with 25 watts, increased it to 30 35 there was some smoke but more flavor firing back and too hot, almost burnt my toungue . Used another coil 0.4ohm, this time i didnt’ prime it just let in soak in the tank for 15 minutes before firing, and same problem only flavor no smoke.

    What am i doing wrong, do i need to adjust some settings when using each coil, also i’m confused, when u select temp mode, 100 degrees Celcius then select Watt mode to 25watts, does it mean im firing 25watts at 100Degrees or there can only be one setting, temp or watt ? and how can select ohm resistance as using 1ohm it gives me from 8-1.2 range and .3 to.4 range using 0.4ohm coil . Please help

    • Hi Irfan,

      In answer to your question regarding wattage, this is just to allow you to further tailor your vape to suit your needs. So you can tweak both wattage and temp if the option is there.

      BUT.. I’m sure that both Clapton coils that are in the kit are both made with Kanthal. If that’s the case, you can’t use these with temp control, only the variable wattage settings. Temp control is for use with Stainless Steel, Ni 200 and Nichrome coil materials.

      Resistances can be slightly out although the 1.0 Ohm coil sounds like it’s got a bigger range than would be OK. This shouldn’t affect your vaping though.

      It would be best to get in touch with [email protected] to see if they had any faulty stock coils.


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