New Kanger Design – But Does The CL Tank Offer Someting New?

Kangertech need little introduction. If you have been vaping for more than 7 days you will have likely heard of and seen their vape products if searching for vaping products online.

Kanger are one of the biggest manufacturers in the world.

With many recent tank and box mod releases, such as the updated Kanger Protank 4, Kanger have now brought us a new sub ohm tank that looks set to meet the regulatory demands of the TPD in Europe.Kanger CL Tank Review

Lets take a closer look and get on with the Kanger CL Tank review.

In The Box

  • 1 X Kanger CL Tank
  • 1 X 0.5 Ohm CLOCC Stainless Steel 316L coil – Pre-installed
  • 1 X 0.15 CLOCC Ni200 coil head
  • 1 X User Manual

Tank Features

  • 2ml Capacity (Within the TPD regs)
  • Child Lock
  • Leak Free Design
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Top Fill

Build Quality and Design

The tank itself will likely divide opinion on it’s design. The first thing that stands out is the Kanger logo window that’s cut into the metal. I actually think it looks decent even though I’m a generally a fan of clean and simple designs.

The tank itself is only made up of two main components, the top piece and the main body of the tank. This of course isn’t taking into account the coil head and drip tip.Kanger CL Tank

The top piece connects to the main body of the tank by way of a child locking system. Same as you would find on medicine bottles and the recent Joyetech AIO.

Although I found it works a lot better than the AIO in practice. I’m still not sold on the need for a child lock function. Maybe that’s just me though.

The top cap also features the adjustable airflow ring. This is easy to adjust but the tank I had made a grinding noise when turned, so not the smoothest airflow adjustment I have come across.

Kanger CL Tank On Artery Nugget

Kanger CL Tank On Artery NuggetKanger CL Tank On Innokin Cool Fire 4 TC100

Kanger CL Tank On Innokin Cool Fire 4 TC100The main tank is a fully sealed unit, the coil head doesn’t screw into the base so there are no possible weak points that could cause a leak.

So it goes without saying the CL Tank works differently from most main stream tanks you may be aware of.

Top Fill Design and coil

When the top cap is removed you don’t have a filling hole you would see in other top fill tanks. The CL Tank is just wide open. You cannot go wrong with filling this tank, you can pour directly from the bottle with ease if you want.Kangertech CL Tank review

There is a ‘max fill’ mark on the tank, be sure you don’t go over that as the coil head is large and takes up a lot of space in the tank itself. As this tank has been made to comply with the TPD regulations it is only 2ml max. They do also have a CL Tank 4.0 which is o

The coil head actually screws into the bottom of the top cap so it is literally placed into the tank as one piece, after it has been filled.

It’s a good design and I have had zero leaking from the tank, which is always a plus point.

As mentioned the coil heads are a lot bigger than those on the likes of the Innokin iSub and Kanger Toptank.Kanger CL Tank SS Coil

It also goes without saying the Kanger CL Tank coils are not compatible with the Subtank/Toptank series.

They are compatible with the Kanger Cupt and EVOD Pro. Although the latter only works with the stainless steel coils as it is not a temp control device.

The issue I have with the nickel coils are that they aren’t labelled with enough information. The Ni200 coil for instance just has 0.15 Ohm’s on the side. The Stainless Steel coil, however, has ‘SS316L 0.5 Ohm’, so no mistaking the wire type.

Not a huge issue for the stainless steel as this can be used in both TC and wattage mode but if a new user picks this up and vapes the nickel coil in wattage mode then that is an issue.

I understand that the information is in the instructions but still, lets just make things clear hey.

How Does The Kanger CL Tank Perform?

The Kanger CL Tank comes with two coil heads, the 0.5 Ohm CLOCC (SUS316L) and
0.15 Ohm CLOCC(Ni200).

I was vaping the Illusions ‘Taste of Gods’ fruit flavour came through OK with the airflow opened fully. I found the flavour was a touch better with the airflow closed a touch. No surprise there of course but this does also reduce the airflow so not great for vapers that like an airy vape.Kangertech CL Tank

The stainless steel coil edged things in terms of flavour. The Nickel coils were still decent but I’m personally not a huge fan of nickel wire so still prefer vaping in wattage mode day to day.

Overall, flavour just seemed a touch muted for my tastes. Especially when I tried the same juice in the Aspire Cleito.

Airflow was a on the tight side and while this isn’t going to win any cloud chasing comps, it produces a decent amount of vapour.

I did find that they went through the juice quite quick. This is amplified by the maximum 2ml capacity though so I try and take that into account.Kanger CL Tank Base

If you are a more advanced vaper or have tried a fair few tanks I don’t think the CL Tank will necessarily blow you away in terms of performance.

But if this is going to be a first step into tanks or moving up from standard CE5 type tanks then I’m sure you won’t have any problems with this.

What I Like

I really like the It’s simple to use for new vapers with coil performance being decent enough. I had zero leaking with this tank as well.

What I Didn’t Like

While newer vapers may find the CL Tank to be just fine. I just can’t see more experienced vapers, that have tried a number of tanks, finding anything different or indeed special about this tank.

The airflow may also be a little on the tight side for vapers looking for that good sub ohm vaping experience.

There is no RBA option which, while not an issue for some, may be a negative for others.

UPDATE: Kanger have now released the CL RBA deck for this tank.

The adjustable airflow ring has a pretty horrid grinding when turned. This could just be my tank though?

Coil heads would benefit from being fully labelled with the wire type.

Final Kanger CL Tank Review Verdict

It’s a strange one from Kanger, while the CL Tank isn’t necessarily a bad tank it doesn’t really offer anything that would have me running out and buying another if I was to lose this.

The biggest pro for me here would be the leak free design, which worked a treat.


  • I like the looks and design
  • Simple to use and fill
  • I didn’t experience any leaking
  • Performance is decent although I found flavour a touch better with the Stainless Steel coils with the airflow closed just a touch.
  • TC Compatible coils


  • Flavour came across a touch muted overall
  • Airflow control action had a grinding effect, not very smooth
  • Airflow is on the tighter end of the spectrum
  • Not necessarily a tank that will offer anything new to experienced vapers
  • Coils, I feel, would benefit from being labelled with the wire type
Build Quality
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