So Good E-Liquid is a new brand hailing from France. The liquids are all made in France too and are composed of 50% VG / 50% PG.

So Good E-liquid

For an explanation of VG and PG in E-liquids read here.

Introduction: So Good E-Liquid

You can choose from 0, 3, 6,11 and 16 mg nicotine strengths.

There are 34 flavours to choose from in 4 ranges. All available in 10ml childproof bottles.

The ranges are:

  • Tabac
  • Menthol
  • Gourmand
  • Fruits

Within each range are lots of flavours to choose from.

I was sent 5 different flavours to try – all in 10ml bottles and 11mg nicotine strength.

  • Bubble Gum
  • Tobacco Blonde
  • Framboise
  • Menthol Eucalyptus
  • Cherry Coke

so good eliquid rangeThe bottles come in a box with leaflet and are a lovely Square shape which does make them look more premium.

As you can see below the quotes taken from the So Good E-liquid website have slightly lost their way when translated!

Are these “So-Good” or just “So-So”? Let’s see if they can land a place on our best vape juice list!

As always taste is a very subjective thing so what may be good for me may not be for you..And vice versa.

Bubble Gum

so good eliquid bubble gum So Good says…

“So bubble, the e-liquid So Good bubble gum is a real explosion in the mouth worthy of the best American confectioneries. Back in childhood insured.”

I say….

Just opening the bottle and smelling this took me back about 30 years!

Exactly like the penny bubblies or the ones that were a strip of gum with a cartoon wrapper – Bazooka Joe?

When you vape this again it is proper old school bubble gum it’s made me really chuckle!

The smell is stronger than the taste – but it still is an absolute gem of an e-liquid I am really loving this!

A proper 10 out of 10 E-liquid here!! Perfect.

Soft Tobacco Blonde

so good eliquid blond tabac So Good says…

“So classic, the e-liquid So Good sweet blond tobacco recalls the sensation of an authentic blonde cigarette with a slight sweet taste.”

I say….

I am very weird – I know you already know that! But me and tobacco liquids don’t always get on, I often find they smell like chemicals.

So I was happily surprised this liquid smells of vanilla and chocolate! Excellent start!

OMG Praise the Lord etcs – Shelly is loving a Tobacco E-liquid! Would you Adam and Eve it!

This is really lovely!

I wouldn’t say it is like any other tobacco liquid I have had – this is sweet and gives out the same chocolate and vanilla taste as you get a whiff of opening the bottle!

I like this a lot – but does it match the description? Partially – it is very sweet!

Framboise (Raspberry)

so good eliquid framboise So Good says…

“So … raspberry, this e-liquid So Good full of sweetness is very popular with vapers who find all the subtleties of this small fruit.”

I say….

Framboise is French for Raspberry – see we are educational too hehe!

The smell of this liquid is a bit synthetic and chemically so I wasn’t expecting much.

This also has a slight chemically taste if that makes sense, I really can’t put my finger on what this reminds me of.

This is so sour it sucked my underwear up to my tonsils – shudder.

I have found this a bit unpleasant if I am honest.

But I shudder eating the sweets with the sour fizzy coating. If you are one of the hardcore sour eaters you will be fine with this liquid!

Menthol Eucalyptus

so good eliquid Menthe eucalyptus So Good says…

“So mint, the e-liquid So Good Eucalyptus Mint is a eucalyptus-flavored mint flavor.”

I say….

Seeing the name I have to admit I was expecting this…

vicks vaporub

And yes the smell is a very watered down version of this decongestant!

But thankfully I don’t feel like I have swallowed a skip full of cough medicine!

The flavour is quite muted – but there is a cold snap you can feel on your tongue but not enough to give you hypothermia.

This is pretty pleasant, not going to blow your socks off and could be a great all day vape without becoming sickly.

I know I sound negative but this is quite nice and subtle and I am on my third tankful now!

Cherry Coke

so good eliquid cherry coke So Good says…

“So coca, So cherry, So Good was able to reproduce perfectly in this e-liquid cherry coke the freshness of a good cola accentuated by the smoothness of the cherry.”

I say….

This certainly smells of Cherry.

I can’t get much taste? I am using the Vaptio Wall Crawler mod with the 1.2ohm MTL coil which usually kicks out the taste at 12W and I have gone up to 16W!

So odd more like.

It is a super muted taste, like when someone really stingy makes you a glass of squash – i.e. mostly water and 1/100000th cordial.

I suggest that So Good add a bit more flavour to this one!

Final Verdict

All in all not a bad range.

I got good throat hit and the expected vapour for this type of E-liquid.

The Bubble Gum was a favourite for me! This will be in use whenever I test Mouth to Lung (MTL) tanks!

The Cherry Coke was a bit of a low point.

So Good is pretty Good!

Bubble Gum
Soft Tobacco Blonde
Menthol Eucalyptus
Cherry Coke
My name is Michelle - I am 46 and an engineer and Technical Author by trade. I started vaping many years ago in the days of Tornado tanks, Ego batteries and Variable Voltage. My journey in vaping began again a few years ago and have started to move up in the shiny shiny gadget department and love vaping! I have finally stopped smoking as of June 2019 and that is all thanks to vaping! 20mg Nicotine Salts are my hero! Oh and I am partial to a nice pod mod!


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