The Uwell Caliburn A2 is a new member of the Caliburn Family…

Caliburn a2 main image

Uwell has rebranded its Caliburn range making it into 2 groups as follows:

Caliburn A = Original Caliburn, Caliburn Koko and Caliburn A2.

These have fixed coil pods which you discard when the coil performance deteriorates. There is also a Koko replacement called the Caliburn AK2 which has not yet been released.

Caliburn G Series = Caliburn G and Koko Prime. These have replaceable coils.

What Can We Expect From The Uwell Caliburn A2?

This version is more like the original Caliburn using refillable pods with a fixed coil.

The pods are refillable by removing the mouthpiece and will hold up to 2ml of e-liquid.

caliburn a2 banner

At present there is only one pod type available and you get 2 of these in the kit – the 0.9ohm Meshed-H UN2 pod.

Sadly the battery capacity increase found on the Caliburn G has not continued into this version and the A2 has the 520mAh capacity as found on the original.

The output sits between the original and G version at 15W fixed – lower than the G but higher than the original.

You can either use the auto draw activation or press the fire button manually to get the device to fire for vaping.

A USB Type C port is provided for fast charging at 1A (stated in instruction leaflet) and Uwell promise you can charge from empty to 90% in 35 minutes! I like the sound of this improvement a lot!


There are 6 colours to choose from: Black, Iris Purple, Orange, Blue, Green and Grey.

As always I will report back honestly on the findings of the devices in my possession.

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Inside the Box

  • Caliburn A2 mod
  • 2x 0.9ohm Meshed-H pods
  • User manual

Note – no USB charging cable is included.
caliburn a2 contents

Uwell Caliburn A2 Kit Specs

  • Size: 110x21x11mm
  • Output: 15W
  • Battery: 520mAh
  • Capacity: 2ml
  • Display: LED indicator
  • Resistance range: Not Specified
  • USB Type C port – 35 mins 0-90% charge time – 1A charge rate
  • Pods: Refillable, fixed coil
  • Coils: 0.9ohm Kanthal UN2 Meshed H fixed coil disposable pods
  • E-liquid viewing window
  • Top fill
  • Button or draw activation


Uwell Caliburn A2 Design and Build Quality

I received two of the Uwell Caliburn A2 pod kits in Blue and Orange plus an extra pack of 4x spare pods – very much appreciated.

caliburn A2 side views

The packaging as usual was great – but there is no USB Type C cable included.

It wasn’t a huge issue for me as I have quite a few but people moving from the original Caliburn will only have a Micro USB cable unless they have some Type Cs lying about from other devices.

caliburn A2 in box

The instructions are pretty comprehensive too so well done Uwell!

Uwell Caliburn A2 Mod

This looks quite similar to the original but more sleek and slightly less boring.

The colour of the two kits I have really pops and is lovely and bright.

caliburn v A2
Left to right: Rainbow and Grey Original Caliburn, Blue and Orange Caliburn A2

The finish is metallic and the instructions state the material of the body is Aluminium Alloy, it does feel extremely light without being flimsy.

The pod sits in the mod tightly without being a nightmare to remove.

caliburn a2 pod removed

A window has been provided to view your e-liquid level, but this is only cut out on one side of the mod. This means there is no light shining through this window and I have missed my e-liquid level dropping to Min nearly every time.

caliburn A2 liquid window

You can of course tilt the device and check for bubbles or liquid movement to make sure it isn’t empty but the level of liquid is hard to see.

I would have liked a similar cut out on the rear of the mod to provide a bit of light – note the photos taken are under a very bright light – in day to day use this window is not great.

The fire button sits on the front and is super responsive. This is slightly recessed and does not protrude from the body at all which should help prevent accidental firing in a pocket or bag.

caliburn a2 fire button

Below the fire button is some text in black saying “Caliburn”.

At the base of the front is the LED indicator – which can sometimes be in an awkward position if you are manually pressing the fire button, but the LED is nice and bright.

caliburn a2 front view

The USB Type C port is housed on the base of the mod – meaning you will have to lie it down to charge.

This is not a big deal as although the Caliburn A2 will stand up on the base it is a bit wobbly and will topple over quite easily so upright charging wouldn’t be possible even if the port was located elsewhere.

Also on the base are the required legal logos.

caliburn a2 base view

The rear of the mod is plain with just a small “Uwell” logo in black text.

Mine has additional text down the one side of the device saying “Sample Not For Sale” – this should not appear on retail versions.

caliburn a2 rear view

Uwell Caliburn A2 Pod

I did try the original Caliburn pod in here and it doesn’t fit sadly, the same is also true for trying the A2 pod on the original – they are not compatible.

The fill port access on the A2 pod is so much better, I struggled to remove the mouthpiece on the original and had to bite it to pull it off.

caliburn a2 pod view

This time a simple push from side to side pops off the mouthpiece and when firmly replaced it does make an audible click. It is worth double checking this has been replaced correctly – if the mouthpiece isn’t fully connected the pod may leak.

The fill port has a red check valve and also is a great size for my 10ml e-liquid bottles. My bottles seem to have a wider spout than some which has been difficult in some kits (ahem Smok N18) but I had no issues with the fill port here.

caliburn a2 fill port

Another great feature is that there is a small vent port – so this allows air to escape from the pod when filling preventing messy airlocks. This works a treat!

It is worth noting that any liquid on top of the pod after filling can either drip down the side of the pod or end up in your mouth – so it is worth wiping the top of the pod after filling.

I did also have 1 major leak – when the kit was in a bag – but I cannot be 100% sure that the mouthpiece had been clicked into place correctly. So possibly that was user error.

The mouthpiece shape has been updated and still feels super comfortable.

caliburn A2 mouthpiece

On the base of the pod are 2 connector points and matching magnets which mean you can install the pod either way around in the mod, but might be worth making sure you install it so the “Min” marking shows through the window on the mod.

caliburn a2 pod contacts

Uwell Caliburn A2 Quick Start Guide

The kit arrives with a pod installed – however the base of the pod has a protective sticker to prevent you from firing the device without any e-liquid – which will damage the pod.


Make sure to fill the pod, allow to stand and remove the protective sticker before use.

Basic Operation

  • Turn On / Off = 5 clicks of the fire button
  • Vaping = either inhale on the mouthpiece for auto draw firing or manually press the fire
  • Battery indicator = Green – battery capacity over 60%, Blue 30-60% and Red below 30%.
  • Battery indicator when charging – over 60% = Green flashing indicator, 30-60% = Blue flashing indicator, below 30% = Red flashing indicator. When charging is complete the Green indicator stays lit and does not flash.


  • Low battery – the Red LED will flash 10 times and device will not fire.
  • Short circuit / too low resistance – LED will flash Red 3 times.
  • No Atomiser / open circuit – LED will flash Blue 3 times
  • Over time – the LED will flash green 5 times if vaping time exceeds 8 seconds.

How To Charge The Battery

This kit uses a USB Type C charging port and the instructions state a max charge rate of 1A.


  • Using a USB type C cable connect the small end into the USB port on the mod.
  • Connect the large end of the cable into a suitable USB outlet.
  • The LED will cycle through the colour codes and will stay lit in Green (not flashing) when fully charged.

My first charge using my PC USB at approx 0.5A took only 50 minutes to fully charge.

When I used a 1A charger it was similar at around 52 mins.

How To Fill the Uwell Caliburn A2

  • You can fill the pod either with it installed on the mod or pull the pod out to remove.
  • Press on the side of the mouthpiece to pop it off from the pod.filler cap
  • Add e-liquid to the port with the Red valve.
  • View the e-liquid level through the side of the pod.filling
  • Once filled wipe the top of the pod with a tissue.
  • Replace the mouthpiece until it makes an audible “click”. If the mouthpiece is not correctly seated the pod will stick out from the mod.
  • If first time filling a new pod allow 10-15 minutes before vaping or pressing fire to fully saturate the coil wicking.

Make sure to refill the pod when the e-liquid level is at the “Min” mark to avoid damaging the pod.

How Does the Uwell Caliburn A2 Perform?

As this is mainly a MTL (Mouth To Lung) kit I will be using a 50/50 VG/PG e-liquid – Crazysaltzzz Bubblegum 11mg Nic salt strength.

I also wanted to compare the performance between the A2 and my two other Caliburns but the Rainbow one is faulty and I have no working pods for the Grey one – such a shame!

0.9ohm UN2 Meshed A2 Pod

50/50 PG/VG E-liquid

This is ideal for this kit – with my Nic Salt strength I get a super satisfying throat hit and the mesh coil really pumps out the flavour.

I loved the original and this is even better!

High Nic or nic salts in a lovely 50/50 mix of your favourite flavour should be enough to convince you that vaping is way more pleasurable than smoking!

This is a starter kit at the top of its game for satisfaction!

Also worth mentioning so far I have refilled this at least (I may have forgot to count refills when I was out and about) 13 times (26ml in total) ! Flavour is still perfect.

64%VG/36%PG E-liquid

For this I used the Choppa Collection Blue Slush – I haven’t added any nicotine to this so it has a 64%VG ratio.

This test is just mainly to see if the pod can handle thicker e-liquid. I am not expecting a throat hit as I have no nicotine added to the liquid.

I did fill the pod and left it overnight to make sure the liquid had totally soaked into the coil.

The results are brilliant, the flavour is beautiful really singing out from such a small coil at low power!

No wicking issues at all to report and this is still a beautiful flavourful vape.

This liquid has some cooling in it so obviously the inhale doesn’t have the normal warmth but the flavour is incredible!

Uwell Caliburn A2 Airflow

The airflow is perfect – the auto draw activates super quick and doesn’t fluctuate on and off like some pod kits.

This is not the tightest MTL airflow I have ever tried but it feels to me to be the same as the original Caliburn – a tight MTL but not super tight.

Uwell Caliburn A2 Mod Performance

I have no issues at all here, the auto draw fire and fire button fire both work instantly.

There were no problems with the USB port or charging – this is all round a simple reliable little kit!

There seemed to be no drop in performance as the battery charge depleted – which was an issue with the original Cali.

Uwell Caliburn A2 Battery Life

This will always vary due to your own vaping habits but this is a rough guide.

I timed this several times and it fell between 5 and 6 hours before the red LED started flashing and the device cut off.


  • Two pods included in the kit – wish more manufacturers did this!
  • Fill port access loads better
  • Brilliant pod coil life
  • Very quick charge time
  • Flavour, throat hit and warmth are spot on
  • Extremely simple to use
  • Great instructions
  • Excellent build quality
  • Auto draw or fire button activated – always nice to have both as the auto draw stopped working on one of my Original Caliburns!
  • Airflow and auto draw fire are perfect
  • Spare pod included in kit
  • Output remained stable even as battery discharged
  • Coil happily coped with 50/50 and 64%VG e-liquid


  • No USB cable included – bit stingy!
  • Viewing window is too dark to see e-liquid level
  • Not compatible with existing Caliburn pods
  • Battery capacity has not increased from the original.
  • After kit has been lying down or pod refilled you can get some e-liquid coming through the mouthpiece – pull out the pod, wrap in a tissue and blow down the mouthpiece to clear.

Final Review Verdict

I loved the original Caliburn – but did get annoyed with the awkward filling, slow charging and low battery capacity.

The filling and charging time have been improved significantly for the A2 – I just wish the battery capacity was greater!

I found I needed two of the original Calis to get me through the day – so with the battery capacity being the same on the A2 – it was the same story.

However, this is less of an issue when it charges quickly – so this is a bit of an improvement.

This did drop a mark in the “replace if lost or damaged” category as I would generally pick up my Innokin Sceptre when going out as the battery life is a lot longer.

The viewing window does not really work as it is too dark and it is a shame this is not compatible with other Caliburn pods.

But like the original any slight moans are cast aside due to the sheer pleasure of the vape and the ease of use.

One Of the Best Vaping Starter Kits Around

This is a perfect starter kit, easy to fill, lovely to vape and even no faffing messing about changing coils.

The flavour and throat hit are spot on – it will give any new vaper a really good first impression of how good vaping can be.

Also always worth having one filled with nic salt for them times you don’t want to carry a huge box mod or you only have the ability to pop out for a quick vape. This will definitely do the trick!

It is a toss up for me which is my favourite pod kit of the year – I actually think it is a tie between the Innokin Sceptre and the Uwell Caliburn A2.

This is the only kit which can rival the Sceptre for me!

Have you been vaping on the Uwell Caliburn A2 or thinking of buying it?

Please let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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Shell Ecigclick Photo
Michelle Jones

I am an engineer and Technical Author by trade. My journey in vaping began around 2016, in the days of Tornado tanks, Ego batteries and Variable Voltage. It took me a few years to fully quit smoking but I finally stopped in June 2019 and that is all thanks to vaping! 20mg Nicotine Salts are my hero! Oh and I am partial to a nice pod mod and Bubblegum e-liquid! I have reported on the latest news on Ecigclick since 2017 and love being part of this great team! My passion for Tobacco Harm Reduction has also led me to becoming a Trustee for the NNA (New Nicotine Alliance) aiding in Advocacy

Build quality
Ease of use
0.9ohm Meshed Pod
Replace if lost or damaged?
I am an engineer and Technical Author by trade. My journey in vaping began around 2016, in the days of Tornado tanks, Ego batteries and Variable Voltage. It took me a few years to fully quit smoking but I finally stopped in June 2019 and that is all thanks to vaping! 20mg Nicotine Salts are my hero! Oh and I am partial to a nice pod mod and Bubblegum e-liquid! I have reported on the latest news on Ecigclick since 2017 and love being part of this great team! My passion for Tobacco Harm Reduction has also led me to becoming a Trustee for the NNA (New Nicotine Alliance) aiding in Advocacy
uwell-caliburn-a2-reviewA few points dropped in the design category for the e-liquid window darkness, no increase in battery capacity and lack of included charging cable. Otherwise this is a PERFECT starter kit - which is now even better than the original Cali! I massively recommend this! Tied with the Innokin Sceptre for my "Pod kit of the year"!


  1. Hi! Thanks for your epic detailed review of caliburn a2! I also have been using the a2 for about 6 months now, after my original caliburn needed replaced. I do like the a2 better but I do have a few questions regarding the a2, I was wondering when you’re supposed to use a new pod? I seem to always think a different length of time for each new pod. Sometimes the flavor seems off, or the liquid color gets a few shades darker in color. I was hoping you could clarify that for me. Also, when I have the device powered on, the draw button is extremely sensitive, ie. If I move the device back and forth in my hand, the button goes off by itself, without me pushing it, I can hear the draw sound it makes. My original caliburn was doing something similar & one day the button was loose & about to fall off the device completely & I had to Scotch tape it on the device. I them got the a2. Do you think I need a new device? Thanks so much!

    • Hi there thank you!
      I would say when the flavour drops is when I change pods – and if you get a burnt taste.
      As for the fault – perhaps try and clean the contacts where the pod and mod meet, if e-liquid is in there it can sometimes short out and trigger the fire operation.
      I also remove the pod and blow through the airflow and USB ports just to make sure there is no e-liquid inside the device.
      If this continues it’s probably a faulty device and contact where you bought it from.
      If you did want to upgrade the A3 has a lockable fire button which might be better for you – I know I think it was a great update.
      🙂 Shell

  2. I moved to PODs with ready-to-fill-cartridges due fact I don’t have time to setup mods and place coils etc….

    I have tried original Caliburn, Vaporesso XROS and recently caliburn a2…..2 consistencies with both caliburn versions : 1- great flavour 2- LEAKAGES!….

    It leaks overnight or every 2-3 refills. You grab a 3-4 tissues , spend 10 mins cleanning . Because it actually leaks while cleanning , blow from mouth piece , blow from bottom, lose half load liquid, waste sometime ,specially if you’re busy, to understand why it leaks & you will never find out, usually stops after 3rd tissue or so.

    XROS has less flavour, yet much more practical… caliburn has the taste yet be prepared for hand/suit with juice on it at least once each other day…XROS just works like a Swiss watch with no leakages….Load, vape, charge, repeat.


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