The Choppa Collection E-liquid range are created by the people who run the popular vape retailer Choppa Vapes strangely enough!

They first released their own e-liquid in 2014 which until 2021 they sold exclusively via their own stores and websites.

Choppa Collection E-liquid Review

However Choppa has now branched out into wholesale of its e-liquid due to demand allowing other vendors to stock them and to celebrate have released some brand new flavours.

Choppa Vapes has appeared in our own EcigClick Awards in 2020 – and came in 9th for “Best Overall Store UK”, 5th for “Best Bricks and Mortar UK”, 6th in the “Best Value E-liquid” and 9th in the “Best UK e-liquid brand”.

Plus as you will see below some of their original e-liquid flavours were also nominated for the awards in different flavour categories.

This review contains some of their original range plus the new 2021 releases – all now coming under “The Choppa Collection” banner.

choppa vapes logo

Plus they will be releasing new flavours approximately every month.

Choppa has 2 retail brick and mortar stores (Accrington Lancashire and Blandford Forum Dorset) plus retail and wholesale web sites, not to mention their popular social media groups.

What Can We Expect From The Choppa Collection E-liquid Range?

Choppa say that all of its e-liquid is developed, manufactured and bottled in the UK.

It has even considered the bottle the liquid comes in – choosing a flip top cap style to make it easier to add nic shots when required.

choppa collection lids

The spouty type bit (technical I know) on the bottle has a slight overhanging lip to allow you to prise up the spout easily to add Nic Shots which is an excellent feature. Hopefully this will reduce the frequency of me and my desk getting covered in e-liquid.

All the liquids are TPD compliant and go through rigorous testing to perfect the blend of flavours.

There are different sub ranges under the Choppa Collection banner of which all the flavours fall into one of the categories…

  • Desserts
  • Ice
  • Slush
  • Soda
  • Mint
  • Fruits

choppa ranges

Choppa Collection E-liquid Specifications…

The e-liquids I have been sent are a shortfill style – they have a ratio of 64%VG / 36%PG which when mixed with a VG nic shot gives the ratio of 70%VG and 30%PG.

If using a PG nic shot the ratio is nearer 54%VG and 46%PG.

This makes the liquid more versatile – use a VG nic shot for use in sub ohm tanks, rebuildables, Squonks and with a PG nic shot it is also compatible with MTL kits and Pods.

Apparently this is the only e-liquid that is mixed to this ratio to give a true 70%VG when used with a VG nic shot.

We tell you more what the terms “PG” and “VG” mean in our Guide To E-liquid.

Choppa Collection E-liquid flavours 1

There is 50ml of liquid supplied in a short fill 60ml bottle.

Basically add one 18mg nic shot to make this 3mg nic strength. You can also buy these in 100ml versions too.

I have no nic shots so I am just testing this straight – so you might find the flavour will dilute slightly when adding one or more nic shots.

In the future Choppa are aiming to make these available in Nic Salt versions as well.

Choppa can also supply various Nic Shots including Freebase, Nic Salt and Ice shots.

I received 12x50ml bottles in the following flavours…

  • Midnight
  • White Crystal
  • Sweet Caramel Vanilla Custard
  • Blue Slush
  • P.O.G. Punch
  • Tango’d Apple
  • Forest Fruits
  • Bully Iced
  • Red Slush
  • Lemon Pecan Pie
  • Black Widow
  • Fanta-Stic Fruit Twist

I received these bottles free of charge from Choppa Vapes themselves – thank you so much! I will however report back accurately on my findings of each flavour I have been supplied.

It is worth mentioning that e-liquid reviewing is very subjective and each person has different preferences when it comes to taste. Also different devices will accentuate different notes in the e-liquid.

Choppa Collection E-liquid

What I am aiming to do is to review these as to how well they meet the description in the flavour profile.

For review I am using a single coil RDA attached to my Smok Mag Grip mod (yes it is still alive – believe it or not!).

For each liquid I did a dry burn to clean the coil and installed new Muji Cotton Wicking.

Choppa Collection E-liquid Midnight


Choppa Vapes Says:

A combination of hand-picked juicy Blackcurrants, dark Berries and a touch of cool Anise to create a flavour to be reloaded again and again.

I Say:

From the smell this is very fruity indeed.

It smells like undiluted Blackcurrant cordial – which when mixed with water I drink all day long – so I have high hopes for this one!

But this is part of the “Mint” range so I am expecting a bit of a twist…

This instantly reminds me of Blackcurrant cough sweets. Not as strong with menthol or ice as you would get with a sweet of this type but still similar.

If you have ever had “Blackcurrant Tunes” you will know this flavour – but much more pleasant than the painfully cold sensation you sometimes get after eating them!

There is a slight waft of Anise in there too – but unlike similar e-liquids this is not overpowering to the point where it tastes like an old school Blackjack sweet!

I am really enjoying this flavour – there is a coldness and this is Menthol with Blackcurrant all day long!

Choppa Collection E-liquid White Crystal

Choppa Collection E-liquid white crystal

Choppa Vapes Says:

Perfectly mixed fruits with Menthol, an ice cool Crystal kick and smooth Eucalyptus to keep this a refreshing all day vape.

Going on Breaking Bad

I Say:

Straight away you can tell from the smell this is not a standard minty flavour.

The more I sniff I get it – a cough sweet! Which is obviously the Eucalyptus kicking off!

I am taken back to my childhood where my dad used to have the Halls Menthol Extra Strong cough sweets and when I was silly enough to scrounge one off him – I instantly thought a Koala had blasted me in the mouth with a working fire hose!

As expected the vape is EXACTLY the same! The coldness is an intense blast followed by the familiar Eucalyptus cough sweet with a slight minty tinge.

If I had a sore throat I am sure this would instantly make it feel better!

For people who want a minty menthol – this is probably not for them, also the menthol is a flavour and not just a sensation – so do expect plenty of Eucalyptus – this really delivers what it says on the label!

This I imagine will also be a great flavour to keep on hand if ever you get “Vapers Tongue” and need to clear your palette. This will do the trick!

Wow I am keeping this one for when I have the inevitable winter cold bug!

Choppa Collection E-liquid Sweet Caramel Vanilla Custard

Choppa Collection E-liquid scvc

Choppa Vapes Says:

Smoothly blended thick Caramel with lashings of Vanilla Custard. This is sure to get you hooked.

One for the dessert lovers.

I Say…

This flavour came 10th in the 2020 EcigClick Awards for the “Best Dessert E-liquid”.

Oh no a Dessert – I am not a Dessert e-liquid fan at all. I am dreading this!

This has a Vanilla smell to me – being strong in Vanilla – almost far too strong for my liking. Anyway time to put on my “Big Girl Pants” and take one for the team.

Just a reminder I am not into Vanilla or Pastry style vapes – so if that is your preference we are not coming from the same place – however I will try to describe how close this is to the flavour description.

The things I do for you guys!

Yes the Vanilla is strong here, yes there is Caramel – and yes I don’t like it one bit.

Therefore it does match the description – but I would say the Vanilla is a bit harsher than a custard creamy smooth vape.

So for me it does drop a mark or so for not being more “custard-like”.

But I can taste a sweet Caramel in the background so the Vanilla is not totally dominating the show.

Now to try and shift the Vanilla flavour out of my RDA…

Choppa Collection E-liquid Blue Slush

Choppa Collection E-liquid blue slush

Choppa Vapes Says:

Fresh Blueberries and hand picked sweet Raspberries with a secret syrup added to make this the greatest Blue Slush you will ever taste.

I Say…

The smell of this is yummy!

But I will warn you the liquid is very blue – a beautiful vibrant blue so if you dislike coloured e-liquids this might not be the one for you.

As a child I used to have “Tip tops” (or Ice Pops) which were frozen fruit juice sticks and this tastes exactly like the blue one – which used to leave us all with blue tongues for hours after!

After Googling to find an image of one of these I actually find the flavour is Blue Raspberry believe it or not! For 35 years I hadn’t got a clue what flavour they were!

So needless to say my comparison between the frozen treat and this e-liquid was pretty accurate!

The flavour is as delicious as the smell – you can taste a sugary syrup and the blue Raspberries clearly. It almost feels “Syrupy” as you vape it – such a strange sensation!

This is warm whilst vaping but after inhaling a tingly sensation is left on your tongue indicating a slight cooling action. Oh and my teeth and tongue haven’t gone blue – bonus!

Absolutely beautiful – I could vape this all day long!

Just dropping 0.5 of a point for the cooling only kicking in after the exhale but otherwise this is totally spot on!

Lovely job Choppa!

Choppa Collection E-liquid P.O.G. Punch

Choppa Collection E-liquid pog

Choppa Vapes Says:

Freshly cut Pineapples, sharp Oranges and Guava.

A taste of Hawaii and a classic take on the popular punch and Rock Superstar drink.

I Say:

A sniff of this gives off the aroma of fresh Pineapple with a backing note of citrus – but not much Orange. In fact there is almost a Mango tinge coming through? It does definitely smell fresh!

Apparently P.O.G is a Hawaiian juice drink which also was behind the craze for collecting the circular POG caps.

This seems to be a popular American favourite which I have never encountered here in Shropshire UK!

I will admit I have no idea what Guava tastes like so I did a quick Google and it is apparently a cross between a Mango, Pear and Strawberry – so that explains the Mango tinge I could smell!

I have to be honest I really dislike this one – so sorry Choppa!

There is a slight taste of pineapple but I am getting no orange and a really strange background flavour which I do find unpleasant.

I can only assume that is the Guava?

It has a slight Pear hint mixed with a soapy flavour which I am pulling a bit of a face at – oh this is a written review so you can’t see the face I am pulling…

But again this is my opinion and if you are a lover of this combo of flavours you might think this e-liquid is a beauty.

Sadly not ever tasting the drink it is based on and being totally ignorant of Guava I can only comment on how this tastes to me.

Tango’d Apple

Choppa Collection E-liquid tango'd apple

Choppa Vapes Says:

Apple lovers!

Rosy red and tangy green apples with a slight sweetener, finished with that icy blast we all love to drink.

I Say:

Yay I love a drop of apple juice and appley vapes are right up my street.

The smell is typical apple drink smell – again another one I wish was an ice cold bottle of juice!

Flavour wise – there is some ice here but not as cold a blast as the Bully Iced.

You can feel the ice travel right to your tonsils on the inhale accompanied with the taste of fresh apple.

Run a green apple under the cold tap for 10 seconds and then bite into it and this is the experience you get from this e-liquid.

This taste likes real apple – not synthetic or artificially sweetened.

For me I would like it slightly more tart – and the flavour does not “pop” like some of the other flavours in the range – but it really is delicious.

I would just crank up the apple a bit more for this one.

Choppa Collection E-liquid Forest Fruits

Choppa Collection E-liquid forest fruits

Choppa Vapes Says:

A medley of juicy fruits with an infusion of sweet Berries, sweet fruity goodness.

No foraging needed here.

I Say…

The description of this liquid would definitely make me buy it as that profile is right up my street.

Sniffing it gives me exactly the same vibes – very juicy berry smells head right up my nostrils.

Vaping this it has such a deep flavour and is a lot less sweet than the rest of the range – almost an “earthy” vibe.

It reminds me of mulled wine and log fires and snuggling up warm and cosy in the middle of winter.

I can’t pick out a prominent flavour here – it is as the description states a “Medley” – who all play together nicely without any of the ingredients pushing the others out of the way. This gives a sort of “Punch” vibe.

Definitely an all day vape and for those who are not keen on sweet or synthetic e-liquid flavours this is a well rounded harmonious vape!

I have just rated it below full marks as this isn’t as sweet as the description would have you believe.

In fact the description doesn’t sum up the more mature and complex flavour mixture here.

Choppa Collection E-liquid Bully Iced

bully iced

Choppa Vapes Says

A taste of New Orleans, fresh bowl of Mardi Gras with Logan Berry to create this very distinctive, fruity and shattering flavour.

I Say:

The aroma from the bottle is super fruity – a lovely strong Blackcurrant style vibe.

When you inhale that cold blast hits the throat at 300mph and actually takes you back a bit!

I won’t lie I have no idea what Mardi Gras or Logan Berry are supposed to taste like – so this really is a blind taste test.

Beneath the initial icy hurricane is a mixed fruit wave which has Strawberry, Raspberry and Blackcurrant frutiness which is making me really peckish if I am honest.

An e-liquid which is good enough to eat!

Imagine a multi-fruit Pavlova that has just come out of the freezer and the cream is ice cold.

As I have zero reference points to compare to regarding the flavour profile all I can say is it is delicious. Even though the ice kick is huge it clears quickly leaving behind the fruity sweet yumminess.

I usually dislike menthol or ice e-liquids as they usually taste like mints or cough sweets, whereas here the coldness is only a sensation – it doesn’t taint the flavour at all.

Red Slush

red slush

Choppa Vapes Says:

Sweet Strawberries with slices of Pineapple, fresh slushy Lemonade and a touch of Syrup to create the best Red Slush you will ever taste.

I Say:

This flavour came 9th in the 2020 EcigClick Awards for the “Best Beverage E-liquid”.

The actual liquid itself is very red – a vibrant bright red in fact.

The smell is beautiful it is definitely Pineapple and Lemon – 100%!

I have just realised what the smell reminds me of – the “Pineapple Cubes” old school sweet – you know the big yellow cubes with a sugary coating on! (not the ones which swim around aimlessly in Gents Urinals BTW – as that is what I got when I googled the sweetie!).

Believe it or not – in real life I am allergic to Pineapples – I used to love a Pineapple Fritter from the chip shop until I started breaking out into hives and blisters – so I have had to pretty much avoid Pineapple for most of my adult life!

So I had really forgotten what it tasted like apart from the odd sweet I would have here and there.

Anyway the taste of this e-liquid has reminded me all over again – without making me itch!

The flavour is more like pure Pineapple rather than a sweet shop type – it almost feels just as juicy in the mouth too! I keep expecting to feel the Fibrous texture of a cold Pineapple on my tongue!

There is the sweetness of Strawberry that lingers once the Pineapple has swanned off bit.

I am not picking up much Lemonade to be honest but there is a small glass of fizzy Lemonade hiding behind a great big Pineapple and a slightly less exhibitionist Strawberry.

A really summery and refreshing liquid this is – only dropping the mark slightly as the Lemonade and Strawberry are a bit shy and the Pineapple is soaking up the attention!

Choppa Collection E-liquid Lemon Pecan Pie

lemon pecan pie

Choppa Vapes Says

Smooth Lemon Tart filling with glistening toppings of Pecan on a sweet pastry spread, making a pie of pure perfection.

I Say:

Yes I am dreading this – I dislike dessert e-liquids – especially when they have a pastry element – it always has a “fatty” taste to me.

As for pecans I have no experience of these at all – what a sheltered life I have led!

Straight away the smell doesn’t give me much hope – it really has the pastry smell which I dislike. Not much Lemon coming through my nostrils though.

Again it is worth saying that flavour reviewing is really subjective and my own personal tastes will mean there are some liquids I would rather not be vaping.

Anyway here goes – let’s give it a bash…

It is not as bad as I was expecting from the smell.

I had a bad experience with some Pumpkin Cheesecake E-liquid once – which is where my dislike of dessert vapes started.

However there is definitely a pastry taste going on, I am getting a slight lemon tang in the background but this is more sweet than tart.

I really am not a fan but I am a dessert-o-phobe – only in e-liquid terms though!

So this might drop a few marks as I expected more lemon but the pastry is very prominent.

Choppa Collection E-liquid Black Widow

black widow

Choppa Vapes Says:

Tantalizing Blackcurrants mixed with Lychee and Ripe Guava.

A sweet combination that will get you licking your lips.

I Say:

This flavour came 11th in the 2020 EcigClick Awards for the “Best Fruit E-liquid”!

Well this is the first liquid I tried as berries and sweetness are right up my street!

The smell is really fruity and rich Blackcurrant – I genuinely want to drink this – please don’t try this at home – I am stupid but not that stupid.

When vaping, surprisingly, the Blackcurrant is not the most dominant flavour. As I have no idea what Guava (Ripe or Unripe) or Lychee taste like I must assume these are what I can taste.

There is a slight sour vibe and a perfume-y almost Rose scented taste too – hard to describe but all backed up by a lovely Blackcurrant tang.

The main flavour reminds me of a Grape mixed with Pear and Strawberry.

All in all a lovely blend I am quite enjoying!

Not my usual style as I am a berry monster but I could happily vape the entire bottle!

Scoring this 9.5 as it is beautiful but would like a slightly more prominent Blackcurrant flavour as the smell is super Blackcurranty (is that a word? It is now).

Choppa Collection E-liquid Fanta-Stic Fruit Twist

fanta-stic fruit twist

Choppa Vapes Says…

This will remind you of the popular drink we all love, a juicy blast of Passionfruit, Orange and Peach.

Sure to quench your taste buds.

I Say:

Again I am tasting blind as I have never tried the drink this is based on – naming no names…

The smell is very edible – I should have had my tea before I started reviewing these as I am flipping starving now and craving all sorts of fruity things from the frozen food section!

The passion fruit is prominent and it is lovely to have an orange flavour in e-liquid. Orange seems to be one of those which you rarely find for vaping and I love orange!

This is super fruity with the right amount of tang to not taste really synthetic and “sweet shop” like. But it is not that sour that it sucks your pants up your bum either. Really pleasing on the tongue is this!

All the flavours specified are there – the peach is slightly less prominent but you can identify it as being present so the description is really spot on.

A summery all day vape right here without being spoiled by minty menthol or over sweet fake flavours.

Choppa Collection E-liquid Final Review Verdict

My first impression of this brand was upon opening the bottles – Choppa has put thought into this.

The bottle has a childproof cap but is still easy to grip and open.

Plus even better is the spout design which can be easily flipped in order to add Nic Shots – very impressive.

So I was pleased before I even began tasting the e-liquid!

I will be honest some of these flavours were really out of my comfort zone – the desserts especially, plus some of the other flavours would not necessarily be ones I would choose out of a line-up.

But I am pleased to report most of those which I would not normally choose (apart from the desserts) turned out to be a lovely flavour and even surprised me with how tasty and fresh they tasted.

Another aspect I love is that the “iced” flavours are not tainted by mint or eucalyptus – they are purely a cold sensation – which made me realise I could actually like an Icy e-liquid! I usually dislike the fact they taste of toothpaste.

No wonder Choppa Vapes has found their Choppa Collection e-liquids being shortlisted for many awards – I can see them making more appearances in our EcigClick awards in future!

So have you tried any of the Choppa Vapes e-liquid collection?

What’s your personal favourite flavour?

Please let me know in the comments below!

Shell Ecigclick Photo
Michelle Jones

I am an engineer and Technical Author by trade. My journey in vaping began around 2016, in the days of Tornado tanks, Ego batteries and Variable Voltage. It took me a few years to fully quit smoking but I finally stopped in June 2019 and that is all thanks to vaping! 20mg Nicotine Salts are my hero! Oh and I am partial to a nice pod mod and Bubblegum e-liquid! I have reported on the latest news on Ecigclick since 2017 and love being part of this great team! My passion for Tobacco Harm Reduction has also led me to becoming a Trustee for the NNA (New Nicotine Alliance) aiding in Advocacy

White Crystal
Sweet Caramel Vanilla Custard
Blue Slush
P.O.G. Punch
Tango'd Apple
Forest Fruits
Bully Iced
Red Slush
Lemon Pecan Pie
Black Widow
Fanta-Stic Fruit Twist
I am an engineer and Technical Author by trade. My journey in vaping began around 2016, in the days of Tornado tanks, Ego batteries and Variable Voltage. It took me a few years to fully quit smoking but I finally stopped in June 2019 and that is all thanks to vaping! 20mg Nicotine Salts are my hero! Oh and I am partial to a nice pod mod and Bubblegum e-liquid! I have reported on the latest news on Ecigclick since 2017 and love being part of this great team! My passion for Tobacco Harm Reduction has also led me to becoming a Trustee for the NNA (New Nicotine Alliance) aiding in Advocacy
choppa-collection-e-liquid-reviewA great range from Choppa with a few lovely surprises of liquids I didn't think I would like! Bully Iced, Midnight, Blue Slush and White Crystal were my absolute favourites. There were a few flavours which did score lower - but this is to be expected as not every person has the same flavor palette - I am not a Dessert e-liquid fan at all so I already knew these did not have my name on! A really solid collection!


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