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South Beach Smoke Air – Introducing Their Clearomiser kit

SouthWe recently reviewed the South Beach Smoke cig-a-like starter kit and overall found it to be a good offering.

Another kit South Beach have in their arsenal is a tank kit called the Air.

This is what we are going to be taking a closer look at today.

This was received free of charge but as always our opinions are our own.


The South Beach Smoke Air Kit comes in a tidy perspex display case and contains the following:

  • 1 x 350 mAh rechargeable battery
  • USB Charger


The Air kit comes with one manual 350 mAh manual battery, manual basically means a button needs to be pressed for the e cig to be activated. The battery itself really is small, still for the size I was getting around 4 hours use before it needed popping back on the charge.

This is OK, there are other e cigarettes for sure that have higher capacity batteries that will give you extended vaping time. South Beach Smoke have gone for something that is an easy step up from cig-a-likes and also something that is easy to throw in a purse or a pocket.

South Beach Smoke Air Review

There is also the usual 5 click on/off function which is standard on most e cigs of this type and comes in handy when carrying around.

This type of battery will give more life than the majority of cig-a-likes but I would still recommend a spare battery, the way I look at vaping is that you should never be without a spare battery, this allows you to rotate your batteries, whilst one is charging the other is ready to go. Don’t be left without a charge.

No battery equals no nicotine which equals cravings that can lead back to the cigs! Don’t let this happen. Of course if you go for something like the JAC Vapour S22 then a spare battery isn’t really needed due to the huge capacity.

Anyway… With that out of the way this brings us to the spare batteries, unfortunately and something I find a little strange is that the South Beach Smoke UK store doesn’t sell spares.

I’m sure they will in the future but for now the only option you have for two batteries is to buy to starter kits and at the current price that in my eyes isn’t an option.

Overall – The batteries are good quality,very small and work as expected. I personally was getting around 3/4 hours use before charging was needed.

This of course will be different for most depending on vaping habits. The only downside I can see is that at the time of writing no spare batteries are available to buy on the South Beach Smoke website.

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The South Beach Smoke Air starter kit comes with a 1ml clearomiser tank which, lets face it, is a very small capacity more in line with what you would fit in some cig-a-like cartomisers. Heavy vapers may find themselves refilling 2/3 times a day. South Beach Air E Cigarette

The Air doesn’t come with any e-liquid so be sure to add some to your order before clicking that buy button. Again would be nice to have an option here to have a kit with the e-liquid included.

One thing that South Beach Smoke do have an abundance of is e-liquid flavours, they have a huge selection. To add to that you can also create your own flavour by mixing your own.

The not so great thing is that the bottles are only available in 30 ml sizes. SBS ClearomiserI actually used Krakens Minion Farts e-liquid for this review and the flavour and vapour volume the Air tank produced was very good. 

When filling clearomiser tanks such as these you will need to let them sit for 5/10 minutes after the tank is filled with e-liquid.

This just allows the wick to soak up the e-liquid. This particular tank is disposable, this basically means it will need replacing once the e-liquid starts tasting off. This can be anything from 5 to 15+ refills worth. E Cigarette Clearomiser Tank

Again, a big problem in my opinion, is the lack of spare parts available on the South Beach Smoke website. They do not have these clearomisers available separately, I’m sure they will in time but I’m not sure what is supposed to be done in the mean time?

Overall – The tank produces a good flavour and vapour volume, the capacity is small at 1ml which is not ideal but just means more frequent refills. The problems comes when the tank needs replacing, at the time of writing South Beach Smoke do not sell spare tanks on their UK website.


South Beach offer a 30 day money back guarantee as well as a lifetime warranty if in their subscription program. I can’t however find any information for warranties if you are not in their subs program.

Customer Service

South Beach Smoke can be contacted via email, phone and they are active on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Discount Coupons

We have been lucky enough to receive an exclusive 10% discount code for South Beach Smoke e cigarettes. just enter ECIGCLICK at checkout to save money.


The South Beach Smoke Air kit looks fantastic, small, compact with decent performance. It fits well in to a pocket or purse making it one of the most portable e cigs available. There are however a number of not so good points as well.


  • Very small compact battery, great for portability
  • Looks great
  • Decent performance Good e cigarette for those updgrading from a cig-a-like and wanting a touch more battery life.
  • Huge choice of e-liquid flavours that are made in US facilities with US sourced ingredients


  • 1ml Capacity tank may be to small for some
  • Cannot buy spare clearomiser tank on the UK website
  • Kit only comes with one battery
  • No spare Air battery available to buy
  • Not the e cig for heavy vapers due to the small battery capacity and small (1ml) capacity tank

I have to say it is a decent e cigarette but there are a number of things that let the overall offer down. While there are no spare batteries or tanks available it is hard for me to recommend this kit above some of the competing e cig brands brands in this space.

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Have you used South Beach Smoke Air Electronic Cigarette? If so please share your views below!
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