The Sunday Scaries CBD oil / tinctures review – and these are oral drops designed to help your mind chill at stressful times.

Rather than just go down the CBD route, the Sunday Scaries team has added a little extra goodness to their CBD Tinctures.

sunday scaries cbd oil review

Inside you’ll also find a healthy dose of Vitamins D3 and B12.

Vitamin D3 is great for a healthy immune system – ideal in these COVID-19 times – it also helps to support a healthy brain, heart, teeth and lungs.

Vitamin B12 helps boost the body’s nervous system as well as keeping your blood healthy.

The team says the Sunday Scaries CBD Oil also helps by:

  • Boosting your chillness before sleep
  • Keeping your mind from racing at bedtime
  • Dealing with long plane rides
  • Eliminating your moral hangover
  • Enhancing your meditation practice

As well as any other stress triggers you can think of.

Sounds like a magic potion!

OK let’s see how the Sunday Scaries CBD Oil taste.

Dosage is completely up to you though it’s good to start off with say a third of a dropper and move up if needed.

I am not permitted to say if or how the CBD tinctures worked their magic on me as I’m not a medical practitioner.

CBD is perfectly legal here in the UK – please check your part of the world before buying/trying.

I’ll add a link to various articles on CBD – covering dosage, what CBD is and ways to use it, below.

Incidentally, the Sunday Scaries CBD oil was sent direct from the team – thanks so much – and as always my thoughts and opinions are not swayed by freebies.

Sunday Scaries CBD Oil Review: 500mg CBD Per 30ml Bottle

sunday scaries cbd oil review vitamins added

Sunday Scaries Say:

Sunday Scaries CBD Oil is perfect for conditions that require a stronger dose of CBD. (ex. prevent your mind from racing at night).

Our Sunday Scaries CBD Oil is made with our signature proprietary blend of highest quality broad spectrum CBD, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D3.

This CBD tincture is the perfect blend to enable you to calm your mind and elevate your wellness state. The high powered CBD oil absorbs rapidly in your system and enables you to independently dose at your own will. Drop it under your tongue and allow yourself a cool, calm sense of relief.

Each bottle contains a whopping 500 mg of CBD suspended in coconut oil. This pure CBD oil tastes like a delicate fruit punch and can be added to teas, smoothies and water

I Say:

I’m getting that same aroma from the Sunday Scaries CBD oil as I did from the Gummies – marzipan…

Very pleasant indeed but no hint aroma wise of that fruit punch they speak of.

Unlike the Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies, that marzipan come almond taste doesn’t disappear in the mouth either.

Ideally you drop the CBD oil under your tongue and leave for a good 2 minutes.

During that time I didn’t get a hint of fruit at all.

Sunday Scaries also suggests adding a few drops to your drinks – in particular water or smoothies, and I can see that working well.

The drops are a little close to being too oily, but not as oily as some I’ve tried.

Not a bad taste but even the slightest hint of citrus would lift the overall flavour.

Final Review Verdict

There’s only one Sunday Scaries CBD oil in the shop and if you like marzipan or almonds this one’s ideal.

It is a little greasy – but as I said, nowhere near as thick or cloying as some I’ve used.


The addition of x2 very important vitamins means your are in effect getting a triple dose of goodness.

Even the coconut oil in which the CBD is suspended, is apparently good for the body.

In particular it is believed to help grow so called ‘good cholesterol‘ and to burn body fat.

So yeah, not a bad introduction to CBD and with added benefits for your body – not a bad price either.

More About CBD and Its Benefits

CBD is short for Cannabidiol and is what’s left once the user high active ingredient is removed from the cannabis plant.

CBD is perfectly legal here in the UK.

what is cbd

It’s believed to help with many symptoms and users say it can have a calming effect and comes in a variety of products.

Find out more:

Sunday Scaries CBD Oil
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