The New Updated ‘The One Kit’ From UK E Cig Store

A short while back we reviewed The One Kit from UK Eig Store and found it to be good starting point for new vapers or of course for those looking to take the step up from a mini e cigarette.

So when the new kits arrived through the post we were looking forward to trying them out.

This vape pen starter kit was sent free of charge for the purposes of this review but as always our views are our own!

In the box / Presentation

The One kit comes in a well designed small plastic case and contains the following:

  • 1 Manual 650 mAh Battery
  • 1 CE5 Clearomiser
  • USB Charger
  • 5ml Bottle of e-liquid
  • Instructions


The One Kit 650 mAh BatteryThe One Kit comes with a 650 mAh battery, as for the colour, they pretty much have something for everyone.

There are seven colours and for those that want something a bit different than the usual black you can choose from stainless steel, purple, green, red, blue, black and white.

I received the stainless steel that looks great (I’m a fan of stainless steel e cigs) and purple which isn’t something I wouldn’t personally buy but it still looks decent. 

Quality wise, The One Kit is good considering the price, it’s a little light weight and not as ‘substantial’ feeling as some of the slightly more expensive e cig starter kits but that is to be expected and may even be a plus point for new vapers coming straight from cigarettes.

The One Kit from UKecigstore.comAs for performance, no issues here at all, the battery has an on/off feature that will need to be activated when you first use the e cig, this is done by simply pressing the button 5 times in quick succession.

As a moderate vaper I was getting around 5-6 hours use before needing to re-charge, so it worked as expected for a 650 mAh battery.

One thing I always like to recommend if the budget allows is to invest in a second battery.

Rotating two batteries really does help make things run a whole lot smoother as there is no vaping down time. Nothing worse than wanting a vape and the battery isn’t charged!

With that being said UK E Cig Store sell The One batteries separately so it may be worth investing in one of these at some point.


The 650 mAh One Kit battery looks the part and performs well. The colour options are sure to appeal to those wanting something a bit more exciting than the standard black e cig.

Vapour / Flavour

This starter kit comes with a 5ml bottle of vape juice which is small but is really just meant to get you up and running. I like that they give you the chance to choose from tobacco, menthol or a sweet flavour and allow you to pick your nicotine strength.

It still has an element of pot luck in what you will receive but many other vendors don’t give you the choice.

I didn’t actually get any e-liquid with the review kits so just used an e-liquid I have been vaping (a lot!), Minion Farts. Yup, strange name for sure but a tasty vape, I assure you the name bears no resemblance to the name on the bottle.

Anyway back to the review at hand! The cartomiser that comes with the starter kit is a CE5 RBC clearomiser, the RBC standing for rebuildable bottom coil. Don’t worry too much if the jargon sounds confusing, it basically means the part of a clearomiser that eventually spoils (the atomiser head) can be replaced without having to change the entire unit. The One Kit Review

This can be a lot more cost effective. Each atomiser head can last anything from 5-8 refills and up, some may even get a lot more than this depending on vaping habits. You will know when to change it as the taste of the e-liquid will change for the worse!

Filling the CE5 is nice and easy, this is done by unscrewing the bottom part of the tank and with the mouthpiece facing down just drip the e-liquid against the wall of the tank. It can be filled to 1.8ml but just be careful not to overfill or the liquid will run into the tube running down to the mouthpiece and you don’t want that! CE5 RBC Clearomiser

Performance wise the CE5 RBC gave some good results, the flavours of the e-liquid came through well, there was plenty of vapour volume and I didn’t have any leaking issues. So all good there.

If and when the time does come to replace the tank, or maybe you want an extra one to fill with a second flavour, they come with 3 atomiser heads.


The CE5 clearomiser performed very well and produced good vapour and flavour.


UK Ecig Store offer a 7 day return on unopened product in its original condition. As always check their website for all T&C’s!

Customer Service

Very responsive to email queries, they are also active on Twitter and Facebook.

Discount Codes

We are lucky enough to have an exclusive UK E Cig Store discount code. Enter ECIGCLICK at checkout for 5% off all orders.

Overall – If you skipped through everything!

The latest One Kit is certainly an improved version of the previous entry level starter kit on offer and while the colour ways don’t make a difference to the performance it certainly allows you to buy something other than the traditional black. The CE5 RBC is also a good addition that performs very well and gives you the opportunity to replace just the atomiser heads (see review above for more info on this) which helps further reduce the cost of vaping.

I would highly recommend this as a good starting point for new vapers as well as good e cigarette for those looking to make the step up from the smaller cig-a-like e cigs. Or indeed for those on a budget. The only thing I would advise is to invest in a second battery, this isn’t essential but will help you ensure you are never without your e cigarette due to charging.

Final One kit Review Verdict:

Very Good: Highly Recommended For Those On A Budget



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