Introduction – Smokjoy Demon Hunter RDTA

SmokJoy is a very well know brand of the Chinese Company “Shenzhen Wanna Technology” founded in 2011.

Since 2013 they have been concentrating on the brand development of SmokJoy, in the past they have bought us Cfiber kit, the Talos 70w and of course the Smokjoy Air 50S that I recently reviewed.

Smokjoy Demon Hunter - content

The Demon Hunter is the first real RDTA from Smokjoy, capitalizing on the poplar and designs of the IJoy Limitless RDTA.

Smokjoy bring us a new take on an older idea! Is it any good?

Let’s take a look and see shall we.Smokjoy Demon Hunter - DH RDTA

In The Box

  • 1 Demon Hunter RDTA
  • 1 Spare Pyrex Glass Tank
  • Baggy of spares
  • User manual

Main Specs/Features

  • 25mm Diameter
  • 2.8ml tank reservoir
  • Thread:510
  • 18K Gold plated adjustable pin
  • 47mm Height
  • Optimum Wattage:30W-150W
  • Top fill
  • Wide bore drip tip
  • Stainless steel + glass construction
  • Three colour options available Gold, Black and Silver

Design and Build Quality

When I first opened the box I was hit by the wow factor. I’d received the Gold version. Anyone who knows me will tell you I like shiny stuff!

The Demon Hunter RDTA Made is from 304 stainless steel and Pyrex glass with a Delrin wide bore drip-tip.smokjoy demon hunter rdta

Gold plated stainless steel throughout for the gold version. The Black and Silver versions have 18K gold connection pins and gold plated positive posts.

The quality and design of the Smokjoy Demon Hunter RDTA in my opinion is excellent!

Easy to take apart and reassemble and unlike some other RDTA’s of a similar persuasion it features a leak proof design.smokjoy demon hunter parts

How Does The Smokjoy Demon Hunter RDTA Perform?

I found the Demon Hunter provided thick clouds and plenty of flavour. With the airflow fully open it’s great for STL users.

With the Airflow set at 50% and the quarters closed gives you an acceptable MTL draw.

I tested the Demon Hunter RDTA on my SMOK Alien Mod pumped full of One Hit Wonder My Man “Neapolitan” e-liquid. The results were very good. Check out some of favourite vape juice brands here.

I used the pre-made twisted kanthal coils included in the Demon Hunter kit at 60w, the coils came out at 0.2 Ohms.Smokjoy Demon Hunter - DH velocity loaded 2

I also tested SS316 Clapton coils 0.1 Ohms on temperature control at 450F 90W, in both cases I did experience some spit back.Smokjoy Demon Hunter - DH velocity loaded

The Demon Hunter RDTA componentsSmokjoy Demon Hunter - components

The D.H Breaks down into 5 Pieces for easy cleaning:

  • Wide bore driptip (which houses the fill port pin)
  • Airflow sleeve/ring (with Demon Hunter logo laser etched into it)
  • The velocity styled deck
  • Pyrex tank/tube
  • Penny washer base

The Deck

Smokjoy Demon Hunter - DH Deck 1

The 2 post velocity styled posts, like all velocity decks, make it very easy load your coils.

The positive gold plated post sits on a peek insulator. Between the two posts is the location of the fill port, you have four wick holes making it easy to wick your coils.How To Fill The SMOKjoy Demon Hunter

The air flow is handled via two wide slots to either side of the posts.

On the base of the deck is a tube that handles liquid input with three square holes allowing the liquid to run freely in to the tank, the 510 pin adjustable pin is 18K gold.Smokjoy Demon Hunter - DH Deck 2


The airflow is acceptable for straight to lung hits and for mouth to lung hits the airflow can be adjusted by twisting the RDTA sleeve.

On the top of the sleeve are threads for the wide bore driptip.

O rings

The various O rings fit well I have not experienced any leaks with the Demon Hunter RDTA in the time I have used it.

Driptip and fill pin

Smokjoy Demon Hunter - DH Deck 3

The wide bore driptip is made from Delrin with a cross bar pin for the fill port. The drip-tip has threads that are smooth and screws into the sleeve.

On the outside of the threaded section are a striation pattern making it easy to grip the driptip for easy removal.

Penny Washer Base

Smokjoy Demon Hunter - DH Penny Washer Base

Ties the entire assembly together, fit the Pyrex tube over the 2 O rings and screw on to the base of the fill tube.

What I Like

I like the ease of coiling of the velocity styled posts.

The way that the filling is handled on this RDTA makes topping up a pleasure, just remove the sleeve fill and replace.

The ease at which the Demon Hunter can be disassembled and re-assembled for easy cleaning in my book is a bonus.

What I Didn’t Like

To be quite honest I found it hard to nail down any points I didn’t like about the Demon Hunter RDTA but if pushed I’d have to say:

The posts are on the short side making it hard to get coils larger than 3mm to sit without causing a short.

Because the coils have to sit fairly high (because of the airflow) this does incur some spit back (hot liquid in the mouth).

Final Review Verdict

All in all I find the Demon Hunter RDTA a pleasure to use!

I much prefer it to other RDTA’s of a similar design, at this time I would call it my favourite RDTA, I am more than happy to recommend the Demon Hunter.

If Smokjoy were ever to make a version 2 of the Demon Hunter I would suggest the coil posts be lengthened slightly.

If I lost or damaged this RDTA would I buy another? Easy answer is yes, I would.


  • Flavour was top notch.
  • No leaking in the time I was testing.
  • The 510 connection pin is adjustable.
  • Extremely easy to build on, even for those new to building.
  • Excellent build quality and presentation in the box.


  • Coil posts are a little on the short side.
Build Quality
Ease of Use
Cloud production
Likelihood of replacing if lost or damaged
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