I have got my claws on the Uwell Caliburn Tenet pod kit!

tenet main image

The Tenet branding is new to the Caliburn range which features some excellent kits! There is also a Tenet Koko (Square version) available.

tenet banner

Whilst I am extremely familiar with the Caliburn “A” range having reviewed most of them I have not yet tried any of the “G” range so am looking forward to this one!

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What To Expect From The Uwell Caliburn Tenet…

As you can see this is a pod kit, with 2 main components – the Pod (tank) and Mod (device).

tenet components
Uwell Caliburn Tenet Components

The pod uses the existing Caliburn G / Caliburn G2 coil. There are 3 coil options to choose from – 0.8ohm, 1ohm and 1.2ohm. You get the 0.8 and 1.2 included in the kit.

tenet coils

You can refill the pods by snapping off the mouthpiece to reveal the top fill port.

At the base of the pod is an airflow adjustment wheel to tailor the vape to your preference.

tenet airflow

Battery wise the Tenet has a 750mAh battery and there is a USB Type C port for charging and this uses a fast 2A charge rate

tenet battery
Tenet Battery

With a 16W maximum output you can use Auto Draw or Button fire methods. Also the fire button is lockable.

tenet firing
Tenet Auto Draw or Button Fire

You get an LED indicator plus a Vibration indication to inform of device status.

tenet vibration

There are 4 colours to choose from: Iron Grey, Copper Red, Olive Green and Carbon Black.

tenet colours

Kit Includes

  • Uwell Caliburn Tenet device
  • Caliburn G2 empty pod
  • 0.8ohm Caliburn G coil (installed)
  • 1.2ohm Caliburn G2 coil
  • Type C USB Cable
  • User manual

tenet contents

Uwell Caliburn Tenet Specs

  • Size: 110.9x25x16mm
  • Output: 16W Max
  • Battery: 750mAh
  • Display: LED indicator / Vibration
  • Resistance range: Not specified
  • USB Type C port – 2A fast charging
  • Pods: Refillable, replaceable coils
  • Coils: Caliburn G / G2 coils
  • Capacity: 2ml
  • Top fill port
  • Auto draw / button activation
  • Adjustable airflow

uwell caliburn Tenet specs

Design and Build Quality

I received this in the Copper Red and Iron Grey versions.

uwell caliburn tenet two colours

The first striking thing about this kit is the box it comes in!

Nah no cardboardy crap for Uwell – this has a proper little Plastic container with a catch and everything. In fact I am going to re-use this box for something else – it is too ace to just sit in a drawer!

uwell tenet box

So this gives an amazing first impression and gives the vibes of being an industrial and sturdy kit, even before I get my hands on the actual device!

As for the instructions – these are decent enough – 5 pages all in the same language and not tiny writing.

uwell caliburn tenet instructions

Uwell Caliburn Tenet Mod

This really is full of detail and very intricate.

caliburn tenet front view

It might be a “Marmite” design – but everyone I have showed this too absolutely loves it!

The design theme is very industrial with visible screw heads, distressed metal finish, cut outs and fake rivet heads. I think this really works and makes this kit stand out as being something different to the plain and boring norm.

uwell tenet front panel

The front houses the square shaped textured fire button which works perfectly well and has a large surface area so you rarely miss it when placing your digits on to fire. Of course this also has auto draw firing so you can simply inhale to fire too.

The bottom of the front has a matrix of 9 LED indicators which when illuminated gives that industrial vibe. And talking of vibes this also has a vibrate motor to inform of faults and functions.

uwell tenet LED

On the sides there is a machined like finish which reminds me of a toothed engine belt, all which help with grip.

uwell tenet side view

The rear and front feature an inner panel which looks like it has been riveted on, this has Black diagonal distressed stripes. This area also features the Tenet and Caliburn Logos plus the required legal symbols.

caliburn tenet rear view

The USB Type C port is located on the base and even this has a fancy edging to it!

uwell tenet usb port

It will stand up but is easily knocked over.

I find the e-liquid viewing windows (one front and one rear) to be excellent as the light passes through and gives a very clear view.

caliburn tenet viewing window

Inside the pod compartment are 2 spring loaded contact prongs. It is quite a deep compartment so cleaning will require cotton buds rather than a bit of tissue.

uwell tenet pod compartment

I can’t see any magnets so the pod must be held in by friction alone. There doesn’t appear to be any catches either. But saying that the pod is held in firmly and requires a decent tug to pull out so I have no worries that it will decide to leap for freedom on its own.

However there was some wobble to it when you manually pushed on the pod. This often caused it to vibrate as if you were removing / replacing the pod. I think this also caused firing issues which I will explain later in the review.

Caliburn G Pod

This appears to be the same pod found in the Caliburn G2 and GK2 so we already have compatibility plus the fact this uses the same coils as those kits is another bonus.

uwell tenet pod

I do have to have a big whinge though. Yep it’s the filling system.

As we have found with most of the Caliburn range it has that horrible “snap off” mouthpiece filling design.

uwell tenet filling instructions
This instruction card makes it look easy!

I struggle with my hands as I have joint problems and find it absolutely impossible to simply “snap off” the mouthpiece.

I resort to biting the bloody thing whilst twisting and tilting the mod to get to fill it.

A lot of people find they have no problem and admittedly it does get looser over time, but it ends up looking like my mouthpiece has been through a lawnmower. (Sorry as this will be showing in some of my photos).

uwell caliburn tenet chewed mouthpiece

Once the mouthpiece is removed you will see 3 ports. The centre port is the vapour path – never add e-liquid here. The Red port is the filling port with a valve – you will need to push your bottle nozzle right into the valve to get it to open. The fill port is around 4mm in diameter so you may need to stick to thinner bottle nozzles.

uwell tenet pod ports

On the opposite side to the fill port is the air vent hole. This makes refilling so much easier as trapped air can escape preventing an air lock where e-liquid can spew out.

The mouthpiece is Black but that causes no issues as the viewing window on the mod makes checking your e-liquid level a breeze. The rest of the pod is crystal clear.

You simply push the coil into the base – just make sure the straight edge on the coil base aligns with the straight edge on the pod. Also I love the fact that the coil resistance and recommended power levels are clearly marked on the base of the coil – much easier to see!

uwell tenet pod base

A teeny tiny Red coloured wheel takes care of airflow adjustment. Thankfully with it being Red you can see the airflow slot in the wheel increasing or decreasing as you rotate it so you can see the amount of airflow resistance to expect.

uwell tenet airflow adjustment
Left = fully closed, Right = fully open

So yeah apart from the filling this is a great pod.

Uwell Caliburn Tenet Quick Start Guide

The kit comes with the 0.8ohm coil installed but thankfully there is an isolator sticker on the base of the pod. This is a great addition as this prevents you firing the device until it is removed.

uwell tenet isolator

I suggest you fill the pod and leave it to stand before removing this sticker, otherwise you will knacker up the coil and it is not reversible.

Anyway don’t panic I will guide you through the steps to get up and running below!

Basic Operation

  • Power On/Off = press fire button 5 times to turn on/off
  • Vaping = either press the fire button or inhale on the mouthpiece to trigger the auto fire
  • Battery indicator = during vaping the LED will show the Green colour when there is more than 60% charge remaining, Blue when 30-60% remaining and Red when below 30%.
  • Battery indicator when charging = The LED will cycle through the colours and will pulse. When fully charged the device will vibrate and the LED will stay lit on a solid Green colour.
  • Adjust airflow = Remove the pod and turn the small red wheel on the base of the pod to adjust the airflow restriction.
  • Vibrating alerts = the device will vibrate when a pod is inserted / removed, when the USB cable is connected, when the battery is too low to operate, when fully charged, when there is a Short or open circuit and when vaping for too long.
  • Lock fire button = press the fire button twice to lock / unlock. The LED will flash 3 times after locking / unlocking.


  • Low battery – the LED will flash 10 times in Red and the Vibrate motor will vibrate 3 times. Get it on charge!
  • Short circuit – the LED will flash 3 times in Red and the Vibrate motor will vibrate 3 times. Clean / check pod and mod connections. Replace the coil. If fault still occurs there may be a device fault.
  • Open circuit – the LED flash 3 times in Blue and vibrate twice. Again check all the connections, make sure pod is installed correctly, replace coil or device may be faulty.
  • Over Time Protection – if you vape for longer than 8 seconds the LED will flash 5 times in Green and vibrate twice. The firing will stop and you will need to inhale / press fire again.

How To Charge The Battery

The charging rate is specified as 2A.

  • Using a USB type C cable connect the small end into the USB port on the mod.
  • Connect the large end of the cable into a suitable USB outlet.caliburn tenet charging
  • The LED will pulse whilst charging and cycle through the colours.
  • When fully charged the device will vibrate 3 times and the LED will be a solid green colour.

The charging time for me using a 2A charging plug/outlet was around 40 minutes.

How To Fill the Pod

  • Remove the pod from the mod.
  • “Snap off” the mouthpiece by pushing it from the side. Easier said than done. I found I had to bite the mouthpiece whilst tilting the device to remove it. This does get slightly easier after a few refills.tenet mouthpiece removal
  • Add e-liquid to the Red coloured port. This has a valve so you will need to insert the bottle nozzle into the port.tenet filling
  • Replace the pod in the mod.

How To Remove / Replace The Coil

  • Remove the pod from the mod.
  • An existing coil will just pull out from the base.tenet coil removal
  • Push a new coil into the base making sure the flat edge on the coil aligns with the flat edge on the pod.uwell tenet coil replace
  • Push the coil in fully.
  • Fill the pod and leave to stand for 5-10 minutes.
  • Install the pod into the mod.

How Does the Uwell Caliburn Tenet Perform?

I mainly used my own e-liquid mix which is 50/50 PG/VG made from IVG Bubblegum Concentrate at 20% ratio. This is quite high a flavour ratio as I prefer plenty of flavour, but sadly this means it can be a coil killer sometimes.

I add nic salt to approx 6mg strength.

If any of these terms are over your head – have a read of our handy guides below!

0.8ohm Caliburn G Coil

From the very first puff the flavour from this coil is epic – it really is!

I set the airflow to quite a restricted MTL setting and I could not be happier!

I had always assumed the “G” range was more for DTL or RDL vapers, but with this coil and tighter airflow setting it is an MTL dream vape – honestly!

This has quite blown me away, there is an excellent throat hit and just beautiful flavour!

What a surprise – am really really impressed Uwell – this is a beauty!

So far this has had 8 refills and the flavour is still epic. Lovely jubbly!

1.2ohm Caliburn G2 Coil

This is a much smoother vape but still kicks out the flavour! At the first vape the flavour was slightly muted but after a refill the flavour was bursting out!

I do slightly prefer the 0.8ohm coil but this is still a beauty!

Where this coil does become useful is if you are using higher nicotine strengths. I am only using 6mg however if you were using 20mg or above this coil would prevent you coughing your ring up.

The vapour is also a bit drier than the 0.8ohm so ideal for those who want a sensation similar to smoking which dries your throat out.

It is unusual when a kit includes 2 different coils for them both to be excellent – but the Tenet has achieved that!


I use a scale of 0=fully closed – no airflow up to 10=fully open, like breathing fresh air.

I found with both coils I used around the half closed setting which to me is around 2.5-3 on the airflow scale.

The airflow goes from fully closed (0) to fully open which is around a 6 – on both coils.

caliburn tenet airflow chart

This airflow adjustment really allows for MTL and RDL vaping – and it does it well!

Mod Performance

There were a few occasions where it either wouldn’t fire or struggled to fire using the auto draw. Also there was a slight wobble to the pod which when you touched it would trigger the vibrate as if the pod was being replaced. So I assume this could be due to that.

I did try adjusting the airflow to see if this changed the situation but it didn’t.

The 40 minute charge time was pretty decent too, but I would rather the LED went out when fully charged as it was hard to hear it vibrate sometimes.

Otherwise I was very happy with how the device performed.


Other than a small amount of condensation I experienced no leaking at all.

Battery Life

The battery life really surprised me!

With both coils I got between 7 and 7.5 hours when I timed it. I am a pretty heavy vaper too!

Also the e-liquid consumption was very economical too!


  • Beautiful rugged Plastic box case – ideal for lots of other uses!
  • Build quality is excellent
  • Vibration alert ideal for those who may have sight issues
  • Wow the 0.8ohm coil flavour blew me away
  • The 1.2ohm coil is super smooth and ideal for higher strength nic
  • Good airflow adjustment range – suitable for MTL and RDL vaping!
  • Striking appearance – may not appeal to everyone, but those who I showed this kit to loved it!
  • E-liquid viewing window is cut out on both sides of the mod so works perfectly
  • Compatible with all Caliburn G coils
  • Draw or button firing
  • Simple to use (apart from filling)
  • Fire button lock – you can still use auto draw
  • No leaks
  • Great battery life and economical e-liquid consumption


  • Snap off mouthpiece filling method is not ideal for those of us with dexterity issues.
  • LED panel is slightly recessed which makes it hard to see whilst vaping.
  • Auto draw firing did have issues, may have been due to pod movement

Final Review Verdict

I dropped a couple of marks on the build quality score due to the wobbly pod and mis-firing on auto draw issues. The device kept vibrating when I touched the pod as if I was removing / replacing it. So it was breaking connection even with the slightest touch.

Also ease of use dropped a couple of marks due to the horrid filling idea, I really hate this method of filling Uwell!

But the negatives out of the way – the sheer performance of the coils absolutely blew me away. There are few devices that get a 10 for flavour from me! Uwell and OXVA seem to nail it every time!

The design of the device might be a bit of a turn on / turn off, but everyone I showed it to loved it. It has grown on me I have to admit. Initially I thought the “distressed” look to the finish seemed a bit odd. But now I enjoy the feel of the various textures of it.

Oh and the hard case it is packaged in was another winner. How shallow I am!

I had often thought the Caliburn G range were more RDL or DTL devices, but this absolutely gives you a lovely MTL vape indeed. But if you love RDL you are still well catered for as the RDL vape is lovely.

If you are happy to change your own coils and prefer it as there is less expense and waste – then buy the Tenet.

If you prefer fixed coils and less faffing about grab the Caliburn A3 or AK3.

The Uwell Caliburn Tenet has stolen my heart – I have to admit it is a beauty, the battery life and sheer flavour has made this a permanent addition to my daily vaping collection!

Caliburn Tenet – Worldwide Shipping – Use Code ECC For 10% Off!

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Michelle Jones

I am an engineer and Technical Author by trade. My journey in vaping began around 2016, in the days of Tornado tanks, Ego batteries and Variable Voltage. It took me a few years to fully quit smoking but I finally stopped in June 2019 and that is all thanks to vaping! 20mg Nicotine Salts are my hero! Oh and I am partial to a nice pod mod and Bubblegum e-liquid! I have reported on the latest news on Ecigclick since 2017 and love being part of this great team! My passion for Tobacco Harm Reduction has also led me to becoming a Trustee for the NNA (New Nicotine Alliance) aiding in Advocacy

Build quality
Ease of use
0.8ohm coil
1.2ohm coil
Replace if lost or damaged?
I am an engineer and Technical Author by trade. My journey in vaping began around 2016, in the days of Tornado tanks, Ego batteries and Variable Voltage. It took me a few years to fully quit smoking but I finally stopped in June 2019 and that is all thanks to vaping! 20mg Nicotine Salts are my hero! Oh and I am partial to a nice pod mod and Bubblegum e-liquid! I have reported on the latest news on Ecigclick since 2017 and love being part of this great team! My passion for Tobacco Harm Reduction has also led me to becoming a Trustee for the NNA (New Nicotine Alliance) aiding in Advocacy
uwell-caliburn-tenet-pod-kit-reviewDespite some niggles, the design and beautiful vape from this kit has absolutely won me over. I will be keeping this in my daily rotation for a long time I hope!


  1. Tip when opening the pod pinch the sides and pop it back it comes off way easier I also prefer to fill the pod while not in the device as well lightly gripping the pod as it is plastic to prevent loosening the pods clips which could cause leaking this can happen even if you are experienced
    The pods can leak after extended use filling more than about 5x you will get some leakage also I notice sometimes the coils can be defective as with any vape and it can also cause leaking so when in doubt change pod and coil pods are around $10 and coils around $18 in New York

    • Wow thank you – I really appreciate that!!!

      I gave both kits to a friend and they are going strong and he loves them.

      Really hope you enjoy them as they are cracking kits 🙂


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