Smoke Relief – E cigarette mini starter kit

Ok so we are looking at the Smoke Relief mini starter kit. In the box you will find the lithium ion rechargeable battery, 2 tobacco flavoured cartomisers and a mini USB charger.

Smoke Relief Starter KitThis kit is now also being offered with an additional pack of 5 cartomisers, strength and flavour you can choose yourself.

If you’re interested to read more about the case with the added possibility of being completely bored senseless then please continue at your own discretion! 

With the case being in effect a card cig box its fine for using as storage but obviously its not really going to stand the test of wear and tear over time if carried around, though of course if as myself you don’t ever use a case to carry your ecig then obviously its no big issue.

I just wanted to mention it as it’s definitely a no thrills basic box, which is maybe the entire point and reflected in what is a fantastic entry price for the product on offer. Ok more about that later, now onwards with review..

Vapour and Taste

For this review we are using the 18mg medium strength cartomiser, which comes as standard sealed in the pack.

Considering this is what could be described as an entry priced eCig I was actually quite surprised with the pleasant enough soft tobacco taste.

Smoke Relief Refills

So whilst there were no nasty hidden surprises from the taste the same again could also be said for the draw.

It was pleasantly smooth and light whilst the cartomiser produced a decent enough amount of realistic vapour also giving a satisfying hit onto the back of the throat.

In terms of how long the cartomiser lasted before it started to loose taste it was pretty much as stated which is the equivalent of approximately 20 traditional cigarettes.

As mentioned previously the starter pack is now bundled with 5 additional cartomisers. They are available in a range of strengths and e juice flavours for you to choose from, tobacco, menthol, vanilla, cherry, cappuccino, apple and peach along with a mixed pack option.

Definitely a logical and welcome offering for a starter eCig kit but unfortunately we could not review them at the moment though we will do again at some point in the future.

Battery / Responsiveness

Smoke Relief ReviewOnce fully charged up I found the battery to be satisfactory when powering the cartomiser as there were no obvious gaps waiting for it to kick in when taking a drag, resulting in quite a responsive vape.

There were no flaws to mention regarding the battery as it easily out lasted the life of the cartomiser, which is what is expected coming in at 180 mAh capacity.

As mentioned in previous reviews a second battery is a must have if you’re going to stick with a chosen eCig. There isn’t one provided here for obvious cost saving reasons so it’s understandable and in many ways the excellent price makes it altogether a more accessible price to trial the product.

The Smoke Relief website has sets of 4 rechargeable batteries available to purchase. 

Discount Code

Check out the latest Smoke Relief discount code here or at the top of this page.

Customer Service

SmokeRelief can be contacted by email and phone. We did email their customer service team with questions on a number of occasions and always received a response back with a few hours.


In honesty I was expecting a few nasty surprises given the fantastic low price and the fact my usual choice of eCig comes from the market leading Vapour2 Cigs but there were definitely none to report about. Maybe it’s a bit harsh to make that comparison anyhow.

The cost cutting options to make this such a great price means it is missing a secondary back up battery though these can be purchased on the Smoke Relief website and no portable charging case.

Also no mains plug is provided, so if you don’t already own a USB compatible mains adaptor plug then it would be recommended to buy one for a few pounds more. Regarding the case, I could say you could have the best case in the world but if your eCig doesn’t perform then it doesn’t really matter – so for the low price we can live that.

So what a relief indeed – maybe this was the idea behind the brand name when they first trialed their own product but with not much information to go off from the Smoke Relief website and the mysterious claim to be “Americas Number One Electronic Cigarette” I guess we will never know.

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  1. Hi have an old smoke relief set that l could get extra filters for are these still available if so how much l would need two sets


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