The Udderly Amazing e-liquid review and this range is, as the name suggests, based on four of the most popular milkshake flavours out there.

If you’re reading this review shortly after its release (Early May 2020) you may still be in the middle of a lock-down caused by the Covid-19 outbreak.

Udderly Amazing e-liquid review

And from what I hear from friends and family, with the glorious sunshine we’ve been enjoying, some of those people have really really fancied a nice McDonalds milkshake.

Or in fact any cool milky sweet drink, and yes, I’m one of those people.

And then a range of 4 milk based flavours came through the door… Result!

What Can We Expect From The Udderly Amazing E-liquid Range?

The Udderly Amazing e-liquid range comes in 50ml bottles with room for your 10ml nic shot, they are all 70VG 30PG e-liquids and I like the simple yet classy labels which also have batch numbers and used by dates.

The range has been sent to me by Dispergo, also home of the Jack Rabbit ranges along with the Tru Juice line which I reviewed recently and thoroughly enjoyed.

So these folks certainly know how to make a decent e-liquid.

What I’m wondering though is, are these flavoured milk, or flavoured milk shakes!

I’ve set up my Ultroner Thor 2 with an Argard Mini on the top, with a single alien coil coming out at 0.20 Ohms.

Lets give them a little bash shall we!

The Udderly Amazing – Banana– 0mg 70/30 VG PG

Udderly Amazing e-liquid review banana

Udderly Amazing E-liquid Say:

Fresh banana, mixed with a deep creamy undertone of dairy cream.

I Say:

The inhale is a light smooth creamy sensation with a banana hint that increases in strength as you finish inhaling.

Its the kind of banana flavour I could only describe as Yazoo, or Crusha.

Remember the Crusha concentrate that you dilute with milk?

Yeah that exact banana flavour is what you get, and it increases even more so on the exhale.

The exhale is the banana, lightly coated in a sweet silky cream, but its definitely not over the top.

The cream-to-banana split is about 60% banana, 40% cream as a vape with a nice tone of sweetness and its certainly more creamy than milky – but that’s not really a bad thing.

Its a thick feeling e-liquid that’s not quite light enough to enjoy all day, but not quite rich enough to have as a treat every now and then.

Enjoyable but not a game changer.

The Udderly Amazing – Hazelnut – 0mg 70/30 VG PG

Udderly Amazing e-liquid review hazelnut

Udderly Amazing E-liquid Say:

Creamy hazelnut blended with a dreamy milkshake base.

I Say:

I was wondering if calling this ‘hazelnut’ was their way of sneakily creating a hazelnut chocolate milkshake flavour, but no, not really.

Its definitely more hazel-nutty than chocolate.

It does remind me of Nutella or another hazelnut based chocolate spread, but not because of any chocolate hint, because there really isn’t a chocolate flavour in this mix, but more because of the hazelnut.

The inhale is similar to the banana, a smooth silky milky cream that thickens at the end of the inhale with a hint of hazelnut.

And to be honest, the exhale is almost the same however the hazelnut is certainly less prominent than the creamy milk flavour.

I’ve definitely had to spend more time vaping this one in comparison to the banana, because the milky flavours taste a little more complex.

The milk flavour on the exhale is slightly sweet, thick feeling and smooth but I also feel there’s a hint of vanilla lurking in the background.

Which I think is why the hazelnut isn’t as strong – but it works.

Certainly not a ‘nutty’ tasting e-liquid, its more of a thick milky cream with a hazelnut and vanilla hint.

The Udderly Amazing – Strawberry – 0mg 70/30 VG PG

Udderly Amazing e-liquid review strawberry

Udderly Amazing E-liquid Say:

Sweet, juicy strawberries perfectly blended with dreamy milky goodness. An all time favourite.

I Say:

That’s a milkshake!

The smell of the e-liquid first of all is a very sweet smelling strawberry, and the inhale gives you much of the same.

It has that Yazoo strawberry concentrate kind of taste, but its softened by the creaminess of the milk/cream flavours.

The exhale is genuinely a thick strawberry milkshake, sweet and soft on the tongue with a strawberry milk aftertaste.

The cream and milk come through in a similar proportion, making it feel like a milkshake as opposed to a cream, or a milk.

This one for me is definitely hitting the spot, and matches its description perfectly.

The Udderly Amazing – Vanilla – 0mg 70/30 VG PG

vanilla flavour milkshake review

Udderly Amazing E-liquid Say:

Velvety vanilla tones complimented with sweet, fresh cream. Need we say more?

I Say:

This one is the hazelnut, without the hazelnut, with perhaps more of a kick of vanilla that somehow transformed the experience, let me explain.

Its a light creamy milk on the inhale that is light and smooth, really smooth in fact, and fortunately that sensation and flavour remains on the exhale.

The exhale brings out the vanilla, which isn’t sickly or overly strong, but its definitely prominent and it helps bring out the full cream flavour which smothers your tongue and the aftertaste is mouth-watering.

The vanilla e-liquid as a whole is actually more subtle than any of the others have been, but I think that’s what has made the difference.

Its a super smooth, thick feeling e-liquid that during the first few puffs, makes you search for its secrets.

But after a good 10-15 puffs it comes to life.

I feel its subtly would make you feel let down after a handful of puffs, but stick with it and what I’ve found is it just gets better as your taste buds adjust to its gentle hints.

Final Review Verdict

Starting at the top, the banana does a nice job of replicating a banana milk flavour, similar to what you get from a Yazoo or banana concentrate that you mix with milk.

Its light and has that banana flavour we all know and love in a milkshake.

The hazelnut doesn’t quite do it for me, its nice and creamy with what feels like a hint of vanilla, but its just not putting out enough of anything in particular to be memorable.

The strawberry is probably the best milkshake flavour I’ve tried, its as close to strawberry milkshake as I could expect an e-liquid to get.

Smooth, sweet and a proper strawberry milkshake flavour

The vanilla surprised me in the end because it comes through so gently to start with, and the flavour really does have to build up in your mouth before you start to appreciate it.

Its simple yet complex and is a lovely light enjoyable experience.

One other thing to mention, none of the e-liquids seem to contain any cooling sensation, either Koolada or Ws-23 [another cooling agent].

I gather they possibly tried to use it as a gentle coolness but probably felt it didn’t work very well, or it took away from the creaminess of the flavours.

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