The Truverra CBD e-liquid range comes from a British based company that’s celebrating a decade in the business.

As well as the flavoured CBD e-liquids, Truverra also produce CBD oils, balms, creams and supplements – and a future review will be looking at some of those – stay tuned!

truverra cbd vape juice review

OK, the CBD vape juice range comes in five flavours: cherry, green apple, lime, honeydew and menthol – and a choice of two CBD strengths, 3mg and 5mg.

To find out what strength you may need, please check out my article: Best CBD E-liquids – this includes tips on dosage as well as a break down of other commonly asked questions about CBD and vaping.

I’ve also written a more detailed article on CBD based e-liquids for more info: Vaping CBD – What is CBD? What Are the Benefits? How To Vape..

In a nutshell, new CBD vapers should try a smaller dose, in this case 3mg, and especially if you are of a smaller frame – as I said there’s much more info in the links above 🙂

OK, on with the Truverra CB e-liquid review!

What Can We Expect From the Truverra CBD E-liquid Range?

As always we’re looking for good flavour!

And with CBD flavoured e-liquids, that can be really important – which might sound a bit daft – let me explain.

truverra cbd

In it’s purest vaping form – as in with NO added flavours – some users can be put off by the authentic cannabis taste.

Known as ‘terpenes‘ they can be a little shall we say bitter to some – or as our Michelle once put it – “like vaping on grass cuttings” – ha! that still makes me chuckle.

Personally I adore those natural earthy sharp botanic tastes – but others don’t.

And that’s why many companies are now adding flavours so regular vapers and indeed smokers can enjoy CBD without the ‘bitterness‘.

So on with the review, but first a disclaimer – yeah boring I know but sadly it has to be done.

cannabidiol-cbd chemical composition

CBD cannot get you high! CBD is Cannabidiol and what’s left after the Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is removed – that’s the magic ingredient that gets user high.

Also it’s important to note you can’t overdose on CBD either – but it’s advised to vape on it maybe 3 or 4 times per hour – but really it’s down to each users preference, and of course the strength you are using.

The medical profession, whilst coming round to the benefits of CBD, to ‘treat‘ certain ailments, physical symptoms and in particular mental health issues, it is still not recognized officially as a ‘medicine‘.

There is a mountain of anecdotal evidence suggesting the benefits of using CBD – but please if in any doubt contact your doctor before using.

The CBD e-liquids were sent to me free of charge for the purpose of this review direct from Truverra – thank you – and as always my thoughts and opinions are my own.

UK and EU Shipping

Truverra CBD E-liquid – Amarena Cherry 5mg

truverra cbd e-liquid review amarena cherry 5mg

Truverra Says:

Premium E-Liquid – Cherry 5%, clean, pure and infused with cherry flavour…

I Say:

A really sweet very fruity aroma from the bottle promising a juicy lip dribbling tasty cherry treat.

Given Aremena cherries are usually served or sold in jars filled with syrup, I was expecting this one to be on the sweeter side of my preferred palate.

It is indeed on the sugary side, however those CBD sharper notes have taken the edge off a little.

I say a little – this is expert blending!

The inhale gives a smooth almost warming hit of too juicy to be true cherry with a hint of believe it or not alcohol!

Yeah I know there’s none in here, but that depth and warmth really does tickle my tonsils nicely.

The exhale is nothing short of stunning with the cherries just edging those earthy CBD notes.

It’s rich and thick with a surprising amount of vapour.

Not an all day vape for me, but perfect last thing at night.

Truverra CBD E-liquid – Honeydew Melon 5mg

truverra cbd e-liquid review honeydew melon 5mg

Truverra Says:

Premium E-Liquid – Honeydew 5%, A high-quality, easy-to-use e-liquid with a delicate honeydew taste

I Say:

I’ve noticed that with honeydew melon flavoured vape juice, they can become a little wishy washy – so is that the case here?

The aroma is a little disconcerting, with each sniff I was getting pear and more specifically pear drops!

Certainly not that fresh sweet smell I was expecting! The mind playing tricks? Kind of – let me explain…

There’s not a hint of pear on the inhale, instead I’m getting the skin of the honeydew if you catch my drift!

Imagine biting too deep into the flesh of the melon and getting that almost too bitter taste…

That lasts for a split second and just before you crinkle your nose, here comes the sweeter notes.

As soon as this one hits the back of your throat you’re getting a gorgeous honeydew melon flavour.

This only builds on the exhale and the CBD seems to add an almost floral note – very interesting indeed.

I’d peg this one as ‘complex‘ as in every time I vape on it I get very different layers, but still with the end result – this is unmistakably a honeydew flavour!


Truverra CBD E-liquid – Menthol Blue – 5mg

menthol blue 5mg

Truverra Says:

Premium E-Liquid – Menthol Blue 5%, a pure and clean CBD e-liquid with a crisp menthol flavour

I Say:

I’m slowly being won over by menthol flavoured vape juice lol – so is this one an icy blast or cool and refreshing?

The smell is bloody gorgeous with an almost pure peppermint whiff about it – promising!

Wow – this is bloody delicious and ultra refreshing!

The peppermint notes waft over your taste-buds but as the vapour hits your tonsils the first hint of cooling menthol arrives.

Not quite a breath catcher, but an inch away!

The exhale delivers a cool just this side of icy blast and underneath are those botanical flavours.

This is an extremely refreshing, lively flavour with umpteen layers to pick out.

Palate cleansing and clear but with depth – icy cool and extremely moreish…

Best menthol flavoured CBD e-liquid I’ve tasted to date – lovely stuff!

Truverra CBD E-liquid – Green Apple 5mg

Truverra Says:

green apple 5mg

Premium E-Liquid – Green Apple 5%, a pure, clean CBD e-liquid with a fresh, enticing flavour

I Say:

More of a sweet red apple smell coming from the bottle and no hint of any sharpness.

The inhale brings in a true apple flavour – so good you can almost taste the skin!

The apple works extremely well with the CBD botanic taste creating a lovely cocktail of fruit and flower.

I wouldn’t quite call this one ‘fresh‘ as it’s a little – just a touch – on the sweet side – just saved by the CBD.

I’m guessing regular apple flavoured e-liquid vapers will enjoy this one for sure…

Just a tad too sweet and ‘generic‘ e-liquid feel about it for me…

I certainly wouldn’t put regular CBD vapers off trying this one though as of them all it’s more like an ‘regular vape juice‘.

Truverra CBD E-liquid – Lime 3mg

truverra cbd e-liquid review lime 5mg

Truverra Says:

Premium E-Liquid – Lime 3%, an invigorating lime-flavoured, CBD-infused e-liquid of the highest quality…

I Say:

In my e-liquid and CBD reviews, I tend to leave the best until last…so is that the case here?

Oh my – I have indeed!

The smell promises the sharp, tart citrus kick from a lime and oh boy does this one deliver!

I love an almost sour fruit vape and this one had my face scrunched for a split second or two!

Just before my taste-buds began to rebel, along comes a hint of sweetness backed up by the terpenes from the CBD and bingo – what a vape!

This is probably the best CBD flavoured vape juice I’ve ever tried and trust me I’ve tried dozens.

Authentic lime so citrusy crisp it will almost make you judder, followed by the perfect blend of natural sweetness with those botanics adding an incredible twist.

This one’s so good you forget it’s actually a flavoured CBD e-liquid, instead thinking it’s some new magical cannabis strain…

HIGHLY recommended and then some!

Final Review Verdict

The Truverra CBD e-liquids are all extremely tasty and the clever blending means they will appeal to established users and those brand new to vaping on CBD.

What I mean is, there’s just enough of the authentic terpenes for regular CBD vapers like me, but the clever blending means they are on the edge of the vape…

In other words, sure you know this is CBD, but those flavours far from washing the taste away – compliment them – and you’re left with the best of both worlds!

Ideal for those of you that have been vaping on flavoured CBD looking for another level of flavour with the botanicals there but not overpowering.

An impressive range of CBD based vape juice for sure and this line from Truverra comes highly recommended – especially the lime – just wow!

UK and EU Shipping

Amarena Cherry 5mg
Honeydew Melon 5mg
Menthol Blue 5mg
Green Apple 5mg
Lime 3mg
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